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SC EP:755 The Most Terrifying Night

The encounter took place in Florida. John writes “September 2020, a few friends and I decided to go camping at a piece of property that has been in my family for about 80 years.

We have been to this piece of property numerous times and never expected to see anything other than a few deer and possibly a bear. My grandfather used to tell us as kids, “Never ever under any circumstances go out after dark.” Any way getting to the point. My buddies and I got to the property early that morning, and we set up camp before going deeper into the Forrest on ATVs and Jeep’s. We were out probably until 8 or 9 that evening just riding around. Once we got back to camp we started to cook something quick for dinner.

Once that was wrapped up it was probably 11 or 12 everyone started to head to their own tents. My buddy David who had ran into the woods to use the bathroom made his way back into camp and kept looking over his right shoulder back into the Forrest. I asked him what’s up and all he would say was he didn’t feel good about this spot and was going to go home in the morning. Around an hour later we started hearing what I would say was a low hiss kinda like what an alligator would do. But this could be felt in your chest my hair was raised on end then the Tree knocks and this putrid smell kinda like rotting flesh came into our camp making me vomit it was so strong. I grabbed my spot light and started shining the light into the trees and I saw probably about 20 yards from camp this large ball of light. Then a couple more about 40 yards to the left of the first. We didn’t know what it was so we grabbed our rifles and made our way into our tents figuring what ever it was would probably make it’s way from camp once we settled down. About an hour after that we heard only what I could describe as a demonic scream.

I stepped out of my tent and turned on my spot light and Wes I’ll be honest I pissed my pants I was so scared. About 10 yards stood a family group of 4 or 5 creatures that stood about 10 feet tall the small ones were about 6 1/2 feet tall they screamed and whooped and threw rocks and it got much much worse. This is the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had and I haven’t gone back to this property since. I can’t tell you everything through email because this story would take about an hour or so to fully describe what I saw that night.”







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170 Responses to “SC EP:755 The Most Terrifying Night”

      • Rob P

        Total BS! As a former Police Officer and an Investigator for a State agency, I’ve had significant training in interviewing and detecting deception. In my opinion, everything related to events and descriptions of alleged creatures is fiction.

          • Gayla M

            I call BS myself. You could tell he was making up answers to what Wes was asking when he asked it. His details changed a little bit just from the end of the story, then answering Wes. 🤦‍♀️

        • KRISTA J

          Until you are out in the woods, and your side piece, is completely incapable of protecting you and your family, and you, are the one, pissing your pants. Training gives you no right to see yourself as a God. I still, do not wish this on you, with your judgemental arrogance.

        • Michael V

          As a former police officer and listening to the entire story I totally agree with you. This story if it’s even true has been enhanced by this guy.
          Listening to his story it’s pretty easy to pick a lot of this apart especially with whom he said was with him, first friends are getting out of there later on he talks about he was there with his kids and then also the next thing you know he’s talking about girls were there. This hits the bullshit meter for me.. There is a lot more he said, but not worth any more of my time commenting.
          Wes really appreciate you in the years I have followed these stories. Keep up the good work. People have to decide for themselves on the different stories their own belief about what they’re being told Thanks Mike

        • John XZ

          So Rob, you’re saying “everything related to events and descriptions of alleged creatures is fiction.” Well, I guess all 755 encounters posted on SC are just wrong, and you’re right. Is that what you’re saying? Well, OK then. Not sure why you would even bother to visit this website.

      • Jay Carlsen

        Have you ever seen one of these Things ? Self Preservation is the only thing that rushes to your mind standing in front of Something that is so Traumatically Large !
        I would be worried about my Own Ass instead of worrying about a Pet. And Realistically You would also.
        ( I have not even listened to this entire Episode yet. But in the Summer of 2000 I did see a 10 foot Tall Gorilla in Northern Michigan . )
        is this a Real Comment ? Or made by an Algorithm put out to deceive ?
        I read a lot of Peoples Comments who do not believe Witnesses’ accounts – think They are Lying trying to get attention ? Since I have seen one – I believe Everyone with the Guts enough to Share their Encounters is being Genuine .

