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SC EP:668 I Think It Followed Me Home

I have had internet issues all day and I have not checked to see if the guest sent me his picture yet or not but he does I will post them.

The witness writes “I live in the Magic Valley of Southern Idaho. This is a desert area but in my city of 60,000 people there is the deepest gorge in America known as the Snake River Canyon. And the canyon breaks off into several smaller canyons that run through my town. Also just outside of Twin falls we have the largest lava cave system in the world. Also the 1st Documentary film of Missing 411 was filmed not to far from where I live. So a pretty interesting area to say the least.

Well I have a really good friend who is a federal investigator and we are both firm believers of these creatures. He has talked to me about portals and other stuff that he knows about being an federal investigator and all. Well we have heard of several accounts of people seeing these creatures in our canyon system. We decided to go down to the part of the canyon that is literally down the street from my house. We wanted to just explore the area and see if there were any signs of these creatures in the area.

Well something did happen that lead to a series of events that are still going on to this day. We weren’t planning on staying very long so we didn’t take flashlights. This was in November of 2018, we drove from my house to the canyon and walked down the trail. We went to an area that is off limits, he said he would take care of it if someone said anything hence his occupation. We hiked for about an hour and we did hear a large growl and it stopped us in our tracks and to us it sounded like a mountain lion. We backed up and we noticed about 10ft up at tree that the bark was just shredded like a grizzly bear or something just tore it up. But we don’t have grizzlies here in this part of Idaho.

Here in the canyon it gets dark very fast, faster than up on the surface. So before we knew it, it was dark. We had no flash lights just the moon light. My friend had a 41 caliber revolver on him. We started hearing twigs break and like movement around us. Whatever it was it sounded like multiple large animals.

As we were walking I was straight up terrified and was sure whatever was out there was going to grab me off the trail. All of a sudden I saw a huge black mass on the side of the trail ahead of us and then it ran across the trail on two legs and it was massive and blacker than the dark around it. I was praying that my eyes were playing tricks on me then my friend says it just crossed the trail in front of us. He confirmed what I thought I saw and I lost it. I tried to run but he assured me it will be worse if I ran. So we back tracked and high tailed it out of the canyon and it followed us the whole way making noises and stuff.

We drove to my house and we opened a bottle of whiskey and were trying to get ahold of ourselves. Well it doesn’t end there. Personally the scariest was still to come. About 1-2 weeks later tops, my wife told me in the morning that something was on our roof in the nighttime hours. she said she heard a loud thump right above our room above our bed. She heard it walking around up there and she was struck with fear she couldn’t move or anything. She said it walked for a bit and it went quiet and she fell back asleep. When she told me this I decided to go outside and look for tracks since it was snowing. Sure enough there were these prints on my roof but they were barely visible since the snow covered them but they were also on my neighbors roof and their neighbor as well like it traveled on our roof tops to the canyon. I have the pictures. So i called my friend and he came over, I said maybe it was that bigfoot we saw and it followed me home! He said he didn’t think it was a bigfoot but maybe a dogman or a type of bigfoot. I never heard of the term dogman, or any other types of bigfoot. so I started researching and freaked out when I heard all the stories about them traveling on roof tops. I always heard them called wolf man or werewolf when I lived in texas and my family lived in Michigan as well and talked about the wolf man. Well about another week or so after that I was awoken around 3-4 in the morning by a thump. I listened and didn’t hear anything else so I went and checked the doors and checked on my kids. I couldn’t figure out what woke me up but something did for sure and my little pup was acting strange. So I went out in the morning and there were more tracks on the roof again! This time there was no snow covering them and they went on our roofs towards the canyon again. I do have those pictures as well.

I think something followed me home and we have had several other weird things happen, my wife and two small kids seeing things that are alarming.”







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74 Responses to “SC EP:668 I Think It Followed Me Home”

  1. Dean C

    Happy 4th of July everyone!!!! Great way to start the weekend. Thanks Wes, sounds fantastic.
    Take care everyone, enjoy the weekend
    South Wales, UK

  2. Wes Germer

    Looks like tonight’s show posted public. I have shows lined up for members. I’m using a new provider and I thought I had it set right. Sorry for the confusion

  3. Celia

    Wes, I love it when things post as non-members shows. Makes it easier to listen to when it’s in my podcast app. And who knows? You might entice some new folks to join! Have a great holiday!

  4. Leann G

    Scary encounters. It seems the creatures sense the guests presence because the interact so frequently or maybe it’s something special about the area.

    • Evelyn G

      They can sense the electric pulse of your heartbeat for one thing. They know the minute you arrive and sometimes even before that. No one is going to get the drop on them.

