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SC EP:720 What I Saw Is Not Supposed To Exist

Tonight I welcome Leann and John. Leann had an encounter in WY. She writes “We were doing around 80 mph. My friend always drove like that.

What we saw cross the road in front of us I will never forget. It was so frightening I never drove that road again after dark. And I wouldn’t drive it in the daytime alone. Wide open space for miles and miles.

It was on all fours, at first glance I thought it a naked man. Crawling across that hwy. But the size of it dismissed that thought immediately. Its HAND was on the white line on the south side of the 2 lane hwy. while its back FOOT was still in the white line on the north side of the hwy. As we got closer about 100 to 150 feet it turned its head like it was on a swivel and looked directly at us in full view of headlights. I saw a human like face.”


John writes ‘Hi Wes, three years ago I was staying with family on a country property outside of Chesley Ont. Its a rural property just farms and county properties on large acreages.

We were just getting a campfire going when I walked off around some bushes and small trees to take a leek. The farm next door has sheep and every night during the summer the owner lights his property up on all sides with powerful spotlights even tho the sheep are put in a very well built barn every night. The spotlight shining in the back field lights up the entire field right to the wood line approximately 80 to 100 yards away.

As I was doing my thing I noticed someone walking through waist high brush 40 ft away from me. The figure was clear to make out as it was walking between the two properties keeping to the edge of the spotlights reach. I thought we had a trespasser as it was clear the figure was trying to keep quiet as it walked through the tall grass lifting its knees very high and looked to be trying to be careful where it put its feet.

I was just about to yell at this guy until I saw how long the arms were and the bizarre shape to the head very cone like or wearing a weird hat. That made me pause but as it was now fully in the open walking on mowed grass I thought let this guy know you see him but before I could say anything this thing began to run towards the wood line, after 3 strides I knew this wasn’t a person the speed was inhuman the arm pumping as it got to speed I don’t think a human can imitate the back and forth motion was a full 180 degrees in the open the head was easy to see it looked to big for the thin body a guess would be 6-6 6″ 200 plus pounds.

As it sprinted to the tree line it began to move more into the spotlight shine I could clearly see this thing pumping arms legs were practically a blurr as it ran then as it neared the tree line I thought it had tripped it leapt forward arms straight out at its side chest now parallel to the ground but before it crash to the ground it arms came forward then took two strides like a dog would on all fours and was gone into the bush.

At first I thought it tripped but now I believe it did this on purpose, when I think back it was like a show boating move diving out at full speed arms straight out at its side then catching itself at the last second and running off on all fours as fast or faster than on two feet. This thing covered that 80-100yard in 4-5 seconds, one thing with what I saw that still messes me up it’s like my brain doesn’t know what to do with what I saw.

My brain doesn’t know where to file this or how to explain. This plays over in my head weekly still dream about it guess because I really can’t explain what I saw or what I saw isn’t supposed to exist.”





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133 Responses to “SC EP:720 What I Saw Is Not Supposed To Exist”

  1. MONTE M

    Happy New Year! Never experienced winter fireworks around our neighborhood like we did last nite, it was like the 4th of July. People celebrating 2020 in the rear view.

    • Linda B

      Sorry for the super late reply. What a jewel, these three episodes. Thank you so much, Wes, and John and LeeAnn. I think for so many of us, hearing these, stories is like being there but without some of the fear you would definitely have undergoing these kinds of things. John’s story, when the thing dropped to run on all fours, I noticed it was right before the treeline. Makes sense as he “knew the terraine” and he could keep his momentum and be lower than the branches. If it was showboating, like a juvey would, kind-of a human trait, like how they are also vindictive, self centered, nasty. As for LeeAnn’s seeing that thing laying in the road, omgosh. Be safe everyone.

  2. Denise F

    May the new year bring joy to us all…..or at least not kill us, lol. Thanks Wes and guests and personally I love long winded son of a bitches, could be just me though lol. ????


    • Melissa P

      ???????? HAPPY New Year ???????? Wes and fellow listeners!! I agree with you Wes, this year will definitely be a million times better. You are such a great host, I really admire the way you are with the witnesses. You put them right at ease. That takes a special talent. Thanks for ALL that you do!!

  3. Drew C

    Wes, please never stop doing this show. I just ran across your show maybe a yr ago and it’s definitely changed my life. I’ve become more aware of what could be “out there” and it’s changed the way i think in that I now listen to anyone who says they’ve seen something or experienced something, or have come across the unexplained with an open mind and also to be a safer hunter and just pay more attention to my surroundings a little more. You don’t give enough credit to yourself and you are changing lives everyday. Hope to still be a Listener to the die I depart this earth. Thank you for everything brother.

