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SC EP:643 Let The Stealer Steal No More

James writes “I had on my uncle small farm in Ozark County, Missouri. This happened during the summer of 2017. My uncle owns and operates a small beef cattle farm where he has cows, chickens, and goats.

I was visiting my family that live in the area because I live in Kentucky now. We was talking and he was telling me about how some of his chickens a had been pulled out of there pens and disappeared over the last couple weeks. We both agreed there may be a coyote or two getting into his chicken pin. I like varmint hunting so I agreed to spend a couple nights out there and see if I bag the coyote for him. I had brought my .300 AAC AR build to shoot with some of my family. It was equipped with a day and night sight because I mainly use it for coyote and smaller game hunting. Well one the second night I was posted up in the top of his barn that has a small opening on the second floor that faced the wood line.

I was scanning the woodline with the night setting when I noticed something moving some small trees about 150 yards to my left. So i focused on it. As I watched this 7 and half 8 foot tall creature stepped out. It was covered in dark hair. The moon was almost full so I had alot of illumination to help my night sight. At first I seemed like someone in a ghillie suit. But I quickly realized it wasn’t as it cover the halfway to the chicken coops in just a few steps. I yelled out stop or I’m going to fire. The thing stops and I can see it stare directly up at me and bare its teeth. It let’s out this ungodly roar and barrels toward me. I quickly switched my weapon to fire and open up on it at about 75 ft.



I empty my first mag and was reloading my second when it slammed the side of the barn shaking it. It aimed down and emptied another half a mag directly down on it. It looked up at my yelled and again and made a beeline straight back into the woods. My heart was pounding. I have done 2 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and this rattled me to my bones. I waited till morning to climb down and make my way back to uncle’s house. I told him what I saw and what I did. We went back and couldn’t find blood but found some partial tracks.

We ended up calling our family friend who was a Missouri Conservation Officer and he came out. I told him my story and with a serious face and tone he told me dont tell anyone and hed handle it. Well there’s my story.”



Al in Connecticut writes “Hey Wes, I had a short encounter, I know what I saw and I am a huge skeptic…WAS.” Spoke to Al and he owns a farm in Connecticut. He said after weeks of animals coming up missing he saw what was taking his animals. Al said “It was so strange I had doors to the cages and whatever was taking the animals had hands because it had to open the doors. Early one morning I went out to find several doors open and I felt like I was being watched. I was saw what I thought was a tree stump. Something wasn’t right, I picked up a stick and threw it at it and this thing stood up and took off running on two legs. It was huge.”




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  1. Clint N

    Quarantine Day 9. Haven’t seen any difference than my everyday life. Not saying much for my life. Thank God I have SC to liven my day. Thanks Wes.

  2. Denise F

    I had a thought – I wonder if one day Wes will post a letter from a ‘listener’ on the blog that’s titled…..”I nursed a Sasquatch through the Coronavirus” or “I was quarantined with Bigfoot”……. somewhere…..right now a covid 19 + Sasquatch encounter is happening, lol.
    I’m losing it, ๐Ÿ˜‰.

  3. Steven B

    Not having any blood would not be unusual for anything that was heavily haired or furred. The hair/fur sops up most of the initial blood flow and when the blood begins to congeal it impedes further blood flow. This can happen on regular animals such as a bear. Especially if the shot is higher up on the rib cage but below the spine. I fully believe that this man was on target but the rounds were either not hitting anything immediately fatal or did not have the mass, structure, and velocity to reach anything vital.

    • DALYNN P

      Steven B, agree on your “not having any blood” post above. Also, he was shooting a “silenced” .300 BLK ( I have an AR chambered in that caliber, too) and to be truly silenced, he would be shooting a 220 grain (or similar grain) .30 caliber bullet at “only” 975 fps (maximum velocity to be truly “silenced”) (as opposed to me shooting 110 grain at 2,130 fps un-silenced) so the amount of penetration would not be a whole lot in an animal the size and muscle density/thickness of a Bigfoot. In fact, like you mentioned, the “heavy hair” would also take a lot of the bullet’s kinetic energy away, even reducing penetration that much more. Now, I would of expected some blood if he was shooting the 110 lighter, but much, much faster grain bullet, as it is still a .30 caliber bullet but moving 2.5X faster, there would of been a few more inches (at least) of penetration. But those are just my opinions.

  4. Lee N

    Thanks Wes! I havenโ€™t listened to show yet. Just read that on is in CT. I live in northwest CT. There has been sightings in Windham County. I wonder where his farm is located. We have a lot of farm land and forest area. Several state parks with 1,000s of acres!

