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SC EP:697 A Whirlwind Of Weirdness

Cindy writes “Hi Wes, I’ve thought a lot about sharing what has been happening here and to be honest, when it all started I had no idea what was going on!

We have lived in this house for 20 years. It’s in a Beautiful area in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. When we bought this house, we were traveling 9-10 months of the year… only coming home occasionally. This pattern continued until 2015 when we started a different path. My husband is a Speaker, Professor and does work for the State Department, so he was still Very busy.

At that point, I was home alone 98% of the time. I started to hear noises in the woods At night… and Knocking! The Master Bedroom has a Balcony off of it that faces in to the woods. It’s at least 14 ft off the ground. At night I would open the door to the balcony and just have the screen door … so I could hear the frogs, etc. That’s when I noticed the noises.

We have all matter of wildlife here… Fox, coyotes, an occasional bear and lots of dear. We had a group of deer ( at least 30) that slept in the side woods next to my house. I hadn’t been home for any length of time in years, so I was settling in.

One night early on,about 1 am , I heard something coming thru the woods… sounded like a bulldozer! It was LOUD! Just about the time I got up, Something hit the balcony SO hard it shook the whole room!!! The balcony is wrought Iron so it was loud!

It scared me to death!

I grabbed the flashlight out of the drawer and went out on the balcony. I didn’t see anything! It had only been seconds… and Nothing was there! This became a regular occurrence. Something would hit the balcony, and I would run out there… and Nothing was there! I started to keep the flashlight right next to me on the bed so maybe I could catch who was doing this! Then, I heard the screams!

It was about 3 am and I got up to let my little dog out. He was getting up in age and I had to take him out frequently.

I’m standing out in the yard with him and from across the street I heard what sounded like the gates of Hell opened! Omg!!! It started really low ( like Bobo) and went really high. It was like a gut punch!!

I grabbed my dog mid-pee and ran in the house! It was Terrifying! My heart was pounding and I couldn’t calm down! That was the point that I started to look around on the internet for answers. I was skeptical about what I found. I was sure that it HAD to be something other than a Sasquatch.  I visited with my neighbor the next day to see if they had heard that horrific scream!! They said No, but a few days before they were out on their deck and something was Low growling until the woods.

My friend got up to see what it was and she saw eyes! It sufficiently scared them and they went inside!

Shortly there after, a lady from the next subdivision over came walking thru the neighborhood and saw us in our yard. She said ” this is going to sound strange, but… have you heard weird noises in the woods?”

I said YES!!!! So now I knew that I wasn’t alone… someone else had heard it too. Things kept progressing, hitting the balcony, hitting the house, hitting the garage door… all around my bedroom.

As I would take my dog out at night, sometimes the minute I would step foot on the front porch, there would be a knock from the other side of my driveway. This happened often!

One night, I was out with my dog, and I could hear an Owl… It was crazy loud!! It was making all kinds of noise, then it ” messed up” and it’s voice cracked. I started to walk toward where it was coming from. It was on the other side of my driveway at the tree line.

I stopped so the car would be between me and whatever it was. I had my phone, and I took a pic! When it flashed, I could see the outline of something… and hands and a head. It’s so weird… it was like I could see the outline, but no details but the hands and feet were lighter colored than the body.

I really don’t know how to describe it.

I quickly went back inside. My husband was home and he heard it. But I know it wasn’t a typical owl because I hear them all the time.

This was Different!

I’m not sure chronologically what happened next, but the weirdness kept up! One night, my dog went crazy! He took me to the other side of the house… the garage side and took me to the outside door to the deck.

We both went outside. I was leaning on the railing, looking around when something huffed at me… well it was like a huff and a growl combined. I was standing there not believing what was happening! Then off to my left, a tree branch snaps off really high up in a tree, and falls to the ground.

The dog didn’t make a noise, and we both just turned and went inside. I locked the door and prayed that nothing was going to bother me. The next thing that happened was we had just gotten a new puppy. We lost our old dog, so after a bit, we got a new pup.

He was just learning to listen and was very impulsive. We were standing on the driveway, and and all of a sudden, he took off thru the woods. I went after him. We have about 4 acres, 3 of which are wooded so he was gone on an adventure!

I followed him down they the woods, then caught up with him, and brought him back home. I didn’t go back the way I had initially gone out. I came back to house at a different angle. When I got almost to the house… it saw tracks EVERYWHERE!!

