Dec 24

SC EP:67 The “Insider” Part 1

Happy Holidays everyone! This week we have a two-part show. We have an “insider” who will be coming on to share his encounter and knowledge of some government emails he came across between the U.S. Department of the Interior and The Bureau of Land Management. I have asked him to change his story about how he acquired the emails because I want to keep him as a contact. He will share as much as he can without giving away his identity. No it’s not Mr. Black, a lot of what he has to say is shocking. The first part of the show will focus on a property he lived on where this creature was killing everything it could, and the harassment towards his family that followed. This is part one of the interview!



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  1. BrokenMind27

    Wow, Great episode !! Ugh, wish I didn’t have to wait for part 2.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. My Christmas present to myself this year ?? My one year subscription to Sasquatch Chronicles of coarse. Thank you to all that make this web site possible !!

  2. rubin c

    The entire story is a nightmare….feel sorry for his wife hearing about this every night and what he went through trying to get someone to see what he was seeing….I volunteer to be a cookie rather than go through that #”\°!!! Excellent, story….smart man to move!

  3. Terry W W

    This is one fascinating story. The sasquatch that would not leave. What can a person do to get this creature to go somewhere else? I guess you would have to do what that one guy did, Kill them. He had the proof that they exist, but he dumped into the river.

    • willowswhispers

      Elaine G Thanks for posting the YouTube site. Had heard that story before, but listened again while cleaning up the kitchen for afternoon CHRISTMAS dinner. Going to try to get my husband to listen to this story (of course the fam thinks I see things ha). The story is a men’s men story. Believe every word that came out of that fellers mouth. Everything was there to make it true..fear, excitement, nerves and very large you know what’s to hunt again!! Happy Holidays

      • Elaine G

        willowwhispers, I must have listened to that story 5 or 6 times now and I really believe what this man says, you can hear it in his voice and how it still affects him to this day years later. Hope you had a nice Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas to everyone

    • Hayden

      Was this story on a SC episode, maybe one of the Government Conspiracy episodes, because I have heard this story before. This one was more in depth, but I do remember the G-men getting smart and threatening the witness: “you didn’t see what you thought you saw!”

  4. Dave S

    Where can I buy a house where the whole neighborhood grows pot and makes 700k a year? You just can’t have any pets there, lol. Happy holiday to Wes , Will and Shannon and all the SC members.

  5. greg d

    Excellent story. How could you track this thing for years and not get any photos, video, or sound. That part is very puzzling. As for the crypto crew interview above, that was played on sasquatch chronicals

    • Ken C

      I am ex military and was trained to carry only what was needed and did not care about pics. Cameras make noise I did everything possible NOT to draw attention to my self , at night alone facing one of these. How many night pics have you seen that looked good.

      • margaret h

        Exactly!!! That’s what makes everything credible. Ex-military, low key, calm, collected, fear-in-check, not out to HOTDOG, just to get a grip on what’s going on in the Hood!. Patience, persistence……wondering why though, did not shoot at first opportunity. Is it the shock of being up so close and personal and thinking it could retaliate?? In hindsight, might have been the best chance. If it was a loner, perhaps no retribution from the family group?? Bummer though if it turned out like the Grower and was hunted til death. Bet Wes Will and Shannon saved the best for last and just when we might have thought they went off for a Christmas break. Well deserved. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to “The Knowers”. Cheers.

  6. michael g

    This is a most amazing,and very believable account.
    Are we in the midst of some kind of booger population explosion? Also there seems to be an increase in aggressive behavior.

    • Robert V

      Just speculating. I’m not an expert. I would assume it’s like everything else. I’m sure the population has actually gone down or stayed the same. I agree with Wes. I think there is more information now, people are more willing to talk, and we’re moving into area’s we’ve never lived before. The we is humans. I believe they have always been aggresive, but there are people out in the world who want them to be something they are not. These same people are doing this with wolves, bears, and animals “science” excepts. What makes people think these same people aren’t going to try and make Sasquatch or any of this type of species into something they are not. Shouldn’t shock anybody.

