Sep 13

SC EP:689 Strange Hooded Snowmobilers

Tonight Ethan shares an encounter he had in Minnesota while ice fishing. He describes two creatures staring at him. The creatures were so tall he thought they were standing on their snowmobiles behind the reeds that were six feet tall.


We will also be talking to Lenny who is from Washington state and he describes a strange encounter he had being bluff charged by something.







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53 Responses to “SC EP:689 Strange Hooded Snowmobilers”

  1. John P

    Thank you Wes. Looking forward to listening to the show. When is the new app coming out? Very eager to try it out. Be well and safe. Congratulations on the new place. Perhaps a virtual tourer for us would be nice. You work hard to give us the shows. I truly appreciate it.Thanks again bro.

  2. Joe K

    Thank you for the great show Wes. I know allot of people say that about all the shows but I truly believe this one is above par for sure! Loved the guests and always nice to see you willing to explore any and all avenues in the pursuit of the truth. We appreciate the unbiased approach.
    Your first guest was especially nice to hear as I live in North Dakota and I feel like Minnesota hits a little closer to home as NoDak has almost no encounters reported and only one recent reported sighting in many years. I appreciate you Sir, please keep up the relentless work to keep us educated entertained.
    I am also wondering when and what your new APP will look like! We anxiously await…..any round table discussions in the near future? Or perhaps a conspiracy corner episode perhaps?

    Thanks again Wes.

  3. Matthew J

    Hello my friends! I’m not so sure that these things cloak. Over the hearing of many encounters I frequently hear about how amazingly fast these boogers are. It’s possible that they hit the deck at blinding speed and just blend into the woods floor. I’m not saying they cannot cloak because I do believe in a paranormal side to bigfoot. Wherever there is a natural explanation, I go there first.

    I’ve heard of gifting as “tribute” before on this show or another. That may be true. It seems to me that when these creatures do not their way, they act like a child and throw a tantrum.

  4. Janetta V

    Thanks Wes. First guest interesting story, but had to laugh when you thought snowmobilers. Last guest hikes, hears these weird things and is so glad to get back to his pickup that he calls people to comfort him. Then he goes back to the same place several times with other people. What gives?

    • Gabriel H

      because he’s still trying to solve the mystery, and SEE one. I too have had them pushing down large trees near the woodbine, but not seen the trees OR the pushers even though the culprit was getting closer.

  5. theresa m

    Hey, Wes! Great show, as usual. Really enjoyed Ethan’s encounter. Glad those creatures were gone when he got closer to the tall grasses. Curiosity is an animal thing for us and them, it seems. Lenny’s encounter was also very interesting. I’ve been hearing more stories about what seems to be cloaked encounters. It makes me wonder if it’s more akin to the creature from the movie ‘The Predator’ or if we are doing something that is causing a breakthrough into parallel realities? Appreciate your continued search for the truth by having witnesses come on the show to share. Have a wonderful week and we all hope the smoke dissipates. Got relatives in Washington near Lake Union and Lake Stevens and they are smothered with it.

  6. Jo M

    I love the teasers in the front!! I think they’re exceptional programming on Wes’s part! I almost wish he had time to add the enhancements to the whole podcast but I know he’s just one guy. No film professional does it better. Waiting for the interview to get to that point is great. And does anyone else join in on those nine beats of music right before the episode starts??!

  7. David R

    I knew a guy that was AMAZING at chainsaw carving. He would NEVER do request. Another guy I knew was OK, but he dis a Sasquatch that I have at home. They’re NOT CHEAP. The one I got free is only 3′ tall, and that would go for $250-$300! Bears and Sasquatch are very popular, because almost everyone wants one. Now if only someone could carve out an ORB!

  8. MONTE M

    Great job on the carving ! Very very great job. That chainsaw carving is a cool medium. Not unusual to see a place that has them along a highway in Northern Minnesota. My father in law was in late stages of cancer and asked me to mow his lawn and cut down a half dead tree in his yard at his small rental property. I called my wife and said ask your Dad if he wants me to carve this crab apple tree into an eagle or a bear, glad I was able to make him laugh!

  9. Tim H

    I love minnesota and have multiple stories! You wouldn’t believe what I have to say. At Bigfoot Fest in Remedy Mn. I spoke in front of 250 people with non-stop encounters. Love this program Weed!

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