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SC EP:632 James “Bobo” Fay

James Fay, or Bobo, was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California, and has been interested in the Bigfoot mystery for as long as he can remember. As a teen, he became an avid surfer, a skill set he would eventually use to investigate reported Bigfoot sightings in remote areas of the country.

While in college, Bobo spent his downtime in the woods attempting to locate a Bigfoot. Following college, he took logging jobs on Native American crews to absorb their knowledge of the Sasquatch legend. In addition, he increased his Bigfoot knowledge by taking jobs building roads and commercially fishing in Northern California.

Bobo says that he saw his first Sasquatch while on an investigation with veteran Bigfoot researcher John Freitas in 2001. Since his initial sighting, Bobo claims to have glimpsed Bigfoots on a few other occasions, but it was this first visual sighting that moved him the most.

Today, Bobo makes a living as a commercial fisherman out of Eureka, California. He continues to take odd jobs in unrelated fields, most of which are centered on trying to spot a Bigfoot. His close relationship with the community in which he lives helps him keep his “ear to the ground,” and he collects dozens of local Bigfoot sighting reports each year.

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95 Responses to “SC EP:632 James “Bobo” Fay”

    • Joe R

      Now that I’m first I can take my time and comment. 🤣. I used to watch Finding Bigfoot and Bobo was the most real dude on there. Looking forward to listening to this.

        • Karen A

          Love this episode!!! I met Bobo at Bigfoot at the Beach and he’s a super cool.guy and Cliff is too!! They were super with my Hubby who is really hard to understand due to Parkinson’s and were able to understand some of what he said,. Super patient guys,!! Love them both:)

    • John P

      Great show! A few years ago this wouldn’t have been possible. Bobo has always seemed like a good guy. With Todd being on Cams show last week and now you having Bobo a few days later is great to here. I know I really appreciate it! Thanks Wes!

        • Steven B

          The gentleman Bobo was referring to was on a few episodes of Dogman Encounters – the creatures coming up out of the well took place in Bastrop, Texas I believe. They can be killed – Episode 66 – “Mike’s” uncles trapped and killed them believing them to be “werewolves”.

          • m99

            Oh, dang! I used to live in Austin and have friends who still live in Bastrop! I was just recommending it to my sister because she’s not comfortable live in that area where that explosion happened. It’s always something isn’t it? Now Dogman! Oy Vey!

          • m99

            Yes. And she’s a single lady. Her youngest just graduated HS. I don’t think she gets how large Austin has become, and there’s lots of violence. Let’s see, dogman or human violence? She wants to live where she can smell fresh air. Georgetown maybe. I don’t know anymore.

  1. Issac A

    This was a really Cool episode man Bobo had alot of good stories and still had alot more to tell.cant wait for part 2 . thanks Wes .Bobo 👣✌️ San Antonio, the cool jam it’s Badass

  2. Jeremiah S

    Great show Wes! Nice Saturday night surprise. I was thinking dang it’s the weekend and got to wait one more day for another show to drop. I loved “Finding Bigfoot”. It was what Sasquatch Chronicles is to me now. It was so funny every time they needed a Sasquatch standin for size comparison….Bobo the Sasquatch double lol. He is a cool genuine dude. Would love to hear a part 2, looking forward to it. Thanks again Wes and Bobo!

  3. Agnes B

    Wes, that was like the best interview. Two guys with mutual admiration and respect for each other. Bobo has some fascinating encounters. Bring him back.

  4. Charles R

    Really appreciate you having Bobo on Wes. This is the side of Bobo, most do not know. Finding Bigfoot did not do the justice to him, that he deserves, but it did portray him as a very likable person. It figures that more action was going on around base camp in FB, than out in the field with a heavy production crew following 4 people for purely entertainment value. I also know some of the production crew became a little freaked out when they began to realize that these creatures were real.

    • m99

      Just finished the episode. My significant other even listed to it. BoBo is a nice person, and I have a huge respect for him. Blessings y’ll. _m99

    • Melissa P

      Happy Sunday y’all. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m not surprised that an incredible PODCASTER (that’s you Chief) had an incredible witness and researcher Bono on your show. You both have total respect from me.

  5. Bal G

    Wait a minute, you and Will Jevning used to clown this guy to no end. Now you have him on as a guest? Wow Wes, talk about doing a complete 360!

