Dec 8

SC EP:607 Expedition Bigfoot

Tonight “Expedition Bigfoot” debuts on the Travel Channel. Russell Acord will be stopping by to discuss the new show and what we can expect. Here is a description of the show “An elite team of Sasquatch specialists journey into the unforgiving Oregon wilderness in search of Bigfoot. The three-week expedition, based on science and expertise, may finally pull the elusive beast out of the pages of legend and lore and into reality.”

For more information on “Expedition Bigfoot,” check out their page HERE.


Bill will also be joining the show and sharing encounters he has had on his property in NY. Bill said “We always had strange sounds and odd things go on that property. It has been in my family for years. My son saw what was causing all of the strange occurrences.”

Here is a drawing of what he saw on the property:





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96 Responses to “SC EP:607 Expedition Bigfoot”

    • Denise F

      Wes I had to finally say something because you said it again tonight -but I didn’t have lights on my property. In saying that, we had other cryptid sightings and friends called my backyard ‘the portal to hell’… maybe that evens out to lights, hell I don’t know? lol

  1. Justin H

    Cautiously optimistic about Expedition Bigfoot… I hope they set a good example about Sasquatch enthusiasts for sceptics…. I’m sure I’ll still prefer Wes and Sasquatch Chronicles….lol…

  2. Joan h

    Thank You Wes , and I believe you had commented one time that no one would listen to a nine hour show LOL are you kidding me! Most of us on here would do it in a heartbeat ?☺️

  3. Brian R

    Sketch looks like the famous white bigfoot face caught on video.
    I think either MC Davis or Thinker Thunker did an analysis. It’s interesting to say the least.
    Good show fellas thanks.

  4. Lee N

    I hope it’s not anything like finding Bigfoot. Elite team? What makes an elite Sasquatch researcher? Expertise and science? As Wes says and I agree, do they have one in their garage to study??? Again I hope they prove me wrong but my BS meter is pegged in the red on this one.

    • Barbara W

      You’re wrong! Watch it – it was very good in my opinion. The thermal image that they captured was fascinating. I think if you watch 1 show you’ll be hooked. I am.
      Great show Russ! Thanks Wes.

    • m99

      It was nice to see Russ Acord in the field and not just listening to him on a show. It was really good. Thank you for the heads up because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

  5. Lisa B

    I figured it out. Not sure why the Dec 9th 2:00 am episode showed up first. Glad I double checked it! So it’s on channel 277 tonight at 10:00 eastern. Thanks Wes! Now to con my hubby into Sasquatch over the Chicago Blackhawks LoL!

  6. Maria D

    Very good show, thanks for sharing.
    To anyone who still thinks that these creatures are just another natural forest animal, you’re not facing the truth of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We may not yet know “what” they are, but they definitely aren’t just another furry forest animal.

  7. Steve W

    Not trying to be negative, but 7 minutes in to the show ACORD (or someone in his vehicle) says. ” LOOKIN’ SQUATCHY “. Here we go again ( ? ? ? ) I hope not. Just saying ……..

  8. Barbara W

    I was so surprised to see this podcast is about the show i just barely finished watching. Im hooked already, it’s a good show. And I respect Russell Acord. I don’t know the others, but they did have a primatologist lady along.
    Can’t wait to need this episode.

    • m99

      I don’t remember the red glowing eyes, but that sounds hokey alright. I liked the program (for main stream tv) but I’m so tired of sounds effects. I watch documentaries and they have the sound effects. Same with regular tv nowadays. I mute it sometimes when it get to me. At least turn them down! It reminds me of Batman and Robin ~ Pow! Bang! Zow! Wack. *#@* Hokey and loud.


    cool cant wait another documentary with zero footage of bigfoot YAWN…

  10. Arlene H

    Loved the show, definately will keep watching. This is the first Big Foot Documentary that seems real, not scripted. Kudos for keeping it real. Thanks so much Wes for the heads up on this one!!!!

