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SC EP:670 I Thought I Was A Dead Man

A listener writes “I was running my airboat on the upper St. Johns River, Florida doing what I like to do best frog jigging on a Friday night.

It wasnt the first time I was out on the river at night,I use to run the north and south parts of the river all the time.I still do but I rarely go at night and if I do it’s with 5 or 6 other boats..Anyway I was coming up on the oak’s.The oaks are located right next to Duda’s property.Just a wee south of Lake Winder.



I figured I would pull up into the oakhead and drink a few cups of joe before I started to gig.Out of the corner of my eye I saw something bolt into the cabbage palms.I figured it to be a hog,I really did not know what it was the last thing on my mind was it could of been the big guy.Anyway I ran up on dry ground about 15 yards spun my boat around so it was pointed toward the river and shut it down.I just poured a cup of joe when I heard something about 10 yard behind me. It sounded like it was wrestling with a cabbage palm or maybe rolling around in a bunch of palms.that’s when I heard something hitting the ground and making a God awful noise then out of know where I heard a thump right next to my boat.

I looked but did not see anything then again I heard it behind my boat then something hit my rudders I turned on my head lamp and saw mud on my rudders I then saw a bunch of mud fly over me and hit my bow I shined my light in the direction of where it was coming from and I saw his face and a good portion of his body he was pissed all I could think was my holy father please deliver me from evil.I lost all feeling in my body I just about passed out I was lost I didnt know what to do. I was in total shock I figured I was about to be ripped apart by this giant he was huge, I looked at him for 15 to 25 seconds it seemed longer I paired him with the front of my boat and this thing was huge. He definitely was a he, it had Male junk he had brown hair not very long and a leathery face. I just about peed my pants I was so scared.

I never in my natural born life moved so fast to crank my boat and got the heck out of there I was amazed my boat cranked as fast as it did I was waiting to get pulled off my seat and got the tar beat out of me I was amazed my boat started, I gunned it I really dont even remember starting it .I almost sank my boat when I hit the river. I just went north knowing I would be in the lake.I was scared to drive home so I parked in the middle of Lake Winder and took a few sips of drink to calm my nerves and try to talk my self out of what I saw, I stayed there until first light. I was afraid to try and head back down the narrow part of the river in fear the big guy could snatch me off the boat and kill me, sitting in my front seat of my boat I sit 9 feet above the ground I was just about eye level with him during my confrontation.

I have never been back to that spot again I was asked by a researcher if I could bring them there which I said I would but only during the day and I would be armed. It really ruined my life I use to love going out on the river and loved going camping and couldn’t wait to do it with my sons when they got old enough but you wont catch me out there at night, the sounds it made and the size it was is forever etched in my memory forever just writing this is got me crying from emotion.”









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85 Responses to “SC EP:670 I Thought I Was A Dead Man”

  1. Bert F

    Hell yeah early release I was kayaking the mangroves at weedon island preserve with my wife yesterday for our anniversary this is perfect thanks Wes stay safe everyone!

    • Lowell E

      I’m from Brevard, FL, and frequent that exact area near lake winder often. Other than a boat, it’s only accessible by a 3.5 mile access road through private farm land, then a few miles on foot through a conservation and wildlife management area( no vehicles than than FWC and the farmers are allowed). When you get to that pavilion hes talking about, it’s a real eerie feeling. Even in the light of day with the sun overhead, it’s dark and quiet because of all the tree cover, and basically no one expect fwc is randomly back there. Ive never seen anything there, but definitely had wierd feelings of being watched and stalked while I’m in the woods, almost like my senses switched to primal mode, it’s hard to explain. I’ve heard some oddly timed whistles, tree knocks, and a possible set of foot prints about 4 miles north of that pavilion, but that is basically the extent of my experiences in that area.

