Aug 23

SC EP:683 Terror At Caddo lake

Three brothers decided to camp at Caddo lake in Texas during the off season. The first night they were stalked and harassed by something. The following day they had a run in with a strange creature. It was a camping trip they will never forget.



Caddo Lake is a 25,400-acre lake and bayou on the border between Texas and Louisiana, in northern Harrison County and southern Marion County in Texas and western Caddo Parish in Louisiana. The lake is named after the Southeastern culture of Native Americans called Caddoans or Caddo, who lived in the area until their expulsion in the 19th century. It is an internationally protected wetland under the Ramsar Convention and includes one of the largest flooded cypress forests in the United States.






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92 Responses to “SC EP:683 Terror At Caddo lake”

    • Dave W.

      First off, I wanna say Thanks to Brian and his brothers for sharing their story. It was, as Wes put it, a really scary recount. Next, if he reads this, I would like to let Brian know that his attempt to “go see” what they had encountered is really kinda common. During my own encounter, I myself, instead of backing away, moved TOWARDS the creature. Even without knowing fully what it was. I was armed (with blank rounds) and this voice in my head screamed “STOP!! What the F**k are you doing? Turn around”. It was almost a dire need to know what I was encountering….and then when I saw it, I didn’t want to see it anymore, lol. Anyways, im glad Brian had people there. My buddy that was with me he saw it, and ran away. Maybe I should have ran too. Anyway. Great episode, Wes!

    • DONNA G

      Can’t We please have a place to go to escape from Politics for awhile. We are not interested in that here. I want to just enjoy The BigFoot Stories….not Politics. Geez.

  1. Pete M

    Great interview, thanks for sharing guys. I’m a devout Christian too and I believe these things are real, I no longer want to see one though. I agree with Scott Carpenter, so no thanks. Caddo Lake has always been creepy, even in broad daylight. It’s called the Caddo Critter around here. We’re from West Texas but moved out here five years ago, we noticed folks stay indoors when the sun sets, that was unusual for us, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it. We’re between Caddo and Lake O’ the Pines, which also has had its share of sightings.

  2. Brandon M

    I had a feeling it would be a Texas encounter!! I love Caddo lake and that whole area. Good stuff Wes. Hope everyone reading this has many blessings coming their way. Let me grab a cold one out the fridge and kick my Jordan’s up lol.

  3. Jay Carlsen

    Jason , Your Wife is a Devout Christian ? Tell Her you seen Esau , the Edomite ! She should understand.

    It is hard to relate the Trauma of seeing Something that is Twice your Height and 5 Times your Body Mass ! Bravo I couldn’t have explained it any better than You did !

  4. LaVonne J

    Brothers…..I cracked up when he said the 2 hung back waiting for the other one to be jerked outta the tent when he unzipped it. 😁 Reminded me of 3 brothers (friends) I grew up with on a dairy farm. They were always up to something. 😁🍾

  5. Debbie S

    Really good show. Enjoyed every minute. Thanks Wes for your hard work. Thank you Brian and Jason for sharing….really creepy story. I can’t believe you hung around and camped after that…the bit about letting Brian unzip the tent first had me laughing too. Reminded me of a Mikey commercial. β€œI ain’t going out there, you go out there…no! I ain’t going out there let Brian do it”. LOL

  6. cyndie r

    There was lots of typical Sasquatch behavior described here. The pacing along the trail, the attempt to hide in the thicket, the swaying back and forth , even the log thrown over the barbed wire fence is somewhat a common occurrence. They are opportunists and take the “easier” way when ever possible.

    Thanks for sharing boys. Its nice you have each other to talk to about it. It has helped you articulate the whole experience. You both were very descriptive and anticipating what people might wonder about. You answered many questions before even being asked. Its good for your own peace of mind as well, you know being able to talk to someone who will not sit in judgement of your experience.
    Wishing you all the best,

    Cyndie R

    • Mike W

      idk about the opportunist part. It puts them into an animal category. I think these creatures are people. The DNA collected thats immediately dismissed because it comes back human and its automatically classified as a contaminated piece of evidence.. is a mistake. I think its coming back human DNA not because they branched off from us.. I think a mixture of them and another highly intelligent species is what became us. Maybe in an attempt to create a better worker or even slave for their mines and sucb.. I know. Crazy. Right? Maybe not.

  7. David G

    I use Podcast Republic to listen to all my podcasts. Everything was fine, EP 679 downloaded then nothing! Is anyone else using a caster having any issues getting new episodes here? No issues with other podcasts. I love the work Wes does but this website has issues or I’m a total idiot or both! Any help is appreciated.

  8. Cathy H

    I think if you guys do travel back to Caddo Lake you will not be disappointed! So much activity in this area. I live on Caddo Lake on the Louisiana side, in the town where Skookum and Creature From Black Lake was filmed. Although you don’t hear many people discussing their bigfoot encounters here, I’ve never been in a room with 4 or more people and brought up the subject and asked if anyone had an experience without having at least one and most times pretty much everyone having something to share. I’ve had many experiences just being out on my porch smoking all hours of the night. I’m not about to head into the woods! Couple of years ago I found a 20 inch footprint in the drive and earlier this year I finally caught a glimpse of one in a pine thicket that adjoins the property near an inlet to the lake. It was during the daytime. I had been re-potting some roses and as was squatted down and as I went to stand up saw it jump behind a tree. I only saw it from the knees down. There were a couple of people nearby and i didn’t say anything to them just kinda smiled and went on about my day because I’ve always known they were there. Great show Wes.

  9. Rosie M

    Loved this one how the brothers tag teamed the encounter, adds so much more veracity to the narrative, also the terror was real for younger bro, I feel yah guys! Hopefully they make it back out there for a cathartic trip, it helps to re-expose yourself to the situation – at least that’s what I know.

  10. Danny D

    Good stuff! I saw or heard something about Caddo lake.. Can’t remember if it was a movie, doc, a report I read or heard something on a podcast but don’t quite remember though..The dynamics between the three brothers was cool to hear about.. Thank you guys for sharing your encounter.. It was very engaging.. Thank you Wes for putting everything together.. You are the man brother.. Btw- that whole area is getting ready to be hit by a category 4 hurricane Laura.. Everyone down that way be extremely careful.. Prayers goes out to you all..

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