        And I tell EVERYONE. If they believe me or Not. ( Because MANY Do not ) Does not matter. I generally believe Everyone who has the Guts Enough to bare the Ridicule. ( Because there is plenty of Ridicule )

        • Rob P

          I have seen them on 2 occasions and had interactions many times. The 1st sighting was terrifying and it was a few years before I returned to the woods. Since that time, I’ve never gone out unarmed, despite the fact that I’ve had multiple “friendly” interactions. I know these things exist and their behaviors are unpredictable at-best. I accept that element of risk. But, liars contaminate the facts and can dangerously alter people’s perceptions of these beings.

          • Jason D

            I’m with you Rob… not a cop but I’ve taught teenagers for 20+ years and there was a “dog ate my homework” feeling I was trying to ignore that I seldom get with the witnesses on SC. But, when he said he was going back there by himself, NOPE! “They looked like they could have ripped my arms off and beat me with them, but I’m gonna go on a solo trip this weekend to earn the respect of whatever is out there.” BS

            * Attacking Rob and asking why he is here? is uncool. Jay was spot on, “that’s your opinion.”

      • Aaron K

        i agree.. 5 or 6 not like it was 28 or 29… you’d think you’d be able to look and tell, oh shit there is 5 samsquantches oh well i wasnt there so ….

    • Forrest M

      The only thing I questioned was that he said he went to back of the Jeep to get his spotlight but later states the vehicles were beyond the treeline so they had to take the ATVs to leave. Maybe he just misstated.

      • m99

        _ I wondered about the Big guy being 10′ tall. I thought Skunk Apes were no more than 7 foot tall. Also, they left the dog? I’m sorry but you would’ve had to kill me, I’m getting my dog!

  1. Michael P

    755 episodes and still going and keep going Wes. A new listener and member. This is another great episode. Binging on earlier episodes and just up to 2015 and listening to some of the current. I have a handful of podcasts in my library and Wes has the best all around production in my opinion. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  2. Michael P

    755 episodes and still going and keep going Wes. A new listener and member. I have a handful of podcasts in my library and Wes has the best all around production in my opinion. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

      • Jeremiah S

        @Goma Howdy and Welcome to the Sasquatch Chronicles Fam. Have you been enjoying the endless ,edge of your chair, SC episodes? For me this is as real as it gets without stomping around the woods looking for trouble. Me be safey, stay at home and listen to other people’s lessons. Do you have a favorite episode yet? Feel free to chime in anytime. Hard to find like-minded people to talk about this stuff without them looking at you cross-eyed.

        • m99

          Yeah, that seemed odd to me too! A friend of mine had a broken thigh bone recently. She had surgery and was in the hospital one day. Seriously. Used to she’d have been there a week. Not understanding that point either.

        • Jason D

          There were too many inconsistencies in that story. And it sounded like he hit play on episodes of this podcast throughout his descriptions. And then they were just there, five or six of them, 11 feet tall… it was like a Sasquatch Chronicles greatest hits. And then to go back out in the woods alone to gain the respect? Nope.

    • Tyler S

      Yeah this is a fantastical story and he tells it with no emotion he friend gets nailed in the head and they don’t decide to leave until after the dog dies… come on man you can do better than that

      • Christian L

        Concur….this story is fishier than the stink of an Everglades swamp…..I call Shenanigans. This guy took all the details from other episodes and weaved it together. Maybe he bet his friend he could get on the show. Caught a Greyhound??? Who does that to get home? Nope….BS. this one got by the goal tender. I’m a BF knower but. Told with no emotion, no plausibility,..I dont think the interviewer believed him either. Waste of time. C’mon man.

  3. Celia

    Also, you don’t spend 3 days in the hospital for a mild concussion. Especially not in busy South Florida during a global pandemic.

  4. Tony R

    Where are the photographs?

    In this day and age, most people carry a smartphone with a camera.