    • Wes Germer

      I remember clowning the show finding Bigfoot several years ago, don’t remember going after him. If I did then I owe him an huge apology because he is the best. I enjoyed having him on. I have tried to grow over the years and I try not to be a dick.

      • John P

        When Will was around you were the quiet one while he dogged the show and entire cast. If it wasn’t for Finding Bigfoot I don’t think this topic would be as huge today as it is. I’ve been interested in the subject since I was 7 or 8. Wrote a paper on it my senior year in high school. That was in 1990. Had a creepy experience when I was 14 but nothing sense. Love the show and keep them coming. I saw the new app should be coming later this year. Can’t wait for it!

      • Charles R

        I remember this Wes, but do not remember you going after any specific person. I also remember getting laughs out of the Mountain Monsters show ( the AIMs team ) as have my wife and myself. Come to find out according to Cliff, they too are really great guys and take themselves seriously. RIP Trapper.

    • Debbie S

      Not fair. Wes was the quiet one and Will was condescending and critical of everyone. The show didn’t lose anything when it lost Will. I do NOT recall Wes making fun of any particular member of FB but only making fun of the show….pretty much like all of us. So Wes I don’t see that you owe any apologies. Let’s face it, FB became a huge joke and I only watched it to hear the witnesses at town halls. And as someone else has said, the way the show portrayed Bobo was as a very likeable guy. In fact he was my favorite. If any laughing was done at Bobo it was because he knew how to laugh at himself. Which he did many times….I would have bonked ‘em in the head sometimes. 🙂

    • Debbie S

      Plus, most of us do evolve in our thinking from first getting into this until now. It’s the nature of the subject . You learn more, you know more, attitudes and ideas have a tendency to change. Great show Wes! Thanks Bobo!

  6. Tammi C

    I hope this show [SC) doesn’t become commercialized TV crud …. no offense to bobo just to TV … we unplugged years ago and will not pay another cable bill for crappy, paid propaganda brainwashing. Not to mention the TV show did nothing to validate the legitimacy and reality of bigfoot…I mean they never did “find” bigfoot so basically fed into the diminishing of seriousness to the topic. Again, not downing Bobo or his real-life experience but he did get paid quite well for falling into step with ultimately mocking the serious BF community.

  7. Lisa S

    Wes, just FYI, remains In a forest whether it be in the NW moisture rich environment or a dryer climate like New Mexico/ Arizona type climate decompose rapidly from microorganisms and other organisms utilizing the death as food resources on a biome level. For example flies,maggots, ants ,worms,microscopic organisms do much more of the work than even mice,rats, and other larger animals. The moist environment might help but is in no way limiting of the extremely rapid decomposition you will find. I’ve studied biology and have science degree,so not just speaking from a personal opinion.

    • Charles R

      Thanks for your knowledge Lisa S. Also since these creatures tend to move and live in family units, and even clans, if one should die the others will take it away, and this has been witnessed.

  8. michael m

    Wes thank you for having BoBo on he is a great guy and a great guest.BoBo I hope you make it back to KY. this year either to cryptid con ,or The Wildman Days.Take care.

  9. James W

    I met Bobo at the Bigfoot conference in Hastings Nebraska last year and what few moments he could give you to chat he seemed like just a average joe to me. Super nice and down to earth. Say what you want about the show he was on but if you notice he seems to be one of the biggest along with Bob Gimlin draws for people to attend the conferences.

  10. Juan Z

    I haven’t actually watched finding bigfoot, but I am now a fan of Bobo. His knowledge and experience is super impressive. Wes you have a knack for bro. SC is still the best podcast out there.

  11. Erica and Jeremy P

    Hearing that audio snippet of Moneymaker yelling at BoBo & telling him to shut up made my blood boil! That man is a real douche bag! BoBo is a class act! He is so genuine & doesn’t take offense to ppls bs. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this podcast! PLEASE bring BoBo back, Wes!

  12. Johanna V

    Thank you for the great show, Wes. Way before FB, James’Bobo’ Fay seemed like a very down-to-earth, level-headed researcher, who interviewed many eyewitnesses for reports for the BFRO, as well as being a super cool and decent guy. Loved his talking story!