  7. greg d

    Stalking in the woods, totally understandable not carrying a bunch of recording gear. It was seen and heard from several houses for years and it’s movements were known. There are countless ways getting any kind of video/audio evidence could have been accomplished very discreetly. Even an iPhone could do it, and they’re quite common by 2011. Seems minimal for someone who owns night vision gear. Awesome story! Can’t wait for part 2!

  8. James C

    Very interesting and very authentic sounding. I also thought the same thing as some other posts above about the lack of video evidence, pictures, or track casts. Then I thought maybe this guy isn’t out for publicity. Although this had been going on for several years with the authorities refusing to get involved, pets missing, people missing, the neighbors started carrying guns. This guy being ex-military, it would seem logical that he would document the happenings after a certain peiod of time. No physical evidence of any kind from anyone? Sorry to be Devil’s advocate, but it raises a red flag because the opportunity was definitely available.

    Not to say I don’t believe the story, but who the hell am I. I believed Justin Smeda’s story at first. Ask Justin if he could do it all over again if he wished he would have thrown that creature he shot in the back of the truck (assuming that he’s telling the truth), and he only had ONE opportunity to get evidence.

  9. WALT D

    This story covering so many years is incredible. He was speaking like it just happened yesterday. Something like this stays with you forever. I think know one is interested in the truth because they already know the facts! Can’t wait for part 2

  10. Norman B

    the best storytelling, encounters, interviews of Sasquatch = The Sasquatch Chronicles!
    Great Job Wes n the Gang, lets keep it that way shall we…………………………………

  11. Kim

    Just read this story! WOW!! Greatest story Ive heard. Could the sasquach, when he leaned into his rifle, had wanted to be killed? Sounds like he had physical as well as mental issues. Any thoughts, these ideas can just pop into my head.
    Merry Christmas one and all!

  12. bill l

    Sounds like it was a lonely old sasquatch, mean and nasty, with some mental issues. If they are another human species, some archaic hominid, it”s quite possible that they could vary from one individual to another in intelligence and demeanor.

  13. Bob S

    Great account! Hope to hear more like this, a lot to learn from accounts so up front and in your face instead of the typical road crossing. Happy holidays to all of you! You guys and gal are Great!

  14. Ken C

    Ok, it seem I have to clear up the whole pic and video thing. It’s funny how people fixate on this stuff, where the video and how many pics do you have?

    Let’s clear this now, I do have some pics but most of the tracks were degraded from rainfall from night to day and I think I said this monster was smart and would follow pine needles and leaf trails when possible.

    In 2007 I posted a print of the right foot on another site and got blasted, where is the mid tarsal break and this and that.

    The rest I am holding for a project that is coming up. Sound, now I don’t give a crap about that, this happened off and on and to try in rain and snow to get sound that would be good enough to post here, I just did not care.

    Game cams, well I did post some around the house and got good shots of the deer and most wildlife, but IR does not work. I learned that the hard way! I thought I made clear that the growers were of dangerous. You don’t try to post game cams in an area where people are growing, it may get you shot.

    Ask Shannon about some of the inside stuff I sent her about missing people in the area?

    • BrokenMind27

      Ken, screw the doubters and people who are questioning your story. I think it is fascinating. You’re always going to have people who question everything with this topic. You sound very believable and creditable, thank you very much for sharing it with us.

    • margaret h

      Finally, someone like Ken who’s main concern is to blend into the forest, becoming invisible like any good special ops would do to observe and learn, to persist over such a long period of time and gather such incredible detail ……. worth much more than a photo that everyone would argue over for forever. I love it when every good story reveals more of the detail about behaviour, movements, personalities, habits, etc. loved the details about the tree climbing and descending and looking into houses. Feel very sorry for the animals though. Would have mine inside at night. Cheers.