      I also had a strange experience in ocala, but the most intense encounter was near lake marion. We were about 30 minutes south of 192 in Keenansville on 441, and about 25 minutes west towards the wildlife management area, basically in the middle of nowhere. I had my two dogs with me and we had been miles in the woods all day. At dusk we were bluff charged by something that had the weight of a horse, literally shaking the ground, but was very clearly running bi-pedally, and fast. I heard 4 very clear and spread out steps towards us, and it sounded like a 1000lb bull was charging through the brush, shaking the ground and barrelling over trees and palm frawns, about 50 yards away from me. My two dogs, blue tick pit mixes, completely freaked, and they’re used to seeing animals of all kinds, deer, hog, coyote, everything in between that florida has to offer . The long and short of it is that this incident scared me out of the woods for months. I grew up going in the thickest of Florida’s woods and swamps, have seen just about every known wild animal countless times, and simply cannot explain what would be on two legs, so heavy and moving so fast. There were some incidental things leading up to this that I thought nothing of until this happened later in the day, so it really got to me. All I remember thinking is that even if I had my pistol, which I did not, it would be like shooting a beebee gun at an elephant. The only three times I’ve had that loss of senses that Wes is talking about, ever, was first at a training exercise simulating a squad size assault in training for the marines, second near that pavilion in this guys story, and third in this oak cover where I was bluff charged.

      I could go on with more details about my encounter, but its probably too much for the comment section. Just seriously keep an eye out when you’re in the Florida bush and swamp, theres more going on here than most people think. I always go armed now, 100%. Stay safe everyone, and Wes, keep up the good work brother. This channel, even just listening, has helped more than you know.

  2. Dean C

    I truly hope at some point the Gentleman finds peace. The chances of him encountering another are virtually zero, I hope he becomes comfortable with that. It’s clear it really really upset him, and completely understandable. I hope to never encounter one. I encountered a DM over 20 years ago, and it was easily the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced. It was next to my car, but didn’t notice me. I questioned my sanity for so long until I became sick of it, and started carrying on with life. From time to time it pops into my thoughts, but I purposely busy my mind with something else. Thankyou for sharing Sir. I takes balls to admit to it. Thankyou Wes for providing a platform for people to share their experiences. Having experienced something yourself, I’m sure you understand your having a huge positive impact on people who have had bad run ins with these things. All the best,
    Wales, UK.

  3. Stephen C

    Always happens when you’re in the middle of nowhere and by yourself . Thanks for sharing your experience not always the easiest thing to share. Appreciate you putting this one up Wes as always

  4. Doug K

    Hey Wes. Great program tonight!! Hey Todd…thanks for sharing this really frightening experience with us. Those areas in Florida seem to have much activity. Thanks again. Yeeeeee Hawwwww!!

  5. Lisa B

    Enjoyed the show Wes! Thank you Todd for sharing your encounter with us all. I hope it gets easier as time goes by and you get some kind of peace. God Bless You Sir.

  6. david b

    I hate this fellow lost his peace on the river. I love to hunt, fish, trap, anything in the woods. It is where I can go get my release. Thanks Wes, I believe you really helped this old boy out!

  7. Richard W

    Good one. Love the thought of blasting all that mud and debris on him, as you escape. Don’t want a face to face encounter, unless circumstances are perfect.

  8. Jesse K

    Great Show Wes!!! There are crazy things out there, you never know what you may run into or run into you. Keep them coming!!! Thank You!!! Thank You, Todd.

  9. Lee Anne W

    Sooo thankful for Todd. I live on a large property that backs up to a watershed lake. Several people have seen the big man around my place. Had been thinking about scouting the back part of the property for signs, but now…HELL NO!!! He can have it in peace. Thanks Wes! Great show!

  10. Scott B

    If anyone has ever doubted any witness, this one named Todd is the real deal! I believe them all, but if you had doubts, just listen to Todd’s story! Great interview Wes! Kudos to Todd for having the courage to share! God Bless!

    • Chris K

      Take your politics and bullshit elsewhere. Whether I or others agree or disagree, we don’t want this bullshit here. Go hang out on Facebook or something with that.

    • Nina P

      Thanks for the great show tonight Wes and Todd. I think Todd you had a guardian angel looking over your shoulder that night you had that terrifying encounter. All the Best my brothers.?

