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SC EP:588 Vietnam Veteran Encounters Sasquatch

Eli said “I had two encounters the first one was when I was on leave for my 2nd tour in Vietnam. I was deer hunting and had a deer run up to my deer blind and lay down. I could not figure what it was doing. Shortly afterwards I saw what it was running from. I could not understand what kind of creature I was looking at and there was more than one. My second encounter happen about 16 years later and it became violent.

We were camping to going grouse hunting in northern Minnesota. Something picked up our tent with all of us in it and threw it a couple of feet to the side. I ended up shooting what I am sure was a bigfoot, three times with #7 bird shot from 20 to 30 ft away from me and my three companions”


*Truck Diver Interrupts The Creatures Hunt

Armando is a long haul truck driver and he stopped on the side of the road in Texas to use the bathroom. The driver’s little dog ran off into the woods. The witness said “I kept calling my dog to come back but he wasn’t coming back. I heard wild hogs and it sounded like they were running.

I heard one of the hogs make a sound and I thought oh my god they are killing my little dog. I went into the wood line and saw my dog and he was whining. He would not look at me, he was looking up in the tree. I looked back and up to see what he was looking at and I saw this monkey in a tree. It was huge! This thing vocalized and another one came running. This one was much larger and it was carrying something. I realized he was carrying a 200lbs hog in his arm. The one in the tree screamed at me and then the larger one screamed/roared at me. I thought I was dead. I just held my dog and was shaking…..”




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  1. Joe R

    I really do enjoy hearing accounts from fellow veterans. Not to mention truckers , those guys see a lot of things. My father, uncle, and grandfather are truckers and they all have stories for days. Thank you Wes.

  2. Donald P

    Armando’s description of his encounter was one of the best that I can remember in a long time. His recall of the event is fantastic. I don’t know how a skeptic could listen to that and say he was mistaken or making up a story. Very convincing account.

  3. m99

    Armando, what a great job explaining how it all went. Very scary. To add I’m from that general area, and cringe to think of all the times I’d go off by myself for a walk in the woods. Duh. Anyway, good job. ~ Thanks for your service Eli. Blessings to you and yours. Enjoyed your encounter too. Thanks again.

  4. Tim M

    The 2nd report was amazing and the witness’s delivery was insightful and funny. Out of the 10s of thousands of reports I’ve read, watched and witnessed myself, this is my favorite

    • Denise F

      Oh Lisa I know how you feel, all summer I just kept saying that it’s coming….jean weather is coming ?
      (Btw, the cool front is a high of mid 80’s but I’ll take it)

  5. Eileen F

    Two wonderful guests both with exciting stories. Eli, thank you for your service. Soldiers and wars are still necessary in this present world, as much as we would wish otherwise. Armando, you recreate the sounds and the scene perfectly. Do you think that the male was looking at your hands to see if you had a gun? This episode gave us much information. Thanks to all including Wes, as always.

  6. Ulrike H

    One of the best shows! The sound effects from Armando made me feel like I was living the encounter with him. Many thanks to both guests for sharing such profound experiences!

  7. Doug K

    Thanks for another great program Wes! Big shout outs to Eli and Armando. Thanks so much for sharing these great encounters with all of us. Thanks guys!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  8. Cindy S

    Two GREAT encounters! Eli, Thank you SO much for your service and for sharing your Encounter with us!
    Armando, I can’t imagine what you went thru! I could picture everything in my mind as you told your story!
    So glad that you and Buddy made it out of there!!
    Amazing encounter!!

  9. Bonnie I

    Wow! These were two very nerve wrenching encounters. So grateful you are both alive and well (and buddy the dog too) after such traumatic experiences. Thanks Eli, Armando and Wes.

  10. Denise F

    Armando was spot on describing an East Texas bigfoot. When he described the teeth and the way it held it’s mouth open like a scrunched up yawn…..took me right back!!!!

    Good show tonight both guests were great!

    • Denise F

      Oh one more thing, Armando describes the big creature leaning down and looking side to side at his hands, can only assume it was looking for a weapon. Why would the creature be so preoccupied with if he had a weapon…..? I suppose many have been killed or shot before…..which means they can be injured/ killed. Would a paranormal creature act that way? Just a thought.