    • Jay Carlsen

      BRAVO ! Ken C ! This is the Umteenth Time I have listened to this ! just Rivitting !
      I Totally understand the Ridicule Factor , seeing it ALL THE TIME . If people do not see a Portrait Shot , w/ hands folded on it’s Knee’s , Sitting Pretty . They Bash it . Sad .
      I do not Blame you . It can be a Circus .
      And you get the People who Refuse to even Listen , if they hear you have Photo’s & will not show them. As If it is OWED to them for some Reason ?
      This is one of the few of my Favorite Episodes ( all are Favorite – but these 2 Stand Above the rest ! Very Credible !)
      Thank you Sir , for your Service !
      Keep those Guns Clean.

    • Jay Carlsen

      Sorry , I have thanked you in a Previous Comment . Sorry .
      Many of My own Family has served . I have always been Funny that way – since I was Denied my Service , as it was not War Time & I am a Broken Man . Trying to avoid the Weird Factor .

  15. BrokenMind27

    I’ve listened to this interview 3 – 4 times, one reason is because I have the flu during Christmas, but this is the best interview since Coonbo. In dying to hear part 2!! Please put it up ASAP !!

  16. greg d

    Ken, I’m not doubting your story, you sound very credible. And it’s one of the best episodes so far. With the ability to predict it’s behavior this is a rare opportunity to capture high quality evidence and it should be taken advantage of. Considering the amount of high quality photo/video evidence can be counted on 1 finger, and considering the Patterson footage is next to the Zepruter film in being studied, it should be understandable why people are so interested in the opportunity to acquire solid visual evidence. Evidence that could impact the world.

    • Jay Carlsen

      ( Ken C – Thank you for your Service. Many of My Family have Served . I could not , Due to a Motorcycle Accident. So I Thank God for the Oil Field ! It is People such as Yourself , That Make this Country Great !)

