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SC EP:661 DEVOLUTION With Max Brooks

Max Brooks is an American actor and author. He is the son of comedy legend Mel Brooks and actress Anne Bancroft. Much of Brooks’s writing focuses on zombie stories. He is known as the godfather of the cultural phenomenon of the zombie genre.

His first book, The Zombie Survival Guide (2003), published by Three Rivers Press, describes in depth the origin and lives of zombies. The book was followed up by The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks (2009), a graphic novel depicting several of the events detailed in the first book’s latter section.

In 2006, Brooks followed with World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, which deals with the war between the human race and zombies. Paramount Pictures acquired the movie rights, and Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B Entertainment, produced the film.

The #1 bestselling author of World War Z returns with a horror tale that blurs the lines between human and beast, and asks, What are we capable of when we’re cut off from society?

Max has a new book out called Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre



The story begins with the eruption of Mount Rainier and how a high-tech community copes with being completely cut off. With dwindling supplies and no help in sight, the group must quickly learn to survive with the limited rations and skills they possess as their paradise slowly turns into a nightmare. They soon begin to notice that wildlife is fleeing the woods en masse… among them, glimpses of humanoid beasts straight out of local legend, growing closer—and hungrier—with each passing day.




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112 Responses to “SC EP:661 DEVOLUTION With Max Brooks”

      • John P

        I work 60+ hours a week. Not much time to read. I listened to the book on Audible. Truly think with the style of book it is that’s the way to enjoy it. Great job by all involved. I truly enjoyed it. Max Brooks is a great author. I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to enjoy his other works. Thank you for bringing him on Wes. The show was great!

        • Wolf

          Haven’t read it. If you want to try a Bigfoot novel that has 100% 5 star reviews, check mine out. It’s called Sasquatch Sagas and I a man about to publish Volume 2. Volume 1 is called ‘A Violent World’ and is “the best Bigfoot fiction I’ve ever read” according to just one of the rave reviews.
          You can read the prequel novel called ‘A Curious World’ for free at sasquatchsagas.com

    • F S

      Lots of changes going on in the world. May we have the wisdom and fortitude to succeed.

      • F S

        For my “All lives matter!” folks:

        When The Boston Marathon was bombed and everybody’s profile picture went “Boston strong!”, nobody said “All cities are strong!”.

        When the Las Vegas shooting happened, and people changed their profiles to “Stand with Vegas”, nobody said “Well, what about the people that got shot in my city!”.

        Have you ever seen someone counter a “breast cancer” post with “what about colon cancer”?

        But for some reason if someone says “black lives matter” it turns into all inclusive “all lives matter”

        It’s not an either/or proclamation. When there is a crisis we have always rallied around that particular group. It doesnt discredit or diminish any other group it just brings awareness and support to the group that needs attention.



          • F S

            Can we thank Wes for allowing us to educate and inform?
            Thank you Wes.

        • Joan h

          Not making it about You……. what about all the people who has gotten MURDERED, or Crippled for Life ???
          #ALL LIVES MATTER!
          If you haven’t seen it you’re watching the wrong so called news ….. Too Many People have gotten hurt and they didn’t do a dam thing! People lost Everything and too many have gotten murdered for what…………. I’m waiting, they Got the bad cops and now they are in Jail.
          Check it out for yourself and quit relying on the so called news.

          • Joan h


        • John P

          My favorite thing about coming here is the non-political forum. Just like going to work. Leave your laundry at home. I love you all. Lets leave the debating about social issues on Facebook.

        • Tammi C

          Considering it is more and more obvious to many that it is more a political arm at this point, please don’t preach what others need to believe or not in the motives of a particular group regardless of the surface claims made by the group. We are ALL entitled under our Constitution to have freedom of thought and speech and equity and dialog is important. In this instance, IMO, the movement is largely being used as a front to shut down dialog and insist on unquestioned obedience.