    • Whizbang

      No don’t recall, but please fill us in, sounds interesting. In the beginnings of SC there were mountain giants, explained by two, a Indian girl whom grew up with bf and a guy whom knew about them. But if I remember right they were only 17ft large.

  4. Cathy S

    I pray you never withdraw from the show Wes. You are what makes sasquatch chronicles so good and so professal. It wouldn’t be the same without you. You do an excellent job.

  5. Leann G

    Fantastic episode=both guests John and Leann (not me) were so detailed in their descriptions . Very interesting to hear and Wes you are 50% of what draws your listeners to the show. We will show up as long as you do.

  6. Tracy C

    Ok. In order to pay attention pass the intro Wes, you should know that your “speak” and demeanor make SC solid. The topic chose you, right? and you are damn good at what you do. So carry the torch a tad while longer. Thank you for the time and effort- best to you and your loved ones ????????

  7. Lori

    Wes there is a lot to be proud of with your podcast… I have been listening to you for the last three years… And your podcast has come along ways… Much better with ONE HOST LOL.. But I think you already know that… I don’t know how many witnesses/stories you have to go through before one makes it on air but you always seem to have extremely interesting encounters and for the most part Great storytellers!!! Bravo ???? & Cheers to another Year of Amazing Sasquatch chronicles encounters!!!

    • Robin D

      Hey, I have never quite known where to place this reply/question because I honestly want to know the answer, but don’t want to be disrespectful to my fellow SC fans, but what is it with the being first to post? I am fairly new here, I think I found this podcast last spring maybe, and have wondered every week — I thought maybe it started as some merch giveaway or prize $$ or a contest of some kind and then kept going? Because, without knowing how that got started, it has always felt really disrespectful to the guest and the work Wes puts in. Can somebody, if they are reading this comment, fill me in on what this “first” is all about? Happy New Year everyone.

        • Robin D

          Hey, thanks so much for replying — I just thought there was maybe some reason (other than just having fun with it), I have wanted to ask for awhile, but I didn’t want to get “yelled at” lol

          • Sharity

            Welcome to the group, Robin! For the most part, our members here act mature and aren’t too snarky like the ppl you can sometimes encounter on YT. We all have a common interest in being here and treat each other with respect. There are a few ornery ones but that could be teenagers, I suppose. Overall, it’s a right fine group of members!

  8. Jan F

    Hej Wes Happy new year
    But something tells me that it Will not be so Happy.

    The Birthpaine has begun for a While now.

    Bless your all from here..be kind

  9. Matt K

    Wes, I’ve never commented before, but this is BY FAR the best podcast on the subject, and in my opinion, one of my favorite podcasts on the entire web. I love tuning in every week, and hearing the way you interview guests. I myself hate the sound of my own voice too, haha, most do, but we just want you to know that your voice, your interview style, your sound production, and this site is 100% top notch. Any radio show on any other topic would be lucky to have you as a host, especially with your intelligent and respectful demeanor, asking great questions to the guests and giving them the space to tell their full story. Love to hear your personal insights, too!

    I respect your desire to always improve and outdo yourself, I have that drive too, but brother, what you have done is amazing and you should be extremely proud of how professional you have done everything, while always coming across 110% real and with integrity. Keep on keepin’ on!

  10. Matthew J

    I always give the guests a certain amount of belief but these 2 guests…there’s just no way in hell they could have made their encounters up. I agree with the 1st guest that believes his sighting was likely a juvenile. At a height of 6 to 6 1/2 ft, they still have plenty to grow. He also said he thought the head may have been too big for the body. Many guests when talking about an 8-9 footer claim the head seemed too small for the body.

    I have to make a mental note of the apparent size of the head and the creature’s height to see if this correlates.

    Happy New Year and I hope the guests keep Wes busy.

  11. Keith H

    Thank you Wes! Appreciate what you do here, no matter what you think of your own performance to get this done, believe it or not you made it and it’s just right.

  12. Robert E

    Wes!! You’ve done it again brother!! Another YEAR of great amazing shows!, and this episode didn’t disappoint I thought it was an awesome way to start what I hope is going to be another year of amazing content, and with you producing I am 100% confident that we are going to get just that. I hope 2021 will be good to you and all the SC fam, Thank-you for all that you do. ????