I started to study them… there were 4 different sizes!! I took pictures and I put baby powder in the foot print, so it would show up.

I couldn’t believe it!!!! Footprints everywhere!!

I went and got some casting material and casted a few! Anyway, I was getting tired of all of this.
The next time the Balcony got hit, I lost it! I went out on the balcony, I was crying and I screamed at them! I told them they were Scaring Me!

Everything went quiet.

I found the footprints in the daylight. Everything else had always been 1am-3 am.

After this, no hitting of the balcony… ever again!

Then the shooting started behind my house… during that same time Period 1-3 That went on Multiple times s week. A few days later I took the dog for a walk, and I noticed that a strange tree structure was on my property.

One last thing… not long ago, I was on my balcony looking at the flying squirrels. They come to my bird feeder at night!
The had their babies with them and I was watching from my balcony door. They are pretty used to me so I can step out and they will keep eating. I didn’t want to scare the babies however. I wanted to video them so my husband could see them… he was traveling.

I got my flashlight and I was trying to bounce some light so I could video them. They had all gone up to the window above me so I stepped out to place the flashlight so I could hit them with enough indirect light to film them. I pointed the flashlight down to the ground… and I hit two ” things” that were very hairy sitting there watching me… maybe 8-10 feet from the balcony. One was in clear view, the other I could see off to its side.

It scared me to death!!! I got Inside the door and they took off… much like I did! I saw them for a few seconds but more importantly I had my phone because I was trying to take pics of the flying squirrels! My finger was on the button… and I got pics of it!
I was so shaken up I didn’t realize that I had the pics until I settled down. I have shown them to very few people… some say it isn’t , but don’t know what it is!

I saw it… it was covered in hair. It was on all fours and it had turned away from me so I didn’t see it’s face. I saw what looked like an arm. It had wide shoulders and a slightly pointed head. I think it was a Juvenile. There are more things thing happened over time, but I wanted to share my experience. Thank goodness I found you… I certainly learned what Not to do by listening to your Podcast!”











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166 Responses to “SC EP:697 A Whirlwind Of Weirdness”

      • Clifford B

        She’s beyond credible . However; if it was my wife ( which I’ll never have lol) I would not allow her extremely pro active actions ie going out there at night , but I would give her at least a 50 cal .for company while out of town.

        • Tammi C

          You sound like a caring guy, Clifford. Sadly many in today’s world don’t appreciate chivalry, tho many (like me) still do. I’ve had some strange events occur when my husband has been away and I do go outside (though I carry a weapon, too, just in case): Sometimes if I don’t investigate my imagination can be worse than the reality, lol. ie. We’ve had some huge black bears recently one in particular is gigantic and I have a healthy respect for them and make sure to make a noise especially if going around a corner. My hubby didn’t believe me how large they are until I convinced him to put a trail cam out, lol! (Guess that’s off topic but anyway, lol).

  1. Lisa B

    Thanks Cindy for coming on and sharing your encounters. I live in Virginia too but on the coast. My husband wants to get property out in the woods close to the mountains, and all I can think is, ummm no! Now I can have him listen to your encounters as proof, proving we shouldn’t live in the woods! I must say you handle yourself very well, and you articulate very well too. I enjoyed listening to you. Thanks for having Cindy on Wes, great show!

    • Miss Kendall S

      I live in Front Royal Va my backyard is the Shenandoah mountain and my father and I had an encounter when I was 14 while we were hiking so they are definitely here but you figure there is probably a million acres if not more for them to travel..

    • Erica and Jeremy P

      Great episode, Wes! Thanks for coming on, Cindy! These things are NOT animals….that’s for sure! I think these things are not 1/2 but, part hominid & are mostly angelic…..and NOT the good kind of angelic either! How in the world do they jump onto ppls roofs without help of some sort? And how are they able to sit & hide in/on the tree tops without breaking limbs & falling down/out? How is it that these things can disappear almost instantaneously? NO animal OR human, for that part, can perform magic tricks! These things are spooky as hell!

      • Sandra C

        Where there is Sasquatch activity, there is also frequently paranormal activity. Cindy’s mention of the demonic and hearing them right there but seeing nothing reminded me of this.

        Although I have no doubt they’re some type of flesh and blood hominid, I also think they’re something more. Scott Carpenter on YouTube has suggested that they are some kind of human-descendent of Nephilim hybrid.