    I don’t expect photos from the night John and his buddies got terrorized, but I expect photographs documenting the evidence the following day.
    – photos of the rock inside David’s tent with any blood from his injury on the tent’s floor,
    – photos of the dead dog showing the type of injuries described,
    – photos of destroyed campsite and heavy duty chairs that were crumpled like paper,
    – photos of damaged jeep,
    – photos of any footprints left on the ground by these huge creatures

    These types of interviews would get more credibility if the witness shared some photos with Wes and allowed them to be posted here. I know Wes’s job is not to investigate the claims, but asking for any photographic evidence available for the claims is just a minimum due diligence. Otherwise, just another story claiming all sorts of physical evidence, property damage, injury, and a killed dog.

  5. Goma D

    Man, that was a heavy encounter. I’m kind of worried for him going back out there ALONE If he oversteps or doesn’t heed their warnings the first time, I wonder what their next step would be?! His description of them being 10-11 feet tall.. that’s HUGE! I really hope to hear if he made it back home safely. again. So incredible to hear his descriptions. It sounds like they look like we do… all have diff personalities and diff facial and body features. There are so many stories about bigfoot and lights. At this point, can we really say one doesn’t have to do with the other? Obviously, the lights might be them manifesting into physical form. Crazy world we are living in. Encounters with bigfoot and other cryptids like dogman, seem to be increasing.. Great show! I’ve been immersed in sasquatxh chronicles the last two months. I can’t get enough! Thanks Wes. You’re great!

    • Dean C

      Hi Goma!!! Welcome. For me, Dogman Encounters Radio and Sasquatch Chronicles are the best bar none!!! You’ll love it!!!
      All the best
      Wales, UK. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

      • Jeremiah S

        @Dean Kool to me someone so far across the water. Been working on the Ancestry of “Sutton” a little here and there. Have yet to trace anything further than Stateside and to Canada. The most popular or well known origins point to the UK. Alot of places there named after Sutton. Have you noticed this as a common name there?

  6. Wharf Rat

    This is how I like to start my weekend.. listening to sasquatch chronicles.. do I know how to party or what… Lololol 😂… anyhow … everyone have a blessed weekend and thanks for all you do Wes 🦍

  7. Tracy R. B

    Yeah Baby, this encounter has told by John is creeping me out. I know there are flying squirrels in the forest, but flying dogs!
    John is one of the few quests who have mimicked the sounds heard. THANK YOU JOHN.
    He mimicked the sound or hum of the orbs, deep drawn out whoop, and language of the Sasquatch.
    Wes & John thank you for providing a intriguing encounter to the listeners of Sasquatch Chronicles.

  8. theresa m

    Man is the only being that decides what boundaries on land are. Animals do not live by that and if this guy is going onto this land where these animals live and then one of the guys peed in the woods. Peeing in the woods is marking territory and if these folks were in an area they should not have been, then they know what to expect to go back. These animals are not about respecting people. They are wild and living off the land. They threw a rock that caused his friend to have a concussion. Sorry, he’s looking for trouble. Don’t care that his family owns the land and he stands to inherit. Wes, you don’t do more than caution people to be careful but you said it a couple of times. Nobody wants your guest to end up dead like the dog. If the government is not going to acknowledge these animals/creatures, then we are on our own. Honestly, I don’t normally say this much but if I was him mom, I’d grab him by his ear and knock some sense into him.

  9. Dean C

    Evening all! Hope everyone has a great weekend.
    Looking forwards to this, although have to admit, this sounds a lot like an encounter I heard I think on Lance Hightower’s show ‘Cryptid Brothers Oklahoma’…..
    Just an observation. Right, let’s get it ooooon!
    Thankyou Wes, production level on your show is amazing!!!
    Don’t know how you manage to get it so good. Probably experience, experience and more experience.
    Take care all
    Wales, UK. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  10. Lisa B

    Woop! Woop! Hey guys! So ready for a new episode with Wes! Hope everyone’s doin ok on this fine Friday evening. 51° and a bit rainy here in Virginia. Thanks for the early episode Wes!

  11. STEVE W

    It rare to hear of an attack like this one, I would love to hear the humming he talked about,
    I have a video that picked up what sounds like a barge , But I couldnt hear a thing,
    All I knew to do was go FB live as a effort to protect myself, Knowing if I was attacked
    while in my tree stand, People would know what happened,

  12. Robert L

    Hey all. I’ve listened to just about every episode in ore the past few weeks. Admittedly I’ve also been creepin on the chats. “Peeking” in..