  11. Charles R

    This is weird Bill – I will look in your windows and kill your dogs. However last week I listened to an interview with Khat Hansen on World Bigfoot Radio. She said they will put pictures in her head. She just calls it mindspeak, although it did not happen often. By the way she would make a great guest. She has 50 years of experience starting at 5 years old. A supernatural side, I have heard enough that agree. My experience was with a Grey as a very young kid. Perhaps this is a sense that we as humans once had, a few probably still due, that has been lost. So much to learn we have as humans.

    Will watch the re run Wednesday on Expedition Bigfoot. It sounds like Russell’s group is going about this the right way. My 2 biggest faults with Finding Bigfoot was a one night, or two stay and a huge production team around them. Staying in the same area for an extended period ( 3 weeks is fantastic ) and only one camera person is a far far better method. Just going about one’s business in the bush for an extended length of time is a way to acclimate the Sasquatch to you and allow for a greater chance of interaction. This according to Robert Morgan.

  12. Aaron B

    Bill it is a animal but with everything that goes with these things you are right and I don’t know why you said that you hate to say it ! Genesis 6 explains it and the Book of Enoch explains it even better and more detail

  13. Shawn S

    Caught the first episode last night. Seems pretty well done. They’re finally discussing the more “woo” aspects of Bigfoot that you don’t hear of much on network television shows.

    Also seems like they catch some sort of eye shine at the end when they were showing when will happen in upcoming episodes.

  14. Dovie D

    Will it repeat? We were on vacation and just returned.
    Oh by the way Wes I know you’re busy but you have contacted me over the years on two different occasions and said you would call me back but never did?? Once a few years back but I know your grandmother died so I know your thoughts were elsewhere but the other time I’m not sure what happened. I just had some additional encounters I had forgotten wanted to discuss with you. I don’t care if I’m on your podcast I just wanted to process about “stuff”.
    I know you’re busy.. Thank you for helping so many including myself. This podcast provides a platform for so many.

  15. Dovie D

    Hey Wes my husband and I shared with you about stuff that happened around a home we lived in here in Oregon but we never saw lights nor when one walked up to me at my window as a child but that doesn’t mean they were not around but I don’t think if we had Sasquatch around they were not there all the time. We had shared thing about our motion censor light being broken out and about being awakened on at least two different occasions with sewage sulfur smell but I know they don’t always put off a smell. I can share several other encounters elsewhere. Once I get over feeling nervous I speak
    I think these things are demonic. Demons can appear as angels and other things. Satan is a trickster and real. It’s strange how they are flesh and blood, leaving scat, foot prints, eating, etc yet can mind speak….that is abnormal. One second it’s there the next gone.

  16. Paul I

    It was filmed last spring. If they had found anything substantive, we would have known by now. So there’s that… I watched the first episode out of curiosity. Other than beautiful cinematography, just another Bigfoot show with plenty of drama, but little else. I’ll pass on the rest.

  17. Damon M

    So I watched this first episode tonight mainly based off of the comments I’ve read on here. I have to say…I was surprisingly disappointed in what I watched.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet….don’t get your hopes up too much. This is basically a spin-off of Finding Bigfoot. But at least Finding Bigfoot had interesting guest encounters. So in this episode the guy who is the chief of this operation (im assuming Russell Accord from the description above) interviews this woman who had a supposed encounter close to their ‘hot zone’ they are set up in.

    The thing that stuck out the most about this interview is she claimed to have recently seen two grizzly bears. Keep in mind this is in the middle of Oregon. Folks, im from the south and even I know grizzly bears aren’t in Oregon. And then (im assuming Russell) went on to make a comment post the interview acknowledging her grizzly sightings lol.

    Maybe I misunderstood? And she was in a different state when she claimed this sighting but sure didn’t sound that way to me. Anyways…that in itself gave the interview a huge red flag. If this woman is claiming to see grizzly bears in the middle of Oregon why should we believe her Sasquatch story?

    The rest of the show is kind of like your basic Finding Bigfoot show…other than they are going to stay in this one area for 3 weeks vs Finding Bigfoot they would stay for one night. Also they aren’t making howls or knocks (yet) into the woods. A lot of spin and drama theatrics like Finding Bigfoot. They act like they are gonna be Jeremiah Johnson and in the absolute backwoods but they drive an on road vehicle literally all the way to where their base camp is on a well worn/used road lol.

