Nov 3

SC EP:6 Witness Encounter: Face to Face with Sasquatch

In this episode we bring you one of the best Class A Bigfoot Encounter:

Rebecca has had a couple scary encounters with Bigfoot including a very traumatic experience where she was face to face with Sasquatch. Rebecca will also be sharing some recent encounters and sharing her experience with Bigfoot and how her attitude has changed towards them.


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49 Responses to “SC EP:6 Witness Encounter: Face to Face with Sasquatch”

    • Luis C

      This is just the seventh podcast , you have to keep in mind that all beginnings are part of the experience
      But on the other hand , you seem very intolerant ,
      It is what it is , you can’t shape people to be what or how you want them to be . You need to grow out of that , there is people drom all corners and everybody’s
      Different . . Unless you are a story teller critic . Maybe you should give them a little collaboration , otherwise
      Learn to accept people for what they are ; that is why one reason why racism and other other crap exist in the worlds. Besides the sound quality doesn’t give her any favors . Brat !

  1. Elizabeth R

    Having discovered this show in it’s 300th episode, and now coming back to the beginning to listen to the old ones, I’m so glad Wes has evolved it to become what it is today. I can do without the constant interruptions by Will and rubbishing of people that don’t know as much. It has become a show about respect and learning as much as bigfoot and that’s perfect. Well done on a good journey – long may it continue.

  2. James M

    That lady had a lot of nuts and bolts in her fruitcake! That was painful. If Wes hadn’t of poked fun at her I wouldn’t have been able to set through it!

  3. Terrence S

    She actually sounded a lot like a lady I use to know that lived in Welland. Even the reference to her sister Roxanne sounded familiar. I know that lady had some series mental issues..could spin a tail. Smart..but stocked with yarn.

  4. Susan S

    “I was there…I would have been told”

    If I had listened from the beginning before the more recent episodes, I would not have joined! Thank sasquatch for Wes!

  5. Jason K

    To all those who are busting on Will: his interviewing style is different from Wes. Will is more conversational. I do have a couple of issues, but I’m okay with it.

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