Jul 12

SC EP:671 The Reason I Search For These Creatures [Members]

Tonight I will be speaking to Raymond from SC EP:668 I Think It Followed Me Home. The more I spoke to Chuy the more I was interested in hearing from Raymond. I was curious why these guys keep going back to the canyon after all of the strange issues at Chuy’s house.

Raymond will be sharing his encounters with Sasquatch tonight along with a lot of strange encounters he has had with other entities.





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190 Responses to “SC EP:671 The Reason I Search For These Creatures [Members]”

  1. Kathy K

    Omg..Wes, you honestly have to listen to the stories these folks are going to tell and make sure they stick to the script, This guy is nutty as a fruitcake.
    Why do these people start talking about Dogman walking across the roof and the next minute they’re praying to God??! I believe in God as much as the next person but, come on, enough is enough! Pushing Jesus ? Not going there..
    Not to be mean but I
    hope a Sasquatch snatches his ass up and I never have to hear from him again….This guy needs a platform and you being a super nice guy can’t tell him to F -off!

    • Janetta V

      Kathy Kay, Who in the world do you think, I said THINK, you are? Real serious issues you need to deal with. Wishing the guy to die, not wanting to hear of the name of Jesus. Why don’t you just click off the show. You are not going to get anywhere, hateful people like you don’t make any difference at all to old time members of the show like me and many others. We’ve heard your kind before and they are unstable and always fade away. If we want to mention Jesus, we are not going to ask you first.

      • Kathy K

        Calm down Janetta! I’ve been around awhile now and I pay for my subscription just like you do and I also have the right to my opinion, just like you do. For your information I did turn it off half-way through the show, as I was tired of him go on and on about nothing to do with sasquatch or dogman.

        • Mike s

          Raymond talked about when demons manifest they changed appearance, this is true. The wife and I were at a retreat in N California about 15 years ago and a associate pastors secretary was coming into the lunch room and asked us to watch her baby while she got their food. This was a buffet style kitchen, so we agreed. After the mother left this one year old baby in a high chair looked at myself, the wife and a friend and it’s whole face started to distort, even the mouth, looked like the Joker in Batman movies. His eyes started rolling back in his head and he would just look at us with this creepy smile literally ear to ear. Went in for about 4-5 minutes until the mother came back, she was behind the baby and he sensed she was there, looked back out of the corner of his eye and then in an instant went back to being a baby playing with his fish crackers. Craziest thing I ever saw…

          • Robert J

            Mike I believe you and your comments. I have been a member for awhile, yet I seldom chime in. No one wants to hear about the gospel because they are afraid. Satan will do anything he can to a Christian to bring him down and put so many stumbling blocks in his path that he might question his faith. Satan doesn’t bother non-believers because he knows that is one more soul for him. The person that referred satan to a lion made me a bit agitated because our Savior is the Lion not satan!!!

  2. Jason R

    Wes, you do well with what you are given. Your willingness to listen is the Docs victory and ours as well. Keep putting on the stories and we’ll keep listening.

  3. david b

    When you start to deal with satan, he never plays fair. He is the author of confusion. He can paint you the most beautiful picture you have ever seen. He is far superior to us, but greater who is in me than he that is in the world. He is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He is not to messed with.

    • Tammi C

      Yup, the father of lies, the great pretender and far more intelligent and cunning than any human will ever be. And just because someone doesn’t “believe” in the existence of Satan does not mean he does not exist nor that he will leave souls alone because he does know that we exist and he and his minions are constantly seeking…..(what you said).

  4. MONTE M

    Has anyone ever had any or heard of any encounters around Victor or Driggs ID in the Tetons? Jedediah Smith Wilderness, Teton National Park, The Big Hole Mountains, Yellowstone? Caribou Targhee National Forest?
    Cant seem to find many sighting reports for this seemingly wild area.

    • Jay T

      Monte, check BFRO national data base for Wyoming. I recall one sighting by camper near Jenny Lake in TEtons and another one atop the mountain where Snow King Ski resort is in Jackson, WY. Also do a google search for Yellowstone Park ranger Robert Jackson and Bigfoot – I think that is the ranger’s name. Lot of sightings near Pocatello and Idaho Falls, ID that is not far away. Middle Fork of Salmon River is remote in Frank Church Wilderness and would bet it supports healthy population.

    • Amy H

      Awe, I’ve heard one before from around rexburg. I think there is a “research” couple who keeps track of sightings around there. Look for idaho bigfoot reports.

