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SC EP:691 Sasquatch Evidence Of An Enigma

Cater agreed to come on the show, he has investigated and created many eyewitness reports for the BFRO. Should be a great show!

Carter writes “For those that believe, or want to believe, this book should be a good place to start. I cover basics of investigations, mine, and others theories, as to who they are and what they may be capable of behavior wise.”


We will also be speaking to author and bigfoot enthusiast Greg Walter. Greg Walter is also an entrepreneur, veteran, research historian, U.S Coast Guard and veteran who spends most of his time hiking trails throughout the Pacific Coast. Greg had an encounter with a Sasquatch and spent a lot of time with many different Native American tribes trying to find answers for what he saw.

He will be sharing his encounter along with what he learned from Native Americans. Greg wrote a book called The Ridgewalkers.












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82 Responses to “SC EP:691 Sasquatch Evidence Of An Enigma”

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        Isn’t that Funny ? )

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          When you take something that you have not paid for, that is stealing. I do not steal goods or services. That is wrong. To advise someone to steal is a big indication of a lack of personal integrity.
          Lemme guess – you consider yourself a “Christian”. Look up the 10 Commandments and see what God said about stealing.
          So – no – I will not take your “advice.” It’s not funny. It’s sad.
          “Integrity – to do what is right, even if no one else in the world would know the difference.”

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  1. Sandra C

    I disagree with his characterization of HABITUATION.

    Native Americans reportedly discovered long ago that one way to live peacefully side-by-side with Sasquatch was by gifting. This isn’t the same thing as habituation at all.

    Whereas leaving gifts of food for wild animals can cause habituation, a condition of physical and psychological dependence on humans;
    Leaving gifts of food for a potentially violent or dangerous intelligent being could be wisely diplomatic.

    Whereas habituating predators tends to get people and predators killed, practicing diplomacy with potentially dangerous intelligent beings could save lives.

    Though I’m glad he chose to approach the topic more openly than BFRO, I have to point out that any creature with as advanced language skills as Sasquatch can’t be a mere animal.

    Nor should the act of feeding them produce habituation in beings as large, capable and intelligent as Sasquatch (with a few exceptions for very old, crippled or sick Sasquatch).

    This doesn’t mean humans can’t set boundaries. I’ve read and heard many Native American accounts where they gifted and set firm boundaries communicating what attention/behaviors were and weren’t welcome.

    I’m not necessarily advocating gifting. I just don’t agree that Sasquatch can be habituated.

    • Sherry S

      Agreed. The creatures are too versatile and complicated to be using general bear depredation terms such as “habitation”. It may fit a small number of events but leaving something represents so much more. It deserves a show all to itself with the various circumstances which can surround the act. I dont just mean the accounts from people who have experienced the act of gifting – a person who understands the difference between sasquatch manipulation for a quick snack and a high functioning BF that attempts to set a boundary or set a treaty.

  2. Leann G

    Very enlightening episode. Thanks to Carter for his Candor about his observations about patterns and the practices at the Bfro…I have noticed reports being removed when looking to refresh my memory of the details of them and they are no longer listed. Best wishes on his book’s success.

  3. Tobye H

    Hey Peeps,

    If you’re into the woo side of things, you may be interested in a book titled “Fairies…A Dangerous History” By Richard Sugg.

    Basically, it goes into the idea that Fairies aren’t these Tinkerbell type things that people have an image of. They can be quite nasty and have been reported to by up to 14ft tall. Lots of different types of Fairies… very much linked to nature the way Greg suggests himself, and like nature they can be capricious.

    I’m actually starting to see Sasquatch as a type of Fairy now. And I also feel some of the Missing 411 cases are evidence of some kind of Fairy activity…

    I live in Ireland. We pretty much invented missing time and we call it “Being caught by the Fairies”

    • Tobye H

      Oh yeah….