  5. Richard W

    Steve, you have a good point on there not being blood, under certain circumstances. Iโ€™ve harvested two black bear, and no blood trail. Even with a heart shot deer. I believe it was hit hard, got into the woods, and died. Perhaps they were taught to respect humans in this encounter. I certainly hope so.

  6. Paul M

    In the first story = he said state conservation was involved = They notified the crew to take this trouble some = Bf out = end of that story = Second story = Hell that BF had a Macdonalds All Night Drivethru. = And was using it for a long time = It really take more then it needed = lt really never cleaned out the Animal Pens = it had a great time on the farmers Dime = OK THEN

  7. NHSquatcher

    Wes is the only person I know that plays the Moby song. I used to play all the time when it first came out. Wes has super taste in music. I don’t know where he found the first wrap up song but it was fantastic. I also fell completely in love with the black lake song and immediately downloaded that as well When you first hear the accounts of Bigfoot it’s so exciting at times that you have to relax at the end. I suppose I’m somewhat used to hearing the stories now but when I first heard so many people who could not possibly have been mistaking this for anything else it was quite wonderfully shocking!

    • Tammi C

      Ditto, love his music. I always change it to โ€œbeauty is a light lakeโ€ vs dark lake, lol. done with darkness, lol. Enchanting music score and voice otherwise, tho.

  8. m99

    Two great experiences explained in one fantastic episode. Thanks y’ll for coming on and sharing your experiences with us. Thanks Wes.

  9. Matt F

    I don’t know why but Im most fascinated with the encounters that involves people shooting at Sasquatch. I’m interested in their reaction after they are shot or after they notice a gun aimed at them. They are smart enough to know what a gun is but dumb enough to charge after a man shooting them..๐Ÿค”

    2 things I want in life before I die.. 1) The Tennessee Titans to win a Superbowl …and #2) To see a squatch and we find out what they really are.

  10. Sandra C

    One of the things I really like as I listen to previous shows is that the intro changes from time to time. Some are better than others, but all of them are great. Wish I knew which stories they came from, though. The 911 call was easy to locate (search 911 call below).

    The database is getting so big, Iโ€™m really wishing there was a guide (or series of guides) to various aspects of this show.

  11. Tim N

    I just listened to the first person I have the rest of the episode to listen to. James said he thought it was a person in a gille suit, then shot at it about 40 times. what if it was a person. Murder? plus hes a bad shot. hard to believe this is more than drama plus of course the government game warden threatened him. ok next.

    • DALYNN P

      Read my post above. He was likely getting very little bullet penetration due to shooting a very heavy .30 bullet at a relatively low speed. Plus, during his story, he described the exact moment he realized it was NOT human and even then, he only shot cause it ran at him after he yelled. Every been to Missouri? I have, a lot, and I have no doubt a local Conservation Officer would say something like that to him, especially a CO who has been working that very area for over 20 years (as state din the story) and knows everyone in that area.

  12. Chris C

    I live in CT. Don’t hear many reports at all – a small handful over 40 years or so. Good to hear the guys might be around on the fringes, after all. Probably western edge near NY state and the Appalachian Trail.

  13. Joe K

    I couldn’t believe the second guy wen he said it took him 20mins to get out to check his rabbits, did he have to do his hair before he went to Check! your animals are being killed man, Liven yourself up! And I’d like to know wat the first guys uncle meant wen he said not to tell anyone because if the wrong people find out wat you’ve done here their could be trouble? Sounds like he knew something, great show ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿต๐Ÿต๐Ÿต

  14. Cathy M

    At about 50 minutes into the show, the caller talks about missing fruit from trees. I personally was glad to hear this testimony. Probably 20 years ago, when we lived on a wooded acreage in rural Iowa, we had this happen.
    We had two apple trees and a cherry tree very near our bedroom side of the house. We had a gravel driveway and heard any car approaching. We usually slept with the window cracked open. All this to say we usually heard anything out of the ordinary at night. Well, the apples were ripe and we were ready to pick them. In one night, something very carefully, leaving no trace behind, stripped those trees bare of every single apple. We were baffled. No naughty teenagers around, and I’m pretty sure we would have heard them. No chunks of apples, broken twigs, Or apples pieces were left behind. Ruled out racoons, deer, and birds. No bears here. Of note, the neighbor had sheep, horses and a barn near the edge of our property.

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