  2. Stephen R

    Awesome , This sounds like some hair raising experiences that you and your Mr are living through ,
    Thanks for taking us into your adventures and the photos , Mrs Cindy 🙂
    Thanks Wes for bringing us another high quality episode , Good stuff and enjoy your weekend to all
    Now as them Motley boys say
    ” On with the Show “

  3. Doug K

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Cindy!!! Thanks to Wes for bringing this program to us twice a week.!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sarah J T

    Thanks for sharing your story, Cindy! You should check out the YouTube channel, “How to Hunt”. He’s mostly covering Sasquatch stories — like you, he does not want them harmed, he believes they are some kind of people. BTW, I don’t hunt animals – I’m a Vegan – but I’m interested in this topic. Thanks and take care,

  5. Linda P

    (Montana) Great show! Loved it! The black and white photo that shows the Bigfoot also shows what appears to be an orb on the tree to its left (our right). Anyone else see this?

  6. James W

    Every now and then you hear what sounds like a no BS story. This is one of them . Too many details for a story teller to think that quick! I totally believe her. There is no hesitation in her speech like she thinking of what to say next or if she is reading her own cliff notes as she tells another part or answers questions from Wes. Just when I think I am nuts for believing this stuff I hear a episode that I just go Damn , no way. I am falling off the fence towards it again LOL GREAT GUEST AND SHOW!

  7. Jesse K

    Awesome Cindy, thank you for sharing and the detail and the pictures were amazing. Thank You Wes, for doing what you do, I have said that many times but you do such and great job with the show. Good Night and God Bless!!!

  8. Michael C

    This was one of the best episodes!! I love hearing stories from people who have these creatures on their property! Very weird and creepy! Thank you Cindy for sharing and thank you Wes for an incredible show! Keep up the great work!

  9. Andrew A

    Cindy would never say this or believe it but she is a total badass. I am a 50 year old man 6’1” 230lbs and I would have sold that house within a week. She was resilient and brave in the face of sheer terror. Men think they are the toughest beings on this planet but women, including my wife, are the true warriors. Giving birth and standing up to multiple Sasquatch proves all married men are safe. Bravo Cindy and understandably you are moving but unfortunately the Sasquatch community has lost a “true” researcher.

  10. Frank G

    What a strong, smart and brave woman you are Cindy. I can’t imagine what I might have done in the same situation. One thing I absolutely agree with is how Wes and SC has taught me. Much more than any self proclaimed “researcher” ever could. Witness accounts are so important to learning and understanding what is going on in our woods and forests. I’d also like to add that if anyone has ever found their true calling, it is you Wes. You have such a fantastic ability to know when to not ask questions. To let the witness finish their thoughts and then return to whatever point you would like to expand on. I have never met you or even spoken to you, and I feel as if I’ve know you a lifetime. That is one of your best qualities. You come into my life a couple times a week and it’s like catching up with a friend. I know many hours go into making each episode so I’d just like to thank you for all the time and effort you put into making these for us to listen and learn from. Thank you Cindy for sharing your experience. And thank you Wes for giving people a place to be able to share their stories.

  11. Debbie S

    Wow…..just don’t even know where to start. The Blue Ridge Mountains in VA are more active than people think. That’s where I was until I moved away too. Moving away did not help me though even though I had the exact same thought process….I don’t want to be in the woods, so the property we bought has no trees right up to the house like the old property. But I only moved one state away. And as my friends who believed me said at the time….likely out of the frying pan into the fire so to speak.(WV) I shrugged it off….lightning doesn’t strike twice right? Wrong. One thing I want to mention to you Cindy is about the deer and coyotes. The exact same thing happened to me in VA and then later in WV. Tons and tons of deer on our property, I counted 35+ one night, and then suddenly….they were just gone….gone. And the coyotes too…suddenly just gone. It is so weird when that happens. I kept asking everyone around, “what happened to the deer”? Nobody had an answer but had noticed the same thing. One reason I mention this is because after NOT hearing the coyotes for two, almost three years….they are back. We heard them three nights ago. How weird is that? When you said the same thing, I just thought wow….bizarre parallel. I have no idea what any of that means but like you I just assume they were hunting them and that caused the disappearance. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing….just wanted you to know you are not alone since it happened to me in the Blue Ridge Mountains too. You did much better than me though….once darkness fell I was inside locked up tight and stayed until daylight. Kudos for how you handled it and the evidence you gathered. Best wishes.