    Just a thought… If you look into who helped Teddy R when they were starting to set up the National park system and take into account Teddys thoughts on the Big Guy. David Palisades work along with military responses in National parks. They already have sanctuary and are protected!

    My first comment.

    Thanks Wes n Co..

  13. Denise F

    Sounds like another good episode by the look of the comments. Much appreciation to our guest and our host with the most, lol…..I need not know details, lol.


  14. Scott R

    Yeah, I call bullshit. Zero emotional tonal or modular inflection as he recalls the encounter.

    The guy in the opening of the show that says “he pulled his head out of the blind and that… that shocked me”. The brief pause and the way he dragged the shhhhh in “shocked me”… that’s what someone sounds like when they’re accessing known memories.

    People who do this shit suck.

  15. Paul M

    Hi all = Good show again Wes and Shawn = Very interesting and alot of Action with the beasts = Shawn you really need to rethink being alone out there with these Guys = We don’t need a missing = 411 Case with our traces of Shawn … Please go with a trusted friend or Relative = To many missing people nowadays = always have Protection = aka Firearm = Big enough to Put a sizeable dent into your opponents Body = Meaning an upscale magnum handgun = Shotgun with slug and 00 buck everyother Round = l very serious that you give yourself a chance to return home if there’s a Problem = Good Luck and look forward to hearing your next adventure into this = Stay Safe

  16. John F

    What an amazing episode. This kid has balls of steal, and God bless him. he should strand his ground and claim his land. The fact that hes going to camp on the line of that area is smart, but pray for this young man and i hope he can establish his right to be there. pray for him and ask for anointing for sure. God bless him. Thanks for your guest, and thanks for you Wes.

  17. Matthew J

    Perfect time to have had 45-70’s all around. Once the dog went flying, I’d have flipped out and mowed the bastids down. I don’t understand why very little mention of the dog was made other than it got thrown. Who was the dog’s owner? Did that person flip out? Did they say anything during or after the encounter?
    I’m just not feeling a good vibe on this one but I could be wrong. Shawn acts a little different than most folks in a similar situation.

    • Clifford B

      Cliffs notes no pun LOL
      – The interviewed dude is “John” .
      The Rotty belonged to David .( Name of dog withheld I think )
      David was the dude in the tent that got hit by the rock
      that went to the hospital for 3 days .

    • DALYNN P

      Mathew J, I agree on being armed with something powerful. Florida boys with zero weapons (or at least he didn’t mention having/using them) on a camping trip next to the Everglades? I have fought wildland fire/prescribed burn down there and there is no way I would do any camping, ina tent, down there without a weapon (we stayed in hotels, they wouldn’t let us sleep in tents down there).

    • Jason D

      Because he is not being forthright. I believe 95% of the guests… not John. Had always heard skunk apes were smaller than out west but he saw a 10’ and 11’ couple with their 5’7” kid (super specific after very broad.) 11 footer and there was no, “Wes, these things are HUGE!” Just moved on. They don’t keep you at the hospital for a concussion unless it’s close to brain damage. Middle of the night and the chicks hopped a grey hound home… to where? Cross country? The guys bladder let lose in he is going back alone less than a year later to show he is the man of the forest and they’ll respect him? Our survival instincts don’t work like that. Preservation is a STRONG, primal urge.

      No criticism on you Wes, you can only do so much in the pre-conversation. But I’m sure John’s eyes are brown, cuz the BS runneth over.