  11. Johnathan N

    Wes I wish I could be naturally stronge, fast, adaptable to all climates, see in the dark without NVG’s, stay up for long hours throwing pebbles at victims just to mess with them, and able to chase down anything I wont so I can eat it. That would be awesome! And that’s what these creatures seem to do on the most part. But when they run into a male human things seem to change. Again on the most part these creatures seem to fear us (man) more than we fear them and these last two guests are good evidence otherwise I would think they would cause more havoc. These creatures seem to know more about us than we do them and on the most part we seem a lot more dangerous than them, Great show!

  12. Matthew W

    Wes did Armondo or Eli get to hear the other’s recording before they made their’s? It seemed more than coincidence that they both mentioned some of the same things, like aboriginals, for instance. There were a few others?
    My father used to recite a poem for my brothers and I whenever it rained. “The thunder roared, the sky grew big, the lightening flashed and killed the pig. “

  13. Matthew W

    Wes did Armondo or Eli get to hear the other’s recording before they made their’s? It seemed more than coincidence that they both mentioned some of the same things, like aboriginals, for instance. There were a few others?

  14. jeff m

    Armando’s encounter lacked a genuineness you often hear in other encounters when recounting their tales. Entirely too comfortable telling this story. If Eli had shot the doe I wonder how they would have reacted to that. Creep experiences for Eli.

  15. Bryan H

    Armando has to be one of your best guest yet. He has such great enthusiasm describing every detail. He really gets the story across. He paid really close attention to the details and clearly speaks of the language almost as clear as the Morehead tapes. Great show Wes.

  16. Coop

    I’m not buying the truck drivers story, at least not that he is telling it exactly like it happened. The vet now, that sounds like it happened. It’s amazing how we don’t give as much credit to the smarts that wildlife have. That doe I’m sure knows that humans have boomsticks and thought it had better chance of living by laying behind a human, putting the human between itself and the danger.

  17. Janetta V

    Oh man! These were good. I was glued to my laptop. Armando you are so descriptive, you have a gift for telling stories, I felt almost like I was watching a movie. So glad you and your little dog got away. Thank you Eli, another great story. Reminded me of Mike Wooley’s story where a doe came a planted herself under his tree stand, she was all out of breath too, and did get away. Thanks Wes.

  18. Reid D

    Wow!! I used to drive a truck and yes you see some strange things! I didn’t see a Hairy Fella but I did see some blue eyed hairless dog things that some call the Chupacabra. 2 of them. Love my fellow trucker stories and of course the Veteran stories! Love those guys! Thank you for your service!

    • Denise F

      Reid, where did you see the 2 weird creatures? Also was the blue EYESHINE from headlights or was it a daytime sighting?

      Sorry for all the questions but we have seen them before and the blue eyed detail you saw isn’t talked about often.

      • Reid D

        It was broad daylight probably 3-4 in the afternoon crossing a field about 25?yds away it was walking away and turned back to look at us then it just kept on walking at an angle away from us. Northeast and we were slowly rolling north. Excellent view of it. The 2nd was daylight but it kinda ran galloped across the highway between Albany and Throckmorton Tx

  19. Miss Kendall S

    That was awesome Amando and I hope I’m spelling your name right LOL.. I’m very glad Buddy and yourself made it out safely and you did an amazing job on the vocals I know with mine I could never get the vocals right smh anyway both shows were great Wes thank you so much once again .. XO

  20. jake b

    this is why basically ALL bigfoot researchers are coming up on empty.

    also, the problem with a bigfoot researcher is, that they’re unbelievable simply by the nature of being a bigfoot researcher.

    keep the witnesses coming . i believe

  21. Mark D

    This was one of the best episodes! Those poor men. They are most certainly still traumatized from their experience. I am sure their lives are changed forever.

    • William S

      By the way…..two east Texas women have gone missing after leaving their cars after swerving off the road. One near the Angelina .The other near the Neches. Not far from Palestine Texas . Ladies PLEASE don’t leave your cars, keep your cell phones charged. No bodies ever found…….Dogs would not leave their cages..

  22. Cindy O

    Wow! Wes, you really have made podcasts to beat all podcasts ! Plz keep up the incredible shows♥️♥️♥️♥️I have been addicted for years! Thanks to Eli and Armando ! Super exciting details and descriptions.

