Jul 27

SC EP:566 Strange Experience In Iraq

Spoke to a military veteran last night who has agreed to come on the show. He shares an encounter he had in Oregon. He has also experienced some very strange things in Iraq during the war.

A small portion of the show will be Sasquatch related but I believe he has earned the right to come on and share whatever he wants to share. He said “I am sure I ran into a Jinn over in Iraq. I have no other explanation for what I saw, this thing…guy walking straight up a wall.”



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  1. Brad D

    No need to explain the content….you do an AMAZING job with your shows and what it takes….I miss your show with Tony you guys did for a bit….anyway…great job Wes and thank you.

  2. Ian H

    I like this guy, one of my favorite episodes for sure.

    I had an aggressive encounter, in the summer of 2011 up by twin lakes, its near zigzag where the caller had his. I was alone, backpacking, and it scared me pretty good, really rattled my cage. I believe that was its intention. I can remember that night very clearly. I wasn’t thinking big foot, I didn’t know what the hell it was at first.

    I tried for years to put it out of my head. I have never been so scared and I’ve been in some hairy situations, including but not limited to accidentally walking up on and surprising a mother brown bear with cubs on a trip in New Mexica…The next day after I got out of the woods, I was afraid I was losing my mind, but I’ve never had a hallucination before or since, and there is no history mental illness in my family. I was a boy scout, hunter, avid backpacker, and have spent hundreds of nights out camping all over Oregon, Washington, and in other states in the US….I used to think sasquatch was just an archetypal monster, that adults make up to scare kids around campfires. A big hairy fictions character. Doesn’t take an ingenious creative to invent that. I though, people just got sucked into the myth: I though “how can you disprove something that doesn’t exist?” I thought that it was just the manifestation of peoples fear of the wild, and the fight or fight response draining blood from peoples heads and causing hallucinations.

    I went backpacking with friends only once after that, years later and on a busy trail, but it just wasn’t enjoyable for me anymore. I used to feel safe and at peace in the woods, I could always come out of them feeling more focused and relaxed….Now I don’t go in them. I still don’t talk about it, but I feel like I should because hearing others stories has helped me a lot and it would be good to give back. These episodes are therapeutic. I haven’t emailed you yet wes because I don’t want the attention, and I am kinda shy…very much a private person.

    • F S

      REALLY liked this guest. Believe him 100%.

      (I have a picture of a Djinn. Never published. Rosemary Ellen Guiley did some groundbreaking work on the Djinn. She was an amazing woman and a good friend. RIP, Ro.)

    • richard r

      ive had some mental illness in our family in the past and feel for people that do. i heard someone say maybe the insane people really know what the world is like and the sane are the ones who dont. if i saw someone walking up a wall yes i really would need some therapy of some sort afterward but i dont think it would matter because this really happened to someone. ive seen paranormal stuff and my friends have too, were all just normal working people who happen to have seen something that was not. anyway thanks wes a “bad ass show” with some “bad ass” music at the end (lynard skynard).

  3. Joshua W

    Thanks so much for this Wes! I’m in the PICU with my baby boy who is critically ill with an undetermined respiratory virus. Staying overnight in this cramped and uncomfortable hospital room is a little easier with a new episode to occupy my mind. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.


    – Joshua

  4. Denise F

    What a surprise, an early release on Saturday (psst, I’m claiming it’s my SC bday present, lol).
    I’m looking forward to this one…..and ty again.

  5. Aaron B

    I can understand not wanting to be involved in organized religion because organized religion has been the cause of many crimes against humanity but that is man we have a book called The Holy Bible in that book is true many people I have tried to prove it wrong but they have never been able to it tells the beginning from the end and you don’t need religion but you need Jesus Christ how can you see a man get healed in front of your eyes see somebody walk up a wall and not believe

    • Derek G

      Kind of interesting that the person you say that we need and the book that you say is true and that no one can disprove are the very things that have given us organized religion and founded it, yet you say we don’t need it… Hmmm… Very illogical. If we pretend to follow Jesus Christ and the bible, both of which we believe are true but don’t believe in organised religion, then either we don’t know who or what we are following or we are definitely not following them… Hmmm… We need hospitals, police force, fire departments, military, streets, cars, houses….. But don’t believe in an organised society…. Totally illogical… It’s impossible to say you follow Jesus and the bible and not believe in organised religion…. That’s like saying I’m a logger but I do not fell trees… Well then you are not a logger. So cheers! To your organised religion of just you and Jesus in which Jesus does your bidding and says what you want Him to say…. Let me know how it works out.

