Jun 4

SC EP:763 Kryder Exploration

Tonight I sit down with Robert Kryder. Robert had an encounter when he was 14 years old. He spent most of his later years working in archaeology and treasure recovery. In 1995 while investigating an area he was looking to do a dig on he filmed a large black figure on a hill watching him. Robert said “For years we had been running into these creatures but it wasn’t until years later I started really investigating Sasquatch.”






















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163 Responses to “SC EP:763 Kryder Exploration”

  1. Dean C

    Here’s to a fantastic weekend!! Hope everyone’s good and having some do the glorious sunshine we’re experiencing here in the usually rainy (South) Wales, UK.

  2. Lisa B

    Wow, great show Wes! Thanks for having Robert on to tell us of the work he’s been doing. Very fascinating and informative. I wonder….how big IS the one standing on that ridge?! Blows my mind when I think of how many are really out there and how big some are! Excellent show! Thank you Wes and Robert! Can’t wait for a part two!

  3. Jason D

    Wes, thank you for giving Rob the platform. I’ve been following his work for a while now. Good evening from the great State of Maine. And yes, they’re certainly up here in these parts.

  4. Linda B

    Great questions, Wes! Very good job of interviewing Robert. The interview flowed so well.. What a wonderful wealth of knowledge Robert has. It’s easy to envision the lodge and the tree structures with Robert’s good descriptive words. All of his outdoors experiences and observances of bigfoot are amazing. I remember seeing a live aspen near a gifting sight which was bent into a curve like a rainbow over the trail near Bailey, CO, and I remembered that listening to Robert. Fascinating. Very awesome show Wes!!! Thank you so much!! I have to agree with the human aspect although I honestly don’t know how it fits with my faith, but when you think non-modern, it helps. I recall our beloved Dr. John Bindernagle said he thought bigfoot is gigantopithecus, and Dr. Jeff Meldrum has stated he thinks they are related to the australopithecus family. GREAT SHOW!!

  5. Rick P

    Great show Wes and Robert. The Flow of the show was so good and interesting that it seemed to be over so quickly. Can’t wait for part two.

  6. Patrick M

    What a great interview! I live in NM and there are so many mountainous areas in this state.. Most definitely tons of places for this creature to be.. I have been looking fwd to this one and it did not disappoint!! Thank you, excited for a part two !

      • Patrick M

        Hey there Jeff, I live in Albuquerque.. My Dad had turquoise and gold mine claims in the Sandia and Manzano mountains when we were growing up. When people think we are just a desert mostly I like to remind them that we have all kinds of wilderness goin on.. My family also had a rock and mineral store in Tijeras Canyon back in the day…

  7. Mary P

    What a great show !! This guy knows his stuff !! Loved the intro! Proud to be an “American” !! Looking forward to the next show with him ! Sound like this needs to be a 3 parter!! Thanks Wes, learned a great deal about the difference between humans & great apes !!

  8. David D

    I’ve heard them breaking sticks. First one: break, break. Second one: break, break, break. First one again: break, break, and the one came into the campsite after we were going to bed.

  9. Jan F

    This Sound a bit negative..
    I Think Many people from USA Think that there country is the only one on the Earth When they talk about the World total ego.
    What happen to the Danish Girl in the Begining?was she also SAVED or didt she died?
    And also…i have time after time meet people from USA that Said to me are Denmark a City?,ore are Denmark in sweden?
    DENMARK=🇩🇰 And sweden=🇸🇪

    But this show here was a great show and i really hope a part 2.
    I giv it Five Star for sure⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🏅
    Amazing show and i Would really really know what that machine he found.
    And yes we learn some new things here👍🇺🇸

      • Jan F

        Yeah Terran S
        We are a small country so i was suprise that i havent head about the Danish Girl in goodmorning Denmark or the news.
        Maybei have been under a rock sleeping 😴🤔🙄😉

    • Wes

      I am surprised you didn’t read about it in Denmark. The Royal Danish Army saved him….no I am just kidding. Poul Thisted who was Jessica Buchanan’s Danish co-worker was rescued by the SEALs. He said “My lucky break was being captured with an American.” Any other thoughts about Americans being arrogant or taking pride in our country?

