Jul 27

Bigfoot Conference In Gatlinburg Tennessee

The first Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference will be held on July 27, 2019. From 9 am to 5 pm, enjoy stories of Bigfoot investigations and sightings from Cliff Barackman, a Bigfoot Field Researcher and co-host of “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet, plus other speakers. Ask your questions during Q&A periods after every speaker.


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10 Responses to “Bigfoot Conference In Gatlinburg Tennessee”

  1. Chris W

    Great conference! Great speakers. Matt Seeber did a great job. I look forward to many more. East Tennessee is alive and people are finally talking. Wes, you should come out sit a spell, drink some shine and enjoy our hills.

    • Charles R

      I am happy Chris W that it was good. Is Cliff Barrackman still as enthusiastic as when I met and heard him 5 years ago? Eastern Tn certainly needed a conference. This area along with Western Carolina, Western SC, and North Ga is a hotbed for encounters. My plans are to retire to Eastern TN in a few years. Great motorcycling, fishing, Bigfooting, and of course great people.

      • Chris W

        He is great. I had a chance to speak with him one on one and you can tell his passion for Bigfoot.
        East Tennessee is a great place for relaxing and Sasquatch.

  2. Jon W

    So, I guess it was really good. It was my first conference so, I only have others accounts of conferences to compare it to.
    If attendance numbers are an indication, then it was a success! +95 of the seats were taken during most of the speakers presentations.
    If vendor numbers are an indicator, it was good also. There was room for a few more booths but not many.
    If vendor sales is your scale, there were lots of people walking around with swag in bags ( me included) and many wearing freshly unfolded squatch t-shirts.
    I was judging my experience by new information gained with an emphasis on local opportunities. I did pick up information I had never heard about. Ispoke to a squatcher from about 100 miles from where I live who told me about an experience he had in an area of the Cherokee National Forest I can see from my front porch! (Pretty fanged local!)
    One of the best take always I got from the conference was from one of Cliff Barackman. Something like: “Try to prove yourself wrong about anything you believe to be evidence before you try to prove yourself right to anyone else. If you can’t prove yourself wrong, you could be right.”
    I got to shake hands with and put a face to a few folks that I have met here, on SasChron. I was able to actually look them in the eye and hear their stories. Turns out that I now know that not all you people in here are crazy! ?
    All in all, I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason it didn’t earn the 5th star is I wish there had been a segment devoted to open mic to offer the public an opportunity to tell their own experiences.
    Maybe that is what I have come to expect because that is what Wes provides here at SasChron and that’s the real, good stuff.

      • Jon W

        I’ve been in the Tellico area and Citico creek few times and would love to spend more time there. I have yet to make it to Coker Creek. It’s such a huge piece of unspoiled forest, I don’t know why Sasquatch wouldn’t live there.

  3. Lisa B

    Seems like the East Tennessee conference was more successful than Virginia’s. Gatlinburg may have had something to do with it, the place is beautiful!

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