Sep 27

SC EP:694 Sasquatch Evidence Of An Enigma II

Cater will be returning to the show, he has investigated and created many eyewitness reports for the BFRO. This is part two of our conversation.

Carter writes “For those that believe, or want to believe, this book should be a good place to start. I cover basics of investigations, mine, and others theories, as to who they are and what they may be capable of behavior wise.”









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73 Responses to “SC EP:694 Sasquatch Evidence Of An Enigma II”

  1. Melissa P

    Hi Wes, I hope your feeling better. Thank you for another great episode! Can’t wait to read Carter’s book, it sounds amazing. Have you gone on any expeditions lately or planning to go on any? I love hearing about YOUR encounters!

    • Scott B

      I agree, this guy’s theory’s makes a lot of sense to me. I could be as easy as what he says. Like the mimicking they do, and the different Sas in the different states.
      Great episode ????

  2. Matthew J

    I agree with a lot that Carter is saying. Some people get so hung up on their own little theory, that when new facts come to light they get a bad case of insecurity mixed with cognitive dissonance. For example, when Dr.Ketchum’s DNA testing results were released, people carrying around #MyLittleTheory feel the need to strike out like a toddler and double down on ignorance where they feel most insecure.

    I’m glad Wes includes all these experiences to allow folks to make an educated opinion. When someone filters out things they think don’t belong, they stop learning. One organization who does this had a TV show for a decade and nice budget but didn’t add anything at all that helped get a better understanding of this subject.

  3. David M

    Don’t know why you have there BFRO people on your programs ?
    really don’t care to hear about what any of them have to say .
    There are certainly more credible people to interview .
    Another wasted program.

  4. rosalyn b

    I found it odd that he referred to “caucasian” features rather than human features. It’s such an outdated term – did he mean they looked like they were from European descent? Also odd that he doesn’t seem to believe in evolution, or genetic changes over time. Kudos to Wes in presenting all aspects of how people think about sasquatch. Enjoyed hearing about the witness encounters, but his interpretation was just bonkers.

  5. Debbie S

    Thanks Wes and Carter….good show as always. I need to get the book…wish I could talk to Carter. Still a thing or two I have witnessed that I haven’t heard reported yet. 🙁

  6. Tim N

    There is something about this person that sounds more like a used car salesman. When a person telling a story wants to ramp up the drama they go to a government cover up. Credibility is based on a reasonable explanation of events. Throwing in the government isn’t a reasonable explanation for interdimensional beings or alien sasquatch.

  7. Robin D

    I have really enjoyed these two episodes with Carter Buschardt – thank you. The connection between Sasquatch and the orbs and the “shimmering” of these creatures blows my mind – the possibility that they maybe materialize and de-materialize. Soooooo many questions. But then I think, why would they choose to live here out in the wilds of the forests – maybe wherever they originate from has run out of resources or is no longer viable??? Ugh, I want to KNOW!!!

  8. Michael S

    I believe the reason the government doesn’t admit to their existence is that they do eat people. It’s not about money, the government will your job overseas in a heartbeat. They don’t care about people surviving. They’re afraid of being sued. If my loved one was eaten by one of these things, and they knew for decades, I would take legal action. Look at asbestos, they knew for decades but the links were too many…

  9. Matthew J

    I can come up with many reasons why the existence of cryptids is covered up and I don’t think money lost by loggers and State/National parks is high on the list. Let’s say the gov’t admits BFs are very real and they issue some warnings. What happens if a farmer calls 911 because for the 2nd time this week, he actually saw a sasquatch make off with a sheep. The expected response would be as if a bear killed his sheep. The gov’t would be expected to come and trap or eradicate the wayward creature. I think our gov’t is smart enough, barely, to realize that there is no way they can take care of sasquatch problems.

    It would get much, much worse if a gov’t DNA study confirmed the findings of Dr.Ketchum. As long as a body doesn’t go public they will deny indefinitely.

  10. Steven B

    Hey Wes, one thing contributing to size is how far south or north an animal lives.

    In general, the further north you go in North America, the larger the animal gets. Whitetail deer are a good example, along with moose. A deer from South Texas is generally smaller in body size compared to a Northern Ontario or Saskatchewan Whitetail. A moose from Vermont will be smaller in body than one from Alaska. One of the reasons for this is that the larger body mass of northern animals allows them to retain more body heat in winter. In the south, the smaller body allows them to shed heat more easily.

  11. Glen M

    In order to get light shed on the truth, we will need to come together as a group with media Involved. and show real evidence first hand the government will be there , harrasing and waiting. we have to shed light on this and Possibly kill one.

