May 24

Tonight’s Show: The Bridgewater Triangle

“The Bridgewater Triangle” hosts an unusually high volume of reports involving strange happenings, baffling mysteries and sinister deeds. From ghostly hauntings and cryptid animal sightings, to UFO encounters and evidence of satanic ritual sacrifice, this 200-square mile region in Southeastern Massachusetts serves as one of the world’s most diverse and well-known hotspots for paranormal activity.

Chris Balzano who hosts the podcast Tripping On Legends will be my guest. Chris Balzano is a teacher and has been investigating the unknown for many years. He has authored many books that are available on Amazon.

He was in the movie The Bridgewater Triangle which is available on Amazon.

10 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: The Bridgewater Triangle”

  1. m99

    This sounds awesome. I enjoy all your programs, but especially when you branch out. Thanks for all your hard work Mr. Wesipoo! ?

  2. Denise F

    I’ll take any triangle, Wes….. you’re never disappointed with any triangle encounter/ encounters. Well the obtuse folks may complain but ….lol.

  3. Asheim

    Oh man, I thought today was Friday and have been waiting for the show to air for hours. My gosh is my internal clock ever off. Guess I will listen to a rerun!

  4. James K

    Does anyone remember the episode where a guy was burning brush piles put west somewhere and he got stuck in the back of his truck? There was a Bigfoot approaching screaming something terrible

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