      • Jan F

        Thanks to the SEALS and USA.
        No i didt not hear about this before friday..

        yes..but this goes for many countrys………old men disergre and Young boys have to died in wars like it was a adventure.
        Oki Wes il Will shut.

        • m99

          Why shut up? WE love to hear from Denmark and you Jan F. I was reading one of you comments where you said people think Denmark is a city or part of Sweden. Goes to show how untaught in World Geography people are. Anyway, keep posting, okay? 🙂

      • Karen D

        It’s now a year since this episode aired and I’m listening to it again. The intro brought tears to my eyes. I don’t think I’ll ever be in a position where I’ll need our US elite forces to rescue me but if I am it’ll be a really great moment.
        Wes…. Will you be doing more intros like this one? It’s pretty darn good.

    • Adam p

      Not all ppl are bad here,alot of smart ppl that know that Denmark and Sweden are countries. But alot of pll that don’t care about nothing but themselves.


    As a Veteran and a 22- year career in the Army, in grateful for your appreciation on the opening of tonight’s show. However on Memorial Day we honor the fallen. I served with three great men and one was a very great friend. Memorial Day for me is pretty much year round. I still fight my battle with PTSD and it wasn’t until 2015 that I was able to get over the survivors guilt. I’m honored to have served with these men and I cherish each day of my life. I have my bad days but I fight thru them. God bless America 🇺🇸 , it’s military and its citizens.

  11. david b

    Amazing interview, amazing information, thanks Wes. I just wonder how he got such unprecedented access to this technology? And that makes me wonder how many others have access to the same technology? Oh well, great show! That one will be hard to beat, excited about #2!

  12. timothy w

    Great to see Robert get the exposure i believe he so rightly deserves.
    Ive been watching him quietly go about his buisness on you tube for years now.
    I saw immediately how his approach was unbiased logical ego free research where he explains in a highly educated and detailed matter every part of his findings in the field.

    And what better guest than Wes and his inteligent calm demeanor to serve as a FAIR platform for Robs testimony.
    And I concur with others here , great job Wes interviewing him with challenging but inquisitive questions.

    I think Rob is one of the top if not the TOP real boots on the ground bigfoot researchers in the world today, I know researcher is a word Wes doesnt like but Robs the exception , hes earned it!

    And I believe Robs right on the money when he says 10 to 12 feet in height I believe many people underestimate both height and weight when it comes right down to it. This is accurate imo.

    Looking forward to part 2 or even having Rob on periodically Wes!
    I think hes a very generous and non ego humble person that just enjoys the challenge of getting to the bottom of this mysterious subject matter, much like you Wes.

    As always Great show with a good alternate take.

    What a interview, came across like two peas in a pod!

    • m99

      Yes, he had us ALL crying and blubbering, didn’t he? That’s fantastic. One mind, one heart, one accord. Rare these days. Patriotism IS alive and well coast to coast!

  13. Karen D

    Wes, fantastic intro. I totally cried. I understand those who are saying Memorial Day is for the fallen, however, I think it was fitting to remind us civilians how badass the US military is when they are living.
    Your intro reaffirmed my resolve to never speak bad about the US, no matter who is in office. I always feel if God forbid I’m in a situation like this I might just have the same outcome. This is why I stand for the flag and the National Anthem.
    Ok now I can finish the rest of the podcast! Well done.

  14. m99

    Good job all around Wes. I swear, this podcast is getting better and better, if that’s even possible. I believe we’re getting closer to the truth. I believe in the Fallen Angel theory of Nephilim and offspring, Rephaim (Giants). And in “angel tech”, which your guests touched upon. Plus I agree, the Sasquatch must be a type of human hybrid who are descended from the Rapahim, the decendents of the Nephilim, Fallen Angels. Anyway, I applaud your courage to venture where others fear to go. Great Show. Thanks for the resources too.

  15. Jake P

    Well…I loved the intro. Beyond that, I one hundred percent know that Sasquatches exist, but the guest waits until the end of the interview to tell me a ghost broke his back and he’s able to train lizards (his own words). Okeee… Sort of dented his credibility. I was hiking with my headphones in and I actually broke out laughing. This is one of those bizarre claims that, if I go to him and ask him to demonstrate, he’ll pull a Yuri Geller and claim he can’t do it because I don’t have enough faith.