      • Evelyn L

        Organized religion has very little to do with what is written in the New Testament. If you read the words of the Christ and the people who wrote the New Testament letters and then compare those words with what we see in modern day Christianity you will see that today’s religion has very little to do with what is written.
        The Roman Church and the church started by Henry the VIII were political churches that usurped the faith in Jesus, the Christ. These people who infiltrated the Christian faith were power hungry elites. The Roman Church that ruled Europe for hundreds of years was run by people who were never really believers. They did, however, know that the power of religion to control masses of people. The Son of God came to earth to set people free from dead religion and the darkness that prevents people from realizing the truth. It was said of the early church that those people had “turned the world upside down” because they had the power of the Spirit of God to open the eyes of the people. Jesus, the Christ, was able to do great deeds of healing, he walked on water and opened the eyes of people born blind. He said that those who believed on him would also do the same works and even greater. He said other things about what believers would do yet you see very little of it today. Most of today’s Christian church do not even believe in miracles anymore and will attack people that do.
        During the Dark Ages the Bible was locked away from the people for well over 1000 years. People were tortured and burned to death by the rulers of the Roman church if they were found to have even a few sentences of the scriptures in their possession. After the Bible was again released for the people to read most did not understand the spiritual aspects of that book anymore. The Bible is a spiritual book and cannot be fully understood by the carnal mind.
        The Roman Church demanded that the people only read the bible with a priest present. They were determined to keep people under their control and not let them receive the freedom that the Christ came to give. The church that King Henry VIII started was much the same. Both churches persecuted the small new churches that would try to get started. Most of the first people who came to the new world were escaping oppression by the Roman Church and the Brits. The elites owned all most of the land in Europe. People came here because they had nothing. Coming to the New World was their only chance to possibly own land of their own.
        The point is that most of the churches that exist today are so clueless about the truth of Christianity. It was during the early 20th century that the elites that had used religion to control the people began embracing and promoting communism and Marxism. The most prestigious higher learning institutions of the west pumped far left activists into positions of power for decades and still do today. Politicians still used religion to hide behind in order to get elected right up until the 80’s when the pretense finally began to fall off.
        There is nothing in the Bible about building huge churches and cathedrals. It encourages people who are born of the Spirit of God to get together and minister to each other by the power of God. What is written in the bible has little to do with what you see in most churches today.

        • m99

          Amen Evelyn. My family (those who are Catholics) are Christians though, and Charismatic at that. And they read the bible. I have a Catholic Bible and use it sometimes because it contains historical books, and the wording is so near other translations. What is the dark truth about the dark ages? Only Priests had copies of the word of God. And it’s the introduction of light that quenches darkness. As well, another way to say it, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. And yes, Jesus is coming back (soon I pray). Blessings and thanks for your bold and loving stance.

        • Gabriel H

          The Dark Ages were a result of Germanic pagan tribes (some Roman soldiers) overthrowing Rome when they realized Roman influence was spread thin across too vast of an empire (outposts near Scotland for example), resulting in the burning of libraries and temples. Thousands of years of knowledge was destroyed, and Christianity was kept alive by isolated monasteries in Ireland and what came to be known as the Eastern Orthodox Church in Turkey

        • Joshua W

          Hey Wes, thank you for the follow up. You’re concern is truly touching. My son Connor had a pretty rough night last and this morning but this afternoon he seems to have leveled off. He has been in a deep sleep for the past three hours which hasn’t happened in a week. The doctors have reduced his oxygen down to 2liters (was 4). All of these are good signs! I would like to thank you and everyone who reached out. I tried to respond to everyone but given the choas of being a parent staying in the PICU I know I missed some people. Regardless, each of them and you have my family’s deepest appreciation!

          Warmest regards from my family to each of you!

          Joshua, Liam & Connor

          • Joshua W

            Thanks again We. Unfortunately we are still here in the hospital but he is slowly improving. With any luck we might be out of here in the early part of next week.

            It goes without saying that I’m looking forward to this weekend’s shows. This weekend even more so as they truly do help this Papa get his mind off painful situation. Again thanks for everything you do Wes. You have my sincerest gratitude.