    • m99

      He was down to earth. Loved it. He was also very knowledable. Can’t wait for part 2. And I agree with the comment somewhere in here…something like, if not for Finding Bigfoot, people wouldn’t be so open to the whole research thing. Good job Wes. Great job James.

  13. Rodney P

    I could listen to Bobo’s stories all day long. I’m surprised he’s never been on the show before I hope he comes back soon
    To tell more of his stories .

  14. Ed G

    I really enjoyed this episode. Right from the start you could sense this was not going to be your typical, run of the mill Celebrity interview. Bobo is as about as down to earth as it gets, and leaves you with wanting to hear more. Great job with the questions Wes. I had always pondered what gets a person fixated with the subject, and Bobo did not disappoint!

  15. Steve H

    If BF, DM, Ghosts, Ghouls, Orbs, etc are not of God’s doing, is it possible that they are being conjured by the individual(s) seeking them? Are they willingly opening themselves up to the experience? Evil definitely exists. Are these things evil? I don’t know…Just asking.

  16. Bonnie I

    Harrowing encountee for sure. Very happy Bobo is still alive and well to tell his story. Still do not understand though why someone who had such a close call would want to test fate by going back out there. These things are territorial and can be absolutely lethal. Thanks Wes for another intriguing interview.

    • m99

      I too was frustrated with the whole never finding bigfoot scenario. But, I always liked BoBo, and don’t think he got a fair shake. He explained what they had gotten themselves into, ie, the producers wanted to film ‘them’- just wanted ‘footage’ of the team, not actually finding a bigfoot. Did you listen to the episode? It really explains a lot, plus demonstrates how knowledgeable, versatile and forgiving BoBo is. Plus Wes said he was also regretful if he bashed BoBo. As well, Wes said, he hopes he’s grown through the years. I thought it was a good SC episode.

      Is this the David S with the website of the drawings you did of the different types? If so, could you post your link? I lost a lot when my computer crashed last autumn. Thanks.

      • Brad B

        Really great show and great comments here to follow and agree with. What a positive show and see how we’re all learning more and understanding more. Complete antithesis to the argumentative clashing of different opinions and approaches in the community. What an absolutely harrowing experience for Bobo and I still remember Wes’ and his brother’s experience too. It’s interesting too to hear about show production in general and the real understanding of the people behind it. Major disconnection between producer motives and the reality and intentions of the people in front of the camera who by all accounts have the best motives to share their reality but can’t because of producers. Bobo’s just an all around great guy and it’s just a real positive and truthful evolution and growth by creating this podcast for Wes. I’m sure Wes gets tired of the praise but I think beyond learning about the subject and giving this platform for people to talk about it…it just makes people better people by connecting, sharing, listening, relating and learning.
        Of all the people in shows produced for TV the best thing to come out of it is their experiences after the show and having the muzzling removed. From Survivor Man to Finding Bigfoot to Expedition Bigfoot…the list goes on and on. Get the people off the show later to get the real truth.
        You just can’t be involved in this without growing and changing your views on this journey and Wes’ s appreciation of Dr. Krantz’s sage advice is absolutely right.
        I just want to know how listeners can get this show more recognition and some Emmies!

  17. Tammi C

    Emmies? Uh, that just falls into step with the same muzzling and control you mention.
    No doubt Wes and perhaps people like Bobo deserve a people’s community-style award though. But certainly not a network one. Mainstream anything because THAT would be horrendous IMO. ANYWAY the recognition they have obviously garnered for the Bigfoot community speaks for itself. And for that, solid gold.

  18. Doug K

    Hey Wes… always have the best guests on your show and Bobo is no exception. Thanks Bobo for sharing these really scary encounters with us. YEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW!!!!

  19. Nicholas M

    I like this so but I just didn’t like that Bo had all these scary encounters but when he was on the TV show he always tried to portray the Sasquatch as gentle creatures his stories on here don’t seem to line up with how he viewed them on the show great show Wes

  20. Dovie D

    I have been listening to that podcast for a few months. I know they are in Southern California. My first encounter was in the mid 1960s when I was a kid. It took a few years of listening to Sasquatch Chronicles before it dawned on me that’s what I saw. We lived in Ventura county in the middle of an orange orchard.

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