          I don’t believe we all need to blindly rally around any or all of the above mentioned “causes’ without fully researching and understanding their root causes and importantly who is organizing and controlling said cause! ie.. there are plenty of so-called (fill in the blank) causes and charities that are NOT what they seem.
          UNITED WE STAND should not further separate us by race, gender, etc.IM because separation is not uniting, it is categorizing and generalizing which divides nor expect others to kneel down to us.
          Therefore, blindly supporting each and every “cause” (fill in the blank, and case in point), based on the generalizations or categorization, may not only fail to serve a cause but would, further divide and ,therefore, ultimately eventually not leave any of us standing UNITED for long.
          So, I don’t expect anyone to kiss my feet for any reason and personally only bow down to God…..Inclusive of all creeds and all colors in unity, not divided into categories. And you don’t realistically generate love through anger, shaming, and guilting others into submission.
          I am American —Red White and Blue—- not a skin color….all rights belong to all, each and every one of us and if injustices occur there are repercussions already in place to rectify them. To call attention to imbalances we have the right to peaceful protest. There is no beed to burn down businesses and hurt others to achieve an end or suggest others to lay down at our feet! Look at Chicago (Obama’s home turf)…there are hundreds killed every month in a state with guns outlawed! Where’s the irony and outrage in THAT!?.
          Check out PBS today, they announced a live conference with The President and other pertinent leaders surrounding the issues and discussing possible inequities of race/law enforcement that may or may not be real in our country today.

      • Derek G

        Ok, I will follow your logic and still say “All lives matter” considering over a million innocent unborn lives are murdered every year. They have no voice. So where are the riots in the streets for the unborn human beings being slaughtered? Our world has its morals twisted. We are no better than those nations who sacrificed their children to the God of moloch.

        • F S

          Hey! Wes spoke to me! Cool.
          Don’t worry. I won’t ask you to comment on anything regarding current events except dissing OTHER Sasquatch researchers (they aren’t qualified to make you a sandwich) or making fun of the COVID epidemic (we are so over hearing about it).

        • John P

          Thank you for saying that Wes. We are ALL entitaled to our own thoughts and beliefs. However I see enough of that on Facebook. Its nice to come here and not worry about people arguing or slamming you with what they stand for. I just want EVERYONE to get along. Be safe my friend.

    • Denise F

      Btw, that is my favorite quote by Maya Angelou, Wes….and it’s so true. Here’s my other favorite by her:
      ‘A bird does not sing because it has an answer,
      It sings simply because it has a song’-

      Here’s one that pertains to you:
      ‘In a gentle way, you can shake the world’-
      Mahatma Gandhi

      Keep shaking it 😉

  1. Joan h

    🙏✝️🙏 Hey WES ,,, I was wondering if you are going to skip 66 6 YUK 👹 thought maybe a 2 hour show for 665 and skip that one , just a thought, I know you don’t like paranormal ghost demon crap So……………….. skip to my Lou My darling lol 😆

  2. Keenan B

    I just finished the book, WWZ, for the 2nd time. It’s one of my favorite books to pass time.
    The zombie part of the book could be interchanged with any pandemic really.
    The movie is garbage compared to the book honestly.

  3. Matthew J

    I love SC. I’m just not a fan of fiction much with all the amazing things going on in reality. I don’t mind a non-sasquatch show at all that features other cryptids. We live in a crazy world with so much knowledge that is hidden from us. SC reveals some of those hidden things. I look forward to Friday’s show. Take care and stay safe everyone!

  4. Johnathan N

    Wes I’m getting close to catching up from your first show up till now. What Max talks about in his new fictional book wouldn’t surprise me if it really happened because of all the other things I’ve heard of these creatures on your show. They are truly a Marvel or DC like living creature having Hulk strength, invisibility, speed, stealth, quick healing, mind talk and all the other objects and things that revolve around them. They seem on the most part very smart and would take advantage of there biggest enemies hardship just like we would of are’s to attack.

