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SC EP:771 A Caveman Stole Our Fish

Steve writes “As I said first sighting when I was about 10 years old in East Central Kentucky on a fishing trip with my dad, my dad’s best friend and his son who happened to be about my age.

Me and the boy had picked out on s’mores over the campfire that we had built on a sandbar in the middle of the river because that’s where we were camping. Approximately 3:00 a.m. I woke up with a bad stomach ache (probably from all the s’mores I gorge myself on) and was outside of the tent and stoked the fire back up when about 10 mins later I heard some swishing in the water as if somebody was walking in knee deep water against the current, it came up to within approximately 20 ft of me but did not come onto The Sandbar but stopped short to reach down and grabbed one of the two fish baskets and lifted its head up looked at me as if to say “I’m taking these fish, please and thank you” then walked back downstream with the basket of fish and I had no idea where it went after getting out of site of the fire glow. I got no ill intent from it, I was freaked out but not in a scared way.

Told my dad about it when he got up..and he told keep quiet about it until we could be alone and talk openly.. which we did 2 days later.

I have had one other siding which was a fleeting glimpse of a Sasquatch running back into the woods from the edge of a field, and have had two or three other weird experiences that later in life I’ve come to a tribute to Sasquatch experiences.”


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81 Responses to “SC EP:771 A Caveman Stole Our Fish”

    • Drew B

      I agree. The scene he described is chilling. This guy is sharp, though. He’s in tune with his senses and probably saved he and his friend’s life. The trees being laid down, the turkey feather trail, it sounded like an ambush. The bigfoots probably thought they had these guys…then got desperate when they started to leave and resorted to baby cries. Creepy.

  1. theresa m

    Wes, such a good show! Steve had a lovely way of sharing his experiences. So interesting to hear the different sides of the different types of creatures from just taking fish to ambushing the hunters. Crazy! Wishing everyone a safe Fourth of July! Thanks, Wes. I appreciate your work ethic in getting shows out in this unbelievable heat. Have family in Seattle and honestly, I worry with the outrageous temps that have never been recorded before. Be safe!

  2. Linda B

    Oh boy. Friday night. Yay! Can’t wait to listen. Hanging out on the patio with cold drinks on a hot night in by goodness alma, ks with our good friend visiting from colo . Thanks, Wes..we wish you were here with us . Keep up the good work, we love it! Hi SC family. Love yall.

  3. Doug K

    Hey Wes…..great program tonight!!! Big thanks to Steve…….thanks buddy for sharing your sasquatch encounters with all of us……really enjoyed listening to your take on these creatures. The one where you felt like you could have been ambushed was really scary……YEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!!

  4. richard r

    i think its similar to witnessing an accident , i cant turn away from these stories . i might miss something gruesome i think ,i dont know, hehe. thanks Wes.

  5. Jeff K

    Great guest. The oral tradition of sharing stories is important as to understanding what they are.

    Foresnic linguistics is a technique used by FBI to catch The Unabomber. We are using similiar technique from hearing eyewitness encounters.

  6. Robin D

    AWESOME episode, Wes. Such a great guest — I could listen to Steve retell his encounters all day, he has such a great way of storytelling and am so glad he came forward. Happy 4th everyone

  7. Jason S

    Great show!
    Just curious: did the Sasquatch break the rope in half when he took the basket? Just a detail I’m curious to know. Thanks for sharing your encounter!

    • Steve A

      Hey Jason pleased to meet you.. the fish baskets had a nylon rope maybe 1/4″ in diameter that was attached to the basket on one end and the other end of the rope was tied to a stick that was stuck down vertical into the sandy dirt about 8-10″. I assume when he took the basket, the stick and rope whent along with it.

      • Drew B

        Thanks for sharing Steve! You have a gift for storytelling. Your verbal delivery is so…hard to describe…it’s like good music. You really conveyed a sense of imminent danger when describing your turkey hunt…you guys became the hunted and your turkey became the bait. Glad you listened to your senses my friend!

        • Steve A

          Thanks for the kind words Drew! and thanks to all here in my new family. I was really nervous but Wes is a great guy and made the interview go as smooth as it did..thanks SC!

  8. Leann G

    Wes, great episode and guest! Steve has a really nice way of retelling his experiences and demeanor .Thank you for sharing.
    I would have picked the catfish over panfish too! I enjoyed hearing Steve’s insights about the subject.
    Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

  9. cyndie r

    We do learn so much from having witnesses share their stories. We learn about all the different behaviors and activities they may engage in. At this point it is the best we have. Since we don’t have the ability to openly and directly observe them and study them in depth or at will, I think it is vital that cooperate with each other and share the bits and pieces of information gleaned from the multitude of in-person sightings and direct interactions which occur. I mean it is not forensic science, but it literally is the best we have right now.