    Thanks Wes….a really good show. You seem to be knocking them out of the park lately. 🙂

    • Jay T

      Interesting on the coyote and sasquatch relationship. We’ve read and heard cases in which sasquatch may hunt or coexist with them and others in which coyotes may be a food source or competitor for food.I’ve had cases when hiking a sasquatch visitation area in non-deer season that I see coyotes running at full force away from something and in my direction and wonder the pursuer with no other hikers or people in sight. My guess would be that both could apply and depends on the particular sasquatch group. Sasquatch and coyotes are active hunters by night and likely often come across each other. Thinking of the sasquatch as a primitive man, is it possible that it’s at the sasquatch’s discretion as to whether coyotes are a hunting partner, food source or both?

  12. Jon W

    Thanks Cindy! You’re a great speaker and credible storyteller. The photos tie this experience into such a neat package.
    The sound quality is so professional. Is that some new software on your end Wes or does Cindy have a really good mic?

  13. Rich B

    Thanks Cindy for sharing your experiences from here in the Blue Ridge.
    Would the lake you mentioned be Smith Mountain Lake ? We live and build timber frame homes here, chiefly in the Moneta area, and have had numerous experiences of that ‘woods are watching’ feeling, both at home and while building in the woods.

    Thanks kindly


  14. Jay T

    Cindy is a brave, caring lady that these sasquatch like, respect and interact with in their own primitive way. I can understand the family’s desire to move away to avoid their neighborly behavior; but, I also sense from Cindy a continuing interest and intrigue regarding the people or creatures that may very well continue in Arkansas. One of the most fascinating accounts on SC and a lot to learn and affirm for us. Thanks for sharing Cindy!

  15. Josephine L

    Thank you Wes for another great episode! And thank you Cindy for sharing your incredible experience, it must have been a rollercoaster of emotions for too long. And I would agree with some of the others about moving away but then again, I guess we don’t really know how we would feel or react unless or until we’re in a situation like this. I never want to meet a sasquatch not even at a distance… Cindy, I wish you the very best in your move away from all the “weirdness” and thank you for sharing your pictures. I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again, as much as I love listening this podcast, I also love reading everyone’s comments that follow. These by far have been some of the best. Take care everyone! With SC love, Josephine

  16. Stephen W

    I’m new here,but have listened to this podcast for many years and admired Mr Wes Germers professionalism and kindness he displays toward each of his guests.Very special .Someone raised him right.Thanks Wes for your hard work and dedication.God forbid it,but if SC should end one day I probably would have to check myself in to a 12 step program SC anonymous or the Betty Ford center.Thanks Cindy for coming forward. You are extraordinarily brave.Stay safe everyone! Best dang podcast on the planet!&

  17. Diana A

    Hi Cindy, I really appreciate your story. You are a strong woman and I believe the two legged who lived in your backyard admired that-not the fact that you are a woman who they may want to kid knap(like most squatchers would say). I think a lot of the problem with peoples reactions and dealings with sasquatch are all related to the fact that western society lost its relationship with & biological knowledge long long ago.
    Farming, ownership of land and control brought violence to wildlife. I was listening to documentaries about the first presidents, Franklyn Roosevelt and one of his hunting teams bragged of a time they killed 400 of each large species. No studies of their lifestyles, no speak of environment and its compacities to provide food for such large creatures. It was all violent removal and destruction of a working healthy environment. Listeners to Wes’s show are familiar with Teddy Rosevelt’s experience with sasquatch. Those were hunters who caused a threat to the male species of the forest two legged. The native peoples spoke of a time when they lived with one with all creatures and actually knew their behaviors and soul. The gentleman who walked with you who witnessed the hiding being with you may of understood this. However the overall discussion proves to me of loss of knowledge of nature. It is natural to be wary of the forest. It is natural for the large animals to contend with us. It is natural for other animals to be fighting, hunting and chasing one another-we are animals as well. But one lessons most important my grandmother told me was, always ask permission to enter the forest(that means think to the forest yourself), tell it why you are their, do not destroy it. The later is what western society does on a regular. Finally my grandmother told me, when you run into a dangerous four legged or two legged, tell why you are their and you mean it no harm. I have run into all the creatures we are scared of as a society and they have always turned and walked away from me, I only ran once and was not chased. My only question to grandmother was, “two legged?” I always thought she referred to humans, our type. As I became a basket maker and gatherer and entered the forest more, she meant both types. There was another one. To this date, I am more afraid to run into a human two legged with a gun in the forest than a sasquatch in the forest.
    Just like your puppy ran to you for help, the sasquatch may think we can help, would want to help or warn us of “whats happening” in the environment and with faith(like all thinking humans do) tries to reach out to us. I think with the fires we all just witnessed(hurricans where you are) we should finally consider the needs of the environment which may mean, get our tinderbox living style clear of the forest and allow the forest to be stewarded correctly for all animal kind health and mental needs…I think us humans needs to rethink their demanding lifestyle. Our focus should be on the injured animal lives in the fires. Can they survive this? Be gentle all!