      We leave gifts for Fairies “The Gentry”…. Sometimes coloured ribbons tied to a branch and a few coins, sometimes a few cakes and some milk to wash them down… They tend to like pastries and sweets… kinda like Santa Clause actually.

      The general attitude is to pay some kind of tax or tithe to nature rather than expecting everything for free…..

  4. Paul M

    I’m not thinking that l AGREE with the # 2 gest. = hes is kinda a enviro nut = wonder if he lives in a house built of wood = l cant say I believe in the WOO BF stuff EITHER = l have had many BF encounters = None were unexplainable = Although we did see an ORB one night = That l cant explain…. = first guest was very interesting = want to year him more = THANKS = WES AND THE GUESTS

    • F K

      At least Greg is enlightened…… Re. Environment , what Humans are doing to landscape , a true progressive … Thank You, Greg ! 🌲 🌵 🍁🍂🍃

  5. Sherry S

    Is it just me or is Wes slurring his words in this episode? Don’t get me wrong, he could have a killer schedule and be dead tired from
    but I definitely caught it right off and it continued notably throughout the interview. Also, where are all the Class A encounters? It’s been a good minute. Saturday the episode was from 30 years ago? Ok. Also lately, it seems everyone has something to pitch. Experts are great but why is everyone is writing a book? They outta market their own instruments – encounters go hand in hand with a reason to be a Bigfoot Author and are reasonably understood (in the same episode) but I like first hand encounters with no agenda. Idk. I’m liking the old episodes better lately. Can I talk to your customer service? (Me, trying not to be a Karen) . 🙁 p.s. can we hear more female testimony? Too many dudes all the time…

    • Wes Germer

      Sorry just exhausted, last night was my first full night of sleep. I dont want to complain about moving because everyone is tired of hearing me complain about it. I had some dental work done this week and part of my mouth and it has been swollen not that it is anyone’s business.

      I take the encounters as they come in I do not intentionally have more men than women. I would like to had more women come forward.

      • Evelyn G

        Wes, you do a fabulous job. I don’t know what her problem is but she sure likes to complain. Carter’s book title is a bit of a tongue twister which you said completely clearly so I don’t get that slurring comment. Maybe she just needs to move on. I look forward to your episodes every Friday and Saturday. Hope your feeling better. Thanks for the great content.

        • Evelyn G

          Wes, you do a fabulous job. I don’t know what her problem is but she sure likes to complain. Carter’s book title is a bit of a tongue twister which you said completely clearly so I don’t get that slurring comment. Maybe she just needs to move on. I look forward to your episodes every Friday and Sunday. Hope your feeling better. Thanks for the great content.

      • Sherry S

        No problem Wes. I caught your show tonight. I am sorry I mentioned your slurring. I noticed it and I said something. I was not being very nice at that moment. I was just being honest and outspoken. (darned opinionated female anyhow!) I was complaining. I hope you never have an un-nice moment in your life and you have to thereafter, apologize for hurting someone’s feelings. Especially publicly. Its a very large crow to eat but I’m swallowing it. I do think my other comments were valid (even if just my own opinion) but I doubt you will consider any of them. They were just food for thought. Not anything riveting or ground shaking. Just a few small comments (I have seen MUCH worse on here go unaddressed – but that does not diminish my apology for noticing and mentioning your slur – I have one too so I didnt think it would be harmful) I will go ahead and see myself out. Have a good one.

      • Sherry S

        One last thing, I did mention the male to female ratio on another personalities forum just a few weeks ago and it was met with appreciation and acknowledgement and so I had assumed the same. I also did not mean to hurt your feelings on that one either.

  6. Jeremiah S

    I really enjoyed your guests Wes. It was cool to listen, learn , and hear theories on the behavior of these beings. It was kinda neat to find out that all BFRO guys are not bad. Just bad leadership or apples. I’m glad you plan to have your first guest back. Definitely deserves a part 2. It almost felt like your second guest was a bonus. Definitely not boring. All in all another great show. Also for record I like the change ups. How one subject can lead to another. Going where the evidence leads. Keeps its interesting. As if Bigfoot is not interesting enough lol.