  13. niel r

    happy new year to everyone !!
    does anyone know what happened to knife pliskins show on youtube ?
    i cant find it or i am entering in the wrong name into the youtube search search
    thank you
    niel aka granitestater

  14. Kris G

    Wes, Thank you Thank you Thank you for continuing Sasquatch Chronicles !!! …and there is always hope for a better tomorrow. Amen to that! Would you could you please share the artist/album of the absolutely beautiful music you have chosen for this program? I would greatly appreciate this. Happy New Year to you and yours. God Bless

  15. Robin D

    Holy smokes, this was a great episode. BOTH encounters were so packed with good information. My jaw dropped open when Leann mentioned that her brother saw one in Ferndale, WA — I would love to know where the woods were that he was playing in (although there is a good chance that there are homes there now, like alot of woods near cities/towns that have, of course, expanded over the past half century) because I live just 15 miles south of Ferndale, WA. I wonder if Leann is reading these comments, if she could maybe be a bit more specific about the area that her brother saw this creature in Ferndale. ALSO, Wes, I am sure there are times when you either want to move on and do something different or you doubt your skills or feel like you are less than the other podcasts (who alot of time have producers and researchers and are recorded at iHeart studios, etc)but please believe me when I say your podcast is soooo dynamic and I cannot tell you how MUCH I enjoy it and look forward to it. Once I had binged on all of your past episodes (although I really had a hard time with the episodes that had 3 co-hosts), then I would search for other bigfoot podcasts that I could listen to in between your new episodes and I honestly haven’t found ANY. I would find something that seemed promising, but it was always just a re-telling of an encounter by the host or a reading of a story that someone had sent in, etc. and there were never any that I could find that were first hand accounts. ALSO (lordy lordy, brevity is not my strong suit) there have been many podcasts that I have loved and some that I still DO love (not on the subj of Sasquatch, but other things I am interested in), but YOUR podcast is the first (and only) podcast that I have a paid membership to. I mean that should tell you how good I feel this podcast is, because I have really very few EXTRA dollars a month and I gladly pay the SC membership because I hope it helps to keep you making episodes and because you deserve to be paid for this product. Thank you for continuing to do these and I really will be sad the day you hang it up to go do something else.

    • m99

      Robin, is that you, of Snohomish County WA? Forgive me please if I’m mistaken. Hope you are well and will consider coming back to the forum more often. Mr. Knobsman has set up a mewe page too so you can chat with others, if you want to. It’s SC members only, which makes me feel more comfortable. Hope to see ya soon! Happy New Year Robin, and take care _m.


    • Sharity

      I’d happily pay more a month if that helped to keep the show going. I don’t know how many members this site has, but this show seems to be one of the most successful out of all the ones that started on YT and then left for Patreon, or tried to make their own site, etc. I must say that I think it has everything to do with Wes being such a great host and interviewer; not just anybody can pull off such a successful venture.

  16. Rick P

    Happy new year to all. I hope that you continue with your show for along time to come Wes. It’s nice that people have a platform to tell thre encounters. I don’t think anyone likes how they sound on recording. I know I thought that in the episode I was on. Do I really sound like that. Here’s hoping we’ll keep hearing your voice for years to come. All the best from Alberta Canada

  17. Clifford B

    #99 yippie . Happy Newyear to you Wes.????(Fist bump )
    You have always been so kind to me .
    Always replying and what not when basically everyone else ignores me .Take care Friend

  18. Walter L

    Incredible show tonight Wes. I have been a member for a minute now and have been deep in this subject since my encounter in 2003. I have listened to everyone and everything and in my opinion they all are trying to find something near the contient you put out Wes and sadly even the best of the rest fall far short. I know it is tough day in and day out and i wouldn’t blame you a bit if you said the hell with this. Before you do though please consider more help to take some of the load, because to some of us you are to this subject as a tire is to a car. Be humble all you want but in reality you have the best show on the subject to EVER exist and i thank you for it.

    • MONTE M

      Was kind of bummed listening to Wes because I never thought about the show ever ending until Bigfoot is discovered wich Iam sure will happen next week. I think most people discover Sasquatch on SC. I wonder what Wes aspires to do?
      I wish I was a smoking hot jazz guitar player throwing down badass jazz chords, phrases and leads. I’d like to be rich but not famous. If I won the lottery I would focus on becoming a really good cook, guitar player, photographer and ski sic powder lines in the back country. So that’s not gonna happen. I think there is some young boy or girl out there in a rural area that’s really good friends with a Sasquatch. Looking out for each other, hanging out just having fun being friends. Lucky kid to have a Sasquatch as a pet/ best friend. It would have been cool to have SC to listen to in the seventies as a kid. Turn the lights out and listen in the dark, 5 4 3 2 1????????????????????????