    • Jay T

      Diana, I agree with your comments. It is ludicrous to think of these people or creatures from a man’s perspective. After all these years, Native Indian and First Nation people still hold the best insight as to their true nature which can be both benign and evil depending on the clan or nature of interaction. If a human attempts to shoot one of them for the purpose of science and/or their own selfish glory or monetary reward, the sasquatch has the right to defend itself to the fullest extent.

  18. Leann G

    Going into my top 10 SC episodes! Cindy you did a fantastic job explaining your experiences, reactions and thought processes. I hope you find a rest from activity in your new home.
    Thank you Wes for fostering an environment that is conductive for honest expression.

  19. Michael S

    Thank you for sharing your experiences Cindy. I know the feeling of not being believed, you put yourself out there only to be ridiculed, it’s frustrating. You had mentioned about the last pictures you took as you were feeding the flying squirrels at night, you said you captured the shoulder and arm of the two creatures observing you before they took off. I hope Wes posts them as well. Again thank you and thank you Wes…

  20. Jimmy W

    I’m all for giving people the benefit of the doubt but we all need to stop acting like those picture she took at night show a creature. It looks like a branch with leaves. That’s not evidence of anything.


    Thank you Cindy, amazing encounters, you are stronger than I and most I suspect. Please don’t go outside unarmed and without a flashlight ever…anywhere…especially when challenged by anything, or something 🙂

  22. Cindy S

    I wanted to thank you all for the positive comments, words of encouragement, messages, and the support for this Episode!
    I was hesitant to share all of this because I know how it all sounds…but you all were so supportive!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Wes Germer for your kind words and support, and I’m very thankful for the SC community for their Comments!!
    I feel like a load has been lifted from me!
    I think my Whirlwind of Weirdness is over!!!

  23. Johanna V

    Hi Wes and Cindy, Fantastic episode! Thank you for coming on and sharing everything, Cindy! Wes is right, you are not alone, and as a woman I know all too well about the not having an alpha male around the house and what can happen. I also think, that in addition to the advice and support you received from listening to SC and Wes, your mad respect for all wildlife and life, while still maintaining your own boundaries, played a huge part in your experience. But wow! that one photo is crazy, and there is a weird something also to the right of whatever is standing there. IDK about that photo though. Whatever, or whomever, is standing there is, isn’t even trying to conceal themselves, which in itself is slightly alarming. Any other animal, or human even, would probably not just brazenly stand there, at night, in the dark, staring straight at you, as though he or she had become comfortable with being that close to you. I don’t blame you for moving (I did, too), and also hope that the new inhabitants of your old home have the same highly evolved sense of empathy that you do! Thank you for the great show and stay well!

  24. Chad J

    Several points: To me it looks like there is a second creature facing sideways immediately on the right side of the first creature. Second, it makes me sad that someone so obviously filled with Gods love for animals had to leave such an otherwise beautiful place. I wonder if blanketing the area in trail cameras might have helped keep them further from the house? How about ultrasound devices or low powered “cow” electric fences or capsaicin pepper spray repellent areas? In the absence of a government willing to acknowledge the obvious it is up to us to find effective ways to “stand our ground” so the wilderness can be enjoyed by both us and them.

  25. Terri C

    Great, great episode! Thank you for sharing your experiences Cindy! Just your manner of speaking about these events made me find you to be a credible witness and experiencer. I also commend your bravery. I wouldn’t have been able to handle one quarter of such intense activity! I hope that you make a second appearance on the show to talk about the other things you mentioned that you remembered as you were talking to Wes.

  26. Tim G

    I loved this episode. The pictures, especially the height of the balcony put the height of the creature in perspective. Amazing and nobody here is laughing either.

  27. Kate W

    What an amazing episode! This is up there with my favourite episodes for sure. Cindy is braver than I could ever be but I couldn’t help thinking each time she walked outside at night that she was potentially at risk. I am so glad she was always ok. I hope Cindy enjoys her new chapter (hopefully Sasquatch free!) in her new home.