  5. Doug K

    Awesome program tonight Wes!!! Thanks Choowie and Raymond. These are very creepy encounters. Those dogmen sound like really scary animals…….YEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brandon M

    Great show brotha! I’ve lived and camped in Hays county, Texas and definitely have heard of encounter stories and had a potential encounter in a neighboring county. The Blanco and San Marcos river have a long history of sightings. In the intro of the show there is the gentleman who says it was looking in my deer blind, that was near Muldoon which is east of Austin near Bastrop and that is also very very close to these other rivers. When I first got into the Bigfoot subject I was actually living in Hays County and used to always only think about or look up East Texas and counters but little did I know from listening to all the shows and being a longtime member that they were right under my nose, very interesting.

  7. Janetta V

    What do you guys need an adrenaline rush to go out looking for trouble? You did some stupid things and pressed your luck, I hope you grow up and stop this stupidity. Life is precious and you only have one.

  8. Kevin L

    Ok I’m sorry but pretty sure if you say you’re a pastor and name your actual church and state, you’re not going to stay anonymous for long…….

  9. Evelyn G

    Sounds like these guys are playing with fire. If you want answers I suggest you read Kewaunee Lesperitis’ books. You will find out what they are without jeopardizing your families.

  10. winkatme

    WES, this was by far one of your BEST SHOW’S EVER! I hope you do a LIVE HALLOWEEN SHOW with these guys! Have a HAPPY 4th of JULY everyone! Nothin but LUV, WINK

  11. david b

    Happy fourth of july, i am really thankful that I live in the greatest country on earth! Thanks Wes for another informative show. These guys seems to be for real, especially when they talk about going “live”. Kinda hard to fake and forgery a live broadcast!

  12. Debbie S

    Great show…thanks Wes and guests! I kinda have to agree with a few others….keep looking for trouble and it will find you. I understand the curiosity thing too, it is what keeps me scanning tree lines but safety should be a focal point too. It is a delusion to think you will have enough firepower to stay completely safe. You said it yourselves, “If they had wanted you in the canyon, they would have had you”. They are toying with you. What happens when they get tired of toying with you or you make them angry?

    Enjoyed your stories but I think you are asking for trouble.

    Happy Fourth of July everyone!

  13. Amy J

    His oldest daughter is very perceptive and sensitive. To realize at her age that it wasn’t a finger tapping the glass, that it sounded like a rock. That’s advanced and unusual.

  14. m99

    Guys, if you knew a big lizard named ‘Godzilla’ lived in the canyon, would you still take yourselves or your kids on a leisure little stroll down there? Seeing you guys are aware of creatures called Bigfoot and Dogman (may) live there, don’t you think perhaps you could find a different trail to recreate on? Just saying. Anyway, Ray thanks for your service.

  15. Derrick P

    This is the most unnerving show I have listened too on here. Why would you continually bring your kids to this place with all the activity they have dealt with? Awesome show though, ha!

  16. Danny D

    What a great show! Those guys have some big ones and I highly enjoyed it though. .I hope he send Wes those pics..I would love to see them too.. Thanks for another good episode Wes and both guests..

  17. Glen M

    Wes, What happened to sasquatch encounters, goes from dogmen , to ghosts to other dimentions, to talking about anything but sasquatch, sticK with your roots wes, weed out guests really well.

  18. Bradley B

    People that have shot at dogman often report that they seem not to be affected by being hit multiple times. I’ve not read or heard of anyone that was able to stop or turn one around using any caliber pistol using a chest shot. Rifle’s of calibers in .223, .308, .270, .30-30, .30-06, and Remington 7mm magnum have also not been effective either with a chest shot. Head shot, maybe? But I’ve not heard of anyone that has done that. The only rifle I know that did cause a dogman to run off after being hit in the chest was a .338 Lapua shooting armor piercing rounds (this is pushing at 250 grain bullet at about 3200 fps generating around 5600 foot pounds of energy). A .30-06 shooting a 220 grain bullet at 2400 fps generates 2800 foot pounds of energy. A lot of bullet energy is needed to get their attention, and I guess .30-06 isn’t enough (the animal was still able to get away even from the Lapua). A guy I know of that goes after these animals using a .416 Rigby (400 grain bullet at 2400 fps, generating 5500 foot pounds of energy). They are TOUGH, don’t go undergunned!

  19. Kathy B

    Wes this was a good/scary story. These two guys really had an experience. Then to have this thing follow you home, awful. This is the first time I have heard this kind of footprint.
    Dogman sounds like it is one wicked animal. Guys please be careful.

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