Jul 27

The Mysterious Death Of Max Spiers

After British conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died in Poland in July 2016, there were rumors about aliens and a satanic cult. He believed he was a super soldier and could fight in other dimensions. His mother believes his computer had been wiped and wants answers about how he died.

Before British conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died in Poland July 2016, he told his mother to investigate if anything happened to him. Why was he so anxious?




4 Responses to “The Mysterious Death Of Max Spiers”

  1. Lisa B

    Wow Wes! I can see where people would think he was crazy if they didn’t know anything about what he talks about. This interested me so I tried to find more info about him and found a video where he is interviewed. Thanks for sharing this Wes…and check Max out in this video…

  2. m99

    I love how you (Wes) have a platform to post these types of videos. I also like how you are keeping things close to the vest, perhaps out of security sake. I don’t think any more or less because you rarely comment. It’s a precarious position to be in, I’m sure, and I admire you for the works sake. Kudos and thanks for posting such as this and other interesting things.

    • m99

      …well, this is very sad indeed. Poor guy. It’s pretty dark, especially coming from an innocent child (referring to the audio of Max quoting what he experienced). Will have to take this in segments. Again, wow Wes, the things you’ve been shown and heard, are about too much for me to take in.

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