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SC EP:702 The Unnatural Fear

Tonight I will be speaking to two eyewitnesses. Jacob writes “I’m 32 years old Oregon woodland firefighter. I have hiked around a lot of woods. I am also a skeptic, I’m not sure what exactly it was that I saw or experienced.

I have been listening to your show for about a week or 2. I find it entertaining, educational and comforting to know that it’s a safe place for all. I have had a couple of experiences I would like to share. I’m originally from Leadville, Colorado.

It’s a place of many mines and lots of wilderness. Stories have run around town for years from the Hispanic immigrant miners about this unknown thing called the “El Chupacabras”. If you know anything about it, it’s a doglike being that stands on its 2 feet and sucks the blood from its prey. It’s very elusive, fast and extremely dangerous according to lore. When I was in middle school, we lived in a house almost 20 minutes outside of Leadville.

Our back yard was the rolling hills that lead up into the Rocky Mountain range and a large field sat before that. The whole area was visible from our back door in the kitchen and every morning we saw a huge herd of elk of at least 60. One morning me and my dad started enjoying a cup of coffee to start our weekend around early October. As we were talking we gazed outside to see the elk herd and relish in the beauty. Well as we sat there looking at them for a few minutes, they suddenly started to stampede as fast at they could away from that area and towards the foot hills. This is totally bizarre behavior as we have never seen this before unless there was a near by predator. My dad, out of instinct, pulled out his binoculars to find this predator that scared them. As we Took turns scanning for a couple of minutes. We didn’t see anything, until all of a sudden my dad said that he is seeing something running out in the distance. He adjusted the binoculars to get a clearer vision but couldn’t totally make out what is was, for it was too far out in the distance. He handed me the binoculars and pointed to the area.

My stomach sank when I saw this thing running abnormally fast… on 2 legs. I could at make out the facial features but it was brownish tan with dark areas on the chest. I was totally bipedal, I saw it running towards the area the elk ran. When it reached the area it’s had stopped for a couple of seconds then book it towards the direction the elk ran. My afar asked me what the hell it was. I had no idea, I still have no idea. We reached out to a couple of people at a local gunshot and they told us about this El Chupacabras. They even have news articles about these things being seen and supposedly have found one dead in Leadville by the local game warden. It was unreal. My second experience is a bit bizarre also.

I just moved up here to John Day, Oregon at the beginning of this year for fire season. Because I am a Wildland Firefighter we do a lot of project work to condition us and keep us bus until we get a dispatch. Well being in the woods for work, you find the best mushroom picking spots. So me and my kids went up to an area where we dug a prescription burn line for work like three days before. I found some mushrooms up there while working and figured the kids needed a day out. So the drive up there was pretty treacherous, but was gonna yield great reward in mushrooms when we got there. So me and the kids get out of the vehicle to hike the rest of the way until we hit our line then hike it up further to the sweet spot. As we got about 50 yards from the start of the line we heard what sound like a howl hoot then what could have been a tree that was broken. If it was a branch then it was huge. The hoot sounded like it was about 100 yards away from where we were standing. The kids asked me what they was and told them I had no idea but maybe it was a good idea we got out of there. So I had the kids get in front of me then we walked back to the vehicle slowly with my front facing towards the direction of the sound. As we started to walk we heard what sounded like crunching twigs under something really heavy, my stomach sank again. It was following us. I haven’t had that feeling since what I saw in Leadville. I knew we weren’t safe and so I got close to the kids and hurried them without running towards the vehicle. As we finally made it to the vehicle I got the kids in right away and blared the horn as hard, long and annoying as I could to scare this thing off. I got my composure and left with a quickness to never return to that area. It still makes me feel uncomfortable to talk about it or even think about these experiences but I have no idea what they could have been.



I will also be speaking to Roland. Roland writes “I live on Northern Ute tribe here in Utah. I have seen a lot of things being an outfitter and guide here for about 20 years I have had run-ins with Bigfoot and we did see one that we almost shot But I didn’t realize what it was until now. I have seen some strange things, I grew up 2 miles from Skin Walker Ranch”







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64 Responses to “SC EP:702 The Unnatural Fear”

    • Shelly H

      I know what all this is. I had 3 Dogman attack my house Centre Hall PA. There are different dimensions that share the same space is us. There are veils that separate us. These creatures can manipulate them. When you look them in the eyes you receive their mark and they can track you wherever you are.

      • Jesse S

        Who told you that you receive “their mark” if you look them in their eyes. And what if you kill them? Also you can be from any dimension you want , as soon as you hit earth amd are physical your fair game and can die. There is a reason they are the ones hiding in the forrest .