            Warmest Regards,


  6. Dave W.

    When you sign up, you sign up for a 4 or 6 year “tour of duty”. But along with this, you are signing for a 4-6 Inactive reserve. Youre put into a “pool” and can be activated without advance notice within that time. Some MOS’s have other requirements of continued service, but the “norm” is 4 or 6 year inactive reserves committment based on your original signing. Plus, if you are actively deployed, you can be “extended” indefinitely, again most times this depends on your MOS. (Military Occupational Specialty). This is because they may not have the specialist in that job. In the Marines, the first two numbers of your MOS designates your job. My designation was 03, which is infantry. The last two numbers denote your SPECIALTY. There are different specialties in the infantry. For example, infantry is 03. A basic rifleman is an 11. So the MOS would be 0311. There are others too. My specialty was 51, so my complete MOS was 0351 which designates “Infantry, anti armor specialist” machine gunners are 0331, mortars are 0341. Sniper is 0317 Marine Corps Scout Sniper, etc.
    Support once we get home is a laughable joke, man. Too many times I hear of guys that cant assimilate back to civvie life and take their own lives. PTSD is a huge factor of this. We all get “classes” on how to assimilate, but they are a joke to put it mildly.

    Anyways, Semper Fi to all my fellow Devil Dogs, and also to all my brothers and sisters in uniform. Even the ones in the Navy, *wink*

    • Wes Germer

      Thanks for the info Dave…I had to laugh at the Navy comment. When I was working in Vegas I broke up a bunch of Navy and Marines fighting. A Navy guy hit me over the head with a full beer bottle, he thought I was with the Marines….Navy is my least favorite branch of the military lol

      • Dave W.

        Yeah, lol, being a Department of the Navy, The Marines and sailors have an ongoing “Feud”. We fight amongst each other, but when shit hits the fan, we come together real quick, lol.
        Full beer bottle? Ouch. I remember one time on the rock (Okinawa) we accidentally walked into a Navy bar….brawl ensued and it spilled out into the street with us standing back to back and shoulder to shoulder. I remember as we exited the beer bottles hitting us, and crashing off the walls all around us. Good times were had by all.

  7. Emily T

    Dang, good show!! Scares the holy heck out of you thinking about all the strangeness in this world! Truly a very interesting episode! Thanks for coming on the show and telling us your experiences and thank you for serving and protecting us !! Thanks Wes!! Excellent!!!

  8. Molly Hart L

    Wes, you and your amazing guest may be interested in a book titled “They Live In The Sky” by Trevor James Constable. Trevor ‘discovered’ biological organisms in the skies and wrote a few books about them. The text and photos are fascinating. Very much validates your guests observations.
    I hope he returns to the show with more stories. My heart goes out to good people like him who have been dragged into these now endless wars and have been forever changed.
    My Dad fought in the Philippines in WW2 (The Battle of Leyte). The only comment he ever made to me was “There is nothing noble about war”. It is now a tool to bring about the Hell on Earth they call One World Order. God help us all to wake up in time to avoid the despicable future planned for humanity.

  9. Barbara W

    I haven’t read comments yet, so forgive me if someone else has already posted this.
    There’s a fellow on YouTube that i believe could be Sergeant K. He goes by the praying medic:
    I hope our guest will look at his YouTube site and see if it’s him. He’s a big, built white guy like he described.
    Thanks for telling us your story, and thank you for all the sacrifices you made.

  10. acrylic sand artist

    Love this episode Wes!
    My husband is a Vietnam Vet. He completely understands how
    the military veteran thinks and feels about his ordeal with
    bigfoot and everything else he speaks of.

    The part where he witness this Arab walking on a wall.
    That Arab was posse by evil, that freak enjoyed messing
    with military veteran’s mind.

    Wrapping it up…
    (The military veteran somewhat shell-shock).

  11. Lisa B

    Thank you Wes for having Talon on! Thank you Talon for your service and sharing some of your experiences. My husband was 11B as well. My father was a master chief in the Navy, he was on submarines. Needless to say he wasn’t too happy about me marrying a grunt lol. Talon mentions his birthday, did anyone catch what it is or did he not tell? He’s definitely an empath and a beacon. I’d love to read his birth chart! I’ve read that Jinns like to harass people thru their televisions. Like when people talk to their tv or have conversations with their tv or radios, any kind of electronics, they’re talking to Jinns. Some people would associate that with schizophrenia.

  12. Stephen K

    He said he changed the names, but I’m confused on the dates in this episode. What was he doing in Iraq in 2002 at an FOB CKV near Jordon when the Iraq war started on April 2003, he said he was out of the ARMY by then? Re-enlist sure, but If he intentionally changed the years is one thing, but at least disclose this.

