May 24

SC EP:657 The Bridgewater Triangle

“The Bridgewater Triangle” hosts an unusually high volume of reports involving strange happenings, baffling mysteries and sinister deeds. From ghostly hauntings and cryptid animal sightings, to UFO encounters and evidence of satanic ritual sacrifice, this 200-square mile region in Southeastern Massachusetts serves as one of the world’s most diverse and well-known hotspots for paranormal activity.

Chris Balzano who hosts the podcast Tripping On Legends will be my guest. Chris Balzano is a teacher and has been investigating the unknown for many years. He has authored many books that are available on Amazon.

He was in the movie The Bridgewater Triangle which is available on Amazon.







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85 Responses to “SC EP:657 The Bridgewater Triangle”

    • Cathy S

      I’ve had a lot of simular dark situations in my life until I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Then as a Christian you can plead the blood of Jesus against this darkness and he has to flee.

      • Fran S

        Amen! I had something in my house. Blessed my home with holy water and in the name of Jesus. My oven drawer slammed when I was done. All gone. I do not want to experience that again. 😇🙏😇🙏

        • Tim R

          I live in Mass and Never believed in this stuff . That all changed years ago when several people I know ( of solid reputation and education) told me about some of this craziness. Also there is a Book Called Satan Harvest that was written by 2 Boston Globe or Herald writers wrote . I know Arch Bishop Timothy Harrington testified about the Charter in that book . ( Church doesn’t get involved unless something up ) Ironically enough a Captain in a Jail and House off Correction, who btw is a relative of mine , who is a devout Catholic experienced this guy ( In the Book ) bleed from the eyes , Upside down Cross of his forehead , demo of great strength and being seen in 2 different places within the facility at the same time … scary crazy stuff … There really is some bizarre stuff in New England.. Great Job Chris and Wess

  1. Denise F

    Such a good episode! I have heard of men witnessing a Skinwalker turn into a deer. So many neat things in this one to cover here.

    I swear I love this guest, I’d give up a bachelorette party for a good investigation/ hunt too, lol.

    It’s was a buffet of the strange, ty Wes and to Chris 👍

  2. Pete M

    That was a great interview, I had already seen the documentary so I really enjoyed all the new stuff that’s not in the movie. Great question Wes, what’s been the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? Hang on folks!

  3. Ross G

    i love how people always act like “there’s no way the sounds the so called “possessed people” make could possibly be made by a human”

    humans are capable of making a whole range of vocals, this is apparent in musical genres like death metal, doom metal, black metal, etc,

    as well as in movies / tv, so those voices they put on in their “exorcisms ” are actually pretty easy to do, none of the sounds that “medium” made seemed supernatural in any sense of the word

  4. Jay Carlsen

    …………………………………. OH ! SNAP !!! HE RATTED YOU OUT WES ! When He said that the Sasquatch were YOURS ! So if all these Bigfeet are Yours ? I know where you can pick up a 10 foot Tall Gorilla that you can add to Your Collection ! Right up here in Northwestern Michigan. ( You can even keep him – He scared the Snot out of me. I do not care to see it again.)
    Peter Levenda wrote a book saying we inherited a Haunted House with the United States. There has been things here long before the Native Americans Buried in Mounds that are stagnant with Ancient Evil. He even cites the Coincidence that Charley Manson grew up in a Town with an Indian Mound in the Town Square. And He mentioned ( but didn’t Connect ) that the Ranch the Family lived on was close to where Giant Skeletons were found.
    He also states that when these places are found , some end up being developed into Prisons ? ( Which what would make someone consider putting a place of Rehabilitation over such a Structure in the first Place ? )
    I have long wondered if the Sasquatch People were the Giants found in the Mounds ? But the Giants found in the Mound wear Copper Amour. If the Sasquatch had this Technology , why would they ababon it ?
    And I never heard of a Sasquatch with 6 Fingers & 6 Toes,,,,

  5. Paul M

    Wes = good show = l smart enough to KNOW. = DONT PLAY IN CEMETERYS = DONT GO AROUND LOOK FOR = SPIRITS OF ANY KIND =+ HAUNTED PLACES OFF MY LIST. = NO OUIJA BOARDS. = BUT I HAVE BEEN BF in for 20 yrs Now. = Seen them and had experiences NUMEROUS times = And did See an ORB = THROUGH A NIGHT VISION CAMERA = SEEN A UFO 2 YRS AGO = AND all these things were also witnessed by others that were with me at the times they happened = So ya I do know there stuff out there we live around that keeps its eyes on US. = lm just not GONA go looking for the Black ENERGY STUFF. = BAD MOJO

  6. Eric S

    I really like the episodes where it’s a hunter in his stand all day and then whoops, here’s this very strange whatever and it’s the last thing he would’ve expected to see. Credibility!