      • MONTE M

        Thanks I have not heard of The Park Ranger one I’ll check that out. I own a building lot pretty much bordering all those areas except the Bighorns. It’s for a retirement ski cabin/ home. Surrounded by vast wilderness. I just feel like there has to be some there. Really it’s for the skiing but Bigfoot does cross my mind.

  5. Elaine L

    To all the naysayers who call out this man as a ‘fruitcake’ and don’t believe one iota in Satan, demons and anything to do with the dark arts do NOT dismiss something you know nothing of or have never seen! It is at your own peril. No matter what you’re told there is NO grey area between good and evil. Both are VERY REAL and evil will always lose in the end … he is governed by and must ALWAYS answer to his Creator. Just remember, “As the father of ALL lies the greatest lie Satan ever pulled was to convince the world that he doesn’t exist!” ~ Peace

    • m99

      I’m not a naysayer, and I do believe in all that. It wasn’t that so much as he is just annoying. I’ll probably give it another go tomorrow.

      • m99

        Listening again. The guy keeps talking about himself, promoting himself, “his food bank”, and stuff like, “if I can do”, “if my life helps”. That’s really the goal. I think my issue is, I believe, is what the Lord said, ‘don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing’.

    • Tammi C

      Amen! (Former agnostic here, was raised in a family of Progressive agnostic/atheists, yet whom, of course, I still love and pray for)…. For the past 32+ years, a convert to the true faith…my eyes were opened, ears eager for His word and my soul belongs to the Lord. “Those with eyes to see and ears to hear…”. .

      • m99

        That’s great Tammi C ~ I keep praying for my kids who have become full blown socialist, and with that unbelievers in Christ. Bless you, you give me hope.

  6. Annalisa H

    I haven’t even listened but come on…really? No one deserves to be put down for their willingness to put themselves out there. Didn’t your mama teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?? Damn. Hope none of you have what comes around comes your way anytime soon.

  7. Perry I

    It’s easy to say that Raymond sounds nuts , however I would the complete opposite. He had a wealth of information that may be hard to fathom. I get it I mean for the most part I have never heard any one tell as many cryptic stories as he had. Whether they were true or not only can be determined by the listener. He comes off very genuine and also knowledgeable. Understandingly he was a bit more than we have been used to hearing on SC . So I would go as far as saying that hey many people would think all of us were crazy for believing in Bigfoot yet here we are folks lol ?. How many of us go around telling all our friends and or family that we believe in Bigfoot? I would say that myself I have expressed my opinion with some friends and family of course not all. Why not all? Well we know what kind of looks we would get and ridicule. They would think we were nuts. So yes there are those who you know you can tell and those you can’t. So I’d say great show Wes and great guest.

  8. Lee N

    Hi Wes, thanks for the show. Some members aren’t very tolerant! Sad. I try and take away what is interesting and helpful.
    Could you please see if you can find the FARMER DEMONIC POSSESSION YouTube video. I searched to no avail. Thanks for be open minded.

  9. todd g

    Anyone who claims to be a Christian, then turns around and calls man an animal, doesn’t even have the most basic understanding of who man is! We are created in Gods own image! We are given intellect and self awareness and the knowledge of right and wrong! We are not animals, Jesus did not die on the cross and raise again to save animals, he did this to save man, who is created in his own image!

  10. Doug K

    Hey Wes…thanks for a really great Sunday show!!! Thanks to Raymond…..Thanks buddy for sharing your experiences with the occult and sasquatch!!! YEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jan F

    In the bible it says that you shal not have Anything,absolute anything whit necromans or people who have something to do whit it.
    And you shal have your fathers sin.

    So dont seek the Dark out! For the love of GOD and YOURSELF

  12. Paul M


  13. Mary H

    Excellent show Wes. I enjoyed this guest and his Biblically based world view. Thank you for providing a platform where everyone has a safe place to express themselves. Love that about you and your show!

  14. Fran S

    Thank you Wes and guest. Awesome show. He told his story. I appreciate the openness that Wes is willing to put on the show. I completely agree that these things are not of this world. Not just a ape. Thanks again.

  15. Pete M

    Excellent show, top ten for sure! Raymond has had a fascinating and scary life. I enjoyed listening to his experiences. Thanks for sharing. Things are certainly getting worse in this world, Jesus is there for all of us, don’t reject Him, time is running out.

  16. Matthew J

    Terrific show For some reason, maybe because I’m a Christian also, I believe Raymond’s story. I just turned 60 and what I’ve learned is that I don’t know everything this Earth holds. Not even close. I envy those few that do.