  13. Maria R

    This guy is Awesome! I would love to listen to his stories. I would buy his books! I want some of those military glasses he was talking about. Great show

  14. Janice K

    Thank you Sir, for your service and for sharing your experiences. Wes, one of your best ever interviews. Would love to hear more from this ‘amazing man. Thank you for closing with one of my all time favorite LS songs too! Much love, J

  15. Maria D

    Awesome encounters and Fab show as always.!
    I think that this episode and the last one were 2 of my favs this year so far.
    Thank you for your service to our country to the guest, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    Enjoy your weekend all.!

  16. Amy E

    One of the more fascinating episodes I’ve heard. I’d enjoy listening to him again. Thanks, Wes, for not absolutely limiting the scope of the show.

  17. Melissa P

    Thanks Wes!! Joshua I’m praying that your baby boy gets better quickly! Dave, Talon, and all of the vets, thank you so much for your service and sacrifices! God Bless you.

  18. Greg O

    I was fortunate to have worked in the gorge ranger district on the trails crew maintenance and was allowed into the Bull Run watershed. It is virgin unlogged woods and has amazing trees some bigger than 15′ across and they are not cedar or redwoods. Douglas fir,white fir and sitka spruce. There are cedars too but I have seen bigger in other places but not those other species. It was the purist city water source at the time and probably still is.

    • Ann B

      Thanks for sharing Greg. I’ve always wondered about Bull Run. I sold water filters for a while. We discussed that even glacial water can have cryptosporidium/spores and the like due to “natural animals” pooping nearby while drinking. And now with the heavy geo engineering of our skies, is any watershed really still clean? But Bull Run sounds very beautiful!

  19. Martin Z

    There’s so much more unexplained than sasquatch out in our world and I love how you’re expanding your shows to different subjects other than sasquatch. I’ve been a SC member for years and wouldn’t ever think about canceling your awesome show. Thank you Wes!

  20. Jennie R

    Wow! Great show, with a great opening soundtrack. I could have listened to Talon all day! It seems like he’s fit a million lives into one, and seen things that are hard to unsee and scary to even begin to understand. I want to thank him being so brave, honest and open in sharing his story, it truely touched my heart. I hope and pray that the dark shadows of the past will mellow with time and healing and the future be bold, bright and beautiful! ‘Fear i measc na bhfear sosa anois’. Thank you Talon xx💚

    • Robert B

      Jennnie R fitting a million lives into one is something that happens to guys in the military. I was an older generation of army. 80-91. I don’t know if you remember the TV commercials that used to say, “We do more by 9am than most people do in a whole day”. That is so true. And when you squish all that work into a long day, and your function and reason for your existence, is to stand between the wolves of the world, and the population of the country, you tend to do it all over the world. Coupled with the long days and the long deployments, you end up living a pretty full life. But it really takes it’s toll on your body. I remember looking back now at the 1st sergeant, he looked like he was in his mid 50’s, but when you do the math, he was probably no older than late 30’s. Worn out, bad knees and back. But every morning out there rubbing Sports Cream on the knees and stretching getting ready for the morning PT (Physical Training) that always included 5 mile run around the base (MacDill AFB).Yes it takes it’s toll, and I myself was medically retired after 12 years. But honestly, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Bob

  21. Len H

    I don’t like to cast scrutiny on people, but when things aren’t making sense, then I feel something should be said. The guest’s description of the events in Texas, Oregon, Iraq, and Southern California are quiet fantastical. He’s been exposed to and observed a healer, faced an aggressive Sasquatch or large black blob that he just emptied a couple dozen rounds toward at 30 ft, he’s seen a Jin standing on a wall, an UFO, then witnessed a B-2 in Iraq flying at 200 ft in a canyon, and would rather have an AR-15 5.56mm over a shotgun knowing the lethality and devastation differences. I served in the military from ‘85-‘06 and retired after 21 yrs. I’m telling you this guest is full of it. If it talks like a duck, and…well, you know, this guy is quacking. In my opinion, Wes normally has what I consider legitimate, credible witnesses providing their testimonies on the show…then there are those occasions where you get the likes Talan.

    PS…great closing tune, Wes!

