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SC EP:732 Physical Effects And Symptoms

I will be inviting Ken to the show and he had an encounter in 1962 in Montana while hunting. Ken said “I thought it was a man but I knew it was impossible for a man to move like that.”

Damien Nott will be returning to the show. I interviewed Damien on episode 723 The Strange Light Phenomena. One of the encounters he had with the lights almost killed him and he has been suffering from what appears to be radiation sickness. I wanted to discuss it on episode 723 but I wanted to make sure he was ready to talk about it.

Damien Nott (Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations) began investigating and researching the UFO phenomenon after a sighting he witnessed at the age of 9. He went public in 2012 after multiple sightings and considerable media attention and has become a passionate voice both nationally and internationally for the phenomenon. Damien regularly gives presentations across Australia showing his UFO captures and speaks about his own experiences and research regarding UFO’s. His goal is educate those who are interested in the phenomena, as well as those who may find themselves having had an experience or encounter of their own.







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119 Responses to “SC EP:732 Physical Effects And Symptoms”

        • Tommie K

          A lot of people think that they live like cavemen in the Old testament of the Bible that could be farther from the truth. You got to realize they have the fallen Angels right there with them face to face they’re the ones you taught him how to use roots all that stuff basically taught them how to make drugs. I’ve always had a theory that the dinosaurs the whole story of the dinosaurs is a bunch of BS just like we come from the Darwin theory I believe just like this man says they are messing with their DNA just like we are doing now because it says in the Bible the end of days are going to come just like it was right before the flood happen with Noah and we’re there basically right now but then again they could go on for a long time I don’t remember where I heard it but this guy figured there was Giants on the earth for 600 years before the flood and these Giants are so big I have pictures on my phone that people have taken of mountains that look like Giants have laid down and died you could see the whole figure of them their nose their whole facial features everything I’ll post them if somebody wants me to if I can but these things could be a part of that because you can’t tell me someone back then wasn’t thinking wow why is Noah doing this I mean these are very intelligent people like in Iraq when they just shown this entrance to his Temple where there’s Giants sitting in chairs and humans as tall as their ankles the reason why those are there is cuz that’s how big those giants really wear compared to human beings that’s what they’re trying to tell everybody science people just don’t I don’t know I don’t agree with a lot of things that they based their theories on but these things could be left over from that who knows it’s a good thought though it would make sense why the DNA is so match close to us but yet different they’re built like us but yet different they seem to be physical but yet not see what I’m getting at?

          • Dorothy S

            Tommy K. I agree with you. I am wondering if the governments don’t want us to know about the sasquatch because it would prove that the Bible is correct. Why have the bones of giants been withheld from us? Why is the Smithsonian hiding them? At one time, they were available, now they aren’t. I also do not believe the BS we were taught in school that we came from monkeys. It doesn’t even make sense. I didn’t believe that when I was taught that and I was only 10. It makes much more sense that humans and dinosaurs were alive at the same time. If sasquatch are real (and I believe they are) it would put a lot of people out of their jobs in schools and colleges that are teaching in the sciences.
            It makes me quite angry when I hear of college professors who go after kids who profess being Christian when our Constitution allows for everyone’s religious beliefs. Also, when people found out that the government has basically been lying to us, I think there would be a quite an uproar, especially from the friends and families who have lost loved ones in the state parks, etc.
            I would love to see the pictures you have.

    • Mark T

      Large animals stay warm longer in colder temperatures… not sure what the scientific term is, but once the power went out near Puget Sound Washington for 3 days… I survived in my basement apartment in January during bitter cold weather because I had about 3 cords of firewood, had moved my couch about 4 feet from the fireplace, and it was built into the side if a hill, with windows on only one side… however, my tropical fish didn’t do so well, as there was no electricity to power the fish tank heater and the aquarium was too large to move closer to the fireplace. Odd thing is… although my smaller fish like guppies and sword tails died fairly quickly when the water dropped down to 50 degrees F, the lager fish,ice mature angel fish and silver dollar tetras, and large clown loaches actually survived, but moved very slowly.

      Larger animals, like bigfoot and Wooley mammoths hold internal body heat longer during extremely cold temperatures.