  11. William T

    Thanks for comin on Todd?. Glad u are ok. I always wonder what holding them back? He had you but still needed to pump up. Maybe he gets “in trouble?” Thats why you are here to tell the encounter. Like Mucklack Harry many us survivors have hard time going back out. They want that.

  12. Paul M

    Wess = Really want to thank your guest for coming on to the show = l know this wasnt an easy interview for him to do… But it was a very good . This guys a trooper for talking about his experience. I THINK this will help him with coping with it… l do pray it does anyways. = THANKS YOU GUYS

  13. rosalyn b

    Wes -the guy that wound up in the hospital from being shoved was in Ohio, not FL. It was the first show I listened to and I remember every detail!! Tonight’s guest was so good at describing his experience.

  14. paul w

    God bless you Todd. Sounds like God definitely saved you. What a great episode Wes I love hearing the really interactive encounters. I do believe if you got out of your encounter alive there’s a good chance God saved you. Think about all the encounters we will never hear about because that Sasquatch got em. Having God on your side is the best defense against these abominations because even if you are armed with a big caliber rifle the fear it puts in you stops you from fighting back. These are truly horrific monsters. Always carry a gun in the wild and always pray to God to help you.

    I had a miraculous event happen to me when I was about 13 years old. It’s not Sasquatch related but the size of the bully bullying me might as well been a Sasquatch. There was this vicious bully in my school named Donny Martin. It was 7th grade and this “kid” he looked like he was held back for 3 or 4 grades cuz he was monstrous for 7th grade anyways he bullied and beat up severely several students. I always avoided him like the plague but one day in class he was eyeballing me heavy. I was just staring ahead and could see him thru my side vision and the teacher stepped out in the hallway and he got up to my side and said “Paul I don’t like you I’m gonna kick yo ass after school” for no reason. I was absolutely terrified I did what I could to hide the rest of the day. In my last class I asked the teacher if I could stay with her for a little longer. She said that was fine but could tell something was wrong I told her it was Donny he’s gonna jump me if he sees me. She really didn’t offer much support other than being cool with me hanging around longer finally after a good 30 minutes she said I think you are safe now you will be ok. So I walked and checked every open area and was making my way home. I lived in the neighborhood behind the school so it didn’t take me too long to get home. I was relieved thinking he already left I’m safe but then behind me the big clomps of a big person’s footsteps my heart sunk and I turned around and there was Donny he was smiling and dropping his book bag and all I could do was pray “please God help me” and I kid you not……. a tall g.i. Was it seemed to me instantly at my left side. We lived in Germany on an army base in Mannheim he put his hand on my shoulder and said are you ok kid? I looked up at him then at Donny. Donny stopped in his tracks and turned around and went walking away. I looked back at this guy and he said “he will never bother you again” and I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace. Donny didn’t bother or ever speak to me again and shortly after that he moved from Germany. Was this g.i. An angel? I believe so. This is a true story. I’ll never forget it 🙂

    • Catherine B

      I love your story Paul W…..very much…….We can depend on God…..I have stories like yours and love to hear others experiences ..thanks for sharing your story here….!!

  15. Sandra C

    He said though his job requires him to think fast on his feet, he didn’t know what to do in this instance. I disagree. He did exactly what he needed to do to save his life. That ability to think quickly on his feet, calmly assess a situation and react appropriately to it came in handy. Smart man!

    Really enjoyed this episode…and LOVED the way it was introduced. Wes is a master story teller and production artist.

  16. m99

    ? 100th! ?

    Glad this man got outta there. I’m thinking his angel helped him do what was needed to get out of there. Oh snap! Glad he got away! Bless you brother. Thanks for sharing.

    Great Show. Thank you Wes. ?

    • m99

      _welllll_ still listening & thinking & I wonder if Wes mentions these big guys swim? Then he does, but the guest doesn’t react. Good job Wes. You make people feel welcome and at ease.

  17. Jan D

    Reminded me of SC EP:249 It had a look like “I’m going to kill you,” also in Florida. Similar behavior and impression of being a man but different. Human but not us. Interesting episode. Thanks.