    • Nathan E

      Yeah, I remember that scene from the movie trailer which got played on Network TV during family viewing time. Long ago in the Seventies, when movie trailers ran on TV at those times ’cause they knew most people would be watching. Good times… Unlike most creature feature trailers, it had a slow buildup, then CRASH! right through the window. About made me jump out of my chair during supper one night! 😀 It was a formative experience in my Bigfoot interest.

  5. Frank A

    The zombies in a zombie apocalypse are just starving masses of people. Takes about a week with out food. They follow the smell of smoke from your fire to find you or your lights, any signs of life. Hungry people are capable of the unthinkable. Creepy to think about the world and people that way. Let’s hope we never have to face that. The world doesn’t seem so bad compared to how bad it could really be. 325 million people in the US. All potential Zombies. Don’t be one. Be prepared.

  6. Stephen C

    I can relate to the dyslexia thing I always got to sit in the back of the class the teachers didn’t know how to deal with it. My hats off to max to be of all things a writer. That’s a lot of adversity to get through

  7. L. Oriana S

    Hmmm, Max has a huge stack of books about Sasquatch, listened to eyewitness encounters, seen the footprints, and still says “When there is evidence, I will believe” Bigfoot exists? Sheesh! The book does sound interesting though.

    • Todd W

      He believes in bigfoot just cant afford being who he is to come out an say I believe in bigfoot ,cause then hed be a kook in his peers eyes.

    • Jarod N

      Just what i was thinking… Not to mention your on a podcast that has over 600 eye witness accounts. He needs evidence for bigfoot but believes this whole covid scam! Hes clearly tied in with all the elite agendas

  8. Nathan E

    I am gonna get this book. I have Max Brooks’s zombie books, and they are great. This story is going to be a real thrill ride, and I’m sure Max has done his homework on dealing with a Bad Bigfoot…or three. 🙂

  9. Johanna V

    Very interesting show, Wes, thank you. I’d love to buy and read Max’s book. A huge fan of his (Max’s) mother. A brilliant lady, and very talented writer and comedienne, back when women weren’t necessarily supposed to be funny. Looking forward to ordering the book!

  10. Charles R

    Max you answered your own question on them surviving on this continent with the homo sapiens. They had already done this is Asia for hundreds of thousands of years. Just keep away from those small people and of course they are extremely adapted for the forest, mountains, and the cold of winter.

  11. Denise F

    Hey (Wes) think of it this way, picture how much SC has changed. Just picture the reaction that would have happened a year or two ago if you had done a little different type of show… You’d have woke up to your house ‘wrapped’ ,lol.
    Isn’t that what we used to call it? Shoot, I can’t remember lol.

    • Danial K

      Do you mean T.P.’d (Toilet Papered) ? ……………..Usually a high school prank where you and your buddies would chuck rolls of toilet paper over the trees in you victim’s yard (a guy you hate, a girl you like, whomever) late at night and the rolls of toilet paper would snag on a branch and unroll to the ground. ………….Making for a wonderful “art display” that the victim or their dad would have to clean up the next day.

  12. Pete M

    It sounds like an interesting book. It’s funny now when I hear people speak so authoritatively on Sasquatch being an undiscovered ape, nothing more, nothing less. That’s pretty narrow and closed-mindedness. There’s a biblical aspect so of course that gets ignored, we shall see.

      • Wolf

        Hey Wes, I’ve almost finished writing the fourth and last novel in the Sasquatch Sagas trilogy and would love to send you the full set (four novels including the prequel) as a big thank you. The entire series was inspired by your excellent witness interviews.
        Almost every single scene is based on reported encounters, mostly heard right here on Sasquatch Sagas, but told from the ‘animal’s perspective’.

        The novels get literal rave reviews, currently have 100% 5 stars and numerous SasChron fans have said to me, “Has Wes read this? He would love it.”
        Please email me an address to send them to via wolf@sasquatchsagas.com and as soon as the last novel is finished I will post them to you.

  13. Diane P

    This was a great interview, Wes! Thanks for always being open-minded and bringing in many schools of thought. Refreshing. I love your show. You’re the best of the Sasquatch podcasters.