    As for Sasquatch being an undiscovered ape, if that was true, there would be at least a few in the zoo. I really hope this show goes viral. It’s terrible that the average person doesn’t believe in any cryptids. People go missing all the time. If people would just say, “It’s possible” maybe they would take precautions when out enjoying nature.

  17. Neil P

    This person isn’t “nuts”, rather is suffering from a legitimate mental and emotional condition. His stories clearly recount psychotic breaks, hallucinations, and paranoid delusions. He literally shares that he chased a whole house of people around with a shotgun because he saw a girl shape-shifting. This is not an experience, it is an episode. Not sure why Wes opted to give him a venue, but he needs help rather than encouragement.

    • Eric S

      Hallelujah, brother Neil. My guess is that some people never get past the childhood stress of learning that Santa Claus isn’t real… so to fill that void their minds begin to manufacture stress relievers that take the form of different religious dogmas. Or if you like dogmen. Ha ha ha, ah, I couldn’t resist that one.
      For the record I know that sasquatch is real and so are extraterrestrials… in fact, in the Bible, the angels are extraterrestrials. They made us from apes like we made dogs from wolves. Except the angels got annoyed that it tool so long to make smart apes that they cheated and added their DNA to ape DNA in a test tube, and now here we are. We are a mix of ape and angel!

  18. Thomas B

    This guy sounds a little nuts. His meanderings have no resemblance to someone who has (like others) had an encounter with a sasquatch. It sounds like his testament.

  19. Stephen T

    I love how some of you in the comments probably spend your time demanding respect for other cultures as long as that culture is not Christian. Very telling. This is a majority Christian country and ALWAYS WILL BE. I believe him and his testimony.

    • Diana O

      This man is legit! Do not judge what you have never experienced and know nothing about. He is brave to speak his truth….and the truth of the Gospel. I have experienced some of the same things, but not to the measure that he has….but enough to know what he says is REAL. Thank you, Wes… I appreciate you offering diverse perspectives!

  20. Vivian A

    Thank you Wes. I am sad that people can be so rude and sometimes hateful. I want to say I appreciate every show you put out for us. Rather it lines up with my paradigm or not.
    You put your life and soul into this show. I can’t imagine the hours. It must bother you when people make rude comments when you put everything in this show and invite guests. I have learned so much from all your shows and have opened my mind in many things that a year ago would never believe. Thank you for that. And for Randy, Thank you so much. I believe you 150% To face the Darkness to help people, you have a calling. Thx again Wes!

  21. dan F

    Great show Wes !! Thank you Raymond .. This world is more supernatural then most people realize. Alot of people want to live in happy little bubbles and don’t want it burst.I seldom comment but it was a great show.Thanks again Wes

  22. Jimmy W

    I think everyone calling this guy “nuts” need to take a step back. Most likely scenario, he’s a guy that needs support and medical assistance — not cool to go after him and make fun in my opinion. Wes has a pretty good track record when it comes to credible witnesses, and while I do think this guest definitely has delusions of grandeur, it’s still possible he has had experiences. Unfortunately, from what I’m hearing, he seems to always think something incredible is happening to him. Again, not to say he hasn’t seen things, but Occam’s razor (the simplest answer to what’s happening is usually correct) tends to be spot on. The fact that he told that story about his dad basically “warging” some creature and tying it to Jesus is a perfect example of this. People who tend to always use Jesus and Christianity to “up the ante” if you will, come across as disingenuous. Wes we are all fans, we aren’t going anywhere, but this guest definitely wasn’t credible. We’ve heard some crazy stuff too like the guy who came up on the old lady’s property and she had a family of Sasquatches living in her house basically. But this guy saying stuff like “Publicity is publicity — if it helps your show, then great,” that’s a red flag. But again, making fun of the guy isn’t the way to go. Hope everyone has a good one.

    • Melinda J

      Jimmy W. I so very much believed the gentleman that visited the old lady with a family of Sasquatches living w/her. My personal favorite. Him telling the story was what made me believe him. To each his own I guess! Thx for commenting. ? ?

      • Jimmy W

        My point was that I believed that guy as well and that’s a bonkers situation. More wild than anything this guest talked about. You can tell when someone is being sincere though, or at least that they are a very good actor. This guest on the other hand was neither and I don’t intend that to be mean. Like I said I wish him well.

  23. Danny D

    Raymond.. I really respect what you’re doing and your willingness to help people.. Many blessing to you my man., Thank you so much Wes for your hard work and for making your show top notch.. Have a great week..

