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SC EP:744 Father And Son Encounter Sasquatch

A listener writes “Because of my interest in Bigfoot my wife and kids like to rib me quite a bit about it. And because we lived in Nevada for the last 18 years (although in the process of moving to Idaho), I assumed there would be no chance of my ever coming across one anytime soon since I had not really heard of any sightings in Nevada.

So in mid-April of this year (2020) my 19 year old son, Dylan was driving my truck home alone from his friend’s house and came running in the house at about 11:40 pm and yells “Dad! I just saw a bigfoot or something outside the gates to our development- I swear!” Well I found that hard to believe, but since I do love all things bigfoot I decided to at least take a look.”

The father went out but did not see the creature at the time, although he would later see the creature.







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71 Responses to “SC EP:744 Father And Son Encounter Sasquatch”

  1. Denise F

    Ooooh, I’m sitting at a restaurant checking out tonight’s show and by the look of the pics…..well is there something coming out of the ceiling fan, lol!?

    TGIF, TGFW & TGfSC!!!!

  2. Whizbang

    TGIGF, what a intro, you’ll having way too much fun. Hope everyone gets an egg from a bunny for Easter ? Is that how Bigfoot was created, chickens, and rabbits created the Easter Bunny’s. ?

  3. Jay Carlsen

    HEY ! WHAT BETTER EXCUSE TO GO GUN SHOPPING ! ( that is if you need an excuse )
    Of Course the Sasquatch People are in the Desert. Anywhere that Modern Humans are not. They do live in the Field.
    They are very Traumatic to see.

    Twins !
    Listen to episode 419 You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Anthony describes seeing 2 Young Sasquatch. Who He described being of the same Size and Shape , having the same Color and markings. ( Though He doesn’t come straight out and say they were Twins ) I only noticed that when 2 young are described they are both described being of the same Size & Shape – having the same Hair Color and markings. So I think the Sasquatch People ” Twin ” as we do.
    Which makes sense to me , because I believe this is Esau as described in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah. Because what is Impossible for GOD to accomplish if HE chooses to do so ? ( I can not think of an answer )

    There is POWER in HIS Name.

  4. Roy F

    Sorry, not buying this story. I wish people wouldn’t do this. It insults credible encounters. There are too many clues to mention and I’m not wasting my time on this. What was it doing when he had the high berms on it at the reflective signs. Why not keep your headlights on in? It wasn’t showing aggression. Where is the water source? They always stay near the water. Disappointed with that. Wish Wes would have interrogated them, since they repeated all the normal Sasquatch traits. Ugh!

  5. Sherry S

    I didnt catch it – which museum was it? I have been to the Las Vegas Museum where the original Ranch was – was this the same museum? I think that this is the same museum I visited in 2017 and I also think these guys are LDS and there is also a long history of LDS missionary activity in Las Vegas when first settled. Two pioneer missionary camps were told to have had much dissention in the area and eventually abandoned the settlement of the area after diverting water to what is now Las Vegas. This is so interesting!! The land surrounding Las Vegas certainly pulsates with its own energy. Fascinating.

  6. LaVonne J

    With everything happening at my cottage right now seeing the pics with the thing in the corner doesn’t help. ???? Weird things going on in the world for sure. I think these things absolutely are all tied together. Just my humble opinionl; like a belly button, we humans all have one.

    • LaVonne J

      Great show Wes as usual. Thank you for the time you put in to make an excellent informative show. BTW, dogman and other subjects definitely do deserve attention, because people are experiencing something. And frankly we all need as much info as possible. SC is your creation; you can do anything with it you want. There’s always a handful that are stuck in one mindset, that’ll cry and moan.

    • fausto m

      I agree with ur statement regarding weird things going on in the world. . The Book of revelations pronounced parts.
      I totally enjoy SC because Wes is genuine. The majority of his eyewitnesses sound genuine and his SC members and followers are certainly very intelligent and streaking honest.