    • Wes Germer

      Yeah they are not all bad. Most BFRO investigators I have met are pretty cool people. Carter is coming back for a part two, he is on vacation…I haven’t heard that word in a LONG time…haha. I agree on going where the evidence leads, it seems to get stranger and stranger as you do.

  7. Jo M

    Take a break, Wes. You deserve it as much as anyone!! Just post a couple of the greatest hits episodes for us to go through on Friday night and tell us to take our lumps!

  8. m99

    ~ There’s a psychologists that is a member on SC & he says he would NOT allow anyone inside his head like that. No hypnotism for me, please.

    The other side of this man’s testimony about being abducted, and hearing his friend screaming is believable. Personally, I believe in aliens, but believe they are demonic (demons) and also use human dna to grow the little grey’s, as well as other types. I believe the little grey’s are programmed robotic humanoids created for missions.

    Anything that first abducts someone, then sexually assaults’ them and takes vital fluids that are not freely given, are demons and NOT good creatures. I think of it like this, God gives us choice (free will) but these creatures do not give free will, they abduct people at their will.

    Regarding the bi-pedal footfall that’s heard, my theory is, that’s the time they want you to hear them. Otherwise, they’re like ghosts, like the guy says here, their stealth is one of their tools. And, I totally believe the counting people theory. Like on of the guys said in the past, they are counting coup.

    Loved the episode. I think I speak for everyone, we’d love to have him on your show again. Thank you Wesipoo. You the man.

  9. Tammi C

    Just a thought on that last bit, it could be that we simply have an increased ability to share that we’ve seen the strange and cryptid versus the strange and cryptid being more prevalent in our lives . Afterall, many sightings related to us by witnesses are old, dating back many years. Many witnesses in the past may have lived and died without ever having shared their experience. Most witnesses back then would probably not have share that type of encounter with others…for fear of being ridiculed or worse, so perhaps the main difference may be that we are more receptive and accepting of other people’s experiences and able to share witness encounters more easily versus that there are more and more cryptids and other oddities.
    Thanks for sharing, guys, have a great week❤️

  10. F K

    Carter’s comment on ” fake News ” did not escape me …. The worst ” fake News ” is on FOX ….. ( another Trumper ) …… Other than that …. I’m a big fan , Wes … Youre the best !!!!

  11. Russell B

    Neanderthal man is a man made theory never proven
    Climate change is not proven and don’t exist.
    The tree hugger is wrong. I wish they would discuss Sasquatch and not the climate we are not having heat changes or cold air change and sea level changes simply not proven. We have only been keeping weather records for a 100 or so years.

    • F K

      REALLY ! !!!! ???? … I’m sorry , what are your credentials ? You have Science degrees from which university ??? …. Is ignorance bliss ???? …. Is Trump for real ? … Only in your world …. SAD

      • Joe T

        So the wise thing to do is to for vote for stupid, old senile cowardly Biden and his insane platform which will move our great country to the horrors of Marxism . I like how supposed “educated” peeps sneer at Trump supporters and embraced utterly stupid political hacks. Wake up people Biden and his flunkies
        want to destroy our way of life and enslave us under a soviet type system which I will resist until the last breath in my body.

    • MONTE M

      Climate change seems pretty real to most, maybe check some glaciers, North and South Pole sea ice current satellite photos and compare them to satellite photos of even just the 1970’s. I believe you are a living specimen of La La Land a phenomenon of it’s own. Some things are incurable. La La Land happens to be one of them.

  12. Darrell O

    Hey Germer, thanks for having a BFRO investigator on. I was listening to Matt Moneymaker on a podcast and he was talking about reports on the BFRO site. He commented on how there was a huge backlog of reports in Idaho because they didn’t have an investigator based in Idaho. I always wondered why there were so few reports in Idaho and I finally had my answer! Long story short I am now giving my free time to the BFRO and he was correct, hundreds of reports to go through. People have to be contacted, vetted and then the investigator submits the report to be approved for publishing. I have not run into Carter’s situation about being edited, but I have not submitted many reports yet either and none of them had any woo stuff. So we will see….

