Apr 11

SC EP:748 The Dogman Phenomenon

For decades, the creature described as a man with a dog’s head, or a dog that walks upright has been spotted by many eyewitnesses. Join me as we examine the Dogman phenomenon.

The Beast of Bray Road, also known as the Bray Road Beast and the Wisconsin Werewolf, is a purported humanoid wolf-like creature allegedly witnessed in or near the rural community of Elkhorn, Walworth County, Wisconsin. Named for the farm road in which it was first allegedly sighted, Bray Road, reports of the creature in the 1980s and 1990s prompted a local newspaper, the Walworth County Week, to assign reporter Linda Godfrey to cover the story.







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143 Responses to “SC EP:748 The Dogman Phenomenon”

    • Rodger f

      This dogman things creeps me out and I live within a hour from Bucyrus Ohio where the Judge’s encounter took place. A week ago after putting a new tranny in my car I had a transmission line blow. Didn’t want to bother anyone because it was on my way to go walleye fishing and it was early in the morning and didn’t want to bother anyone so walked home.
      Took about a hour and a half but was beautiful night and I’m active so the walk wasn’t bad. Have to be truthful I did not see bigfoot or a dogman but do remember thinking I listen to way to much Sasquatch Chronicle’s lol.
      Just kidding and thanks Wes fora making me wonder all the time what’s lurking in darkness! Lol And I’ve had Bigfoot encounter’s but no PTSD because mine were not as terrifying as some I hear about but have learned so much from all the encounter’s. I know what the scream was in Woodbury now and the rock throwing and weird animals sounds all make sense!
      Best podcast out there and looking forward to 1000s and 1000s more to come! Great Job Wes and shouted to Woody as well!????

  1. Bert F

    Really been looking forward to this since I moved from the north east CNY to the south east, gulf coast fl, haven’t seen one not sure I want to either…but maybe it’ll make me feel alive

  2. Jeremiah S

    Way to go Doug! Nobody can take Lisa’s place ????. Love being here with yall at the ol’ Sasquatch watering hole. Dogman…I don’t know has to be purely evil. I know Sasquatch don’t have the best reputation but never heard a Dogman returning a lost kid. What about any accounts of a female “Dogman”. Something to ponder. Maybe if I keep some Dog Treats with me just in case a meet. Throw and run like hell!

  3. Daren c

    I was just telling someone on Chinatube( YouTube)about Oklahoma House Bill 1648 and guess what?

    They won’t let me post it ! Keeps saying Comment Failed .

  4. m99

    _ I know that right Trey. These things are killers. Why is it so stealthy? I suppose to stay hidden and unknown, until not.

    I was saying, Wes is getting better at this, as the show opened. Not that he wasn’t great to begin with, but seems a lot more in tune and centered. His production skills are great. I also said, I just sure hope he doesn’t go “Hollywood” on us. It’d be a shame to lose the real Wes and SC. Anywho, my two cents worth, is all. Great Job. Thanks Wes!

      • Clifford B

        It did amaze me . I was sitting in my apartment in Los Angeles ( prior to moving back to Ohio) several years ago when I first heard Judge Groves encounter
        on the late Mr Sawins podcast .I immediately started contacting all my friends and family back here in Ohio telling them to listen to it . Then Wes got him on here as well . Or Wes was first …. Not sure .

  5. Whizbang

    It was a heck of wknd, glad I got through it wallet not empty but had 2 ticks I despise ticks, mosquitoes, fly’s. This show brings me back to reality, before the 40 hour week, thanks Wes, on with the show.

  6. Linda B

    Wow, Wes. Linda said it had an evil grin, and her son saw it in the cornfield. Gotta say, ditto. Still listening…..I’m pretty amazed. God bless you, Wes; so appreciate this.

  7. Cristina J

    I am so excited for this show!! I love Linda and I love The Dogman episodes. I call these the information ones and I’m here for it. Wes, you are the best teacher!

  8. Linda B

    Wow. Yellow gold glowing illuminated eyes and rounded face. Yup. Holy cow. These guests are describing bits and pieces of what I saw. Ok. So don’t think wolves have glowing eyes either. Recently, a friend told me there are some gals in my little town who investigate sasquatch incidents here. Its almost like you could say, “Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.” Whoop whoop. Thank you Wes. I’ll have to put you in my will. 🙂

  9. cynthia s

    I was able to locate the road 4 and the cross road on Google Earth the judge was describing where he was running. Everything he said I could see, the houses, the corn fields are still there. It was cool looking at a visual of where he was running that night. Great show Wes!

  10. Lee N

    Great show tonight Wes! Loved the detailed sightings and experiences. So much information. Please keep them coming. Have a wonderful week everyone.

  11. Avis B

    Thank you Wes for a great show .. This will the third time listening tonight .. Looking forward to the next part… I am still waiting on what you were working on.. !!!

  12. Matthew J

    I am certain that I heard these 3 encounters before. An old SC? Dogman Encounters maybe. There seems to be more and more weird stuff being reported. Could we be entering “as in the days of Noah?”

  13. Janetta V

    Wes you are so good at putting such a classy show together that’s not only informative but scary and entertaining as well. You have talents you have yet to discover. Thank you.

  14. Jan F

    WESand other freinds in here..pay attension to what have heard here becoz
    You people have to hear this encounter on youtube,about a some Young freinds that was scared to death by a Dogman.
    The Channel name is (Moddern Exsplore)
    And type this ((( Four Miles Of Pure Terror-a Dogman encounter)))
    AND WES i Will send you the link..