    I honestly don’t mean to be a troll about this….but I honestly was a little underwhelmed by what I watched.

    • Darren H

      Damon M …I have to agree with your assessment. They should have edited out the part where the lady said she had seen 2 Grizzlies. Pretty big mess up for the first episode….immediately lost credibility. Although some black bears are brown, the Moderator should have clarified.
      Who knows though, she may have had an encounter…just the bear thing ??

  18. Dave B

    I was curious Bill, which NY county do you live in near the PA border? I’m a Pennsylvanian looking to buy recreational property in NY.
    I have dealt with one of these things coming around here in PA and don’t want to go thru that again.

  19. Jennifer J

    Bill’s story ranks among the Top 3 I’ve ever heard. I literally had chills running through my spine. Seems like his property would be a great place for some serious researchers to hang out. Thanks, Bill, for sharing your story. Stay safe out there!

  20. Connie R

    Interesting episode with very credible and likable guest. I hope Bill can check in with all of us SC followers in the future with any further developments in his situation. Thanks Bill and Wes.

  21. Martin D

    When it comes to sulphur scaring the creatures off, I wonder if it is because the creatures associate sulphur with areas which have volcanic activity – that would certainly work in the Pacific North West

  22. Theresa R

    Awesome show, thanks Wes! I’m fascinated by these lights that sometimes appear simultaneously with a Bigfoot sighting. Numerous witnesses have reported this from around the nation, there’s definitely some trends here, and I don’t think all of it’s a coincidence.

    I have so many favorite episodes, and there’s many I can’t stop thinking about. The one I can’t get get out of my head is the Smokey Mountains episode where the couple decided to go on a day hike, thought they were on a “loop” trail, and ended up spending the night in the woods. Their encounter between the lights, ( that had seemingly taken an interest in them) and something coming up the trail……was terrifying! You can’t make that stuff up! Absolutely one of my favorites, aside from the police officer/ kayaker in Florida who was bluff charged from the bank, and fell into the water. Thank you for ALL of the episodes Wes, and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Theresa from Maine

  23. Jessica T

    I downloaded the Travel Go app for the Travel channel and was able to watch Episode 1 because it was under the free streaming. I don’t have the Travel Channel and I think only one episode will be free with the app. Any suggestions?

    Really feel bad for RPG….I can’t even imagine how he is feeling now. Got zapped (I think) after messing with a structure. Was sick for a week and had a breakout of hives.

    Nothing saying he can’t continue his own research and document. Many people do and it’s awesome to get some good info. I don’t have to be convinced that they’re real…that’s a given. Just learning more of what to look for and yet stay safe is important to me.

    Good luck with the show…wish I could see more episodes.

    Jessie 🙂

  24. Jay R

    Travel channel GO app is a bust only showing the first episode for free. Cut my cable 6 years ago and wont go back so someday it will be free somewhere. I’m patient so I can wait. Probably find Bigfoot all by myself by then lol.

  25. sasquatchmac

    Love the SC shows, look forward to Friday’s and Sunday’s. And think I’ve listened to most of the old episodes. Let me say, Shannon was pretty great.
    Love, love, LOVE!!! Expedition Bigfoot!!! I understand the need to add music and sound effects… it’s for mass appeal… and I really, REALLY like it.
    I like how Bryce talks to experts and interviews eye witnesses.
    I look forward to when the new episode drops – usually on Monday morning because I have a season pass on iTunes (I don’t have t.v. or cable).
    I haven’t heard anymore interviews with Russel Accord… I’ll scour the SC episodes again.
    Thanks for all you do Wes. Really enjoy your podcast!

  26. Marisa M

    Love love love everything about expedition Bigfoot! Great show! I couldn’t get enough . I hope they stay around for awhile! Deff out did animal planet & finding Bigfoot.

  27. craig d

    The answer may be a combination of several factors as to why we are encountering Sasquatch.
    The Internet has shrunk the world possibly more than the aeroplane, its opened communication between us in a way that can bearly be comprehended. We are encroaching on their property more and more and finally they are massing for the final battle. Our time is short….

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