    I think its clear that this podcast (and others like it)are furthering our collective knowledge. In fact, Sasquatch Chronicles provides more than one beneficial bi-product to the the entertainment value it offers. It has been said many many times the show provides a cathartic release to those people who have been burdened with encounters which have negatively impacted their lives. It gives people a platform to speak about their experiences without being judged and if nothing else can begin the healing process which many of the witnesses desperately seek.

    It also contains a plethora of information on their habits, habitats, their reasoning, their unreasonableness, their likely responses and their unlikely responses etc.. While it is true we don’t know a great deal about them, much of what we do know has been gleaned from everyday folks just telling their stories.

    The other benefit to be had is the ‘gateway’ effect it tends to have on people. Once you understand how many people (most of whom are quite credible) have seen these things, and you start to hear about some of the other unusual things which occur it helps people get over the mindset that if they, personally have not experienced it, than it must not be a real thing. I hope that makes sense. I am tired right now. It helps people keep an open mind.

  10. schlad

    I Love everything about Your site Wes, thanks! This dude was amazing too, Love his natural scientific explanations..I tend to agree with his take, and so well put..good is good.

  11. Evelyn L

    I certainly do not know all of the native tribal stories concerning their ideas of these creatures (there used to be thousands of tribes in North America long ago) but I have noticed that even the tribes that say that these things are the “peaceful keepers of the forest” are exceptionally careful about staying away from them. ‘You stay away from them and they will stay away from you’ is what they say. They stay out of what they say is the “hairy man’s” land. What it comes down to is that they are all afraid of them in one way or another. Even the white people and the part white people who say that they interact with them make sure that they do their worship before entering into that area, and, yes, leaving food and gifts is a form of worship. You can say that you are just showing “respect” but that respect is the same way the ancients honored their gods. Their gods also kept demanding more and more from them.
    Letting some hairy creature crawl around inside your mind is something that comes from occult activities. The people who do this may not like hearing that (or maybe some do) but non the less it is true. That is what a medium will do. The ancient Children of Israel were told to stay away from mediums, witches and all who practice the occult. If you want to do these things you certainly have the free will to do it but there is no way that I am opening myself up to something that I do not even understand. You may not be able to shut that door once you find it is not so nice anymore. I have already decided just which Spirit Being I place my trust in and He is not represented by a hairy man in the forest. My God created the heavens and the earth, however, not everything on this planet today is as it was originally created. Much of it has been perverted by outside forces that continue to steal, kill, and destroy. Genetic perversion did not just start during the 20th century. There are those who knew all about genetics and DNA long, long ago and they began perverting the creation back then. If the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth were running things on this planet right now it would be a far better place than it is today. We live in a fallen world that is run by a usurper who takes delight in perverting everything that he can.

  12. Steve W

    Steve I live in East Central Ky and am very curious as to which river or stream you had your first encounter. I don’t think that would identify the exact property location but I am just extremely curious.

    • Steve A

      Nice to meet you here Steve ✌️.. I guess Eagle Creek would be the main mapped water source, it happened at a fork in Eagle Creek where a tributary split off. Hope that helps bud.

  13. Steve A

    Hey folks, this is Steve and this was my interview. So I just listened to the podcast for the first time and I want to point out that the mountain range in Montana where I seen the fleeting glimpse on all fours was in the Bitterroot mountain range, not the sawtooth mountain range..My apologies too all.

  14. Ann Y

    The only animals I know of in nature that mimic real good are birds. Friend had African gray and you can teach him short phrases within a month,even only taught a few times a month. Also he knows how to do it certain times… expecting treat. So he has the intelligence with the voice. Can mimic a laugh,dog barking,beeping from machines, accents,sings songs,dances,shows off,ECT. Recognizes people and dogs and gives commands to the dogs, teases the dogs by flying and swooping over them. Throwing food to the dogs. Very interesting. Could they be similar to BF in this way?

  15. Blanche D

    Very interesting encounter. I appreciated Steve’s view about sassy always being here and that they are ancient. I liked that take on the species. I am not convinced about ‘people’ tweaking their DNA etc, as that seems unlikely. But what do I know? I do think that they could have developed skills that we could have but due to the dominant cultures that have shaped the world to this point, we lost interest or hid them due to fear of persecution. Though, I believe that some people have ‘paranormal’ skills more apparent than others and sassy is the same, and that they learn to use these to protect themselves and survive. Listening to Steve and his ‘spidey’ sense when turkey hunting is an example of these instinctual skills human have but rarely encounter real threat to life environments.

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