    • Lisa B

      Hi Jan,
      I listened to the video you suggested. Wow, that poor guy is suffering big time from that encounter. I believe it was after their souls. Pure evil. A thought came to mind while he was describing the creature. Are Dogman/Sasquatch susceptible to things like rabies? Sometimes you’ll hear encounters where the creature is wheezing while breathing, like perhaps it has pneumonia or bronchitis too. I’m just wondering if they get stuff like rabies, dementia, distemper etc. Scary encounter! Thanks for suggesting it!

      • Jan F

        Yeah Lisa B and his girlfrind went to mental hospital.
        You know Ron morehead..he was here on sasquatch chronicles,and he Said that he bellive that they was not alloed to
        Kill us…YET.

        But i bellive they are two deferent creatures.
        But i ment it was important to listen to becoz he also tells that it kind of smile at him and it have rust colour and Grey.
        Just as the whitness in sasquatch chronicles.

        Have a Nice Day Lisa. 🙂

      • Jan F

        Also there Will COME a part 2.
        But GOD Help us if the budumless pit is about to Open or are Open.
        Its only becoz we are all Living in earch oure box whit work and news and “normal things”
        that many dont bellive in the bible….and time.
        But if you see neardeath exsperience ore NDE. On youtube.try Howard storm interview stunning and life changeching
        Type that.and see When you have time.

    • Linda B

      Jan, I just listened to the 4 Miles of Terror you tube video. Wow. My husband and I have been to the Pueblo Reservoir, we were supposed to go out in a pontoon boat with a bunch of friends (boat wouldn’t start, storm came up, got it out of the water onto the trailer and went home, weird time) That part of Colorado has a lot of serious negative desert vibe, close to Trinidad which is a very dark place. Thanks for telling us about the 4 Mile’s of Terror story. Poor guy, would hate to live with that ptsd type memory.

  15. Jan F

    IPAD2 so i cant go on youtube whit this.i use my tv. So type this
    4 miles of pure terror-a Dogman encounter.

    You guy and girls have to listen to this..the man have clerly PTSD.
    He Can hardly tell the story. Hes crying almost.
    and if someone Can put the link here it Would be amazing

  16. Whizbang

    Bigfoot VS Dogman, I think Bigfoot would win, bigger, stronger, smarter. I hope these things don’t evolve anymore, there’s a lot of corn fields here in the Midwest.

  17. david b

    I cant help but believe these things are demonic. Its only my opinion, but of all the encounters that I’ve heard there is nothing natural about them. Most encounters show and detail destruction with these things. It is like if it lives and breathes these entities want to destroy it. As always thanks Wes, I really think we are dealing with the wicked kind of things when dogman is talked about.

    • Jan F

      In the bible,
      There is a passage say…about the budumless pit,
      That mens heart Will fail Them.
      And in the qouran it says that people moms Will leave there kods of fear..that i was told by a muslim man.
      I also bellive its something that have survived the great flood.
      But are not ALLOWED to kill yet.
      You Can see the juge in sasquatch chronicles,,,it could have killed him but dident,and that we have head many times.

      • Linda B

        Hi, Jan. I agree with your comments about “not allowed to yet”. It’s like an inner knowing or at least that idea resounds with me (that is because those who know christ won’t be here).

  18. Danny H

    Wes, dude. The way you put these shows together is nothing short of AWW SUMM. This is no podcast, listening to S.C. is an experience now. I really hope you see this comment to man, only because hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed.

  19. Clifford B

    What I love about the interviews are the jiving accents…
    Folks from there/their respective geographical regions speak with the appropriate accents.
    In turn; gives initial credibility.

  20. theresa m

    Wes, such a good show. I never would have gotten out of my car if I thought I saw something outside that I could not explain or made me nervous. I’d light into the horn so hard until someone came out to get me. Our town forest is not far from my front door and we have a lot of deer in there. With new developments going up in our town on the Mass/NH border, a lot of wildlife is being displaced. There’s certainly enough of a food source in our town forest to support predators but the most we’ve seen are coyotes and bobcats around here. I hope nothing more than that is here, although I know NH and Mass both have had their sasquatch sightings. Never heard of a dogman account in this area. Thank you to your guests for sharing.

  21. Chamberlin

    Wes, I’m glad you add dogman to your list of topics.
    About 10 years ago I saw what I thought was a very tall, extra large
    wolf/German Shepherd silhouette . It was around 11:00 in the evening,
    I was outside in my garden. To this day, I’m not sure what I witness
    or didn’t witness?

  22. Dovie D

    Great show Wes. I enjoy all the topics. I find it informative and educational. That is how we all learn. If I had not been listening to your podcast over the years I would not know what I know today but also agree there is so much we don’t know. Scary thought to. I still hike and camp (in my camping trailer) but try to be more aware of my surroundings now. ???? I say a prayer before I hike. Oregon has beautiful waterfalls my husband and I enjoy hiking to.

  23. SANDRA E

    Wow, Wes! What a great show and the accounts of sightings was amazing!! I’ve heard a lot of testimonials regarding the Dogman, but this first part of your series takes the cake!!! Thanks for the show….I’m truly looking forward to part #2

  24. TROY W

    Great show Wes! Love and appreciate all the information you pass on to all of us. Some day I’ll find the time and courage to Email you, I’ve had quite a few fascinating events throughout my life and they all seem somehow connected. No SASQUATCH incidents though.

  25. Rick C

    The Dog-Men of old depicted in historical renderings are not huge like those we hear about now. The question is why? Has our government been tampering with these critters?

  26. Meesha F

    I remember Linda’s account! I wonder if this is the Linda who comments sometimes on other videos because her account was definitely one of my favorites and I’d love an update

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