  18. Bryan P

    I got as far as ‘dog gets thrown into the air, buddy is unconscious and bleeding in his tent – well, I guess we might as well pack up and get out of here…’
    This whole story (again, I barely made it past the five minute mark) is a dog’s breakfast of various experience details. It sounds SO made up.
    I love SC – it’s the real deal. But on the rarest of occasions, someone attempts to punk us. I’m pretty sure that is what’s going on here…
    Time to reset. Looking forward to Sunday’s show…

  19. Robin D

    I feel like sort of a traitor if I have anything negative to say about these stories because I really really like this podcast and, for the most part, these feel like very credible and real experiences, but THIS one I have questions about. I was with him until he said they had to book it out of there in a hurry with the injured friend and the dog having flown through the air, but then Wes asked him something (I can’t remember now what the question was) and he said he couldn’t because he had his kids with him and there were other kids there too….whaaaat? No mention of how they all got out of their with kids on 4 wheelers and it is almost as if those kids were an afterthought and no mention of how the kids were terrified or he was terrified FOR his kids. Any parent would have LED with the fact that he had his kids out there. Maybe I need to re-listen to make sure, but I don’t think I believe this guy or at least don’t believe the entire story. I feel bad saying that, but there are bound to be some fish tales here and there…I think this guy squeaked in past Wes’ BS meter.

    • Pete M

      Yeah. I caught the kid mention as well. I don’t want to call anyone a liar and I’m not but I’m a father of 4 so that I think there would have been more mention of that. Either way I love this show and empathize with all the callers. I have to believe them all until proven differently.

    • Terran S

      Spot on! The kid thing really bothered me. It was an afterthought. His friend in the hospital for three days. Going back out alone…then amended….with a friend for one night and then alone the next? Why not mention the kids at the beginning? Doesn’t sit right.

    • Christian L

      I hope the pressure of having to produce 2x interviews a week doesnt lend itself to letting dishonest people on the show….it ruins not only the podcasts credibility but it ruins our exploration of the BG phenomenon….sad that he was allowed to speak. Total smoke show…

    • DALYNN P

      Well, I am not going to begrudge anyone “their” story. If he is making this up, well, that is that. If he isn’t making it up, that is also that. But this jumped out at me: 1st he said (paraphrasing as this is not word for word what he actually said) that he heard knocks, he left his tent, walked over to his jeep, got his spotlight, shined it on the treeline, and saw the family group. But after John got hit in the head, dog was killed, he said they were a long ways from the jeep and they “all” had to take the “ATV’s” to get out. So how did he jeep go from near his tent to a long ways away without much time transpiring? Maybe I missed someone and the jeep was there but not working. Maybe I missed something and what he said is totally correctly in the line as it pertains to the time frame of the events.

      But, again, I am not judging. I am not an expert in any sort of way to determine if someone is lying or not by their speech or tone of voice. But, if it is made up, it was still a good story. If it really happened, then the “UfO” aspect of Bigfoot is becoming more and more of a valid theory.

  20. Johanna V

    Thank you Wes for another great show, with a horrifying encounter from Shawn. He‘s not only a witness, but it is his family‘s property, and he is set to inherit this land. Out of his recounting of his encounter, I noticed he mentioned at the end that he also had his kids with him!? He had his children out there camping with him as well when all this other stuff with the dog and stones and whoops and noises went down? Ok. And now he wants to return, ok. His children are also set to inherit this land as well, after him. He has a family, and the animals/creatures/people that he encountered are also a family. A family living on, or at least migrating through, the same land. I wish him safety, and I also would not return alone. After all, he is not alone on that land, he also has a family. Maybe take a good friend or three? Sorry, not our business, just be safe..

  21. Pete M

    I’ve been listening for about year now and this is my first time posting. After all these encounter stories there is no way this gentleman should be going back out there alone. I wish him well and hope he’s ok.

  22. Terran S

    The only reason they would keep someone with a mild concussion for three days is if they suspected a behavioral issue.Then they would have encouraged him to sign a 302, a voluntary psych admission which lasts three days. Was he talking about monsters in the woods, etc. when they took him in? Much needs to be clarified!

  23. Autumn R

    Been a lurker and member for probably a year or so. First time commenting. SC has completely ruined other podcasts for me 🤣. No others are good enough anymore. I listen to episodes at least 4 or 5 days a week at work. Love love LOVE this show!

  24. Donald R

    I’m sorry but this story is BS. He was less than 15 feet away from these creatures, chased out of the woods. He pissed himself and yet he’s going back and stay overnight BY HIMSELF! Nah, I’m not buying this guy.

