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SC EP:724 The Sounds They Make

Patrick writes “It was October 13th 2016. I was bow hunting in my deer blind outside of St Clair missouri just off the meramec river. Times were tough.

I had just gotten laid off and my older sister who’s land I was hunting on had just lost her job and her husband was disabled so there was little money. I was hunting for food to feed us. I had been scouting for several weeks and had been seeing deer every day. For about a week prior to the 13th I had noticed the deer had seemed to disappear. I thought that they had gone into an early rut and the bucks were chasing the does at night and running them ragged.

Since this was a matter of having food or nothing to eat because of our situations I had asked my sister if she minded if I did a night hunt just to see what I could see and she agreed. Also just off the river there was a cave I liked to explore and I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the story but earlier that day I had been at the cave and hiked directly back to my blind for the hunt. I settled in for my afternoon hunt. It was very quiet in the woods that afternoon. My blind was right on the edge of the woods completely enclosed except for a small opening facing the field that I could shoot an arrow from. As it got dark I dosed off probably around 8 pm. I was sound asleep having a dream and actually drooling down my chin when I was awakened. . Mind you I had been hunting these woods since I was able to go in them by myself at the age of 8. It was 2 am when I heard it and it was so loud that I could feel it in my body. It couldn’t have been more than 20 or so feet from my blind from the shear volume but I couldn’t be for sure since I didn’t see it. When I first awoke my first thought was… Is that a gorilla? Because that’s what it sounded like. It sounded like a severely pissed off silver back gorilla braking branches trees and what ever else was in it’s way. Then it started making another sound.

I thought to myself… Is that a howler monkey? Because it sounded exactly like the screams and howls that howler monkeys make. Then it got absolutely terrifying. It started making a noise I had never heard before it started making a snarling growling sound like the one you hear on the sierra sounds. At that point I started praying to God because I didn’t want to see what was making these sounds. I was sitting up in my chair crossbow against my chest looking into the field thru the small hole wondering what I would do if I saw it. All the sounds were coming from the woods behind my blind and I could feel the vibrations in my body. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. The beast eventually left. I was too scared to leave my blind for fear it would get me. A couple hours later I heard it in the distance making the same howls but it was much further away. I eventually fell asleep but when my alarm on my phone went off the next morning and woke me I ripped the battery from my phone to silence it because I was afraid the beast would hear it and come back. I stayed in the blind until it was sufficiently light before I went back to my sisters house. I told her about it and she told me that she heard screams that sounded like a woman ever since she lived there and that on a couple of occasions she heard bipedal movement behind her house by her bedroom and on one occasion she had found reddish brown hair about four inches long the next day on the bobwire fence but that was back in the 70s so she did nothing with it. I told my oldest daughter and her boyfriend who were 17 about my encounter. Her boyfriend proceeded to tell me that his father and a friend of his were looking at some property he was thinking about farming that was about a mile away from where my incident occurred and about a year earlier. He said his father said it was about dusk and described the same sounds I had heard. He and his friend got nervous and got back in their car. When they started it up and tried to drive away the ass end of the car was lifted off the ground his dad said when he looked back all he could see was a dome shaped head and shoulders covered with hair.

It dropped the car and the left. Almost a year to the day I went back exploring the cave with my girlfriend who didn’t believe in my encounter. One day we were leaving when we heard a series of howls from different directions right at dusk. She said what was that and I said well it wasn’t coyotes or dogs or people. A few days later we were back again and we were still at the cave when from across the river I heard the sounds like a gorilla again. She looked at me eyes as big as saucers and said it does sound like a gorilla. I motioned for her to be quiet. I got up walked down the trail found a big log and smacked a tree with everything I had. It echoed.

When I returned to her she said when I did that it started making noises like a scared chimpanzee and she could here it running up the hill thru the leaves.”








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    • Lisa B

      Hey Austin…thanks for the kind words! I’m not going anywhere! When Wes has the fat lady singing on an episode, I’m out! ???? Be safe out there Austin!

  1. Josephine L

    I’m with Gary H. & many others to welcome back Lisa B❣For some reason…I always like to read the comments sometimes even before I listen to the show… And I’m really looking forward to this one after a long work week…thank you Wes & guest(s)! Wishing everyone a restful MLK Holiday weekend with Peace & Love to all❣

  2. harry g

    im with you scott b just another wana be story teller it is embarrassing to listen to. true content is getting hard to find wes but you know that. time to move on ghost alliens etc

  3. Deborah W

    Thanks, Wes, for another evening of entertainment! I wanted to reach out and tell you that I don’t believe I have been charged for this current year’s membership. I had read in the past notes where some other members had noticed the same thing so I would appreciate you checking out my account. Thanks for all you do! It is appreciated!

  4. Charles R

    Terrifying to hear those noises out in the woods Patrick. I guess I was lucky as the ones I have heard I was either in a house or on a porch and could move to safety quickly. If the BFRO list 2 you can bet that many more in this area have heard them also, they just to come forward and most are probably baffled. Always neat to hear out takes of the Sierra sounds Wes. I like your thoughts Wes that the ones to worry about are the stealth boogers that are stalking you and not the vocalizers.

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