Jul 25

SC EP:778 Military Encounters | What Is A Box Witch?

Tonight we will be chatting with Nick who is currently serving in the United States military. He is going to share with us his experience while training at Fort Polk.

Nick said “It was a strange night and I wasn’t the only person to experience this thing, whatever it is. I have also seen the lights on Fort Polk. There is a term that is used among solders and we call it the box witch.” The term has nothing to do with a witch but Nick will explain why they call it that.

Nick said I’ve started a side project of collecting Soldiers stories, specifically what they’ve experienced with “not normal.”

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72 Responses to “SC EP:778 Military Encounters | What Is A Box Witch?”

    • Jon A

      Noah and evolution in the same discussion. Lol!

      The truth is where your amnesia resides. And that truth is Jesus. Watch “real life with Jack Hibbs” on YouTube if you want some truth.

      Or search for “I don’t have enough faith to be an athiest”

      Or Amazon Prime. “Genisis – Paradise Lost”

      Tons of obvious knowledge that can lead you down the road of truth.

      My people suffer for the lack of knowledge.

      • Kevin S

        The Bible is a repeating story.
        The “flood” is a recurring, global cataclysm, likely astronomical, as we orbit the Milky Way. Revelations refers to it as Wormwood and describes a great fiery tail, etc. etc..
        It’s global…billions die…and all we are left with is stories, some of which survive the many millennia as text.
        Just my opinion, but it explains how the Mayans were aware of precession …(Earth’s 26,000 year wobble about the axis).

  1. Jaclyn G

    Just in time for my Sunday ritual 🙂 I am in Texas … be glad you never said where in Texas you would be … this fan girl wound hunt ya down for an autograph ???????? Whoop and Gig ‘Em ????

  2. Timothy D

    Enjoy your time, Wes, with those big time American football heroes. Certainly remember the gift they gave us all who loved the Cowboys. and great football itself. Trust you’ll enjoy yourself thoroughly. Well deserved, my friend! Tim

  3. Larry W

    Hello to all the SC lisners and knowers. Always keep a open mind one never knows what is out there !! I will email my ongoing story when I get the nerve.

  4. Irene H

    Wow I never heard Scientists saying there was not a flood and stay away from the bible. What I read is that there is evidence of a flood. But yeah that sounded like another tangent.

  5. theresa m

    You have to follow the evidence. There was a huge flood. There were/are giants. Sasquatch is real. A large unidentified ‘soft light’ airship came down toward my friends and I in the state of Maine a few summers ago and then it shot up like a bullet into the night sky. There is a lot of stuff going on at night outside our homes, even in heavily residential areas of our society. Pay attention. Thanks, Wes and Nick! Great show!

  6. Jess M

    Don’t listen to scientist or experts they know nothing about nothing, all they know how to do is read and take test. You beleive a person with a degree tell you what happened 20 million years ago. Pure autism if you trust science lol

  7. Tim N

    I was at various ranges in Hoenfels on 3 occasions. its a rather cool place. As a helicopter mechanic we were also able to practice as door gunners. it is one of the high lights of serving. I don’t remember things that your guest talked about but doesn’t mean anything. And last, concertina wire is impossible to get out of on your own.

  8. Tracy L

    In 1983 I visited Kashmir, India and visited what was purportedly the grave of Moses. He was made out to be around 14 ft tall with feet as big as Sasquatch. I was laughing at how big they believed him to be, and our host was confused as to why we or anyone couldn’t believe he was a giant. Now, I see how.

  9. Bonnie I

    And knowledge is power but unfortunately those in power often impart the knowledge according to what is most beneficial for them. Fairly sure most of what we consider “high strangeness” today was common knowledge in mankind’s ancient past. Not exactly sure where our ancestors took a left turn away from the truth; however, seems one or two orthodox religions probably played a part somewhere along the line. Thanks Wes and Nick, it was a very thought provoking interview.????