  22. Janeda E

    Great show, I could listen to this guy forever! His talking about the healing? I have a friend who does exactly that, same exact way, the weird words, the grip and then sudden release. I was blown away that he described that.
    Thanks Wes

  23. Shawn S

    I have a friend who served and I mentioned the Kandahar Giant and he basically said “yeah man they found something.” He also said “there’s A LOT of weird stuff over there man.” He explained a few things some seem super natural and others were just the result of weird people/ war.

  24. Russell B

    I think the white natural moving objects the guy
    Saw were angels in the sky. The Bible tells us about angels encompassed around us.
    The man was praying for the other mans knee and he was healed.

  25. Letty

    Thanks Wes for another great show. Encounters by military veterans are my personal favorites. Thanks, Talon for sharing your encounters. If I knew someone like Sgt. K. I would personally make an effort to stay in touch or to befriend him as to learn his secrets to healing. I believe God gives chosen ones the gift to heal. I wish I was one of those. Now that Arab walking on the wall is real evil here on earth. For him to know what you were looking is truly not of this world. That is some creepy shit.

  26. Mauri G

    Great show!! Thanks for your service Talon 🙏. What a amazing life you have lived! I believe you saw what you said you saw! I remember watching a Live news clip on YouTube where the Weatherman is standing in front of a live view of the city and a Whole bunch of white lights were showing up flying around that nobody could explain. They would leave little trails of light behind them,made me think of you saying the Sky is alive!

  27. Bal G

    “I would almost start to hate the people” Honestly Wes shame on you man. We invaded their country based on a lie. Over 500,000 Iraqis have died millions more wounded or displaced. Stop acting so naive about why we invaded that country. Iraq was not ever a threat to America, the Republican party committed a war crime plain and simple. Now the scumbags are trying to slimeball their way into a war with Iran. Never mind the fact that we quit an international agreement and are in violation of international law by imposing sanctions on Iran. Just stop already bro. Want to drink the Trump koolaid,fine But honestly you should be better than that.

    • Janetta V

      Wow, you are wild, confused, and way out there, and the only one here who thinks like you do. Maybe you need some kind of surgery, or try talking to Dr. Phil. Thank you Wes, I sure did enjoy this soldier. Thanks Talon.

      • Gabriel H

        Was that a reply to Bal G? Please don’t try to speak for all of the listeners. There’s a few of what y’all might call libtards on here. I personally hate politics, and don’t trust the Dems or Repubs (Go Green!).
        No disrespect if you’re my Aunt Janetta btw

    • Robert B

      Bal G it goes much deeper than that. Remember, Trump is the one trying to drain the swamp. I know we’d all like it done in the first 100 days in office, but there is no way that could have happened. God only knows how much has gone down behind the scenes. I can tell you this, I am an American living in Germany. I remember how many politicians were removed from office when the indictments started coming down in that first wave. The problem is worldwide. The problem is heavily entrenched and has been going on so very long. Regardless of what letter Trump is wearing on his sleeve this round (R or D), it really doesn’t matter. They are different sides of the same coin. They act like they hate each other on camera, but behind closed doors they are figuring out new ways to screw We the People. Both parties were very active in the Middle East, working against the people there, God forgive us for Syria and ISIS. The whole reason Libya fell was so they could have a depot for weapons shipments headed for Syria. trying to take over and booting Al-Assad. Playing both sides. That was the Obama administration, with Killary at the helm as Sec of State. But, McCain (R) was right there getting photo ops with ISIS at the same time. Both sides are guilty. Nearly all of them need replacing and many of them need prison or worse.
      Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not drinking the Trump Kool-aid, but at least he’s trying to do something about it for a change. There’s just so much that is wrong. As a combat vet myself, I feel for the Iraqi people. There is nothing glorious about war. Nothing.

  28. leslie w

    Anyone with a cam corder that has a lot of zoom can point it up at the sky,best time in daylight is between 10 to 3 pm and point toward the sun and find a tall object to block out all but the very outer edge of the corona and zoom in, and the view will change your outlook forever.

  29. leslie w

    https://youtu.be/WeDc5l1Y0wc Here is an old video I did long ago.You might think they are dust particles or bugs .A few are,but they appear as the big blotches .All the other objects are way up in the sky.The object I’m using to shield the sun is a satelite dish up about 15 ft. so you tell me?

  30. leslie w

    Wes also at that time Tom Horn was contacted from one of the head curator of a secret museum in Iraq andsent him a link for a live feed in which some US gov officials where going down to the lower levels of the museum to acquire some “special artifacts” from Nimrod’s tombs which was a high priority for someone.Anyway I remember watching the feed a saw a large object in a open crate which was snatch up by gov officials and quickly removed,in which Tom said he thought was an ancient weapon.