  19. Michelle B

    It’s so wild Leigh Ann mentioned the old apothecary bottles where her brother would go to that house to explore. I go to this wooded area, where I have heard strange noises and found sticks in odd piles, and I have found old apothecary bottles in the same area. I thought it was weird that I would find them every time I went there. Strange coincidence that she mentioned that.

  20. Clifford B

    Wes I used to live and work in Hollywood, and the one common denominator was the greatest entertainers hated listening and watching there work . Premiers were hell for many of them . Many of them also , could not stand awards .

  21. Tim R

    DUDE , Brother Wes , you give ppl a place to speak about a subject that there family’s and society laughed at them after a life altering event .. iv lost track of how many ppl give you a heart felt thanks . Your making a difference
    YOUR DOING GODs work bro !!

  22. Craig M

    That second encounter… Holy Shnikes!!! I did a Powell MT/Beartooth Hwy/Red Lodge MT/Powell loop on my motorcycle not 3 months ago then rode from Powell to Billings the next day so I was exactly where she saw the humanoid and Men in Black. Freaky!!!

  23. david b

    Thanks Wes, for anther year and a great show. Been listening since the beginning. I am 50 years old and I am home alone and I certainly look forward to SC every week. You have the premier show on the subject. You do the best job of interviewing people on the subject. You allow the witnesses to share their accounts without interrupting the witness or talking over them. I really appreciate all that you do! I certainly would not pay for a membership if I didnt. You are the man to help expose what we all know is out there and to help those that are dealing with the effects of seeing these creatures.

  24. Lisa G

    Happy New Year Wes! I really enjoyed the guests on the show!! Great witnesses! I want to take the time to thank you for all you do! I thoroughly enjoy listening to Sasquatch Chronicles. It has been one of my top 3 podcasts to listen to since I discovered podcasts almost 2 years ago. Not sure what I did before then!! ???? Podcasts have been a way for me and so many others to escape the not so great reality that has been our life since early 2020. Your podcast has truly been something I can look forward to and it helps me feel not so alone during these crazy times! I normally listen at night as I start to wind down for bed, while cleaning the house, cooking and in the car. First time commenting, but felt this was the best time for it because its important that you know how much I appreciate what you do! May God Bless you in 2021 with health, happiness and blessings abound! I look forward to hearing more amazing witness stories! Thank you again for what you do!! It truly makes a difference for so many folks and you do an amazing job putting the shows together!! Have a great night!

  25. Aaron W


    I’m one of your silent members; never commented before and never been in the forum. I’m also a practicing magician… I know that stuff creeps you out and other members are gonna laugh and point.

    I don’t care about that. I’m gonna say this anyway man.

    I’ve been bothered lately by intuition regarding your retirement and this rather moving intro just punctuated my concerns. No doubt my man you have earned a break if that’s what you want, but please…

    I selfishly and shamelessly implore ya don’t run off for good now. We need you bro – no pressure lol. Your show is an enormously important contribution and I hate to imagine where this niche would be without it.

    What can be done to help YOU get your podcast mojo back and keep you around?

  26. theresa m

    Wes, nobody likes the sound of their own voice. It’s funny how we all share that funny little thing but I have to say I have looked forward to your voice each week knowing you are going to bring a show about a fascinating subject while educating your audience. I was never aware of this before I found Sasquatch Chronicles. Sure, I watched Harry and the Hendersons movie like everyone else but honestly never gave it much more of a thought until our daughter moved to Seattle, across the country into Sasquatch Country. Little did I know they are everywhere! Thank you and your guests for all of the hours of hard work. Your shows are really wonderful.

  27. Gary L

    Wes, YOU may think that your presentation is not up to snuff with sound,voice , etc. But your listeners think differently. When it comes to being an audience, we are the experts ???? We think you rock on the topic you cover. I hope I’m wrong but, I detect subtle undertones that the thoughts of ending your Chronicles may have crossed your mind. Hopefully it is down to the end of a long road before your done. Stay real,stay humble. What you do is AWESOME!

  28. Susan E

    I love a good story. Thank you for providing those for me. I love the show.
    Does anyone remember Sasquatch “conversations” being played on the Johnny Carson Show? It fascinated and frightened me. A tape recorder was placed in or near a tree where food was placed for them.
    Also, is anyone aware of the Senath Missouri “lights”? I personally witnessed that phenomenon.

  29. Agnes B

    Wes, Happy New Year. Thanks for making a bad year so much better with your interviews. Been with you since the beginning and am so glad you stuck around to give people a voice. You turned into the OG that everyone respect. Keep up the good work.