    • fausto m

      I agree with your statement regarding weird things going on in this world. To say the least. Book of revelations outlines a lot of it.
      And it is not our spot to judge or cap out what we do not understand

  7. Nina P

    TY, Great show, coming from Nevada. I often wonder how many of the Sasquatch’s are here in our desert. The rock pyramids are interesting they create and have ran across some myself in CA, OR. Could they be ammo they use for killing small game and other things?


    When we assume we know everything we prevent ourselves
    from learning anything…. In my opinion we know little to nothing about litteraly everything. From my point of view we know almost nothing at all about whatever these things are. I’m glad Wes doesn’t interrogate people. Simply because, not being a know it all will cause more people to come forward and give us more information. If we just listen to peoples story’s and take them at their word instead of trying to tear people apart with so called “facts” or “Known Behaviors” we haven’t observed 1st hand. The truth is, there is alot we will never know about the world we live on. For starters we have no clue if someone has one or even a family of these guys living in the basement, or the backyard, Anyway that’s just my 2 cents.

  9. Linda B

    “Let’s roll up the windows and go”. Omg. I love it. No joke.
    I heard a growl that was so bizarre, did sound like a lion, after my five black crow feathers were removed from out from under the large spruce trees in our backyard (see Google, we didn’t put them there but something did), came up to the back of the house , dogs barking, cows bawling, coyotes yipping, “rip your arms off and beat you with them”, wow. I agree about the warning. Yeah, we are probably not the head honcho after dark out there. Crazy. Be safe. ROCK ON SC @ the lake this weekend! Woot woot!

      • Clifford B

        Happy Easter Linda.
        Yes my comment “ that this latest episode was an April Fools show, and how I was waiting for the real show”…All in fun not seriousness was in fact removed .
        I’ve even checked the blog area and past episodes thinking I posted it somewhere else by mistake.Nope it’s gone.
        But thanks for giving a sh_t . Take care ????

        • Linda B

          Ahh, gotcha it’s alright man. I like to play April fools jokes too. Had my husband slamming a broom under the bed trying to kill an aoril fools mouse once. Hehehe. Wes will be watching for ya next 4.1.22. 🙂

  10. Joel g

    Lol, I’m honestly surprised you like Strange Familiar. Don’t get me wrong, incredible research, but every time I’ve tuned into their show I have had to sit through a bat brained social justice lecture from the wife with brilliant insights such as “bigfoot mythology is rooted in racism” etc. I would think the fact that she thinks of minorities in association with bigfoot says more about her than about us. And bigfoot mythology spans all races. Virtue signal received though. Husband seems really sharp though, wish he and his writing partner would do a podcast together. I use think it’s funny you’re friends because you don’t humor all that) “decolonize the whales, it’s a privilegeto be white” crap lol. More patient than me I guess. Great show

  11. theresa m

    The Strange Familiars intro was a treat, Wes. You all (The Confessionals, Strange Familiars) are having a fun time spreading the word and I for one truly enjoy hearing the different podcasts. Tonight’s show was interesting. Father and son seeing the sasquatch in their area. Glad nobody was hurt. Wicked scary bedroom photos after the son visited the haunted museum. You never know what will attach itself to you in those situations. Keep up the good work.

  12. Jay T

    Interesting Father and Son account. Thanks Jonathan, Dylan and Wes.

    Almost seemed like the creature was lonely and/or entertained in watching the humans and the laser tag play. It does defy logic as to how th3se creatures live and hide in the desert.

  13. Glen M

    If you actually go back to the first 350 episodes they are way different, they are mostly true sasquatch encounters, these new episodes are just garbage I don’t believe a word of this and I think some of them are government plants, Paranormal sasquatch garbage! lets hear the real sasquatch encounters that only happen less than 50% 0f the time anymore.

  14. Luis C

    Once , I met this neighbor girl that wanted to date me , she look like Sashquash . One time I found her a couple of miles from home , and de used to give her a ride , , she got in the passenger seat of my car , she started the conversation meanwhile she put her fight foot on my door panel y Brocke The raise panel in my truck . I was so scared , I didn’t know what she could do to me . , I took her home , once we got in front of her house , I sed to her : I think I saw your brother o Ming in with an ice cream bucket . It was them when she open the door and without saying a word , she just left withou saying anything .

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