  28. Chasity W

    Cindy, I think this is my favorite episode out of almost 700! I live in a small town nestled against the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia also so this piqued my curiosity big time! Excellent story! I’d love to see a Sasquatch in the blue ridge mountains! Your property sounds like heaven (other than your negative experiences). Hate that you had to leave such a beautiful place!

  29. Johanna V

    Hi again and thank you Cindy and Wes for the great episode as well as the photos. Ok, I do now see what, or who, Chad meant by the second one, standing in profile, to our left of the main one. Whatever, or whoever, it is, it is not a tree, or branches. Also, I remember what this reminds of. Anyone remember the case of the guy that had a dogman or something in his back yard area? One night, he had his cell phone and was pretending to speak to someone on the phone, keeping it down low, but really snapping photos of the woods, in the way Cindy did. He also captured an image of something that was looking straight at him, as though it had no idea that it was being photographed. Almost the identical, nonchalant, slightly brazen stare. Up until very recently, if we wanted to photograph something, we would have to put a device up to our eyes (usually a camera), but with the recent invention of a device (cell phone), we now have the ability to appear to be doing something completely other than trying to take a photo. Could it be that the motion of the past 100 years, of putting something up to our eyes in order to take a photo (or something with a large lens, think trail cam), would be a motion that a subject who did not want to be photographed learned and became used to? Could that be to partially account for many of the blobsquatches that we see, of something either hiding, or running away quickly. Neither Cindy’s photos here, nor the (maybe) dogman photos, could be called blobsquatches. There is no effort of concealment or even movement. Maybe ‘they’ haven’t caught up to our technology, yet. Maybe this could be an effective way, if done in the right way, to obtain good photographs without putting either party in harm’s way? Thank you again, Cindy and Wes!

  30. Jerry K

    Great show Wes! Also thanks Cindy for sharing your encounter! I live in the same area as Miss Kendall here in the Shenandoah National Park area. I had a Bigfoot scream at me from 20 feet away one night. It was just like the “Shawnee National Forest “ scream if get a chance to listen to that one. Thanks again!

  31. Jessica M

    I live in Virginia where the Shenandoah National Forest and the Blue Ridge Parkway meet. And I woke up this morning at around 5:20am to some strange things “talking”. I thought, “what is going on?! Did some crazy ppl BREAK-IN ?!? Should I grab my gun? And what the heck are they saying?!”.
    At first I thought they were inside my house! But soon realized they were outside my bedroom window.
    I was listening hard to see if I could understand what they were saying and realized it was Samurai Chatter!!!???????????? So I started praying in my mind saying “in the name of Jesus” over and over again.
    They said 3 more little-sentence-things and then it completely stopped????????????
    It was I.N.S.A.N.E.
    I think they were just traveling through here cuz there’s so much land and trees and wildlife and there’s a water resource (a very large and long brook) that runs in front of my house; all of that combined makes for a great path to travel to get to where they want to go.
    And I recalled Cindy’s story from SC Episode 697: she lived on the Blue Ridge PKWY and said that they seemed to always be “active” from April to October. So I’m thinking that they’re prolly making their way back from wherever they go for the winter.?????
    I tried SO HARD to figure out what they were saying!!!
    It was complete nonsense and I recall so vividly their DEEP DEEP VOICE: “Hey-yaww” said in a hushed but loud DEEP tone is what I woke up to. It was definitely trying to get the other ones attention.
    I went outside first thing this morning to look for tracks but the ground was frozen????
    Have any of y’all had similar experiences lately? I think they’re starting to migrate back to where they normally stay this time of year and feel like this is going to be happening more frequently over this month.

  32. Vee G

    You can clearly see that they hide in that bush by the balcony
    Emagine everytime you were going out to look they were just there
    As my heart skips a beat…..

    • Cindy S

      You know , I always looked down there, but there is no light under there. I considered that, believe me!
      That senecio is more than I could have handled at the time!

  33. Kimberly M

    This episode was awesome! Thanks for the photos Cindy!!! Even my skeptic husband who is a skeptic was intrigued. Thank you for sharing your story and watch out with your dog.

  34. Chad W

    Just re-listened to this episode! It’s gotta be one of my all-time favorites. Some of that is because of Cindy’s wonderful ability to articulate all the events that happened to her around her home. And some of that is because I lived in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in Virginia for more than 20 years, and can completely relate to everything she’s talking about.

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