  12. paul w

    I do like this guys theory. its the same as mine that it was beastiality that produced sasquatch. native americans always had weird beliefs even weirder than what we know now. They believed animals were spirits… this day they call sasquatch “a people” so take your mind back to early early native american times…long before any white man was here…… and picture a pirate ship or a traveling ship from far away and on board they have a few exotic animals to show and/or trade. And on that boat the natives get their first glimpse of a gorilla or a chimpanzee….. What would the natives have thought of a gorilla or a monkey? “hey look it has 5 fingers…and toes like we do!” “hey look it kinda looks human it must be “a people” ” They might say. “Ok explorer from far away we will take one of these strange people from you and trade you many baskets of corn” Then fast forward a few days or weeks…..and they have fixed up the ape with a female native just as intrigued as the men……and bam. Shes pregnant. Out comes the abomination. It kinda looks human but also ape’ish “hey its learning our language but kinda has its own growly bent to it” Then later as the human growth inhibitor is not present this abomination grows 8 feet tall and has a quick bad temper… now ape boy already has a few other brothers and sisters from his nasty momma banging the ape… and you now have sasquatches origin. Could it be that simple?

  13. Tim R

    Wes be safe , Take care of your health. And F those F , that speculated on your health issues !!! Non of there Business . You work your ASS off to deliver the BEST , most informative show for $7 bucks a month ??? Keep being you bro !!! Your doing great .. btw .. your right , beer bottles don’t break like the movies lol .. been there ..

  14. Scott B

    Carter has the best common sense theory on this topic. He makes so much sense. Even the secrecy with the government, exactly, just tell us already, we can handle it (well, most of us can). One of the best guests that has been on Wes, one of my favorites ????????. Now I have to get the book!!
    This show is getting better every week.

    • Dan M

      I’ve been a member of Sasquatch Chronicles almost since the very beginning, and I don’t post very often but I have to say I have a group of episodes that are my all-time favorites. Parts 1 and 2 with this gentleman is definitely part of that group now. I really like this guy, I’m going to read his book and please have him back anytime. Great job Wes.

  15. Colleen B

    Great episode. I’m going to have to get this book. Thanks Wes. And…I cannot keep up with your blogs. Are you up really early or up really late. Thanks for all your hard work.

  16. Tracy L

    As for why or how we, humans, are able to mind speak telepathically with Sasquatch, I don’t know. It may be because we too possess innate telepathic skills or we possess parts of the brain, or both, that account for the ability to receive and transmit telepathic messages. Studies have shown that we probably possessed a lot more enhanced abilities father back in time, but with the advent of language and then technology, we don’t have to rely on it as much as we probably once did and, therefore, we’ve lost a lot of the ability to communicate telepathically or our skills have gone dormant. Each of us can point to numerous experiences with ESP or premonitions, dreams that came true or, even rarer, visions, etc. I know that I am more psychic in the early morning, right after I have woken up, and the stress and static of the day haven’t clogged up my brain. I had a vision one morning when I was in high school. I had to go to work early that morning to meet with my English teacher. I had never done this before. I was still half asleep as I walked through the deserted hallways and went to my locker. As I opened my locker from rote memory, all of a sudden it was like a tv screen turned on on the yellow locker and I saw myself, as though I was standing behind myself, looking through the small rectangular window on our Chemistry classroom door. As I appeared through the window, I saw a guy named Matt T sitting on a wooden stool, wearing a blue and white 76 Dallas Cowboy football jersey and talking to my Chemistry teacher, who was wearing her white lab coat, standing behind her desk, which was on a raised platform. I immediately ran to the Chemistry room and, peering through the rectangular window, I saw Matt T., wearing a blue and white Dallas Cowboy’s football jersey, #76, sitting on a wooden stool and talking with my Chemistry teacher, who was wearing her white lab coat with her hands on her desk. It was exactly as I saw in my vision. Although I’ve had many incidents of esp ever since, including a premonition of a shipwreck I was in, and I worked as a psychic for several years at our local Medival Renaissance Festival, I’ve never had an outright vision like I just described.

  17. joey-joe

    Great show and what you said about the moorhead recordings was brilliant I listened to it after and I herd the ‘watch this’ just before it says ‘ah ha’ then the ‘whys he talking like that’. And the cadence is really strange

  18. joey-joe

    And what he said about the orb’s being sasquatch moving to another dimension makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to do that while in your flesh and blood form so you’d have to change to something that can travel in that way

  19. Mike K

    Great show Wes! Sure The eyewitness accounts are great, but hearing from someone that’s spent time in the field, and can articulate, and come across as genuine, while sharing a different perspective, is very interesting.

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