      Do you Believe it would be allowed ? If in fact these Men in Black are Concerned ? ( Which I have No Doubt ) Then wouldn’t that be a Topic that the ” powers that Be ” would care to keep Silent ? How Many Pictures have you seen , That are Genuine ; But a little Blurry , or Shadowed , can’t Quite make it out ? Even the Patterson / Gimllin Film is Still to this day , Being called a Hoax , Man in the Monkey Suite . Have you Read the Comments on any Video on YouTube on this Subject ? Where People Be-Rate those who offer any kind of Evidence ? Call them Liar’s or Fraud’s ? Speak Down to them as if they are Children ? ……… Why ? Why put your self Through that ? Isn’t it Obvious that this kind of Experience leaves an Impression on a Individual? & Could You put Your Self Through that Vat of Negativity ? Play the Fool for the Scoffers ? After such an Experience that you will Remember & Recall at will & in Detail for the rest of your Life . To have some Mouthy, Snot Nosed , Kid , Bad Mouth you ; Who Lives Down Town Suburbia, Who’s Idea of ‘ The Woods ‘ is mowing the Furthest Strip of Grass on the Property Line in the Back Yard, Bad Mouth ya ……. Wouldn’t that just Drive you Crazy? Wouldn’t it?
      ( Well, It would Me. I am not Perfect , I am Flawed , But that would drive me Insane ) ( Why Bother?)
      They have Played their Hand well! ( Those who Rule the Country ) & Have pushed this Topic out into the Realm of Paranormal & utter Dis-belief. Only from what First Nation People account of things before the White Mans arrival lend Credit to the Existence of these Things ? As they tell of ‘ Stick Indians ‘ or the story’s of The Wild Women of the Forest , who puts Pine Sap on her hands. To Grab Children , to put in a Basket , & steel away to Eat Them ? Wouldn’t that be enough ? But they say ‘ OH , Those People Believe in Spirits. They can not be Credible ….’ No Wonder why they think us White People are Fools.
      I Live in Northwestern Michigan , here they are in Denial of the fact Cougars have been Seen. Deer Kills have been found in Trees , Live stock have been found with 2 sets of claw marks , one each side of the Animals Rump , Game Cams have caught them , I personally know 20 people that have seen them.
      My Former Wife , The Mother of My Children; took our Dogs for a Walk. Out to the Paved Road from our Property like 1/4 mile , then a Mile to the Highway & Back. While I was putting a Roof on my Shed w/ some corrugated steel I had. Our dogs were King Boxers ( they are always Puppies ) On her way back Home , She cut Kitty Corner across the 10 Acre White Pine stand that was across the Street from our House. As she walked Out of the woods , Behind our Mail Box across our road was a strip of tall grass. Before the edge of this stand of Pine , like maybe 20 feet . As she walked across this Strip of Tall Grass , Between the Forest & the Road . One of the dogs stuck it’s Nose in a Tuft of Grass , And Kicked Up A Cougar! I remember looking at the Hammer in my Hand , & Thinking I had better hang on to it . The way she yelled for me to go out front , Something in her Voice – I just knew it was Trouble …..
      I got around front, She said while walking out behind our Mail Box the dogs kicked up a Cat that was Bigger than either one of our Dogs ( The king boxer is the Large Breed of Boxer) with a 6 foot Tail , with a Black Tip on the end of it , Fawn Brown, and she was Visibly Shaken . She had to Pull the Dogs across the Road into our Yard . Not that they were Barking or wanting to Run , But I seen they were ” Locked ” on Something , & were keeping a eye in the direction my Wife had Pointed. White Pine has long Needles , So I did not find Tracks. But I found where the Animal lay , The Grass matted down. Directly across the Street from our Front Door. We have 3 Daughter who were all under the age of 5 years old . ( I worked in the Oil Field, 1997 I was working in Colorado. & I remember the 4 Months i spent out there Working , 3 Young Children died from Mountain Lion Attacks! The last child was Taken from his Mothers Hand , as they walked a Nature Trail. I was besides my self , That Poor Women.) The Police directed me to Animal Control – but they just do Pets . So they directed me to the Department of Natural Resources. Where I left a Urgent Message on the Answering Machine, I was Concerned. The Next Day , I got a return call around 3:00pm. I was Told not to Worry, it was Only a Dog. I ask them Why would they call my Wife a Liar ? That Dogs do not have 6 foot Tails – Tipped w/ Black. This Lady said flat out “She was Mistaken, Cougar have been Extinct from Michigan since 1800’s some time. Your Wife Could NOT have seen One.” I Protested ‘ What stands 3 1/2 foot at the Front Shoulder , 90 – 100 Lbs , has a 6 foot long Tail w/ a Black Tip on the end, And is a Cat? ‘ She then told me it was Probably an escaped cat , from a Game Reserve , within 10 miles of our Home . So I Confirmed with her ‘ So I can Shoot it?’ and she said ” Yes , You Can . But not if it Is a Cougar . If it is a animal Not From Michigan – You can Shoot It .” ( & she list off the Large Cats . All Fair Game , But Cougar)
      So I remind her ‘ But Cougar are Also Large Cats … & Like My House Cat sees a Mouse? Would this Animal see my Children as such?And just what was that Animal Doing? Just Hiding in the grass behind my Mail Box? Was it Waiting for the Grandparents to bring our Children Home ?’ She was at a loss for words ” Well………” Then added “But you cannot Shoot it if it is a Cougar. If you do – You Will go to Prison for 19 year & stripped of all Hunting Privileges.” I thought of that Poor Women. And Said
      ‘ So you mean to Tell me….. That I can Not Shoot this Animal , Unless I see it in my Yard , with one of My Children in it’s Teeth?’ She even Laughed at how Absurd it was. But Said ” I Know, that sounds Funny ……….
      I Hung up on her . Since …. it has been Confirmed that Cougar are in Lower Michigan. 2 tears ago an Officer was Clawed , when he reached for a Animal in the Ditch ( it was hit bye a Car ) ( And Why would you reach for Any Animal that is Unfamiliar to you & is Injured ?) The Officer went to a Hospital that is across the State from me. And since then they have been caught on Game Cams . But Why the Cover Up ? With the Cougar or the Sasquatch ? Both are Know to be dangerous. Would it Prove we do Not Know Everything ?
      Sorry – its so Long ….. this just Interest Me.