  13. STEVE W

    Im glad Steve Ishadel is creating a site,, Now we will get a better perception of encounters and how they act,
    We know they might act the same in many ways,,, But they are not Teddy Bears,
    I have used the BFRO to look up reports in my area,,,, Numerous have come from a state property I hunt,,
    I ran into another pod cast that had a man from Batavia , He has been to a few places I hunted
    including the private property I had a strange happening in, Long before I thought about BF
    The guy had a recording of screams

  14. Charles R

    Really enjoyed Carter, I have only known him since 2011 and sad to hear that so many of his reports have been sanitized. I know Matt Moneymaker wants to believe he is the end all of all Sasquatch knowledge, no one is. Interesting in that the house banging can happen when you cut off Sasquatch interaction with your house. I would bet the majority of the time home owners do not even know this is happening in that they do not even know Sasquatch are around their property, until the banging starts and then they start investigating. Also for sure they can count, but Carter’s experience with them banging out people leaving and then re entering is astounding. Hey Grunk how many of the little two leggers are their. Bang Bang Bang. Great theory Carter. Can’t wait for 2nd discussion.

  15. Joe K

    Kerry Arnold over at Bigfoot odyssey on YouTube has been saying this about the BFRO and how there researchers will completely white wash any part of an encounter if it has any so called Woo involved in it, they cherry pick case’s not wanting anything which doesn’t point to a flesh and blood encounter so this is great that carter has an open mind towards this stuff and takes each encounter as it comes we need that, especially as there seems to be more and more of the supernatural encounters coming up lately it’s been very noticeable to me. Kerry Arnold admits he finds it hard to get his head round some of this stuff but we all must do our due diligence on these cases and ask the questions and not just disregard it out of hand just because it’s not in our paradigm, were not going to get to the bottom of this mystery if we don’t take into account all these encounters that people are having which are on the more paranormal side because something is happening to these people, so I’m very pleased that carter has a different approach, great show Wes 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  16. MONTE M

    Great show and interesting guest. We’ve heard how many times ? on SC guests contacting the BFRO with what appears a legitimate encounter only to have not been happy with or never followed up on by them. I feel they have done a great deal for the phenomenon in a positive manner and are tool to get limited info but it is one of the few places to get instant database info gathered over a long period of time. There are good encounters and lots of good people gathering info within the organisation. I notice lots of researchers have moved on from there.
    I loved the intro about Wes and John Bindernagel. I just loved that fellow. Awesome is the word that describes him best. Loved that he was real with Wes. Hate that he never in his lifetime saw his lifes work towards the slow discovery of Sasquatch come full circle by having
    Sasquatch recognised by Biologists as a newly discovered species. Every believer, researcher, and person having had an encounter and people who have hid their encounter experience will someday be vindicated.

  17. MONTE M

    PS how about John Bindernagel living thousands of miles away and hearing about Sasquatch being sighted frequently in British Columbia and having such a large interest in the discovery of this undocumented creature wich to this late date in this yet undiscovered slow discovery process , moves his wife to British Columbia to research it. How many women are going to go along with that ? My wife would have in two seconds said well maybe you are going on a wild goose chase for some hairy peekaboo now you see me now you dont, undocumented, hairy monster, thingamajigger but I sure as hell am not so dont let Samsquatch hit ya in the ass on the way out of your log cabin but Iam not moving to BC but instead you will find me on the sunny beach of Panama Beach FL with a margarita slowly discovering tan men with phat wallets.
    Really I feel the world needs to and probably will tip their hats to these mover and shakers of the Bigfoot/ Sasquatch world for so much dedication of their life and ridicule of their self . All in due time.

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