  1. Timothy D

    Eventually I’ll find something wrong, but for now… just kidding… Seriously Wes, one of your other gifts is not only the depth you bring to each show but the breath of experience and history. You’re becoming a go – to podcast for more than just entertaining encounters, but for building a context, library if you will, to better understand One of the most perplexing phenomena of our time. TD

  2. Linda B

    Can’t wait to hear this episode. Thank you Wes for doing such a great job and bringing these great folks who share their fascinating stories. Thank you for telling us your stories Ken and Damien!

    • Clifford B

      He could tell it was a “mule deer “
      He could tell “it was frightened “
      But it could have been a rancher
      However; at Minnesota institute of technology he realized it was a squatch when he saw Patty on tv
      Then on to stone henge mmnkay
      OMG ENOCH ? Wes can recite it but thanks .
      Here’s one last Sasquatch encounter ; I saw no Sasquatch “ but the dogs ran up to us “ and rubbed up on us BWAHAHAHA BWAHAHAHA
      LMAO for 20 min .
      Airboat and guns and plaster of Paris Bwahahaha

        • Clifford B

          Hi Scott. The cool part is, according to my statistics lol … We are due for a spectacular show any day now …. Sorry Wes just busting balls .

          I digress ; I remember many years back when Wes ripped an encounter to shreds that involved a lady stating “ she would spend a week with a Sasquatch annually in its cave “He never had her on the show thank god ????

      • Elaine L

        Clifford B, Scott B, Jesse S and Nathan H,
        It’s too bad that the ‘show’ isn’t entertaining or exciting enough for you guys. I’m sure instead if you go on over to YT perhaps you’ll be able to find some channels that offer a more exciting repertoire of ‘storytelling’. As for the guests and the relating of their experiences/encounters you four are carrying on like you’re Simon, JLo, Howie, and the others judging an episode of ‘America’s Got Talent’. Come on, who are you guys to judge the validity of this guest(s) encounter as to the way HE saw, remembered and related it anyways?! IMO with the training and job I do I can hear or sense NO factors of deception as to content and the relating of his encounter that would lead me to believe this guests is knowingly lying. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Annalisa H

    Wes, you have been such a positive and consistent person in my life. I just wanted to say thank you. You are my Valentine❤️ lol it’s okay with my husband. He has been sharing my time with you for years now! I really hope you are happy and healthy! Take care ????

  4. Alexandra H

    Wes I know you get complaints for “going off topic” but I just love it. I have seen the lights and I am so happy to hear you explore them! I was considering stopping my subscription some months ago, but now these new topics are fantastic. My husband always asks me ‘you still listening to that Sasquatch?’ and yes sir I am with renewed excitement.

    You have matured and honed your skill as an interviewer. You could teach most reporters how it’s done. Trust your instincts. You know you want to keep exploring these other paranormal phenomena. Let’s hear everyone’s stories.

    With love from the Broads National Park, UK

  5. Melissa P

    Finally, something positive. What a fantastic ending to an awful week! Wes, I cannot thank you enough, I look forward to Friday because I know you are working hard to getting your show on and you haven’t disappointed me even once. Thank you so much.

  6. Timothy D

    One of the most important experiencers in the orb world phenomena, is Chris Bledsoe. Some of his recent interviews can be found on YouTube and would recommend particularly the ones Richard Dolan and Grant Cameron. Cameron also interviewed Chris Bledsoe’s son, Ryan, along with Professor Bob Maguire, who has been another
    Important government researcher and insider on the UAP/ufo phenomenon..
    Both professor Maguire and Chris Bledsoe are much respected, along
    with professor Diana Walsh Pasulka, of The university of North Carolina, Wilmington. She is the author of American Cosmic, technology religion and UFOs, published by Oxford University Press last year. Diana has become the “insider’s insider”., along with American orb experiencer Chris Bledsoe.. They both work closely with Dr. Jacques Valle.
    Too much to go into here, but journalist Grant Cameron could probably make all the above introductions., Damien Could also write Diana directly at the University of North Carolina, in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she is a full professor of religion. He will find a deeper understanding and purpose to what’s happening in his life. We would all benefit by this introduction, but more importantly, Damien will find a greater understanding of the experiences which seem to pursue him. They may also be able to help him with the physical symptoms associated with his experiences. Not sure how to go about making all the above introductions, except by laying it out in and for the Sasquatch Chronicles community, and particularly for Wes and his special guest, Damien.. Both men are heroes in our own time. The same could be said for Diana and Chris. TD

