Aug 30

SC EP:685 Red Eyes At My Window

Tonight Wyatt who is 12 years old and he will be sharing his encounter along with his father Wes. Both have experienced strange things on their property in Oklahoma. Wyatt said “I something large looking in my window and it had red eyes, I was scared”. A short time later Wyatt saw something else on the property. We has also experienced strange things while hunting near his property.

We will also be speaking to Nathan and father Dan. While on the school bus in a rural area of Utah, Nathan saw a strange creature in a farm field. Dan and Nathan went back to investigate.

We will wrap up with Dan who is from Oregon. He was driving on McKenzie Pass and had two separate encounters.








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62 Responses to “SC EP:685 Red Eyes At My Window”

  1. Clint N

    Thanks Wes. Since I began listening to your show and now being a member for the last few years you continue to give your listeners a quality show. I find it very cool that when listening to other peoples podcasts that they either reference SasChron or you personally. You probably didn’t see this kind of future for yourself back in the Bouncing days/daze. Thanks again and everyone have a safe and fun Labor Day.

    • F S

      So sorry the young man’s been made fun of for his beliefs. Cruelty and violence are rampant in our country. Evil freely roams – and is cheered.
      My grandmother told me I’d live to see an Antichrist in my lifetime. I didn’t believe her.
      Thanks to all for the show.

      • DONNA G

        Don’t give up yet. A lot of People are accused of being the Anti-Christ, but I don’t believe We have seen that kind of Evil Yet. We still have a lot of good years left before We see Him. The signs are not quite coming together for Him to make His appearance according to Bible Prophesy. Live Your life with Trust in the Lord ,,,,,not Man who will fail You. I have no Fear because I have Faith. God Bless Everyone.

        • james b

          Man, I sure hope you are right. It seems to me like our culture, based on judeo Christian values, is falling apart. All this division and civil unrest. Folks just marching into our cities, burn everthing they can, terrorise beat and try to kill descent hardworking folks protecting their property, while the media labels them peaceful protesters fighting against social injustice. I cant help but think of that verse in Isaiah. Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil. Who put darkness for light, light for dark. Wo put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. I feel like I would be lying if I calked myself a Christian. I just recently started trying to live right and study the bible. Im sure u know more than me so Im guessing you know of certain prophetic scenarios or events that need to come to fruition before the rise of the antichrist? I sure hope you are right.

      • Greg O

        There are many antiCHRIST’s in the world today. Anything worshipped that is not CHRIST is one. Sadly you are correct the evil is getting stronger everyday. We do not have to partake. Keep the light burning!

  2. Gary H

    first (fûrst)
    1. The ordinal number matching the number one in a series.
    2. The one coming, occurring, or ranking before or above all others.
    3. The beginning; the outset: from the first; at first.
    4. Music The voice or instrument highest in pitch or carrying the principal part.
    5. The transmission gear or corresponding gear ratio used to produce the range of lowest drive speeds in a motor vehicle.
    6. The winning position in a contest: finished the season in first.
    7. Sasquatch Chronicles; attaining the rank of first before all others, occurrences every episode, to attain the title of oh lord high and mighty, the Grand Poobah so many strived for yet so few have attained. Unfortunately the poor soul who comes in second leads a life of obscurity as in the second man to land on the moon. Lol

    • m99

      📣 Gotta say Wes, you out did yourself this time. I love to hear kids who’ve witnessed these anomalies. Great job Wes. Thanks again. You the man! ⚔

  3. Renee S

    Thanks to both Wyatt & Nathan for sharing their experiences! It’s always great to hear from the younger crowd. So glad each of you have supportive parents.

  4. Melissa K

    Thanks Wes for another perfect show. Wow, those young men were so smart how they were able to describe their encounters and thoughts on the subject. All guests were cool! Oooooooooo….put the lights on…😎💕

  5. Lisa B

    Great show Wes! Enjoyed hearing Wyatt and Nathan’s encounters! Smart young men. Loved Dan’s encounter, the hot humid weather is definitely the reason they’re more aggressive in Texas. Who isn’t evil having to deal with that crappy weather? I know I certainly don’t deal with it well lol. But there are folks who love it. I’ll never understand it. Thanks for putting the lights on! 😜

  6. DONNA G

    Thanks Wes for a great show. You are my escape from the crazy world. I would rather listen to this Podcast than the Evening News. It takes Me to another place that makes Me smile. And BTW, You had an encounter on Your Blog several months ago about a sighting of a BF that was about 15 ft tall. I really wanted to hear that one. Any chance of getting that person on? I would love to hear that one. Kind of unbelievable though. How can They stay hidden when They are that tall ??? Anyway Thanks for Your efforts.

  7. Janetta V

    You sure had a great show Wes. Both young men and their dad’s did such a good job telling their stories. The disbelievers are becoming fewer as more of these stories are coming out, you can’t keep the truth quite forever, shallow people are everywhere. The last guest had me on Google Earth, looking all over Mc. Pass, and I would never want to be out there at night, terribly secluded. I would be afraid to live up in that area. Thank you

  8. Danny D

    I really enjoyed the the young fellows and their pops! I enjoyed Dan encounter as well..I hope your moving wasn’t to bad Wes.. Thank you for another good show..Don’t know how you do it brother but you git er done..👍🏾

  9. Erica and Jeremy P

    Thanks, Wes, for a REALLY great show tonight! We need MORE of these good old encounter podcasts! Maybe more stories about different types of cryptids like Thunderbirds & Stick Indians!!! You’re THE best! ♥️

  10. Kris G

    Kudos to both Wyatt and Nathan for telling their encounters! Takes courage from deep down to speak of it when so many around them ridicule in disbelief…. and at such a young age, when most kids don’t have enough balls (excuse my English) to deviate from peer pressure in the smallest way. Keep faith with yourselves guys in knowing what you saw!

    And on another point I would like to say that this is my favorite closing song, Wes. Thanks for the good show.

  11. Tracy C

    Thanks to all of the guest, especially Wyatt and Nathan. You guys are so young and already have an edge with this knowledge. I wish the best for you two and hope you continue find the positive from your encounters.

  12. Ryan D

    Which episodes have the infamous brothers ? The ones Wes mentions, “if he to talk his way out of something he’d want one brother, but if he was in a fight he’d want the other brother”?

  13. Johanna V

    What a great show! Thank you Wes for giving us an opportunity to hear directly from younger witnesses, which we all can learn from.
    And thank you Wyatt and Nathan. Welcome, and know that you’re not alone. Choose your friends in this community very wisely, and know that the majority of us are always willing to lend an ear and support. Thanks again for sharing you stories!

  14. Marc C

    Ya’all ever notice how many couples become EXs after Big Hairy encounters? Seems like a pretty high percentage to me. Curious…

    Another fine show, Wes. Thank you.

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