    Also, if you recall, John Bindernagel warned about people who claim multiple, predictable sightings. This guy has gone so far as to NAME the animals, and he claims so much contact and predictable behavior over the years that I cannot believe he doesn’t have anything better than footprint casts and one shaky video in which the animal doesn’t make a single move. It could be an old steel target for all I know. Personally, I would have immediately hiked to that point and proven that there wasn’t anything there.

    Interesting interview, and Wes is the best interviewer ever, and it’s not his job to be critical of guests, but there are already lots of good footprint casts and shaky, blurry videos. Please, sir, come back when you have something.

    • Scott B

      Jake P
      The best comment on this episode.
      Sorry to say, but the older episodes are what made me join. Going with your gut instinct, lately the GUESTS to me are getting unbelievable. I could be wrong, but it just doesn’t have the Punch like it used to. Wes is fine, I just hope he’s not putting people on just because they say their credible, and assume SC is a shoe in and play Wes for a fool.

  16. Pia B

    Fantastic show! So thought-provoking. Love this guest and look forward to another discussion with this gent. Thanks again for the best podcast out there, Wes!!

  17. Clifford B

    An old friend of mine in 2009 died , but first buried $200k cash in water/ fire proof container in Palm Springs near Cabazon Casino .
    It’s still out there somewhere.

  18. Whizbang

    Just fascinating, you keep me in awe every week, had to listen to twice just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. If my school teachers were like you Wes I’d be way smarter than I am . 23 inches that’s a Big foot. I want to be one of those guys alpha males that goes up in remote mountains and hangs out. I’d be drinking iron an salt, comparing foot size eating deer picking teeth with a tree. It’s not too bad now drinking presidenta porte an 10 yr old sharp cheddar. Think I’ll listen to again. Life is good.

  19. DALYNN P

    Video doesn’t do it for me for a few obvious reasons. 1: You are telling me that he could absolutely NOT stabilize his camcorder any better than that? Heck, at that distance, all he had to do was put his camcorder on a fallen log, stump, rock, etc, and it would of been stabilized. Even the Patterson-Gimlin film was able to be stabilized and that was also off-hand. And 2: The black shape looks very blocky and non-moving, for the little bit of time you can see it. To go back and further explain reason #1, as a person who has looked through optics at a wide degree of distances, at a wide variety of fixed objects/moving objects, it is way easier to stabilize at longer distances than closer, especially if looking at an fixed object/animal that is not worried about you and is not moving, like the black shape in this video. It is showing absolutely no fear as it knows it is far enough away to be safe. That would of given the video taker way more than enough time and opportunities to find something to stabilize the camcorder. And why is it only 1:39 long? It didn’t move an inch the entire time. Should be a lot more footage. Maybe this is a shortened version and I am missing the longer version.

    Sorry, not trying to slander someone I have never even heard of before this episode but I am very, very skeptical of the video. Not to say he doesn’t have a ton of evidence that would convince me, I am referring to ONLY THE ATTACHED 1:39 VIDEO.

  20. MONTE M

    Robert was a spectacular guest. Definitely one of my favorites. He really defined what Sasquatch is pretty well IMO, better than most. Together what he said and what Wes said awhile back are the best definitions of what Bigfoot Sasquatch is. I want you to ask him straight out what he thinks Sasquatch is Wes like you do all the other guests even tg though he just gave a huge definition of what it was. Can he boil it down to a five sentence description? One sentence I guess would be people? Wes said some form of humanity. People/ humanity. Are we getting closer? I think so. Crazy about the what it did to the ground when it changed direction and yeah those alligator attacks are crazy fast, a good description of the speed of these things. Thanks Wes really great show looking forward to part two.

  21. Greg B

    Ok, so lets start with a ghost broke his back. Can he elaborate on this? And the film footage he got of the large male close up. Where is that video?

  22. Scott B

    Aw come on, you can’t shake that camera anymore other than deliberately. The whole time it didn’t budge, move, change direction, duck. Another fake.