  24. Tim N

    Two great shows in a row then this crap. I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up. With the criticism you knew was coming from this nut job why do you still do it? im not that upset with the mentally ill but you show very little respect to your subscribers.

  25. MONTE M

    Maybe Wes should shut down the comments ? I loved the show just as well before people could comment. It does turn into a shit show with comments at times.

  26. Melanie I

    You can’t make everyone happy. Wes, you are such a gifted person and your interview style is amazing! I love listening to Bigfoot Encounters but I appreciate other shows like this that have unusual content. It stretches me to listen and not just turn people off. With that said, maybe have a show Off topic like this, once a quarter so those who only want Bigfoot Encounters will be able skip it.

  27. Melanie I

    You can’t make everyone happy. Wes, you are such a gifted person and your interview style is amazing! I love listening to Bigfoot Encounters but I appreciate other shows like this that have unusual content. It stretches me to listen and not just turn people off. With that said, maybe have a show Off topic like this, once a quarter so those who only want Bigfoot Encounters will be able to skip it.

  28. karen j

    clearly ,these things could have killed you and yours if they chose to, so…. i do not agree with the conclusion drawn by your guest tonite, in regards to sasquatch.As far as possession goes…i believe him.
    A huge respect and thanks to the very lovely Wes ! all the way from the U,K…you are an Amazing host..you have me hooked from when you first started this show, podcast.., so, keep being you and its all good!
    much love ..
    karen x

    • Eric S

      reply to Monte M Yes, #670 is a very good one, you can feel his experience and it is easy to imagine being in his shoes and coming to the same conclusions he did. But I don’t think it’s a bad idea to sometimes have not-so-believable testimony for the same reason that drug makers use test groups in developing new drugs – they give half the test group the real drug and they give the other half a placebo. Episode 670 – real drug. Episode 671 – placebo.

      • MONTE M

        I disagree and it’s ok to disagree. I feel this guest was very with it. Demonic possession is some far out crazy shit and I want nothing to do with it so I guess Dogman also. That stuff freaks me out, ghosts and entities also. I signed up for Bigfoot to but there seems to be some form of overlap between this episode, UFO’z and Bigfoot. Iam not one to need to know all the answers of The Universe, the more you think you know about the greater the unknown. Iam pretty happy in my blissful ignorance. There was some heavy things talked about. People who are ministers and pastors become those things because like doctors and nurses they want to make a difference in the world, they want to help. If your house for real has a nasty entity messing with you, who do you call ? Not the local pest exterminator you call the priest or pastor. Not the Geico lady or the milkman. I talked with a man who restores mansions in Chicago who has encountered these things in many old Chicago Mansions. That’s freaky. Yeah shadow people and what appeared to be a person but really was a ghost or entity so even just that alone wich was a small part of the conversation on this episode and even Wes mentioning the similarities of UFO’z and Demons not to mention all the other stuff talked about was very interesting to me. I am not a religious person but I am not naive enough to feel all things in religious txt are not real just that it bogs my mind down and I try to be a good person as God would want me to just as if I studied it and was a Christian if that were the case. If Iam to be struck down for not following religious orders ( wich religion should I pick to adhere to? How many are there?) Then I guess I’ll burn in hell or become a shadow wisping around freaking people out. I think there was a lot of interesting stuff happening in this conversation. I have no idea if it was true or if it’s all a heap of lies but it does me no harm to give the guest the benefit of the doubt to believe a lot of what he sais to be true. I take people for their word and maybe I get lied to…. oh no what to do now? That way I do not dismiss truths as lies because really I believe in Bigfoot and it is an amazing subject so I just choose to believe everyone and there is no harm because it’s my choice and freewill to do so.

        • Jimmy W

          Problem is that he’s got so many stories and everything that happens to him is extravagant and unbelievable. It’s not all on the same subject either because he went into possession, the demonic, Bigfoot, dogman and so on and so on. And his story about his dad was the same thing from the father’s perspective. Again, not trying to hate, but something is going on with this gentleman and I wish him well.

  29. Robin D

    So, I’m a new member, so don’t be mean to me, but….ummm, I guess I just feel like this episode has gone off the rails a bit. It feels too something, contrived or…I feel like there is some issue/problem/instability? But I suppose those same descriptors might be used on me by non-believers of Sasquatch, huh? I have a hard time with the VOLUME of things this guest has experienced, but having said that, I appreciate the guts it takes to lay yourself bare on a subject that is pretty out there. However, I would be OK with not re-visiting this subject.

