Feb 21

SC EP:735 ARK! ARK! Who Goes There

Jeff writes “Wes, I had an encounter back in 1989, I was 15 yrs old in MI. Left Detroit when I was 10 in 1984 to MI. The woods were new to me, which I spent every waking moment in the woods as a 80’s kid especially since coming from the city.

It was myself, my brother, my best friend Scott, his brother and a mutual friend of all of ours. We built a half pipe in the woods and we skating it. One night we all started smelling something rancid and after awhile we all heard something crashing towards us.

Sounded like no other animal in the woods, it was charging at us and making a noise which I never heard before or afterwards in the woods. All I can say it was like an ARK vocal. It ran like a bulldozer, it was coming to our ramp. It was definitely bi pedal. Step after step going through bushes and trees, it was nuts. I have a lot more to tell and would like to talk with you and my best friend that was there. I never saw it, I ran. Scott saw it. Thanks for your time.”

I spoke to three of the witnesses and they have agreed to come on the show. Scott the witness mentioned above was within 6 feet of the creature. I also spoke to his brother Dave. Dave also saw the creature that night. All men describe the creature making a strange sound, Scott said “It was weird…kind of robotic…it was screaming ARK ARK and right before it chased us one of the guys thought someone was playing a joke on us and said ARK ARK who goes there! It got REAL really fast, this was no joke.”









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119 Responses to “SC EP:735 ARK! ARK! Who Goes There”

    • Sharity

      This is gonna sound weird, but ever since listening to your show, I’ve had 2 words in my head and I think they have something to do with you, but it could be the other 4 guys. I wasn’t gonna say anything because I didn’t wanna seem crazy, but I just saw a lady comment on the blog and her name was one of the two words that I’ve been seeing, so I took it as a sign because the name isn’t a common one. The two words are Josephine and either Poland or Polish. I have no idea what they mean, and maybe you won’t either, or maybe one of the other guys that’s in the story will, but I just wanted to get that off my chest even if it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t know if you’ll even see this because I don’t know if you’ll get a notification or anything, but thanks and God bless!

  1. Denise F

    Ok, this will really make my night….well this and my raspberry /dark chocolate pint of magnum ice cream (which I’m planning on eating the entire thing) lol ????
    Thanks Wes

  2. Whizbang

    I’m thinking them kids building ramp, zip line, generator hanging lights, keeping it awakening day, music, snacks, time for it to play, and they run away. Them kids probably gave squatch a complex. Great show Wes,
    Signed D.B.Cooper

    • David R

      Feel free to research Livingston County Gabriel. It was around where they put in a strip mall on Lee rd. Where I live now will not be researched at this time. Thanks for your interest but I do not want to have people trespassing or killing whatever this thing is or things. As long as I’m not threatened by it I’m good with it. I just want to see it. Thanks

    • Charles R

      Hi Gabriel H. I just noticed this today when I went searching for the West Branch Bigfoot Days and yours came up on a youtube. I see you have Janice Carter coming and some other good researchers. Hope it is a great success and it is able to go off, because you have some powers that be up their that will be against it.

      • Gabriel H

        LCC did the only Michigan conference at Dewey Lake last year and everyone was compliant with the masks, etc. West Branch is still happening on May 15th and the U.P. Conference is in August

        • Gabriel H

          LCC did the only Michigan conference at Dewey Lake last year and everyone was compliant with the masks, etc. West Branch is still happening on May 15th and the U.P. Conference is in August

          • Charles R

            Hi Gabriel H. Good to know. I want to go to West Branch conference as my Sister and BIL retired to Secord Lake in Gladwin County, just a 20 minute journey to West Branch. It may interfere with a charity motorcycle ride I organize for Darke County, OH though, the date is not set yet but is around this time. I see you have Bob Daigle as a guest in Ann Arbor. Do you know him? He must be in mid 70s now. I met him in 2011 at a Bigfoot Conference in Comins, MI. He has a really neat old VHS film taken from an extensive investigation outside of Coshockton, OH in the early 1990s. They placed a cement foundation block and a very heavy Semi Truck tire and rim in an outbuilding and filmed it a night. You can see movement inside the building through a window and them the Bigfoot throws out the block. Soon to be followed by the Truck tire that flew out like a freebie. Another picture he took of his wife at the car during daylight. When they developed the film a large dark figure in the background was walking away.

  3. Charles R

    I am glad Dave that you seem to have embraced the habituation you have going on, at least part of the year. I personally do not see them as a threat on you own property, at least not like they are in the forest which they consider their home. I think they recognize human property as not theirs but like to play games with people. Who knows? I also, like Wes, can see one taking up part time residence in an outside barn to get out of the elements, actually quite common for them if conditions are right and they do not feel threatened. Some fantastic experiences indeed. I have traveled up the 23 many times on my way to Midland where I grew up, and Iosco County and now Gladwin County. That greater Brighton area as I call it, or Island Lake recreation area would certainly seem like a natural home or at least a travel area for them. Probably was a lot of construction as a kid as the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area expanded out to the NW. I am curious as what county and or township you and Scott and your Father now live that has all the activity.