  18. Pat T

    Hey Wes, hope yr doing well, haven’t posted in a long time but finally had to after tonight’s show. Really enjoyed yr guest and his encounter, thanks again for bringing a great show week to week.

  19. James W

    very interesting episode. The way he told his story made this very hard to disbelieve Todd. Sometimes I hear accounts and it seems like the person is just telling a story. In Todd questioning everything he remembered and numerous times asking if he really did see this as if Wes was there too 100 percent makes me believe he saw something. There was absolutely no embellishment in his voice or descriptions. He seemed like he wanted confirmation still that was was not crazy to tell the story of what he saw. This is the type of witness/ encounters to makes me continue in believing the big fella or girl is out there.

  20. paul w

    Thank you Catherine for the nice reply! one of the other miracles in my life also happened at my time in mannheim germany if you’de like to read it. 7th grade, It was an awkward phase for me i was a very wimpy looking boy growing up and kinda attracted bullys. God did bless me big time after that cuz i grew tall and strong.

    So picture 1987-1988 and the walkman was the coolest thing around. Back then on base you could go to the px which was like the wal mart for military families and buy walkmans aplenty but they were always really cruddy cheap ones just have stop/play/fast forward. the kids that had the ones with rewind and autoreverse and all these other functions were the superstars of school lol.

    Well all i had was the cruddy one.But one day my sister who had german friends she would go off base and the stores had everything you could imagine. My sister comes home with a top of the line sony walkman she bought at an electronics store. it had all the bells and whistles you could ever hope for at the time. This thing was cool ( a cassete player walkman) I asked my sister if i could take it to school with me a few days later. and she said “NO” well…i really wanted to show it off to my buddys and went ahead and snuck it from her room and i took it with me… On my way walking to school i had the earphones in listening to some good tunes and up next to me walks a kid named wayne. a real buttmunch to say the least. Wayne would always harrass other kids and talk trash to anyone that was weaker than him but we kinda got along cuz back then nintendo was a big thing and so ide often trade games with wayne and vice versa. So wayne said “cool walkman can i see it?” and i held it up for him and he said “no can i hold it man” and my gut told me DO NOT give it to wayne but i took the chance and gave it to him to examine. he said “thanks” and he went walking the opposite way. I said whooa man you just wanted to see it. But he said its mine now. Knowing i took my sisters walkman after she told me no was a real bummer and i had to get it back…im probably 5’3′ 5’4 at this age and time and wayne was every bit of 6 feet. just a big shrek looking cretin. I said wayne man c’mon thats my sisters thats not mine and he said ‘give me some money then”

    fine how much you want i said and he said give me 2 dollars. May not be much now but back in 1988 2 dollars was burger king money that we had there. So i said “ill get you the money just dont break it”. So i went home and asked my mom for 2 bucks….she asked me what for and i must have given her a lame excuse cuz she would not give me the 2 dollars.. back then i carried sack lunches everyday my parents were tight with money. so i went to wayne and told him i couldnt get two dollars just please give me the walkman back he said “fine then get me raphaels bike instead” raphael was this spanish kid who lived in the opposite side of me he had a brand new fancy bmx bike…as fancy as we could get at the time at the px…a huffy. So i was desperate, it was wrong i know but i had to get that walkman back. i figured in my mind raphael would catch him with the bike so all was good i had to get the walkman. So raphael left his bike out front as he usually did and i swiped it and walked it over to wayne and he put the walkman in my hand. He was as dumb as he is big so raphael raises a fuss his bike was stolen and he and like every kid on the block is looking for raphs bike. They see big dumb wayne on it and they know its not his they just know. So i hear from it in school that raph got his bike back and wayne had the mp’s come to his apartment and him and his dad were taken to the mp station (military police) apparently he had many infractions with the mp’s and this must have been the final straw because his dad and family was to be transferred out of there to a new location as in back to the states. it was serious.