  7. Denise F

    Top two things I heard were Mounds and Rituals. Both probably explain the unexplained. Unfortunately I don’t think you can go into any areas of high strangeness and not realize that something old and evil could be there. 😯

    I did once stop in the middle of the forest and look at these single tree arches and think ‘is this an entrance to something?’…..I know a crazy sounding thought but I found it interesting legend has it that vortexes are ‘cut out triangles’ in wood or trees.

  8. David S

    Very cool, this is from my home state! I watched this documentary a year or so ago, looking forward to listening to the episode and hearing more from the director. Great job with keeping the content coming Wes and definitely cool to see the show branching into other subject matter, it’s nice to change it up a bit. Hope everyone else is healthy and safe. Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all those who are serving or have served.

  9. Randy F

    HI Wes and fellow listeners
    I really liked the episode while not a fan of the ghost/demon/ thing this one was actually very very good. He showed good research and the proper amount or skepticism. Thanks again have fun and say safe!!

  10. Kim S

    It doesn’t matter what body you wear… if your soul is of positive or negative energy, you are capable of things your mind cannot comprehend….

  11. Sherry S

    So I let this stream play last night as I fell asleep. I didn’t hear past the triangle in the trees part where the speaker referred to portals for the creatures in the forest (obviously, because I was sleeping) – Meanwhile, I dreamt about a venomous snake which crawled up my arm and tried to make its home in my ear and told me not to speak (I know – super weird dream) – I woke up this morning to a weird electronic sound. My coffee pot was still on and was making short circuit electronic noises and was stuck on the “on” position (its an auto shut off Mr. Coffee Maker and Ive never had a problem with it). I had to unplug it several times and plug it in and now it wont come on at all. Coincidence? Probably but Im glad it was the coffee pot and not my laptop or television…Now I must smudge my place ..weird…

  12. Jo M

    Wow, this was a great show. Chris was a terrific speaker and Wes, you had some good energy going there! Great questions. I’ve been to Mounds but missed the puckwudgies. Hooray? Will go watch the documentary now. Thanks again for opening our eyes to all these different facets of the weird world we live in.

  13. Laura M

    Mr. Balzano should talk to the Penna. Dutch and Lenni Lenape about their stories of albawitches/apple snitches and puckwudgies. Many similarities between the two and long history in Pennsylvania. I had thought Pennsylvania is where they originated. Also heard of will-o-the-wisps but never connected it with orbs…duh. (Great grandma was Lenape-Munsi and PA Dutch.)

  14. Lou N

    Anybody else hear (what some would call) an EVP at 1:05:50?
    It’s weird because the guest had just finished talking about a phone call being cut off, whilst speaking to a psychic woman.
    IDK maybe I’m hearing things not there.

  15. Jeff B

    I grew up in New Bedford and would go hiking and spend the night out there in the Freetown State Forest not very far from Profile Rock. My brother and I had experienced on more than one occasion things that were not explainable. This would have between 1990 and 1999. We heard ritualistic Drums and chanting one night. Another night glowing orbs that we thought were other people carrying lanterns or high powered flashlights, however there were no people upon checking it out they just faded away before our eyes. Never mind the SCREAMS you would here in the dead of night carried by the darkness. On another occasion and this still haunts me to this day. We were hiking in what i can only describe as the darkest night imaginable with limited light sources and as we were hiking along a path to our right we heard something breaking brush and tree branches charging toward us in the pitch black. Whatever it was massive and heavy and as it charged it let out this otherworldly demonic growl is the only way to describe it. I now live in Seattle WA and I am 37 and an avid hiker and have heard everything from Cougars, Elk, Caribou, Wolves and Bears pretty much most big game and this was none of those. My brother with baseball bat in hand charged that wood-line swinging and yelling and just like that the night fell dead silent not a cricket not a sound just the sound of our hearts beating out of our chests.

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