Jul 11

Mountain Beast Mysteries: The Mindspeak Phenomenon

Christopher Noël writes “Down through the ages, certain people have displayed telepathic abilities; for them, “reading minds” is as natural as breathing. But only recently has science begun to catch up, seeking a framework within which to comprehend and measure this phenomenon. By the same token, those who have interacted with Sasquatch have commonly reported an intimate mental contact.”

3 Responses to “Mountain Beast Mysteries: The Mindspeak Phenomenon”

  1. Ronald M

    This is a tough one, but also hard to just brush off. I had this happen twice but not with the big harries. Once with the plasma orbs (not ghost type) and once with an actual entity that I assumed was alien. Why the English translation? I assume this works for any language but how is definitely a puzzle. UFOs have lots of mindspeak cases. I do wonder if Sasquatch’s ability with this hints at some correlation between the two phenomenon. Maybe not, there could be a third player that mimics both sides which makes it hard for us to two and two together. Just a thought.

  2. Jason E

    Really appreciate his humble approach in his presentations.

    If the cases of “mind speak” are real then it points towards the alternate dimension hypothesis, IMHO. Which, the more I look into this whole subject, I’m beginning to buy more and more.

    But as Justin often says “who knows?”.

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