  10. Janetta V

    Sure did enjoy the show tonight. I especially love to hear tales from Afghanistan from the military guys, they tell it like it is, and their is so much weirdness over in that country. The whole show was great and thank you guest and Wes.

  11. Tim K

    Wes, another great show. Thank you for doing your Pod Cast, i really do look forward to your shows each week. It may not mean that much to say thank you to you but weather you read this or not I wanted to thank you again for what i would imagine is alot of hard work. i give you alot of credit, and you have a great tone when you talk to people.
    if you do get the chance to read this or maybe your wife i had a question for you and if you dont want to awnser i understand. The question is do you have an idea on about how many listners you have that tune into your show? im sure obviously you have an acount of the paid people like my self but i was wondering if you had a way to know of how many listen to your free shows as well?? i was just curious cause obviously the more the better cause it makes it easier for a person such as my self to feel more relaxed and open to talk about the subject if a guy knows that there are literlly maybe 10’s of thousands that are intrested in the subject or would it just be a few thousand ?? I’m not trying to pry into your finacials but just honestly wondering how many people truely are tapped into the subject if you had a number. Thank you for your time and good job on your pod cast, i actully like your show better then watching the T.V. and I believe you have the best show out there of anyone that is doing it.

  12. Lele S

    I live a couple of miles down the road from this place. My Uncle purchased an extra large Bigfoot cutout fir my yard. I placed it on my porch until I could stand it up in my yard. That night, I heard hoot owls all night long, which is strange.

  13. Kaye C

    I have to respectfully disagree with the statement about humans having amnesia about history. The rulersof this world have intentionally lied to us about history so as to make people doubt the existence of the God of the Bible. So we have a choice: believe the word of man or the word of God. I choose God.

    • TROY W

      Yes thats correct Lisa, and before Noah many Kings ruled for 10s of thousands of years at a time. After the the flood kings only ruled between 15-40 years.

  14. Linda B

    Great stories!! I checked out the stories on Instagram and they are very cool. Thank you, Wes and thank you Nick for sharing your stories and thank you for your service as well, Nick!

    In Genesis 25:19-33:20 Esau was covered by a red hairy mantle, some interpret that hair as to have covered his entire body. Some say King David was a redhead, I have read where he was ruddy and handsome. Being a redhead myself and having four redheaded brothers, I can tell you we have a different type of temperament, hehe. I wonder if the red-haired sasquatches are more temperamental. Some gingers can’t take vitamin D, it puts me to sleep anyway, the opposite affect from most. Some redheads can make their own vitamin D when exposed to low light sources, something to do with lower melanin-concentration.

  15. Miss Kendall S

    That was a great show Wes and thank you for all the work you do for us now and over the years seriously.. Also thank you Nick you did a great job telling your stories.. ????
    Stay safe guys..

  16. Brian P

    Hi there
    Huge fan. I even became a member this year to listen to more episodes. I’m trying to get my brother into this podcast as well. I’m having trouble remembering the number of a particular episode. It was where this young lady and her family are being chased in their truck by a bigfoot. I believe she was Latina, that’s just an assumption from what I remember from the accent. I think the bigfoot actually caught up to the car and tried to lure the lady. But then the dad, like a boss, shot the bigfoot while also still driving. Does anyone remember what episode this was?

    • Jon W

      I don’t remember that one but, I want to. You should post a query in the Forum. Someone will know the episode number. There is also the search option if you can remember anything about the title.

  17. Derek R

    Wes I loved your “tangent” I have no idea the difference between a hominid and a hominin but I do know I’m fine going to my grave not knowing the difference. Have a great weekend!

  18. James N

    I’m pushing the “down” button on the rabbit hole elevator here so don’t kill me, lol Regarding the lights…..we’ve all heard the reports of other witnesses talking about how Sasquatch are seen around the lights or how the adults “go to the lights” at certain times (or like that one episode, they go to the star people) or seen around UFOs etc etc. I just think there is an extraterrestial element to the lights whether they are drones, scouts, or are communicating in some way with the Sasquatch for whatever reason.

