Sep 13

The White Thing

A listener writes “My girlfriend is from this town in Overton County, TN and has had a handful of both UFO sightings and a possible Sasquatch sighting when she was growing up. She lived with her grandparents while and they have both had many sightings over the years as well.

One story from her grandmother stands out to me – she grew up in a very rural area on a farm and she and her family would have regular encounters with something they called “The White Thing”. I’ve heard and seen stories about The White Thang from Alabama, but this seems different. The White Thing that they encountered is described similarly to The Rake in the sense that it had deeply sunken eyes, and was lanky however it has some features that don’t resonate from Rake/ghoul sightings that I’ve seen. The White Thing had thin white fur, and was witnessed at one point bending over backwards to walk on all fours, and was able to rotate its head around as it walked in this manner. These sightings would have happened in the 60’s and this was a story that my girlfriend regularly heard from her grandmother while growing up.”

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