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SC EP:612 The Last Show

The Last Show of 2019! Matt from Arkansas writes, “When I was a child at my grandparents farm. I was playing outside when I saw a little animal as I approached the little one a big one came from behind a tree.

He motion for me to come to him I backed away then he pointed at the baby then pointed at me and wave for me to come. I started towards him and he stepped towards me then my grandma yelled for me to come to the house he heard her and blended behind the tree that when I noticed there were more and they all disappeared.

The baby crawled like a cat. Both my brothers had encounters so has my dad. I was also hit in the head with a rock once. I lived in southern Arkansas when this all happened.

Sorry for the messiness of the email doing it on my phone. If you would like to hear the story I would like to tell you about it I’ve never told anyone because I felt crazy.”



Doug from Utah “It was about twenty years ago when I was working as a hunting guide for Rocky Mountain Hunting Consultants. I had been on a deer hunt for about three days guiding two Germans and a man from Switzerland. The afternoon of the third day I had a little time to do some of my own hunting.

I had never been in this particular area before but the country looked really promising. I made my way up a mountain ridge, hiked across the top of the mountain, down through a canyon and onto a side hill, maybe three miles from where I started hiking. I found a spot that seemed like a perfect place to sit and watch until the sun went down.

Earlier that day I had been hunting with two other guides and from where I was sitting I could see them through my binoculars on the top of the mountain looking down into the canyon to where I was setting . I was pretty sure that below me there would be a trail that would make its way back up to the canyon to the pass where the trucks were parked.

I sat there for about two hours watching all the country roundabout looking for a Majestic buck. About 20 minutes before it got dark I heard a loud screaming or roaring sound echoing through the canyon between me and the truck. It was in the bottom of the canyon and exactly where I thought the trail was that I needed to be on as I would work my way back to the trail head. I had never heard anything like this before and there is no way I can adequately describe the sound and screams that it made. I don’t know if it was a call or a warning to stay clear but It was loud, it was relentless, and honestly it scared me.

Now I have spent a lot of time in the mountains and I’ve heard elk and bear and moose and cougars, any of the number of other animals that you can think of, and whatever this was, it wasn’t anything I had ever heard before. I thought the screaming would stop in a few minutes but it didn’t. It continued on and on.

I looked through my binoculars back to the top of the mountain where the other two guides had been. It was obvious that they could hear the same thing, because they jumped up to their feet and took off in the opposite direction of whatever was making the sound.

I thought that the screaming would stop pretty soon and whatever was doing it would move off. Then I would be able to find the trail and make my way to the truck. However the screaming just continued on and on. My next thought was that when I turned my flashlight on and started walking up the trail that the light would spook whatever it was and it would move off. Finally it got dark and was time for me to make my way up the trail. It wasn’t just dark It was pitch black because it was cloudy and there were no stars or moon, and yes the screaming still continued.

I reached into my backpack pulled out my flashlight and when I turned it on the battery had gone totally dead. So now I had no flashlight and there was no way to take an alternate route around the whatever creature was in my path. So I determined I would find my way to the trail and walk straight in the direction of whatever it was that was that was making sure that everything on the mountain knew it was there and to stay clear . At this point the screaming had gone on for 30 or 40 minutes continuously. I had convinced myself that whatever it was, it was big, and I mean real big and it wasn’t happy.

Now I’m not saying what I thought it was that I was going to face but you can probably figure it out. Okay maybe I’m a coward but I put a bullet in the magazine of my rifle, put my finger on the trigger and started making my way up the trail. The closer I got the louder it screamed and scarier it sounded. and it seemed like it was getting bigger and more dangerous the closer I got. If I were asked I would say it sounded eight or nine feet tall. At one point I was twenty or thirty yards from it and it was still in the middle of the trail screaming, it was still holding its ground and there was nowhere for me to go. So I stood there and waited for what seemed like several minutes, finger still on the trigger and pointing the gun in the direction of the screams. I know it sounds crazy, how did I get myself in this situation. There I was, just a few yards from whatever creature this was and it was so dark that I couldn’t quite make out the figure that stood in the trail in front of me. The truth is I was scared out of my mind, my heart was racing and it was all that I could do to not to panic and shoot into the dark. After what seemed like several minutes it slowly gave way and I could almost see it as I heard it climb up the hill side and out of my path.

I quickly made my way up the lightless trail stumbling over rocks and debris as I made my way to the trail head not knowing what it was that I was leaving behind me. Thirty to forty minutes farther up the trail I finally reached the truck where the outfitter, two other guides and three hunters were waiting for me. What was it they asked? I don’t know, was my reply. “Why didn’t you come and rescue me?” All they could say was, “we weren’t going to go down there!”



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  1. Melissa P

    Congrats on another great year of incredible encounters that you have given us. You are a Chief!! Appreciate all that you do for us. Hoping for a better year for you in 2020. Best wishes…

    • Donald C

      Was wondering about that myself. Thought Wes might have finally put one in his garage to study and wasn’t going to tell us about it. Then I realized I shouldn’t be thinking when I’m not used to it.