  14. Bryan D

    These big industry, big film types will always be right there to reinforce these idiocracies and push for vaccines and other non sensical ideas laden with agenda. I loved the mel Brooks films and I even liked the zombie movie, but writing books and making movies doesn’t qualify one to influence the public on politics or public health. Society doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish the difference between fiction and non fiction anymore, stick to entertaining them, not trying to guide them mr Brooks. Just one little man’s view over here, thanks for the fantasies.

  15. Bryan D

    Wes, not trying to bring offense, I get so much enjoyment from your show man, I really appreciate your format and style. It’s so damn nice to get to hear what the guest’s are saying without having the host step all over them before they finish their thoughts! Truly enjoyable. Some day let’s chat about a couple things that I experienced. Cheers man!

  16. Kimberly B

    World War Z is one of my favorite books. I think I’ve read it about 30 times. If you like WWZ please look for two books by Sturgis Terkel who Max based his WWZ writing style on – an Oral History. One is WWII and one is The Great Depression.. I’ve been waiting for Devolution for some time now. Such an exciting treat to have Wes interview Max. Wes you did an excellent job! Cheers!

  17. Molly Hart L

    VERY gracious interview, Wes. What I most enjoyed about Max’s input was regarding his dyslexia. Our young grandson is dyslexic and views the world in amazing ways. I have learned a lot from him! Others, like Tesla, also had this remarkable ‘affliction’! Thanks Max, for sharing that issue. Obviously, you are a gifted thinker. Remarkable Mom – and Dad too.
    Focusing on the reality of Sasquatch – Respectfully, researching does not always lead to being educated about this topic. Depends on how wide ranging you, and your sources, are willing to explore. No doubt in Wes and Woody’s minds, I would imagine! And at least tens of thousands of other credible people as well. Thanks for the program guys. I bought the book, Max. Hardly ever purchase fiction.

  18. Kevin C

    Bigfoot is real. Covid-19 is a hoax. Don’t feed the fear and the propaganda. Turn off the damn ‘news’. All it is is enginered information designed to make you react one of a few determined ways to the benefit of those who have contracted the propaganda engineers.

    • Tammi C

      Well, it is a real flu virus. But apparently the hype and the statistics and the economic wipe-out leveraged at us by mostly corrupt State officials were certainly much contrived and “Those with eyes to see and ears to hear“ know something has been afoot. Wasn’t it “some people, somewhere” that have been talking about “winning by all means necessary”! ? Yeah, I thought so. 😷

    • Cali H

      Did you know that when they couldn’t figure out polio, they thought ice cream might be the cause. Because people eat ice cream in the summer and polio epidemics occurred in the summer. It’s easier to make recommendations about a disease after you have it all figured out.

      I started writing a book, a book about Sasquatch and end times. And I read the blog for this episode and said, Oh damn, he wrote my book! Not the same story, but similar enough to make my idea obsolete. Now what do I do? Would anyone still read my book? Because no matter what, it will be considered knockoff. And it will never be as good as Mr. Brooks’. Would have been my first attempt at writing.

      Wes, stay safe in Washington. Hope there is no unrest where you reside…Every news story about Seattle and I think, “I hope Wes is okay.” Selfish of me, I know.

  19. Celia

    Thanks for this episode, Wes. I really enjoyed it. I had a chance to read an advance copy of the book (my sister is a reviewer for a library journal) and while I’m not really into the horror genre I thought it was exciting well written. There are a few elements I would have changed, but like anything in this field, without a type specimen its just conjecture and personal opinion. I did see that it was picked up by Legendary so it looks like we will indeed see a movie or television series based on the book: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/max-brooks-bigfoot-book-devolution-picked-up-by-legendary-1298616

  20. Celia

    @calisandra Don’t lose heart, Cali. There is always room for a well-written novel. I can remember reading somewhere that all of the books, films, television shows, and radio fiction ever created can be boiled down into seven basic plot lines. Think about all the thrillers out there that have an almost identical premise. It’s the characters and storyline that set them apart.

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