  31. Elaine L

    Wow, kudos to you Wes! Your interviewing skills with some of your guests are so good! If it was me doing the interviewing I’d be interrupting every couple of minutes just to move things along. Good content though. Cheers!

  32. Tim N

    I question the fact that this person was ever in the Army. Wes the buck stops with you it is your show, please vet out your guests it makes you look gullible.

    • Wes Germer

      Tim I can remove any post I want to. Are you looking for attention? If you do not believe a guest on the show that is fine, others said they did not but why include name calling?

  33. Tim N

    then in the future be a man and say you are removing a post. Im not looking for attention I rarely respond to an episode. This show has changed a lot and it is going down the government cover up avenue. Are you that bored and forgot what made this podcast successful in the past?

    • Wes Germer

      And to be clear I do not expect everyone to LOVE every show and I do not expect everyone to believe every show but we should be able to disagree with respect. It seems to be missing in this world. I used to go round and round with Ron Morehead about the strange stuff and he would always say “You could be right Wes…” instead of debating me and when i walked away I thought….maybe I am wrong….SOB got me again..lol I saw a 9 foot tall monkey in the woods so who am I to question anyone 🙂

  34. Robert B

    Maybe a date got off track once or twice, but PTSD will do that to you. It screws up the little boxes where we keep all the stuff in our mind. The boxes that hold on to our hold on life and the world as we know it. Then throw in a Bf encounter, and the PTSD goes off the rails. I’m older generation of Army. I got everything after Vietnam up through Desert Storm. PTSD is a real bitch. At some point way down the road, you start getting to a point where you can handle things better. Talking to someone that was also a combat vet and suffering from the same issues, helps tremendously!! My brother that helped me, was a Nam vet. We’d sit in his garage, and drink brown liquor and swap war stories. Some of them are so funny, whiskey blows out your nose. Others would make two grown men cry their eyes out. But it is therapeutic. Peeling back those onion layers. But then you end up having a Bf encounter and all that headway you made goes to shit.
    Talon get a buddy. Older than you. Someone that is further down the trail to recovery. I promise you it will help.
    So for those that don’t understand the system, and it is something that isn’t explained very well during your enlistment. When you enlist in the Army, and I’m only speaking of the Army. Other branches have different rules. But when you enlist, you are actually signing your name to an 8 year commitment. Active duty and Inactive duty. Except for certain specialty occupations like Flight Warrant officer etc, Your active duty time is anywhere from 2-6 years. Whatever is left over after the active duty portion is IRR, Inactive Ready Reserve. They can call you back up at anytime. They can keep you on active duty until your 8 year commitment is up. Then they have to let you go home. Of course if you’re in a shortage MOS they will do all kinds of things to pressure you into reenlistment. Big bonuses are the usual treatment. And some guys do it. I was on my way to at least a full 20. Why not. I signed up at 17 and if I did my 20, I’m retiring at 37 years old. It’s not a full pension after 20, but it’s not bad money, and you bring to the civilian job market more skills than most people your age have. Plus discipline and commitment etc, that most civilians simply don’t have. So it’s not a bad gig. Until the shooting starts. It definitely leaves you a different person that when you went in.
    Talon my brother, I hope you keep doing well. And stay in touch with Wes. Just check in now and then. And I hope you’re not crawling the hills of Prescott by yourself. Also, a 45 was designed to kill men, and men sized targets. It’s not enough gun if it comes down to shooting. Penetration on one of these guys simply isn’t enough. I highly recommend not even pointing a gun at one if you have another encounter. It can easily take a benign situation and make it bad really fast! But, lots of weird shit happens in the mountains of Az. And if you find yourself in a situation that requires shooting, think legs. Not chest. I know it’s hard, we were always taught center of mass. But it’s just not good enough. When I had my face to face, I also had a 45. I recognized very quickly that I simply didn’t have enough gun. I sold that pistol to my brother in law and bought the 500 magnum. They had just come out a couple of years earlier. I originally thought I was going to buy the 460 because it will also shoot 45 Long Colt, and 454 Casull. But when I went down to purchase it, I looked at the different available loads for the 460 and it was quite sparse. The 500 had lots of different loadings and many different companies making ammo for it. At that time, you had your choice between 325 gr 500 Special all the way up to 500 gr hollow points. and plenty in between. I ultimately chose the Hornady 350gr XTP as my carry ammo. That and a bandolier of extra ammo, because they are never alone. You’re AR, I’m seriously hoping it’s not in 5.56. Again, same thing. made for man. And I know, I’ve seen what they can do to a man in several theaters. But it’s still not enough. If you want to carry an AR platform, and I get it, you’re used to it, at least step up to the AR-10, and 30 rounders. I really hope and pray it never comes down to this. If you did, you’d probably not make it out alive. And most likely any body part and pics you might be able to bring out, will never see the light of day. It’s not worth it. Your life is not worth it.
    So in a couple days I’ll be 56 years old. And regardless of all I did in the Army, or perhaps In spite of all I did in the Army, I am now an ordained minister. The healing of “Sam”, wasn’t magic. But of faith. First “Sgt. K’s” faith, and then Sam’s after he experienced the healing. I was a Christian, and had gone snowboarding in late Spring. I fell down and landed on a rock under the snow and broke several ribs on my left side. That was a Friday. by Sunday it was getting to the point where I couldn’t breathe. A young lady in the church I attended, did the same thing to me. About 1 minute of praying in tongues, while having both hands on my ribs. Then a quick yanking off the hands, and it was done. They were healed. I ended up getting involved in a healing ministry. And I’m not talking about those guys on TV pushing people down on the stage, and doing wrestling moves on poor folks. In fact the head pastor was a very quiet older man. I’ve seen some truly amazing stuff. From cancer healings to anything you can imagine. Any sickness was welcomed. Not everyone was healed, for whatever, but most were, and those that weren’t at least got some physical relief. I don’t know why some weren’t. That’s above my pay grade. But it was enough to make me go to seminary. Organized religion is man’s attempt to reach God. Jesus is God reaching out to mankind. It’s a personal relationship, not a form of control through organized religion that counts. Just sayin…
    Regarding the “arab” standing on the wall. the Bible says, that after Christ’s return, his army will go forth and bring the world under His submission. During that battle, “men” will have the ability to climb walls. When I heard you talk about the guy on the wall, it really perked up my ears. I’m trying to remember the specific scripture chapter and verse, but it’s 1:30 am here and my bible is in the bedroom, and my wife is asleep. Since Christ isn’t walking on Earth leading an army of 10,000’s right now, and the battle for Jerusalem hasn’t kicked off yet, I can only assume the “guy” was playing for the wrong team. But I just wanted you to know, that it also is biblical, like Sgt K’s last name being Biblical. I hope you knowing this, lends a little peace in your heart. While I’m sure it was a seriously shocking thing to see, it’s not unheard of. Even if he is playing for the wrong team 😉 Take care my brother, Bob