  2. Melissa K

    My brain has been a blur all week. I make Christmas dinner and desserts from scratch and fresh. I have thought every day was Friday and was so disappointed Wes didn’t have a show…Finally, it is Friday and what a show! Well worth all the self imposed disappointments I had this week. ? I hope next week isn’t as confusing with The holiday being in the middle of the week again. Both guests had me riveted to my seat!

  3. Steve W

    Hi Wes & all my fellow SC fans. I hope y’all have a GREAT 2020 !!! And thanks Doug & Matt for sharing your experiences. I made a plaster sculpture of SASQUATCH ‘s head. I would like to include it in my posts as my picture. When it comes to all things computer related I’m not the “brightest penny in the roll”. Could someone “WALK ME INTO IT” ? Thanks !!!

    • Lisa B

      Hi Steve W…Go to the forums page, type setup avatar. You can scroll down and see where people have posted different links that will help you step by step. Hope that helps. I, myself, don’t know how to so that’s how I did mine. Good Luck!

  4. Renee S

    Wes, thank you for all this past year’s shows & special guests, as well as the hard work you put into them! Here’s looking forward to another great New Year w/ you! Hope it brings you peace, joy, & happiness! Happy New Year Everyone! ??

  5. Dimitri K

    Thanks for all of the hard work Wes. I’ve enjoyed another year of great experiences from all of the fantastic guests which have found this platform and shared their encounters.

    Best wishes for the New Year!

  6. Coop

    Sweet, just in time. I’m almost done listening to all the episodes now 3, and some 4, times over. Need to find something to rotate into my nights haha. Have a safe new year everyone!

  7. Avril F

    Hey Wes and all the SC Fam my Membership finished 22nd December 🙁 … but Santa came through for me Yaaayyy 🙂 Where would I be without this most Fantastic Podcast?? It has single handedly saved me from Hellivision 🙂 I love, love , it and when I couldn’t listen as a Member it just didn’t feel Right ! Wes and each and every Guest, Members and Listeners I wish you All from Across the Miles (London England) the most Happy, Healthy New Year 2020. I have learnt so much in my 1st year as a Member and so looking forward to my 2nd year with you guys. Thank You.

      • Avril F

        Waves back at Lisa B . So Happy your’re Happy 🙂 I’m so Happy to be back with you all.
        Stay safe in the National Forests and Woods. Or should I say the Blue Ridge Mountains? Sorry if my Geography is off?

    • Cali H

      Happy New Year to all. I wonder if the creature in Matt’s experience was trying to ask Matt to help get the baby because it didn’t want to come out of the cover of the woods to fetch the little runaway. Points at the baby, points at Matt, then beckons Matt to come to him. If I wanted to motion someone to help me catch my runaway baby and could only gesture, those would be the types of gestures I would make. Like a lot of parents can testify, it turned it’s back and off went the baby.

  8. Denise F

    I’ll never forget the way Matt describes that step, that movement towards him so quickly. Reminds me of how quickly they could move in towards someone that’s walking around alone ?.

    Ty Wes and guests.

      • m99

        I shudder to think. When I was little you couldn’t keep me and my brother out of the woods (East Texas). Sometimes I’d have to leave him by himself because I’d get sick of him “tagging along” behind me. Anyway, I’d hide from the poor little guy. I shudder to think what could’ve happened to him OR myself. Oy Vey!

  9. Charles R

    I understand the dichotomy Matt. It would have been neat to go with what, I think due to the size you describe, as being the bigger brother to the baby. It may have been less than 10 years old itself and just wanted to play, but would one really want to chance this?

    Fascinating sighting of one actually screaming out for many minutes by Doug. Some of those recordings of this, almost always poor recordings could have been an actual Sasquatch. Strange behavior to go on and on like this for minutes and thus give your position away.

  10. Avrin D B

    Thanks for the great stories all year long. I go to sleep with your show and if I don’t finish it during the night I have you with my morning coffee ☕️. Ready to enjoy your show in the new year. Happy New Year to you Wes and keep on keepin on with interesting people and their Sasquatch tales.

  11. Laura M

    Matt, I have no doubt that thing would have grabbed you. I think the little one was used as bait to draw you in, especially when you noticed the others farther down the wood line. The white patch on the lip is interesting too…birthmark or maybe vitiligo? It was God’s grace your grandmother called you in when she did or you might not be with us today. Doug, all I can say is friends like them, who needs enemies? I realize it’s easy for me to sit in my living room and criticize but I don’t understand how 6 armed men could not muster up the courage to come to your aid. Two fascinating and scary encounters.