  30. Paula B

    Happy New Year everyone! ????

    Wes, I don’t post often, but have been a member for 2+ years & just got my brother & his wife hooked on a trip to the PNW (8 states in total) listening the entire trip as we drove and as a bedtime story every night for 3 weeks.
    I love your voice (few people like how they sound) and how you interview your guests. There are many podcasts, yours is the benchmark, my friend.
    When Will Jevning was a co-host in the early days, the show was good but it got so much better after he left (no disrespect to him).

    I’m sure it’s a ton of work. Your efforts are much appreciated by your listeners and probably even more by the guests who find relief in talking about their encounters, knowing they can be heard and feel some understanding from someone with their own encounter.

    Thanks for all you do from the bottom of my heart.
    You have gotten me through some rough nights/times over the years and I will remain a supporter as long as you will be here.
    God bless you!

  31. Cindy S

    Hey Wes,
    Thank you again for another Amazing show. I could really relate to Leann … I really felt her experience! Those of us that have had experiences with these creatures have great respect for what you do! You are calming, re-direct when you need to and do a great job with people that have experienced this trauma! YOU are the BEST!! I hope you continue… thanks for all that you have done to bring this topic to the forefront and have educated us all on what to do if we find ourselves in a tough situation. I will always be thankful for you and told you so in my episode, 697.
    Happy New Year Wes! Hope I get to meet you someday!

  32. Janice K

    Wes, Great show! We are our own worst critics. I hope you will continue the show for a long time. It serves a community who need the support. And the shows are well done and very interesting. I appreciate very much your considerate treatment of your guests. I have not seen one and don’t want to anymore. East central Illinois and have found many tree structures and a footprint in a place where neither should be. Before any of that there was a deep scarlet, moon sized disc shaped thing in the sky above the area where the tree structures and footprint appeared. Thanks again for the shows. Happy New Year!

  33. Susie C

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wes, You are always so real and have a genuine way of connecting with your guest and listeners. You are always humble and grateful. That goes such a long way and it’s why this show and you are still here! I’m so glad I found this show to listen to on my morning walks when this stupid pandemic started. I’ve always been interested in Sasquatch and all mystical creatures so I searched and found your show. Your show and YOU have literelly kept me sain during this crazy time in the world. I am listening to every episode and enjoying it so much! I’m on episode 45 and keeping up with the new ones and as a Member! Thank You and please keep on keeping on with the show! I BELIEVE! Best, Susie

  34. MONTE M

    I havnt thanked Wes and all the guests lately, so thank you very much ! Best podcast in the world!
    Wes and Woody had a super crazy encounter so they are very good eye witnesses themselves. Cheers to 2021 should be another spectacular year of shows as usual and thanks to all the good people on board I usually like a lot of the comments. You find interesting stuff like the comment on the bottles. That’s new info to me, I don’t even know what those are will Google it.

  35. Janet P

    Dear Wes, I love your show. I love your voice. You are the best podcaster on the web. The very best. You need to take some time off once in a while. I don’t want you to get burned out. I’m sure you already are. I’m concerned with the writings of you quiting. Please don’t. Perhaps if you took some days off it would help. Hugs, prayers and love. Janet

  36. MONTE M

    East of Red Lodge MT are the Pryor Mountains. They are remote and there is much Little People lore that exists about that area. Is it just lore though? I have heard of a third hand account that happened to two ladies camping on a boat at Bighorn National recreation area. Two sasquatch were calling out to each other and eventually one stood above them on the banks of the reservoir and lobbed a boulder at their boat. The reservoir can only be accessed by boat in two spots because the reservoir cliff walls are so steep. Very cool area. Remote.

  37. Chris S

    Yeah man..,.they are sooooo terrifying to look at. I was blessed to see what I believe to be a Juvenile. It was about 6-7’tall and some inches, very muscular, extremely muscular and powerful but very lean and wired. Big eyes, teeth, no hair on face, etc. Must’ve been only 5 feet away, maybe 6. I can see why men’s hearts fail them. But it’s hair was falling out in patches….mainly on its body only tho. It was focused on my 30.06 pump action rifle, clearly recognized it. I hope one day to have a hypnotist try and recall my memory of this event, cuz I got a super close look and I’ll never forget it. I know what I saw, and it rocked my world.

  38. Joe W

    Hey Wes. Thank-you for all you have done to get the truth out there. None of us will never know how much work you have put in week in and week out to keep the show going. I selfishly hope you will never quit the show because there is nothing out there close to SC, but that day will eventually come and no matter when that happens you have made a huge impact to the sasquatch world and beyond. Thanks brother.

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