  25. Ken L

    Oh well. Can’t hit a home run every time you step up to the plate. Wes has produced an amazing body of work but this particular individual sounds like he’s just parroting off a bunch of points he’s gathered from past shows in a monotone with no emotion at all. Still look forward to the next episode!

  26. Clifford B

    WRONG !
    Wes has a set . He has told many folks in this cannibalistic Sasquatch environment to go fuck themselves . Do you have any idea how many death threats he has received for speaking his mind ?
    Another thing I want you to know is this …. Your talking about a guy who cares for each and everyone of us on a personal level . He gives a rats ass on how we are doing in our lives … How do I know ?
    He called me at my home because he thought he may have hurt my pathetic feelings. …. He loves this community like we are his family .
    He gets no extra profit giving us extra shows …He wants us to be entertained and informed to the maximum during this kooty outbreak .
    Vetting compulsive liars has got to be a real bitch .
    Maybe it’s good to have a few liars in the mix so we can really appreciate the truthful ones who come forward … A little pain to feel the pleasure .
    As for the science aspect with Wes … Dude, have you heard the titles and authors of the books he reads ?
    It’s all Greek to me as it’s full of Anthropology and physics albeit with all sorts of Cryptic subject matter . Shit I can’t easily comprehended. The DNA shit and biology and central nervous adaptation through time and space…
    Give Wes a pass here . Yes John is a liar . I bet he doesn’t even have kids or a grandpa in the Everglades

  27. Juan D

    I have listened to each and every episode. I am from Florida, from that same area, I know this place since the late 60’s and this will be my first time commenting on this site. Pure BS.

  28. Donna R

    Still love the shows! I am sure they are a lot of work to put together and sometimes not always believable, but Wes you are much supported and appreciated.

    • Jay T

      Listened to episode and surprised at all of the members’ questions on guest’s credibility. Comments about the monotone voice did not bother me in terms of raising question. I do not like my voice and I’d probably be attacked too. Wes discusses the story thoroughly with each guest before the show and I’ll stick with his keen sense of veracity of witnesses’ accounts as shown over all these fine episodes. John, thank you for sharing your encounter and interested in what happens when camp out at property and be safe.

    • Jay T

      William, check out South Florida and the Everglades on Google maps – Westin west to Naples and Lake Okeechobee south to Flamingo Campground with larger populations of alligators, poisonous snakes and perhaps skunk apes than humans.

    • Clifford B

      Ok that 87.5 cents ( do the math) …I’ll cover it .
      Email me your pay pal account info to me mr_shhh
      I’ll round it off and send you .88 cents .
      It’s the least I can do for Big Wes.

      • Clifford B

        Or ….I can send you 88 cents in BTC Ibitcoin) if you have a bread wallet .
        You need to email me the transaction or BTC ADDY ( )
        Either way I’ll be more than happy to give you the refund .

  29. Jay Carlsen

    I liked the Science Quack. ( Even though I am a Religious Quack Myself )
    ……………………….. WOW ! I think I am going to have to just quit reading the Comments – before I get myself in Trouble again.
    Does everyone who doubts an Encounter go into LIAR MODE ? Would you tell a Veteran Their Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome is a Lie ?
    These things are SO LARGE ( I can not even Imagine seeing Multiple Creatures – Because I only seen the 1 – 200 feet away – Acting like it wasn’t paying any attention to Me ) I think even if I wasn’t running on Empty …… I would also Urinate My Self. ( Or Worse )
    ……. Tsk , Tsk , Tsk. What kind of Support Group CRAPS On the Witnesses who bring their Encounters here to get off their Chest ?
    I am going to listen to this Episode , but I think I will skip reading the Comments Tonight ?

  30. RJ G

    Ive listened to just about every SC episode, and this guy strikes me as full of shit. So many of the SC episodes you can just sense when they are true. There are a about a dozen episodes i would guarantee are real accounts, then about 50 or so that i would say are probably true. But this guy def not one of them. In my opinion.