  17. Patrick W

    Wow , one of the best encounters I’ve ever heard. Can’t wait for part 2, It seems kind of riskie to have a two part story on a person who is worried about his identity. But what do I knew?

    • BrokenMind27

      What if it was recorded in one “sitting” or call but then broken into 2 parts ?? Why is everyone so damn skeptical of certain things ?? It’s like their looking for a reason to say, “I don’t believe them because….” If you don’t believe cancel your membership and get on with your life – I promise, we won’t care.

  18. Scott B

    Awesome story, I could tell by his conviction in his voice, that he saw what he saw! I love how people keep coming out of the wood work to share their experiences on your show, Wes, Wil, and Shannon. Keep up the good work, it is paying off!! Now I will be waiting for Part 2, and I hope it is not far away!

  19. Jeff K

    Asking for audio and video is all well and good, until you’ve been there in the moonlight with something unknown and a rifle in your hands. Mine was nearly 30 years ago in Montana’s northern Bitterroot Range about a mile from the Idaho border. I don’t know to this day what it was that approached our camp after midnight and began shaking a tall, thick stand of brush 20 feet away, snorting and grunting and stomping so hard the ground shook. I do know that the .357 I’d drawn along with my 4-cell Maglight began to feel mighty inadequate as the ruckus continued. I backed to my Suburban and pulled a Mini-14 from the rack, chambered a cartridge as I brought the sights up to center on the brush, and the only thing going through my mind was how fast I could deliver the 25 rounds in the magazine downrange if the situation escalated. Strange thing was, as soon as I stepped clear of the truck door with the rifle up the demonstration stopped as suddenly as it had begun. Heard nothing approach and nothing leave though it was a quiet night a long way from anywhere. Bottom line, if you’ve not faced the elephant in its domain, think twice before criticizing the one that has for failing to gift you with an ivory comb on his return. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

    • Robert V

      They must know what a gun is. I wonder how often our Military tracks these down and kills them. Cool story. Enjoyed reading it. I’ve never seen one, I don’t want to, but if I do I’m unsure of what I’d do; even if I was carrying a weapon or a camera. It’s easy to say you should shoot one or take a photo, but there must be a few moments of, “What did I just see?”

  20. Melanie W

    Sobering… And intriguing story…. Wow! Going back to listen to it again… There is so much information, I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Thanks so much to the SC team and to Ken C for sharing his story. Can’t wait for part 2!

  21. ron n

    Wow!!!! Very frightening! It’s kind of unsettling that the Sheriff’s Department wouldn’t deal with this fellow’s official complaints
    From what he described about how the Sheriffs responded to his phone calls it sounds like they will go out of their way to avoid
    responding to these kind of complaints.This goes beyond having “The elephant in the room” that everyone knows about but doesn’t
    want to talk about.I don’t know what’s more disturbing, this creatures behavior or the Sheriff’s Department’s refusal to respond to peoples
    complaints about the strange goings on.

    • Ken C

      Ron n, I only touched on bits of what happened, about 10% due to time. I can tell you they would pull me over from time to time and check my car for guns, they knew what I was doing and did not like it.

  22. Kenneth M

    Ken C – Thanks for this episode and your story – This is by far my favorite episode. This critter really had a thing for your neighborhood. Do you regret not taking the shot at its head when you had it in your sights? What would you have done with the body if you shot it and you survived and it died on the spot?

    I can see why the farmer dragged the bodies away and didn’t care about evidence – who needs the endangered species feds and curious others comming into your cropland or property to take everything away? Frankly anyone has got to wonder is it really better to have this publicallly accepted because of the mess the federal government may make of the situation.

    Thanks for sharing – very cool story and you really had me creeped out how the creature would climb a redwood like a squirrel! Wow!

    • Ken C

      I had know idea how far it’s hand was from me, I could here it coming through the brush and it freaked me out. When it left it did so fast at almost a dead run, I was doing the same just backwards and trying to get my night vision working.