      • james b

        I think you ate on the right track Ms. Shelly. I have had several some really intense experiences in the woods ,creeks and rivers in Oklahoma. I think of these entities existing on different vibrational frequency. I think some places allow the frequencies to overlap or blend togetther.
        But then again I have had a couple experiences, one in particular that left me thinking that these things can manipulate their own and also others frequencies in order to interact physically or just communicate a message, audibly or mentally. I dont necessarily know if its the eye the contact that they need or require in order to “mark” a person or if that is even an accurate word to describe it. Ive never made eye contact but sometimes there are times I do feel marked thats for sure

    • Lee O

      I don’t know how to make a statement on this so I’m doing reply to yours ..sorry!
      I lived in Leadville Colorado from the time of 1972 to 1979 I worked at the climax precious metal Molybdenum Mining Company.
      I was one of the first females Underground in the 1970s ..
      what they called chicken Hill I saw a UFO now, I’ve had encounters with Bigfoot Dogman and even some kind of feline creature in Pennsylvania but Leadville I agree with what he was talking about how Beautiful up there !!
      I think about the times I used to hike up there by myself what an idiot with no gun all I can do is thank the good Lord that I came out of it alive..😎

      • Les S

        Thank you Tyler yeah I agree when he said he ran into somthing in the woods and made his kids follow him out their lucky a cat didn’t grab one of them or I guess one of those missing 411 creatures, literally the worst thing he could do beside not carry a gun with him, he even said carrying a gun is crazy but got chased out of the woods by a cryptid? Hahaha what the hell something definitely dont sound right there.

    • Karen H

      Hello. I was wondering if you know ( or if anyone knows ) of a better way to reach Wes other than the SC email. I know you mentioned last month that you weren’t getting the monthly membership fee taken out of your bank account. I also responded that I wasn’t either. I’ve tried 4 emails over the last 2 months and cannot get a response. 3 were to the regular SC email address and 1 to the account email address. Wondered if you had your account corrected and if so, how. Thank you-KH

      • F S

        Nope. I STILL haven’t been billed since June. I guess Wes likes to have me as a free member.
        I tried. After numerous attempts my karma is clear.
        If he gets ahold of me I’m happy to pay the back dues.
        The ball is in his court now.

  1. Linda B

    Thank you so much Wes for providing so many fantastic stories from such great folks. It gives those of us who are fascinated by Bigfoot, etc., a highly credible “go to”, and for those who have seen Bigfoot and other cryptids, your podcast truly gives them a place to unload and gather support. That’s so important.
    Have you ever wondered how close we are to the end of the world and how close we are to what the Bible refers to as the rapture. 2020, record breaking year for fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and weather predictions are a possible dry la nina winter this year which could mean drought for the southern states. I know you said you are not a religious person, but I have listened to some pastors on your show, and I think its fascinating to hear some of their accounts about cryptic, etc, spiritual stuff. Ok ,sorry. Talking too much. Thanks, Wes.

    • Colleen J

      The next time I hear a woman say ‘where are all the manly men’ I’m going to tell her they are out West jumping from choppers and wrestling full grown elk to the ground! What a visual lol

  2. Frank G

    No disrespect to Jacob but Roland is the most interesting man in the world. He could replace the dos XXS guy. Holy smokes. What a great interview. Another great job Wes. Man this stuff just fascinates me to no end.

  3. Richard W

    After all these testimonies, shows, etc for all these years, how do people not know what a Sasquatch is? Chupacabra on two legs? Not what I have heard.wes, you handled this interview quite well. Thanks.

  4. m99

    Well very informative for sure.

    Thanks for taking the time Wes. You’ve helped so many people. I bet you’ve helped save more lives than you could ever imagine. I also especially enjoyed Roland because of his candor and experiences. I have always believed how we as white people really lost out on a world of knowledge we can never get back. What if we would have respected various tribes? What if we had really told the truth and stuck to our promises? What would the USA look like if we had done that? I can only imagine. Oh well, sorry, don’t mean to get on the soap box. Just loved it Roland. Thanks so much. Be blessed.

    _ m99

    • m99

      Amen to that Tim H ~ My guess is that these things are so much more powerful than modern humans and if the government (s) made them know there would be civil conflict and chaos resulting in fighting each other, and people taking measure’s into their own hands to destroy the Sasquatch types. IMHO that is. Plus, there have been incidents where regular people have witness the government type vehicles, trucks, heli’s, etc., transporting and dropping off creatures into remote areas that are on the fringe of society. It’s my opinion these creatures are more adept, intelligent and human than we can imagine.

  5. Tracy L

    The 7′ creature that Jacob and his father saw chasing the herd of elk when Jacob was young was probably not a Chupacabra since they are about the size of a medium to large dog. I would think he saw a Sasquatch except that he said it had legs like a dog, so I believe he saw a Dogman.

  6. Chuck B

    Hey Wes, I’d like to converse with Roland. I am a Navajo/Diné and have seen Close up 3 skinwalkers in my 47 years but not until 13 years ago. Before that it was just sounds to inlcude whistles, drumming, whirlwind noises and hoots. I have seen UFO’s by the Grand Canyon and in the Phoenix area. I have a father and brother who were police officers and seen strange things also. I’ve had more than 10 close encounters with death and not sure why I survived.

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