    So some kids were telling me “wayne is mad at you said you called mp’s on him” i swore up and down i didnt call any mps on him i told nobody! so one day im hanging with my two best buds we are just out back sitting on park benches jibber jabbing having fun and a little bus goes by..kind of like a ferry bus that rides around post and anyone on base can ride in it to get anywhere. my friend Sean says “paul wayne was on that bus i saw him” i said you sure it was him? did he see me? He said i dont know…but they were saying “you better get out of here” i was feeling brave or stupid ..but i said he aint gonna come over here. Sure enough wayne and his friend with him…another kid i know from school who i seen jump a kid and beat him up when it was an unfair 2 on 1 was with him. and they both were walking fast towards me.

    I look at my two friends sean and my other friend named Lashawn…i felt a little safe around lashawn cuz he could fight i seen him fight many kids he wasnt a bully or nothin but ya know….fights happen with teen boys. Anyways i said as wayne was comin towards me “yall gonna help me with wayne?” sean who was just as nerdy as me shook his head in a “nuh unh” and lashawn didnt say anything as wayne and this other kid are right about to me i look at lashawn in a “help me dude” look. and i can tell even lashawn is scared. I walk backwards saying ‘wayne i didnt call the mps on you i swear. please man i cant fight you” and he put his fists up and had that boxer stance coming at me and his friend was swinging his arms side to side almost punching his hand in his fist. and i thought “im gonna die here” or im gonna be in alot of pain…and i say out loud or i pray i cant remember what “God please help me please God” and right as hes about to begin his attack…another kid from school comes speeding up behind me jumping off his moving bike i forget his name but another really tough kid..in that grade he actually did have a muscular physique and he was friends with lashawn but not really me. he didnt really know me other than he seen that i hung around with lashawn alot. Well he immediately goes up to wayne and blocks him says “wayne wayne leave dude alone man he didnt do nothin to you” wayne and his buddy were afraid of this guy. Not just him but his friends he hung out with…he was the alpha for sure. Wayne was shaking his head and saying “maaaaaaan” But it was diffused. I truly think that was another miracle too.. right as i call for God. im saved by a stranger. sorry bout the long story but it is as i remember it. Wayne did move and no further interaction and in the next school year i actually became somewhat of a friend to waynes buddy that was with him in woodshop class.
    God is good 🙂

  21. MONTE M

    Intense encounter. Like Wes sais they are unpredictable. I once read a person who spent most his time during summer in the British Columbia Mountains on horseback say the same thing about Grizzly Bears, that they were unpredictable. We can assume much about these creatures. What a drastic adrenalin dread of an encounter. Mudd flying …. WTH? Your mind immediately sais trying to make sense of the event and its unfolding quickly in the dark. Thirty feet is nothing, it’s right there. I believe it very true how pissed off and dangerous these creatures can be. I also think alot of it is they just get pissed when you get near them be it they are hunting hogs, deer,frogs, snakes,fish or just napping or whatever they are doing. If it really wanted him it wouldn’t have tossed anything and just kept quite and sniped him. This probably does happen. You notice it did not, it slung mudd, yelled verbal obscenities (Iam sure it wasn’t screaming dude its frogging time) and fist pumped like a steroid jock. So I think mostly it seemed to be putting on a pissed off display, not to say it couldnt have turned bad quickly. Those air boats are super loud and somewhat intimidating I can see how it was pissed. Scary encounter thanks for sharing.

  22. Jan F

    Great show.
    What i have learn her on SC. They also RUN AMOK IF YOU HAVE A HUGE FIRE.

  23. David L

    This guy reminds me of Blake from a few months ago. Just some guy who has an amazing imagination and adores the sound of his own voice.
    It’s disheartening that I look forward to the 2nd episode every weekend, then this guy comes on and ruins my week. I’ll have to just listen to some old episodes, again ?

  24. Christine D

    Do you know how noisy an airboat is? I think the bigfoot was just mad at the very rude intrusion on his quiet evening. He may not have attacked because the airboat was large, strange and very noisy. He might have thrown mud rather than getting close to that noisy machine.

    • SCOTT O

      One of the very convincing witnesses that stick with you.
      This guy never told a fib in his life. Thanks Wes. Some of your guests are a little shaky but Todd was solid.

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