    • David R

      Thanks Charles for understanding. It was Green Oak Twp in Livingston County that we grew up in. Island lake rec area was where the encounter took place. I’m content now where I reside and have no interest in having any research team trudging around on our property. Whatever is here must feel safe so why try fixing what’s not broken? Thanks for the kind words. Dave

      • Sharity

        I agree with how you feel. If I had them on my property here in Northern Kentucky, I’d want to keep them safe too and would not tell anyone that may report them to the media or try to hurt them. They have families that they love and want to keep safe just like we do. I think it’s such a beautiful thing! They’re a people like we are, and deserve respect and privacy. Have you seen any little ones on your current property? I think seeing a momma and a baby/child would be the most beautiful, awe-inspiring sight, almost like a spiritual experience. I’ve never seen any, although I hope to one day, but I believe in them 100% and I love and respect that you want to keep them safe! Thank you for your story!

  4. Charles R

    As for D B Cooper a few weeks ago I heard an interesting theory. The flight path was towards Las Vegas. He may have tossed something off the plane first in the Wash. Oregon forest around the Columbia River area to make them think he jumped their. And instead jumped in Northern, NV in the desert area where the landing would have been far better than crashing into a forest. Forget the guy who proposed this, but should be easy to find.

  5. David R

    I would like to thank Mr. Germer for taking the time to let me and my brother and Jeff an opportunity to tell our story without humility. I have actually thought about bringing in a research team to investigate but came to the realization that all it may do is stir up something that might not be what I want. I’m not interested in problems with people but I have had trespassers and that would definitely bring unwanted attention to my land. Thanks again for listening to our encounters!

    • Charles R

      David R. I appreciate what you are trying to achieve and sincerely hope you get your wish at seeing the one or group that has taken a deep interest in you and your family. It has to be frustrating sometimes. Same thing happened to a friend of mine down in Comfort, TX a few years ago. Had them around for several years and tried all sorts of ways to make closer contact. He did finally get to see one cross his driveway at night when it made a mistake. Best of luck and keep us updated.

        • Charles R

          Sorry Clifford B, had not even heard of it, long way from me about 4 hours. However looking at it sure seems their could be some activity from time to time as it is on the outskirts of greater cleveland. To the east of it one gets into some Amish Country.

  6. Mark R

    What a great show! To Dave and the other fellow Michiganders, you did the wolverine state proud. 2hat an incredible encounter.

    Wes, the opening was enlightening and entertaining and I also think DB made it. Great musical choices but when I ponder the outcome of Cooper Megadeth is the sound I hear.


  7. Jay T

    Wondering whether the bigfoot felt confident going so close to first guest after both stared at each other for prolonged time. Just an idea even though first guest was not sure what was seeing.

      • David R

        Wow your right! Thanks for calling me out on it too. I didn’t remember her name at that moment but I was trying to give her acknowledgment that I remember her being there. Oops on my part for being so inconsiderate. But I appreciate you trying to start something that wasn’t there.

        • Kevin S

          Call her your friend from work? maybe? I’m not implying anything at all, and I didn’t use the ‘R’ word because I don’t think you are at all. BUT.. don’t try and turn it on me, either!

          • Sarah J T

            So that’s your big take-away from this show? Yeah, we get it – you’re Woke AF and need everyone else to know it. Truth is, catty little comments like that are just so boring, so pedestrian.

      • m99

        ~ yeah, we looked at each other and said, What? Why put that in there, we mused? If she were Asian would he have said the ‘yellow girls feet’, or Hispanic, the ‘brown girls feet’? That’s just our reaction though, don’t make it out to be a criticism. We just found it kinda odd is all.

          • m99

            Kk Kevin, but you see what we meant too, huh? I have black friends too, and yes, do say my black friend, etc. Just sayin’

  8. Sharity

    This is random, but as soon as I read the Ark! Ark! “Who goes there?”, I immediately got the De La Soul song “Oooh” in my head! ???? When the lyrics say, “Halt! Who goes there?” I know…totally random and I’ll be surprised if anyone knows the song I’m referring to…????

  9. Cindy S

    This was a great show! I’ve been in this situation myself and it’s scary! One thing that jogged my memory was one of the guys hearing a “ wailing” sound! I heard that too, and actually at one time before I really knew what was happening, thought there was an injured animal in my woods. I ALMOST went out there to see!
    Thank God I didn’t! This happened early on way before the hitting of the house and eventually seeing it!
    I remember Wes telling me that these were ambush tactics…
    This brought all the emotions back from what happened at my house in Virginia.
    I pray for their safety, because I completely understand what they are going thru!

      • Clifford B

        It was the only case the FBI has never solved . Some sort of chemical was found on the seat along with a tie that DB left behind that was a chemical that only a person that may have worked in the airline mechanism industry . That coupled with his knowledge of the workings of the exit door may have indicated his employer and his beef with something to do with money he felt he was owed . They named that exit the “ cooper hatch “.. people have found particles of the currency in the neck of Wa where he may have landed and left in haste .

  10. Nathan E

    Great job on this episode Wes, top notch production!
    D.B. Cooper landed on a Sasquatch. His mangled remains have long since merged with the earth. No Sasquatch has owned up on what happened to the cash.

    • Charles R

      Yes he was Rodney P. His rendition of John Denver’s song Leaving on a Jet Plane brought back many fond memories I had of Frank when I got to see him most weeks when he was at his Rancho Mirage ( Palm Springs, CA ) home from 1990 to 96.

  11. Jay R

    Great intro Wes!!! Keep them coming and hope you have a great vacation in March. Hopefully riding a big bike on an open highway with warm air in your face the entire time. Live free!!!

  12. Kimberly R

    Just picturing that guy swinging his skateboard and yelling, “Ark! Who goes there?” had me laughing so hard I was in tears. I still laugh every time I think about it. I just listened to the episode a couple of days ago. I re-subscribed as a member just now and am going to go back and listen to old episodes from a year ago.

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