Nov 3

SC EP:7 Sasquatch Sounds vs Known Animal Sounds

In this episode we bring you some of the best Bigfoot stories, sounds and news topics. We will also be answering questions from our listeners. Do you know the difference between a reported Bigfoot sound and a known animal like a fox?



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42 Responses to “SC EP:7 Sasquatch Sounds vs Known Animal Sounds”

  1. Norman Racca

    lol….rofl @ the intro:
    So I take it that you actually seen a Bigfoot!?
    (long pause)
    Not exactly!…..I have smelled a Bigfoot!…I have felt the presence of a Bigfoot!…..I have tasted the air, where a Bigfoot has been!….. And I have heard a Bigfoot crying in the night!
    Crying in the night; a Bigfoot? I um….
    Oh It happens more often then you would think!
    Uh huh!
    The’re quite emotional creatures!
    (“LOL”) I’m laughing typing this))

  2. kaleb

    I think a lot of those sounds are coyotes/fox or some other distressed animal. Not sure how to spell (Umitilla)??? those sounds are what I’m talking about. Some of these sounds are very similar to quite a few sounds I have on my electronic coyote call. Not sure though.

  3. Tristan L

    ^^ to Taylr W:
    Yeah dude! I just joined a few days ago. These guys are the shit! I have jumped around a ton based on advice, but now just cruising from ep. 1! ( Long way to go!)

  4. Aaron B

    I stayed in Umatilla Oregon at the till I come in hotel right next to a strip club I mean 20 feet away I was working a job in Boardman Oregon kind of High Plains desert area with the Columbia river that runs right through caught a couple real nice Chinook salmon 30 pounds a piece I did notice that there was a very high methamphetamine problem in that area maybe it was some tweakers out in the woods screaming that Bloody heads off????

  5. Farva

    So i have been going back and listening to older shows and this one really caught me. They mentioned the Puyallup Screamer and the Snohomish screamer and sounds heard in Graham. I had my first encounter in Graham and before that I remember hearing those screams before I had my encounter. I thought they were coyotes or a bobcat. I had been a scout so I understood what to look for in tracks and what kind of calls and noises were made by different animals. even to this day over 30 years ago those sounds run a chill up my spine.
    GREAT SHOW!!!!!

  6. Tammi C

    One distinction that has to be made is the RED fox (versus “fox”) and Sasquatch sounds . Red fox tho small are LOUD, sound like a banshee or a woman being murdered and screaming in sheer agony, etc.
    IMO one time BF encounters based on sound alone are not actual BF encounters. Witnesses and research should distinguish with quality, varied recordings varied comparing both “fox”and RED fox before assuming BF and/or discrediting “a fox”.
    Again, red fox are small but make very very loud and haunting vocalizations with a very intimidating presence.

  7. Tammi C

    Also you guys should listen to multiple owl sounds…..they can be very close to what you thought were fox.
    And Wes was correct…that was a barred owl. Again, you would be amazed by the sounds of owl calls.

  8. Tammi C

    …maybe it was Woody that got barred owl correct, lol. The Barred Owl sounds like: woo woo woo woo, woo woo woo. Or “who who who cooks for you”. There is an owl called barn owl, but it was not in the recording at the point it was discussed.

    Also the fire station was a r fox

    Ok, my lectures are over ??

    Love you guys ❣️

  9. schlad

    I think the scary Laughter sounds are a famous Sasquatch Comedy act..they are on tour alot so that’s why you hear them all over haha..
    I Love you guys, y’all are hilarious !

  10. schlad

    We have red foxes here in the UK, in fact that is our largest predator, I have Lived in the country most of my Life, never heard anything like that, not even close? Maybe American reds are more vocal, I have heard plenty of ours, they are weird, loud but very different.

  11. schlad

    My mum told me that she recently saw a red fox canter in front of her car that she said was as big as her german shepherd Sammy. That’s almost impossible, Sammy was a bear, at least 100 lbs, big for a sheherd, I challenged her, she knows her stuff, it had a long bushy tail too, that would be at least twice as big as they grow?

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