  12. michael m

    Tank you Wes for another great show.And thank you for all the hard work you do for this program.And have a happy newyear.I think Matts grandmother may have saved his life by calling him to dinner.And why is it sometimes people keep there experiances to themselfs.I have had things happen to myself over the years even on expiditions and never open my mouth about them.Only to my son.My newyears resolution is to keep notes in a log book,even if it seems minor.Thanks again.

    • Avril F

      Waves at Jillian H from London Town to you in Bonnie Scotland 🙂 I loved this version of Auld Lang Syne. I am going to play it from this episode as 12 midnight approaches on 31st. Hope you have a great New Year 2020.

  13. Ruth B

    Matt, I think your instincts were right on. Too much like a human stranger abduction: the lure, the enticement to come closer, and then the quick move in to grab. Imagine, out in the middle of nowhere and you can still be taken. Was there a fence between you and him?

      • Ruth B

        You were so lucky. Maybe that teeny bit more of effort for him to step over it and then you getting called for dinner, neither one by itself but both, got you out of a bad situation by the slimmest of margins. Scary.

      • Derek G

        How close were you to him at the closest? When he stepped toward you? Definitely sounds like he stepped forward in anticipation. Seems like very suspicious behaviour to me. What other animal would let their child just sit on edge of fence line while they hide… Then let you come so close and then just “randomly” call you over?

  14. Ron S

    The motioning creature was most likely signaling the small one to return while keeping a watchful and defensive posture on Matt….in my opinion. Have a Happy New Year!

  15. david b

    Thank you Wes for everything you do. I have enjoyed your show from the beginning, just recently became a member. I live in the mountains of western north Carolina. I have spent most of my in the woods in one shape or another since I was a child. I have never experienced one of these creatures but I know a few who have. The platform you give people helps them in the process of being able to regain some since of control of their lives, and that is needful. Again thank you, and don’t ever think what you are doing is not needful, and it is appreciated.

  16. Terry W W

    Last guy, his grandma saved him. The bigfoot family may have used that infant to lure unsuspecting children and would’ve grabbed him. Good thing he went to the house to eat. Happy New Year to everyone. Be safe.

  17. m99

    ✨ Relistening to this episode. I really loved Doug’s encouter experience, and the retelling of the other peoples encounters. Amazing how people cope isn’t it? As someone who has lived in Utah, I shudder to think of the kinds of stupid chances we, as young people, took. Anyway, thanks Doug! Thanks for coming on Wes’ show. Happy New Year. ✨

  18. Anthony P

    I have been listening for a little over a Year now and became a member a few months ago. My only “regert” 🙂 is i did not become a member quicker. Thanks for all of your hard work Wes and your Team.


  19. Kenneth K

    Anyone know the episode were the guy is sitting and listening to a Bigfoot breathing and says while he sat there he saw a ufo that covered the whole sky ,and it went overtop of him very slow, , I can’t find it

  20. David S

    Thanks for another great year Wes. I’m glad that the vast majority here were thankful and positive given the amount of research and production work that goes into doing this. Keep up the great work! I can honestly say whenever there’s a new episode, it’s a bright spot in my week. Hope everyone here has been having a great holiday season and hopes for a happy, healthy, and safe new year for all.

  21. Bonnie I

    Thanks Wes, loved the ending music. Great encounters all year! In Arizona now and have to agree that these things are everywhere and from ancient times! In fact, look up online “The ancient land of Punt” and see if in that lineup of ancient Egyptian subjects there might be one that isn’t at all like the others.?

  22. theresa m

    Wes, such a nice ending to this year’s podcast line-up. Thank you! The first guest – phew! I mean, he was in the thick of it all alone in an unfamiliar forest area. My heart would have burst out of my body. Second guest was so fortunate that his grandmother called him for dinner. It’s amazing how close people come to disaster and then not. Don’t know if that is fate or something else intervening but it sounds like he was going to be dinner himself. All the encounters that I’ve listened to on your show haven’t mentioned these creatures stepping toward a person. I think the sasquatch is an ancient species on this earth and they’ve learned how to survive through the centuries and in caves, no less.

  23. William K

    According to logic, the statement the first interviewee made that people who carry guns while exploring forests are cowards would be generalized as true in the following situations.
    This guy is baselessly arrogant if he truly believes that statement is true. Perhaps he is an anthropomorphist influenced by Hindu religion which worships cows, cobras, monkeys, rats et al because animals have the spirits of dead humans and so should not be killed for any reason.

    People who put up lighting rods are cowards.
    People whose vehicles have spare tires are cowards.
    Pilots whose planes have ejection seats are cowards.
    Pilots who wear parachutes are cowards.
    Ship navigators who have compasses are cowards.
    Motorcuyclists who wear helmets are cowards.
    Football players who wear helmets are cowards.
    Drivers who wear seat belts are cowards.
    People who build homes with tornado safe rooms in the basement are cowards.
    People who put fire extinguishers in their homes are cowards
    etc etc etc.
    As the retired NFL football player narrating a TV show highlighting players stupid behavior on the field says about their behavior

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