  35. Darrell O

    Great post Robert B.!!! Lots of wisdom packed into it.

    Thanks Wes! Don’t let people get you down! You can’t please all the people all the time. I loved the show with Tony in the bar! It was funny, clever and mixed things up.

    In regards to the guest tonight. If I am skeptical about a guest, I try to keep it to myself. Calling them out in the comments below the show seems rude and tacky to me. Maybe make your case in the forums if it is that important to you.

    Thanks Wes for entertaining us, keeping us thinking and giving a forum to these folks and their sightings. I love it! Thanks to all of Sasquatch Nation for supporting this show and keeping it going.

  36. Damon M

    This one was a bit much for me…not buying much of it. I honestly feel bad for this guy. I imagine he suffers from PTSD and no telling what else from his time spent in the Middle East.

  37. Kristin D

    I’d like to say I’m a constant supporter of the show and have been for years. Any negative review whatsoever isn’t always received the best on here. People start getting really defensive and lashing out. Full supporter Wes, I trust your judgement and have every faith in the show, however honest feedback: I didn’t really enjoy this episode. Parts were interesting, but other parts seemed really out there and I am not really listening for the biblical stuff and conspiracy theories.

    I mean no disrespect to you or your guest, I appreciate him coming in and telling what he told. Just as an episode review- I miss Sasquatch stuff. I know you’re probably getting pretty bored of hearing so many Sasquatch encounter interviews but I miss them. That’s what I tune in for, and that’s what the show is billed as. Personally I don’t mind a bit of the other stuff but… today Sasquatch was def in the minority of the show and a bunch of other stuff made up the bulk of it. Lately several shows seem to be getting more opinion based and farther away from Sasquatch encounter stories than previous years.