    You have to wonder if this guy did in fact make this up, why would he waste his time arranging an interview, spending the prep time,, etc. Just dont understand it.

  31. John G

    For the first time (I’ve listened thru 100’s of SC episodes) I turned this one off. My bs meter was flashing red too. It was as if this guest listen to a good number of episodes, wrote down all the interactive highlights from these episodes, and put them all together for this SC tall tale.. The clincher for me was “seeing” a whole family of these creatures standing there watching them when he hit them with a flashlight. If that did indeed happen and I don’t believe any of this happened, that would be a first. Jack.

  32. Jan F

    Sorry i didnt had my glases on.but we we have heard so many shows that its like mussle memory.
    That quest was monotone and no emotions.
    I cant exsplain but i just know after 755 shows

  33. brad b

    Looks like I’m not the only one more than a little suspicious on this one. It happens from time to time. It’s just part of the territory with this kind of thing. I won’t let it mar my SC experience because it happens very rarely. Just a handful of times in the 5 years or so I’ve been a member here.

  34. Doug K

    Great show tonight Wes. No matter what the others say, I believe this guest completely. Thanks for sharing your story with us John. YEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWW!!!!


    John or Jon, thank you for sharing your encounter with me…and I apologize for the idiocracy that comments on your encounter…stay safe and report please.

    • Jan F

      Yes it was the Way Patrick told the encounter that had my red flag goining.
      Listen i have head all the shows and here is an exsample (you had to see it to bellive it.
      That one i bellived…and that was a very WERID encounter.

      I have heard people COME in and happy and tstating to tell…and then they crack in there voice and sviver.

      But if am wrong about the show am very very sorry.

  36. Kurt L

    Love every episode but I agree with most of the comments here.. things don’t add up.. SOO many questions I also think this particular story doesn’t feel authentic as every other episode I have listened to. You did great job keeping it professional interviewing him though Wes!


    Feels like a mash up of common themes from sasquatch encounters. There aren’t enough details for a story this recent. He starts off not even sure of the number of ppl, says its a 2 day trip and then counts 3-4 days. Sounds off, but still entertaining.. I’d like agent scully to question this one.

  38. Mike K

    So many unanswered questions with this account…After getting to town, with the families involved, how were the authorities not brought into this? It must have been traumatic for the kids, yet no mention of it. No inflection whatsoever, no emotion, just stoic…

    For those of you who’ve actually seen these creatures up close, could you ever consider the notion of putting yourself self in that situation ever again? Alone, no less…

    A great story nonetheless…Thank you Wes!

  39. Marketa F

    I’m a HUGE fan of your show and I think that the vast majority of the guests are telling the truth…but this is the first time my BS meter has gone up. There are inconsistencies in this story and this guy switches from “grandmother” to “grandfather” at one point, goes to the jeep/but then later he can’t, has kids with him but never mentions it (???) and somehow the 10+ people escape on 4 ATVs? A couple days in the hospital for a concussion? Catching a greyhound? Going back by himself?
    This guy is chasing clout. Not your fault, Wes, it’s hard to wet these guys completely. I think there are a lot of people in the comments, who are onto this guy too.
    Keep up the amazing work! Your podcast is the BOMB!

  40. Debbie S

    I don’t like having to doubt a story because we all react differently to stuff. Sometimes when I share my story with people I tend to talk with a monotone … the beginning….but once I get into it I usually have to pause for a breath and can feel myself getting hyped up. Whoever is listening to me usually notices and comments. I am sure I might come off as stoic also, but then it has been several years and I have had time to accept it. This happened not even a year ago? I just don’t know about this one.

    There are a lot of inconsistencies and things that don’t quite make sense. But not everyone is a great story teller. I don’t know….shaking my head on this one.
    Thanks Wes! Still a great show! 🙂

  41. Sharon K

    This episode is definitely made me wonder, and it didn’t really feel quite on the up and up. Then again who the hell knows what really happened to John and his friends. I did have to go back and listen to the beginning because late in the episode he said he had his kids with him and I didn’t catch that at all in the beginning….he just said in the beginning that it was a group of friends. Then everyone jumping in their side by sides and the big male chasing behind them…where were his kids then…he had his injured friend with him at that time… I don’t know!! he could have been nervous and not able to keep the sequence of events on track.
    If this encounter is real, then they had a real hideous experience and going back to spend the night again either with or without a friend is not the brightest idea for sure. I don’t feel right calling anyone a liar because each persons encounter is very personal to that individual.