    • Timothy D

      PS/ Wes and or Damien: like life, there are both good and not so good people/beings in end out of this world. Damien, your experiences are shared by many others, but each unique. Beware of the Harvard study and please follow above advice regarding Diana Pasulka and/or Chris Bledsoe. Would be important to read her book mentioned above, and to reach out to her via her website on American Cosmic or her university address. You seem resourceful enough to track down either of the individuals mentioned above. They would be on the team most helpful to you going forward. In the meantime, happy to help, if you want to reach out via these comments or perhaps through Wes and his team, you might also be able to make the connection. The growing SC community Contains a vast network of people familiar with your story.. You’re not alone and your witness is powerful. Thank you for sharing-for putting yourself out there in an open and vulnerable/powerful way, and thanks to Wes for having you return for this important conversation. TD

  7. Matthew J

    I have a few questions for Ken. How was the sasquatch carrying the deer along? I heard Ken say using his right hand but did the creature drag the deer with two rear deer legs in one hand? Just tuck it under his arm?
    Was deer in season at the time or was the ‘squatch poaching? No, I would not have said anything. How far away were you about? BTW: I agree with Ken’s theory that BF may be an ancient DNA experiment that was made of part human to spite our Lord.

  8. Dovie D

    If I had another encounter that’s the one I would want. Looking at it run across a valley through a scope . Thank you for sharing I am a knower.
    My son has seen the lights and I think my husband and I did while camping back in the 1970s. I though people were walking through the woods with flash lights but it looked more like lanterns but we didn’t hear brush moving or talking. It was weird. We saw 4-5 lights one in front of each other. We want to thank the guests for sharing. Great discussion Wes.

  9. Michael J

    Why does God allow such evil? Should he allow certain types? Or at certain times? Or no evil ever?… If there was never any evil what would we need God for. Everything would be perfect.
    The answer is so much easier, if people just open their mind a little. God hates evil, but yes he does allow it, ironically its for our own good.

    • Jan F

      Michael J.

      Ezekiel 28:15

      You were blameless in your ways
      From the Day you were created
      Til wickeness was found in you.


      People ask why does God not destoy him.

      We have free Will-and man have his Choice.
      And everything Will COME to pass.

  10. Jan F

    Genesis 6: 1-4


    When man began to multiply on the face of the land and the daugters
    Were born to Them,
    The sons of Gods saw that the daugters of man were attraktive.
    And they took as their wives any they chose.
    Then the Lord Said,
    My spririt shall not abide in man forever,
    For he have flesh: His days shall be 120 years.”
    The Nephelim were on the Earth in those days, and also afterward,
    When the sons of God came in to the Daugters of man they bore chrildren to Them,

    These were the Mighty men of old, the men of renown.

    Its me jan again.
    You May Think who is thos old men of renown??
    I Think they are the names (Atglas) (Olympes) (Zeus) (Atila) and so on.

    They puluted Humans Animals and plants.

    • m99

      Amen and well said Jan F.

      There are many here that refuse to believe this truth, which is their free will choice. As with anything though, I always try to pray & say, is this true Father God? He tells me or shows me.

      There have been times when this stuff literally scared me and I thought people that tampered into this kind of stuff were either not Christians or deceived and tripped out. Not anymore.

      If you think about it it makes prefect sense. The Atlanteans -V- the Olympians. At first the so-called Gods were extremely tall, then there “sons”, although giants, not huge as they were. The Olympians figured out the way to get themselves out of their fathers, who had swallowed them up (all in the Greek myths). Coming out, they ruled, and this was after the flood. They cohabitated with earth woman and had children that were half gods, half human. Think Perseus.

      As any rate, this is why I wish you’d come to mewe. We could privately chat and you could post & document these things there.
      It would be fun but I think hard to directly chat since you’re in Scandinavia, and I’m in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA, which is the Pacific time zone. Please try anyways. _m

    • Jay Carlsen

      I agree ! Isn’t it Fascinating that Scandinavian Lore tells of the AEsir & Vanir going to the 100 mile x 100 mile Vigard Battle Plain , on an Island Continent to fight Ragarock Where all the Pre Flood gods where to battle each other to the Death.`
      Makes you wonder at what could be Found underneath the Ice Sheet covering Antatrica ? ( the Island Continent )

      I believe Jotunheim ( world of the Giants ) was infact the Americas’ . By the articles written in old News Papers of Giant Skeletons being found , never to be seen again.
      But I am Convinced that Esau is the Sasquatch People. So wouldn’t Genesis 25:23 be staing that Esau is the Sasquatch People , so would then “Jacob” be ALL Modern Humans ?

