Dec 7

Bigfoot Odyssey: Guest Nikia at Rat and Cat

Bigfoot Odyssey invited Nikia from the Rat and Cat YouTube channel to the show. Here is a description “On Rat and Cat, we search for people who have gone missing, learn how to survive and explore boldly.

We had a rat in our barn. We got a cat to get rid of the rat, but a wild animal got the cat. Some people idealize living in the country, but the truth is, living a wilderness lifestyle can be difficult and messy, with potential threats coming from unexpected sources.

When I heard people in my own county had gone missing in the wilderness without a trace, I decided to look for some of them. It’s also important to me to live country and explore the wilderness. We recently bought a river cabin in NE Washington. We are scrambling to get it livable before the first snow of this coming winter, 2019.”

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