  23. David R

    HUGE Armando! I’m #65-66-53-? LOL! You are a frickin CRAZY MAN! Most NON CRAZY people would of been gone! I’m very happy you came on to share your story, but I think if the Sasquatch didn’t have that hog for a snack you would of been dead! This is another one of the BEST interviews Wes has done. Thank you! One last thing. If the Sasquatch would of been rouge you would be DEAD!

  24. Christian L

    At close quarters a Ruger 44 mag carbine is a hell of a brush gun…BFs were lucky they didnt push their luck. Great interview from Minnesota…reminded me of Mike Wooleys story.

  25. Jennie R

    Oh Wow!! AMAZING!!! Two great encounters. My hearts in my mouth! Armondo though, holy moly, that guy rocks!! The way he told that story, felt like I was there with him! The sounds effects an all!! Best encounter in the longest!! Jeez! So lucky to get out of that bind in one piece! Nice one lads! ???

  26. David L

    Sorry folks, but that 2nd guy was talking out his backside. Too many holes in his story and it seemed as though he was telling a tale he had made up through mixing many different episodes together.
    It’s bound to happen though, with the success of this brilliant podcast will come people trying to get their 15 mins of fame. I call BS!

  27. David C

    Awesome show! Two awesome guests! Armando did an excellent job with his retelling! I often think if I had to recommend to someone who had never heard your show one episode to listen to -which one would I pick? As of now -this one for sure! Keep up the good work! Ps. I sent you a couple emails a couple weeks ago (after pastor Randy was on) about my experience with the demonic.

  28. Tracy L

    Wow! Even Wes was stunned in to silence during Armando’s testimony! What a great storyteller! I felt like I was there, in the woods, with him and his dog. He should be a writer. Both guests were awesome! Thanks, as always, for possessing the humble personality that allows the guests to tell their stories without your ego interrupting. Even your silence speaks volumes to the guests who have been ridiculed by ignorant non-believers, as it shows support for the person without uttering a word. This is why I LOVE YOUR SHOW!

    • Eric B

      Richard, So you and Mike were able to age him by the sound of his voice? Ruger Model 44 was introduced in 1961……8 years prior to his encounter, and was a very popular hunting rifle for many years until Ruger discontinued it in 1985. The second encounter had to take place in the 70’s…. and Benelli and Browning shotguns had been around for a long time and #7 bird shot was even older. What are the inconsistencies??

  29. Mike C

    Love Armondos enthusiasm. He’s a heck of a story teller no doubt. East Texas can be a freaky place and is absolutely fantastic habitat for something like the Sasquatch to thrive and kinda stay off the radar.

  30. Patricia B

    GREAT SHOW WES, Awesome, Armando described the Sasquatches in really super detail. I love these shows, but this one I will never forget. Thanks for all your Great work Wes.

  31. Christian L

    Armandos story must’ve made the top 5 if not top 3 or even best all time SC episodes….intense! Wonder how BF would react to the truck horn of a Big Rig. Lifting up a 200+ pound like a jug of water….incredible. So happy he and his dog made it through to tell the tale! Although from my experience w Jack Russels theyd yip at a T Rex…aggressive little buggers:)

  32. Richard F

    The Vietnam vet I believe, the 2nd guy I am shaky on his story. Too many similar details from other encounters, seemed to encompass BF
    characteristics from other encounters. Plus he did not show a genuine fear from this encounter which I would expect from seeing something like that in the woods. I think it was made up, but he told it well.

  33. DAVID B

    Armando has to be one of the best interviews ever and guaranteed he was totally animated on the other end of the phone while he was describing his sighting.Awesome job as always Wes thanks for staying the course.

  34. pam

    Armando did an absolutely amazing job at describing the creature and his encounter! The Viet Nam veteran did a great job also, and thanks to both of you guys, and as always, Wes too!

  35. Mike D

    The dude is not a Vietnam Veteran. Face Time him Wes. Right on Messenger. I bet you a steak dinner and beers it’s a fraud. How can no one tell he isn’t even old enough to go in Vietnam. SMH

  36. Jason M

    Armando’s account had to be one of the best I’ve ever heard. His enthusiasm and depiction of what happened was INCREDIBLE! Of the 100’s of accounts I’ve heard on Sasquatch Chronicles, that has to be my all time favorites. Thank you Armando and thank you Wes!

  37. Erik S

    One of the best encounters so far. I’m still catching up on all the episodes but definitely one of the best most detailed stories I’ve listened to so far.

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