    • Jay Carlsen

      I Agree ! Great Account!!!
      But as I sit in front of this Computer , It seems to make sense . The Massive Build of these Creatures, Just the Size alone would Credit their Massive Build . To move such a Frame over the Terrain would be enough , But to Climb Redwood trees as a Squirrel would ! That is just Crazy !
      Of Course they would be Built , Much More Stronger than We Are , For Certain.
      I have never Seen One – Nor do I desire too .
      I Totally can see this to Be , For the Account of First Nation People alone . ( They lived here before We Did , Why Wouldn’t they Know ?)
      When I bought the Computer – & began surfing YouTube , I seen these Video’s & Wondered if this could be the Giants found in the Mounds ? I Recall reading a Amount of Material on this Giant Subject when I was Younger . I am proud to Admit – My Mother is a Librarian. & She turned me on to the Subject a while ago. Way before I ever heard of Jim Vierra ( I Like that Guy ! Hope his Show does well ….. But I do not Know ?)
      (back on Subject) They are Both Big , But i was Certain I have read accounts of these Giants being Buried w/ Copper Armour . & that would throw a Wrench in my Theory . I do not Believe these Sasquatch People use any kind of Technology ? Maybe a Stick to hit a tree with , But as far as Smelting Copper Ore & fashioning implements from the Final Product ? If these Giants were the same as these Sasquatch People ,
      Why would they abandon that ? So I do not think so as Much ….
      Even though there are different Breeds of Sasquatch. Could they be a separate Breed ? Sure could have been . I find it Fascinating that it is Suppressed as much as it is . It is Crazy though ……..

  23. Alan H

    Ok, I’ve listened to this about twenty times and am about to go into withdrawals if part two isn’t posted soon.

    Outstanding re-telling by Ken. His voice just brings instant credibility.

  24. Letty

    Thank you so much Mr. Insider for sharing this wealth of information. Your encounters were compelling and convincing enough where I didn’t have to see to believe. Please continue to keep us posted on any valuable information for us listeners on BHS. I can’t wait to listen to Part 2!

  25. Matt f

    Next to Coonbo stories by far this was best I’ve heard.Very well spoken,excellent story teller and the investigative observation work he put in goes unmeasured along with cahonies,I couldn’t have had the bravery to sit and wait knowing it was going to come by,lucky after infrared lite was turned on a chase didn’t ensue.This story alone worth the 6th month subscription.Thanks again to all who make this show,my family and I play podcast with lites out at nite which is making family memories in itself so thanks for extra family time.

  26. Douglas T

    I am trying a one month membership to check the site out. So far I am enjoying going back and listening to some of the old shows, and they have been great! Not sure how it will work out once I’m all caught up.

  27. Elaine G

    the more I listen to this story the more I am inclined to think that this bigfoot was stoned out of its tree on all the marijuanna plants growing in that area. especially the part where this bigfoot was flaying its arms in the air and talking gibberish

    • Jay Carlsen

      Who is going to post any Photo or Video of these things? Have you ever seen the Clips of these things on the YouTube? Who would even want that Ridicule ? Who would want to bring that all upon themselves ?

  28. Frankie P

    I’m glad I listened to this one again. I had forgotten so much of it. This was an excellent episode. Scary. Makes you wonder what happened in that neighborhood after he left.

  29. Justin L

    This is the third or fourth time listening to this one. Sounds like Brooktrails, CA. Backs up to super rugged, private terrain owned by MRC for logging. Perfect environment for something like that to survive (thrive).

  30. Matt P

    This guy has too much time on his hands. I like how he constantly talks himself up, calling himself an “alpha”. I’m guessing he’s genitally challenged.

  31. Matt P

    Find me one more power lifter in the world that calls a squat a “leg lift”. This guy is full of crap. “1,000 pound leg lift”. Powerlifters do bench, squats and deadlifts in competitions. This guy is a liar. I’m guessing he’s a geek with a small penis.

  32. Chris G

    It’s horrible what happened to this guy. But that doesn’t mean you get to treat people like crap.
    Bobo is the nicest, smartest person I think I have ever met.
    Pretty sad what this guy was saying about him.
    Shame on you

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