Nov 3

SC EP:5 Bigfoot Stories and Encounters

In this episode we bring you some of the best Bigfoot stories. Join us as we will be discussing Bigfoot encounters and Bigfoot stories. William Jevning, Woody, and Wes will also be discussing Sasquatch behavior and encounters. We will be discussing recent encounters and older encounters including:

  • -Tim Hall Bigfoot encounter in the Smoky Mountains
  • -Female discusses her encounter with Sasquatch
  • -Texas Bigfoot Shooter hunter identified under the name “Bugs” who recounted his experience shooting two Bigfoot over 30 years ago in Texas. Bugs, along with two other hunters, encountered two 7-8 ft. tall creatures, covered in reddish brown hair, that they shot at numerous times, thinking they were bears. After the creatures were killed they discovered they had shot one female and one male. I had “never seen nothing on this Earth that looked like them,” said Bugs, who described the pair as being a cross between human and ape. Not wanting to be held responsible for the shootings, the hunters decided to cover-up the incident by burying the creatures.
  • Snooperscope, an iOS and Android compatible night vision attachment. Launching a crowdsource funding campaign starting tomorrow on, Psy Corporation is aiming to raise $60,000 to help bring the Snooperscope to fruition. The Snooperscope connects to your phone via a secure peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection and uses the screen to provide you with a look into the darkness draped world that your eyes could otherwise not see. It’s ideal for use on overnight camping trips, wildlife adventurers, and Squatching!



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62 Responses to “SC EP:5 Bigfoot Stories and Encounters”

  1. Warren D

    Yes, that story from Buggs is one of the best Bigfoot Tales ever told. He even sent Art Bell The Map of where He buried the Male and Female. Too bad it’s a lie. But an entertaining one.

  2. Stanley G

    Now that I’ve listened to a number of these episodes, it reminded me of a time I was back packing in the Catskills. In the middle of the night, I head what sounded like a gigantic tree crashing down. Followed by what I thought at the time sounded like a screaming dinosaur.

  3. Jennifer V

    I can’t listen to any of these older episodes with Will. he totally ruins it. This is my third attempt at listening to this podcast In it’s entirety, but his constant one upmanship, compulsive interrupting and rude correcting of what people are saying ruins it totally for me.

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