  23. Nick C

    Now that is a researcher. He was a big revelation, very interesting thoughts and findings.
    Wes you could do 3-4 shows with him on the interesting things he’s done.
    Thanks. Oh & congratulations Joan

  24. James H

    Great episode and guest! I do hate that almost all videos of a supposed Bigfoot, the cameraman always seems to be going through alcohol withdrawal shakes or either it’s filmed by Michael J. Fox. But I’m sure in the moment all the Adrenaline and excitement gets to a person.

  25. william g

    No offense to Will Jevning but Robert gives better answers to questions and explains behavior and enviromental markings way better than I’ve heard Will do,even with his 40 years of expertise.

  26. Douglas D

    So I go to his YouTube site to check this guy out. The first video in the comments he’s defending Russel Accord and Todd Standing. So I start to listen to the interview again. IMO all this guy is doing is making up a bunch of bullshit. It’s all lies from start to finish.

  27. Paul S

    Douglas I’ve followed this guy for years . When people like you insult peoples intelligence it keeps many dumbed down which is what the one percent running the show wants . Open your eyes

  28. Tammie S

    Very exciting, wow!!!
    While watching the video I notice others watching, i could be wrong but it sure looks like it to me! paused on 57 sec.
    Just wondering if it is others or just dark boulders?
    Thanks Wes for the great Episode

  29. Antony H

    I could listen to this man t for hours. Didn’t want the episode to end. One of my all time favourites. Part 2, 3 and 4 plesse. Thank you so much for bringing this great guest on to the show.

    • Brian S

      Yes, I agree completely, easily one of my Alltime favorites now as well. To me the reason it was so captivating is because the guest shared or touched on all sorts of information relating to Sasquatch and all sorts of other interesting topics that he has been exposed to over the years out in the wilderness, in such a way that these “strange” experiences appeared to be commonplace for him and his team. More often than not, guests may share an interesting event or event(s) that were significant in their lives, but this guest was speaking of the various topics as if the experiences were just normal events which to me speaks to the rare and special nature of this particular guest. Looking forward to more, Wes, please rename this episode “Kryder Exploration, Part 1” or possibly “Kryder Exploration, Part 1 of 25″… Thanks!

  30. John M

    Hi All..This episode I learned something, and Explains alot about what’s happening around my house here in N.Y at different times of the year..Thanks Wes for a Great venue for those of Us in the KNOW!!

  31. Mike G

    Great episode Wes! That guy was just the best researcher you’ve ever had on your show. He gives me hope that this whole thing will finally get solved. I’m excited to hear part 2. Bravo!!

  32. Kadri L

    Not sure who “checks out” after an hour or hour-and -half…? I could listen to these episodes all day. This guest was incredible. A lot of new information. Please consider part two. Great questions by Wes. Thank you so much.

  33. Brenda G

    We have followed Robert Kryder for years, especially since we live near Santa Fe. We’ve even seen some of the footprints in nearby creeks that look identical to his casts. In December 2018, northwest of the Santa Fe airport, we heard the exact howls he has recorded in the Ortiz Mtns. Robert – we love the research you do – Thank you! And, Wes, thank you for having Robert on your show! Fantastic work guys!

  34. Richmond H

    I’m a little behind but a couple of comments.

    1 – not sure about others but I don’t check out after 60-90 minutes. Can’t seem to get enough.

    2 – this guy was fascinating, although his voice did remind me of Duke.

  35. Luis C

    Americans love propaganda , accompanied by heart braking music , to sell their bullshit . In one hand they support a bad policy , but on the other they utilized innocent citizens and volunteers to clean up and buffer their evil actions around the world , as a cover up . How long are they going to continue using their own peoples heart to justified their wrong and personal interest . Is not the 60 anymore , this is an old technic . Like the COMUNISM , that some people still repeat like parrots . It was just a way to hide the true from its citizens to push Capitalism , which is just a way fir the rich to control the poor .

  36. Russell B

    I assume this guy is an evolution believer believing that we evolved from nothing. The Almighty God created the earth the universe and human beings. He created every living being. Sasquatch is not a human

  37. Johnny N

    once again the feet show signs of being bound by footwear or something. pinky toe bent inwards. big toe inwards. they just look like modern human prints. . google how shoes deform the foot. same patterns. im a barefoot runner/hiker etc and have studied feet to some degree

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