  11. Sherry S

    God appeared to Moses as a burning bush on a mountain side, (wow just writing this when Wes mennnnntioned as I was listening hahah) That is great 🙂 – Needless to say, “I concur. I see the parallels.”

  12. Denise F

    My heart goes out to Damien, he has endured much suffering. I live very close to where the Cash/Landrum incident occurred and still feel so bad for what those 3 went through…..it’s not fair but yet there’s no one to blame nor get help from.
    I hope the future is kind to Damien.

    • m99

      My heart goes out to him too Denise. I lived in that part of Texas in 1980, but was so narrow minded refused to listen to anything to do with aliens, Sasquatch, or anything dark spiritually, as I saw it. Being a Christian I was very well plugged in to the church back then. I’d turn off the news. Refused to entertain any of this. That all changed in 2011, and beyond. So glad to have SC . It’s an education in itself. Thanks for your kindness and prayers for Damien.

  13. todd g

    Hey Wes, Jesus died on the cross to save man from hell, don’t blame him when people who don’t seek the truth experience pain and demonic attacks. If this guy would call on Jesus and put a fraction of his efforts into getting to know him as he is these demonic entities he wouldn’t have been zapped by the evil entities. I promise not one single person is going to plead ignorance on judgement day.

  14. todd g

    Hey Wes, if you doubt God, I would take that up with him if I was you, I would be careful about suggesting to others that they should be angry at or question the Holy Creator. I am talking about the God The Father and his Son Jesus, the true God.

  15. Lori

    I believe Your first guest is right on regarding How are these Bigfoot Came to be…I’m glad to see he is aware of what they’re doing now he must be listening to Steve Quayle LOL God bless

  16. Janetta V

    Hey Ken, I sure respect your story and I thank you for telling it. I would have said “tell me what you saw” back in ’62. Thanks Damien. Wes you are a deep soulful person. Thank you.

    • Cathy S

      As a Christian. We have to remember we live in a fallen world where Satan is the Prince f the air until Christ comes back for the final battle so it’s not God’s fault these things happen.

  17. Mike B

    Eugenics was the theory that you could breed the perfect human. It was common with crackpots in the 1920-30s. One of its most famous adherents was Adolf Hitler. Its still floating around today in far right and neo-nazi circles, but thats about it. Since the first nations people’s have been telling us of these beasties ever since first contact, I doubt sasquatch is a result of eugenics. Just sayin

  18. theresa m

    Another home run, Wes. Thanks so much for your hard work. Both guests had riveting experiences to share. My heart goes out to Damien. The UAP are connected to him somehow it seems. I pray they leave him alone. Be well, everyone.

  19. Tracy L

    I don’t know why people keep propagating the belief that no one has figured out how the ancient people moved huge tons of rock, i.e., Stonehenge. They have figured it out and it is really easy. It’s all about balance. Here is a video of a regular guy from Michigan, now retired, who figured it out and proves it on video:https://youtu.be/uYQBDhkBfr0v

  20. Ronald M

    Thanks Damien!
    I hope this was a malfunctioning one and not deliberate. These radiation damaging UFOs aren’t common luckily. Of course some of these things could be bad? I’ve only ever came across good ones “so far” It does get stranger than most of us can handle. Hope your health recovers!

  21. Angela J

    Damian, so sorry for what you are going through. Please know that we care and hope only the best for you. Sending positive vibes your way. Thank you for sharing your story.

  22. Angela J

    Wes, keep up the good work
    Ignoring the spewing of the negative commentors who can’t seem to say anything positive… I’d hate to live with them, that negativity comes from the core of who you are… Wes, sorry you have to put up that crap… We love you ????

  23. Luis C

    Knowing that I know now ; without any enconunter , only a good pair of ears , and my brain that likes to save thoughts for a rainy good day. If tue gentlemen hunting with his friend and both flashing light . I feel pretty sure to say , they both hear something , and both a Sashquash , very close following them .

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