Dec 8

Close Encounters

Grassman58 writes “This is a new series of videos of personal encounters while we were out. This video is the first time I have ever shared it with the public. I still don’t know what I saw that day and still have not gone back into that section of woods. This happened in a section of what we call Sasquatch Alley. We have had a lot of different types of activity that have happen to us while we have been in this Alley of mountains.”

5 Responses to “Close Encounters”

    • Elaine L

      I was thinking the exact thing. Appears to be an overcast day but not very dark considering all the ‘wilderness’ that is around him and to have that amount of eyeshine… I’m skeptical that that is what he says he saw… or even a cougar.

  1. Danial K

    Smart man. Sleeps/camps in his truck. You could feel his fear/uneasiness ooze through the camera/video. You could really tell that he was uptight in that campground. Hard to say what the “eye shine” was. I don’t think it blinked once.

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