    Look how Sasquatch react to car headlights historically. They more often than not just stand there. Are they waiting for some contact because the headlights are confused with the lights/orbs. I have no idea, its just me speculating.

    i find the light-sasquatch association fascinating though and think its more than coincidence.

  19. Evelyn L

    When “scientists” started finding skeletons of giant whales and other sea creatures on mountain tops in different parts of the world they decided that there was at one time a great cataclysm. Of course that means millions of years ago, to them, although no one can truly say for sure what happened or was happening millions of years ago.
    The Bible says that it rained for a very long time but it also says that “the wellsprings of the earth broke forth.” There are whole oceans known to be underground. So how would they “break forth?” Well, the Bible does not say but it could have been caused by earthquakes or asteroids hitting the earth. It could have been both events at the same time. There are craters in various parts of the planet that look very much like an asteroid could have caused. A big hit from one or more of those things could have caused great damage to the atmosphere. Scientists say that the atmosphere that we have today would not support some of the giant creatures that they have found skeletons of. Some say that is why the giants of the Old Testament were not as large as the giants pre flood. There are many historical writings about post flood giants from many different cultures. The Bible has several giants listed as do other civilizations. Strong giants, not the genetically damaged very tall people of today.
    When people finally spread throughout the earth they all had the same history of events that had been passed down to them by the descendants of Noah. The stories were changed somewhat from one generation to the next but the basis of the stories remained.
    Historical documents say that giant skeletons were found in the Serpent Mound in Ohio and the other mounds found in the southern states. Unfortunately, after the founding of the Smithsonian Institution after the Civil War troops were sent out to gather up all of the giant skeletons and related artifacts that had been found by settlers throughout the country to have them “examined” by the “experts” at the Smithsonian. Receipts still exist that are from that “honored institution” for giant skeletons and other artifacts taken from museums and private collections. Sadly, that honored institute lost every single one of them, or so they say. Even the many giant skeletons found out west much later simply disappeared much like Sasquatch specimens disappear when sent for dna research. Many artifacts just never seem to make it all the way to the Smithsonian.
    I believe the Bible but not everything that we would like to know is written in the Bible so reading other historical texts helps to connect the dots. Many ancient texts are greatly embellished but there is almost always some truth in those stories. When you find common themes in those stories you know that you have hit on something. Such as the fact that most ancient peoples have stories of “gods” or “star people” or some other kind of powerful entity from “out there” coming to this planet and having children by human women much like Genesis 6. A common theme from the other side of the world.
    The fact that these entities came here and did a great deal of mischief also shows that things from other realms can be better physical! It seems that people cannot get it through their heads that things that come through the veil or through portals can be physical! The people at Skin Walker Ranch saw strange PHYSICAL creatures coming through portal like openings! Some of these strange creatures did a lot of PHYSICAL damage in THIS realm! Bullets hit some of them directly but the bullets did not kill the creature! The bullets did not seem to even hurt them!
    I really believe that the people who dismiss the “paranormal” aspect of Sasquatch and other cryptid creatures need to reevaluate their ideas and maybe take more care about what they are dealing with, especially when they are effecting their minds. If a creature that lives in the wilderness, without shelter, and eats the raw entrails of animals that they kill (often brutally) can also crawl around in your mind then you need to try to make sense of that! It does not compute. They are not sweet creatures like Harry just hiding from the evil humans. Something that acts like a primitive animal or primitive “human” but can also preach the environmental gospel to you through “mind speak” is a huge contradiction. It is probably not a contradiction that you are truly prepared to deal with. That kind of thing indicates more danger than you have truly calculated.

  20. Stephanie B

    I implore everyone here to go to YouTube and find the channel “The facts by how to hunt” and listen to all the encounters that get sent into that channel. So many great encounters and alot of TRUTH, if you can handle it ????

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