  30. MONTE M

    I found the guest well spoken and as far from a crack head as you can get. He has had many experiences in his life and answered all of Wes’s questions in a satisfactory manner. I think he was a damn good guest. Wes probably had three other guests that were good also but chose this guest instead because the conversation covered so much different stuff. I think Wes did a great job as usual letting the guest speak and I guess it was to outside the box for some. If Wes thought this guy was bunk he wouldn’t have aired it. Never did he skip a beat on answering any question and went into great lengths in his own individual manner of speaking to explain everything he could to the fullest extent. Good show IMO.

  31. Richard F

    I could not finish the previous episode and not going to bother with this one. The guy from Florida With the boat was a really good episode need more like that. You can usually tell within the first few minutes whether an encounter is bs or not.

  32. Debbie S

    Wow…just wow. All these judgmental people….why people can’t just choose to not listen and not comment is beyond me. I have done it a few times…easy! 🙂

    * mental note to self: THANK GOD I never got to tell my story and I have seen enough of this lately to say it will never happen. 🙁

  33. Richard F

    Why can’t you choose not to read the comments if it bothers you so much. People have a right to voice an opinion especially when they are paying for something. We don’t live in North Korea.

    • Debbie S

      Aren’t you doing the same? Reading comments and commenting. Who are you to decide I can’t have an opinion? ROFL you are too funny. Also as if $7 a month is a huge fortune for all Wes does.

      I standby my opinion….witnesses will think twice about coming on the show if they keep getting ripped to shreds in the comments.

      So sorry MY OPINION upsets you…???????

      • Richard F

        You can have all the opinions you want and I can be judgemental if I want. Don’t tell me or others not to rip a guest if we think they are just making up stories. That’s the kind of people you don’t want on a podcast, it just cheapens the quality. Of course it is up to the podcaster to put on whomever they want and then I can decide if I want to continue to subscribe or not. Your opinion does not bother me, you are entitled to it, I can decide if it has any value which just in this one instance it does not.

      • Tim N

        Debbie S your opinion doesn’t upset but if we the paying customers do not speak up then guests like this one will think its a free for all. Hay call Wes he will put you on he doesn’t seem to care what made up story you have.

  34. Mike s

    Raymond talked about when demons manifest they changed appearance, this is true. The wife and I were at a retreat in N California about 15 years ago and a associate pastors secretary was coming into the lunch room and asked us to watch her baby while she got their food. This was a buffet style kitchen, so we agreed. After the mother left this one year old baby in a high chair looked at myself, the wife and a friend and it’s whole face started to distort, even the mouth, looked like the Joker in Batman movies. His eyes started rolling back in his head and he would just look at us with this creepy smile literally ear to ear. Went in for about 4-5 minutes until the mother came back, she was behind the baby and he sensed she was there, looked back out of the corner of his eye and then in an instant went back to being a baby playing with his fish crackers. Craziest thing I ever saw…

  35. Christine D

    This was a very interesting program. I agree with Raymond on several things. The only thing I wonder about is the origin or Sasquatch. I doubt the hybrid idea. I don’t think that angels and man can produce children. This is from 1 Corinthians 15:39 All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds. 40 There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.” Evil yes, but chimera. God made everything to reproduce after its own kind. We don’t know what the days of Noah were like. They may have had advanced technology and made chimera back then. If they did have angel DNA, they could have survived the flood with the same way the evil angels did. They may be their experiment or even their “pets” You did have a man say he saw a tracking device on one. If you are going to be totally Bible based, take in all the scriptures. Just one more opinion. to consider.

  36. Tracy L

    If I wanted to hear a testimonial about Christianity and how this guy exorcises demons from people, I would go to the bible thumping bigtop erected in the field over yonder, or to church. Once he said he only saw the creatures in dreams or in his periphery vision and started down how much a great Christian he was, I hit the stop button. First time on this podcast. Not everything different is a demon, and not everything spiritual that isn’t mentioned in the bible (written by men hundreds of years after the actual events with half of it that didn’t promote the medival church’s agenda hidden away in the Vatican) is therefore demonic. Not everyone who claims to see Sasquatch or little people are insane, but everyone who does isn’t necessarily sane either.

  37. Cathy S

    Wes, I don’t understand how you can believe in demons but not God. Or is it you dont believe in Jesus Christ? Although time and time again people testify how these things leave at the name of Jesus. It’s not religious to simply believe. All you have to do is believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus died for your sins. No religious works after that. It’s a relationship not a religion.

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