Jul 11

Bob Gymlan: Classic Bigfoot Activity In Texas

Bob writes “I spoke with a witness who believes that he and his family experienced bigfoot activity in central Texas. His family bought a house to flip that had been abandoned for a number of years. They soon learned why. This is a classic bigfoot report in my opinion because it represents how effective these creatures can be, with limited interaction.”


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  1. Eric D

    Not true. The spelling is different and for as much as I love Bob Gimlin, Bob Gymlan has never stolen anything of value or his story. He is a great story teller and his work is well researched and presented.

  2. Denise F

    Fabulous house! Flip it quick, lol.
    It was probably right on the river or close…..I don’t know, I may have had to share it with the backyard neighbors 😉

  3. John P

    Great story. Truly intrigued by it. I think I’ve only seen one thing by Bob Gymlan I wasn’t impressed by. Seems like it would be a great show if you can get him Wes. Thanks for all the work you do!

  4. Kevin P

    I can’t help but wonder about the property’s occupancy record going back to the time it was built. Did the original residents have problems with the strange guests? And why this house in particular? It’s only three miles from Jack’s family’s old house where the strangeness wasn’t prominent (not counting the lone cow-man sighting). Baffling.

  5. Dutch W

    Hello I’m your Remax realtor I have a move in fixer upper plenty of privacy detached garage ,Sasquatch . It’s 4 bedroom 2 bath ,Sasquatch . Great space to let your dogs get eaten Er I mean missing and for that dad that likes Sasquatch, crap I mean tinkering there is a small Sasquatch uh shop oh hell your neighbor is a 800 pound Sasquatch so don’t feed it piss it off and get used to intimidating behavior. For only $296.000. Call me let’s make your home dream come true.

  6. Paul M

    Hey , BF on ones property shure as HECK isn’t for everybody… l am willing to be by these things as long as they can somewhat behave themselves… l know a guy that’s been being harassed by them for ATLEAST 3 months.. He has had 3 eyewitness encounters… Many more other encounters … HE seen it next to a tree = We measured the tree LIMB it was just a few inches under at 10 ft… SO This was not small Sasquatch… We FOUND tracks… CASTED 2 of them = 18 – 1/4 INCH Long. = 11 wide… This SASQUATCH seems to have so me kinda problem with this 1 particular PERSON and is keeping it PERSONAL with him… Other Folks in AREA not so much bothered by this Creature… l have asked him if he shot at it = He denies he ever did… 1 Geqrman SHEPHERD Dog was torn to peices and not ATE A few blocks away the owner of the dog said… And this dog was in it’s own Yard … MORE tracks have been found of various sizes within a 1 mile circle of this area… So l think there is FAMILY that frequents this spot from time to time… lm ok with looking around there = we have even camped out in the area… With PROTECTION = FIREPOWER – We dont go without it… Dont ever want to shootone… l think they are better behaved knowing we have them… THEY still come around… throw pebbles sticks make noises = WE see eye shine , Hear them rustling around playin there games… its REALLY exciting….

      • m99

        _ or perhaps it’s eyeball, or throat as it’s screaming at you. They say get it in the soft tissue. And I can’t say I’d blame you. I love my animals too and can definitely relate Todd W.

  7. Aaron B

    I believe this guy 100% by the way Bob does a great job on his narration liked this kids from the very first time I listen to his work subscribe instantly! The only thing that bothers me about this is the kid and his father in the military and from what he said is old man’s one tough son of a b and the sun’s no slouch at six foot six and 240 . I know if it was me and I spent that kind of money on a place like that there is no way in hell I would like this thing take over that property I’d be getting a hold of my boys in the Military and setting up a trap for it and taking out are in Texas for crying out loud I think it’s legal to own a bazooka either that or call the feds and have them come take care of the thing it’s very obvious they know what it is Wes has had guest on where they had an issue talk to the sheriff and next thing you know Vans all blacked out with guys with guns

    • m99

      I didn’t like him at all, from the get go, but I don’t think he’s copying anyone, especially because a friend of Mr. Gimlin like Wes is just wouldn’t put up with it and wouldn’t post it on his site. I’ve heard someone say this is the guy’s real last name. More power to ya, it takes all kinds. Just sayin’

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