    • Debbie S

      Better said than I did. I just don’t know about this one either. Some people just aren’t great at relaying the story. Maybe embellished, maybe a bad case of nerves. Who knows. There have been a handful like this and that is okay. Out of 755 episodes I believe I stopped ONE in the middle and didn’t finish. I finished this one. Just shaking my head.

  42. Jo M

    Interesting. Thanks for giving us this one to chew on Wes. Kind of think it was on purpose.. I like how you asked about the lights again as they were leaving.

  43. Pete D

    Re: some of the comments. Some who pass a polygraph are lying, some who fail are telling the truth. Don’t be quick to judge validity nor character based on tone. You may embarrass yourself.

  44. Evelyn L

    Apparently some of these creatures move around quite a bit. Have heard a few stories of people who say that they have been on a piece of land for many years and then suddenly these creatures show up and do not seem to be leaving. It also seems that the sightings are increasing. I do not believe every story that I hear but even discounting over half of them there are still way too many credible sightings.
    There is so much interest in this subject that the hoaxers and amateur writers are coming out of the woodwork. It is sad that so many people will believe anything that they hear. There are too many fabricated stories going around that cause confusion about what these things really are and what their true behavior is. Personally, anything that does not like dogs is no friend of mine.

  45. Evelyn L

    So are people doubting this story because he says that the creatures were violent? Are the people here mostly friendly forest creature folk?
    Did this guy actually go back to the area alone? That is the part that I doubt. If I were terrorized like that by ugly giant monsters I would certainly not go back, especially if my grandparent told me not to go there in the first place. To go back alone is just crazy or the whole thing is bogus.
    I am a Christian and the Bible says not to worship other gods. The fallen ones that set up their own kingdom over this planet want people to worship them as gods. Many people have worshiped them as gods both before the cataclysm and after. If you want to worship these things it is your business. The native tribes worshiped many “gods.” That is their business but as a believer in the Son of the true God above all Gods I would warn against it. You are opening yourself up to an entity that you do not know anything about. These creatures lurk in darkness. They may be physical but no giant creature can remain undetected for thousands of years without the assistance of another type of entity. They certainly are not of our natural ecosystem.
    People talk about them being killed but no one ever presents physical evidence of that being true. Can only “the government” procure a body? This is a big country. Why can’t someone hit one with a car or truck and take pictures of the body? Everyone has a phone with a camera these days, even hunters.

  46. Joshua S

    I ran the parabolic equations for the sasquatch throwing the dog using the napkin math off the account, and the trajectory would have required a throw of about 70 ft/s or 48 mph. …. I have a hard time throwing a *baseball* that fast.

    Parameters of Throw (Visual Estimates Recalled)
    Distance from subject to Sasquatch: 15 – 20 yd
    Distance from subject to dog (landing): 10 – 15 yd
    Total Distance Thrown: 105′ – 135′
    Max Height: 15′ – 20′

    Initial Velocity: 70 ft/s
    Launch Angle: 25 degrees
    Initial Height: 5ft

    Max Height: 18.6 ft
    Horiz Dist: 126.5 ft
    Flight Duration: ~2 sec.

  47. David B

    complete bs . which is kind of nice as it highlights how real the majority are . an obvious dud one every now and then isnt too bad a thing it shows making up an encounter with these things to get past us lot is no easy job . given the hundreds of acounts we have listened to . great work wes.

  48. Sheila

    I listened for five minutes and I turned it off. Seems made up especially the part abut seeing a whole family and the sizes of the creatures.

  49. Samurai Chatta

    I’ve listened to roughly every S.C. episode and I’m down to about the last 10 or so. I could probably count on 🙋🏽‍♂️ the people that were so questionable to me that I just had to turn em off 🤦🏽…

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