Feb 21

Bob Gymlan: Bigfoot in Florida

Bob writes “This video is a hodgepodge of several aspects of the bigfoot phenomena, as well as a little bit about my time in Florida.

The extended intro is a special thanks to Florida Man, and the rest of the video is stuff I often think about. This video will discuss everything from the bigfoot enthusiast, the bigfoot researcher, and just what might be walking in the woods.”

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  1. Tim R

    Bob a rock star , btw , Florida man clearly has great taste in his YouTube play selection. Btw the most recent 411 episode on YouTube, will bring all to tears . God Speed .. But more on Bob ( lost interest in Knife display) lmao .. Again Bob is the man !!

  2. Scott B

    Bob needs to mention SC to the store clerk, who mentions ROGAN over Wes??
    Another event occurred on October 5th,1977,
    My 11th birthday. I knew there was a connection somewhere.. Btw, Rogan Joe is not a credible witness. Hahahaha.

  3. Stephen W

    Good video Mr.Bob Gymlin.You, MK Davis, Thinker Thunker are in a class all by yourself. You are always consistant in your analysis of the subject at hand.Glad Wes put your story on SC.Take care and keep them coming.

  4. Donald P

    His videos are excellent. I just don’t share his views on the BFRO. Many people report their encounters to them only to see a whole different account on their website. Or no account at all.

  5. Ron E

    I too loosely follow all these guys and Bob is one of my favorites. I won’t know these things exist until I have some kind of experience of my own but I find their arguments and perspective reasonable. Even when I disagree I can still see where they’re coming from. This particular video is really good too.

  6. Renee S

    I like Bob’s videos as well, but enough w/the freaking spiders! I screamed so loud each time that the whole house came running! I dropped my phone & when the kids saw it on the floor w/ me sitting in the middle of the bed, they said in unison, “What kind of spider did you see?!” They know me too well!

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