    Anyway, hope I don’t get slammed for this. Still a big supporter, just felt like as part of your long standing audience I’d comment and say what’s been on my mind. For what that’s worth. Thanks for doing the show Wes.

  38. Ann B

    General Wesley Clarke let it be known what we were about in Iraq, and who was driving that train https://youtu.be/gTbg11pCwOc
    But I believe the gold, the artifacts, and any other secret thing was also on the “to do” list. We (the US) but also the ruling and financial controllers (the powers behind the policy makers) are the “Kings of the world”. I feel deeply for those who serve in the armed forces when our country’s orders aren’t as noble as promised.

  39. Lynn W

    Great episode! I wonder if what he was talking about in the sky is the same as what’s posted in the blog section as ” the tether-incident”

  40. Donna R

    I quit listening halfway through this episode. I didn’t believe this guy at all. Seems like he really has some problems. Wes, I know you give it your all in every show. Maybe the people contacting you with real Sasquatch encounters are getting to be more scarce. I don’t know.

  41. Omar M

    In my UFO encounter they where orbs as well. Grey silver in color, moving in a cluster pattern. Also my uncle had an encounter up in the mountains of NC with a sphere shaped craft that’s outer shell he said swirled and moved like lava, and that a swirl follow him as he walked across the porch as if it was watching him. The as he blinked it left so fast that it too left a light trail. And he also claims the air smelled of “burnt ions” or burnt electrical components.

  42. Terran S

    Interesting guest. Unusual speech patterns and I don’t doubt he has a unique perspective on life. Not everyone fits in a box…..thank God! A show, as with anything in life has to grow. We wouldn’t be true to ourselves if we stuck to the same formula. I don’t know what to think of this episode….but at least it made me think!

  43. Jerry H

    I’m 11B also. I used to sit on the mountains in Kosovo and Bulgaria and would watch the stars and SATELLITES through my nods… Both 7’s and 14’s. He saw satellites. There’s nothing special about our gov’t equipment except for the fact that it’s built and provided by the cheapest bidder.

    That Abrams with the “drilled hole” through it was hit with a Russian rpg 27.

  44. Joseph B

    If we really support our troops then we shouldn’t send them to die in foreign wars of agression that have absolutely nothing to do with the interests of the American people but rather that of the Military Industrial complex, Isreal and cooperate agendas. They’ve taken the words “Patriotism” and “Support our Troops” and conflated them with “Support our immoral, corrupt, profit driven imperialistic wars across the world at the expense of both American soldiers and civilian lives. And if you don’t, then you hate America!”

    We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be manipulated by these psychopaths but rather hold them accountable for their crimes against our country and the lives they have sacrificed for their own personal gains. To allow this to continue is un-American and un-patriotic. In my mind, there’s nothing more criminal than taking advantage of the bravery and courage of men like the one in this interview. I’m glad he made the comment that he did about questioning the true motives of our government in the middle east. If more people asked the right questions, then maybe these psychopaths wouldn’t be able to get away with sacrificing American troops and foreign civilians for their own personal agendas. 🇺🇸

  45. George M

    I’m thinking, possibly his description of millions of web trails in the sky from advanced military might vision. might be high energy space particles (cosmic rays) being detected by the sensor and leaving trails due to the sensor-to-screen software/HW processing.

  46. Farva

    Sgt. K has the power of Christ in him. That first story about the pine forest gave me shivers!!! loved it. As for him seeing the B2 stealth bomber flying 200 feet over him and it not making a sound. I am sorry I have seen that plane and you can hear it as it flies over. So i don’t believe that part of his story. Being prior Military I have seen some weird stuff and heard weird stuff. Being from the Pacific Northwest I know Sasquatch is 100% Real

  47. Bryan D

    Definitely not trying to best any bubbles, but I’ve seen Chris Angel walk up a wall the same way.. we all know that was an illusion. What would an entity be doing walking up a wall 5 feet from the ground? I’m not supposing that these things are supposed to make sense, but anyway, just seems a little absurd that’s all.. not that I don’t believe it, I can’t say it didn’t happen and I wouldn’t… Any thoughts?

  48. John H

    All I can say is WOW. When the interview started, I was like – I don’t know about this… I am so glad I stuck with it. It really turned into a fascinating conversation of everything outside of the mainstream. Talon really grew on me and shared some great personal experiences. Wes had some great input and they built upon each other into what will become, in my opinion, a classic SC episode. AND THEN… Simple Man brings it all home. Good stuff!

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