Jul 25

Tonight’s Show: Military Encounters

Tonight we will be chatting with Nick who is currently serving in the United States military. He is going to share with us his experience while training at Fort Polk.

Nick said “It was a strange night and I wasn’t the only person to experience this thing, whatever it is. I have also seen the lights on Fort Polk. There is a term that is used among solders and we call it the box witch.” The term has nothing to do with a witch but Nick will explain why they call it that.

Nick said I’ve started a side project of collecting Soldiers stories, specifically what they’ve experienced with “not normal.”

Follow Nick on Instagram @Tales_From_The_Gridsquare. He post encounters from solders.

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  1. Linda B

    Yay!! Can’t wait. Had a talk with a young man who had been in the navy who said his superior officer had told them not to tell, but something about ufos over the ocean. It was a very long time ago. Excited to listen. Thanks so much Wes.

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