Jul 7

That Certain Tone of Voice: Male Sasquatch Shouts

Christopher Noel is a Burlington, Vermont-based Sasquatch researcher. He put together several audio slips that have a similar tone. Take a listen:


11 Responses to “That Certain Tone of Voice: Male Sasquatch Shouts”

  1. Kim C. L

    Very cool, being able to hear them back to back.
    Some, must be Marine bigfoot drill instructors, giving the command of execution.
    Truly a sound you remember, huh, you Jarheads.

  2. Melissa K

    Some of these sounds are questionable to me, could be a man, then some definitely say get out of here now – this is not right!
    The sound I heard in the woods across from me, there was no question. Years later, now, it makes me think that the reason the cause of death can’t be determined for of some of the 411 victims is because they were scared to death. I can’t imagine being in the woods with whatever made that sound

  3. Richard P

    I’m planning a ET/ED contact night op in the next week to 10 days into the forest where I had the bigfoot close encounter 3 summers ago and saw the large unidentified fur covered lifeform running down the side of the road 75 feet ahead of me, and found a bigfoot trackline in the snow at elevation at night 1 month ago.

    The primary bigfoot yelling at me at the entrance to the caldera at the top of a 3,000 foot head wall 3 summers ago was probably a female. It didn’t sound anything like these tapes.

    This op will include a lot of gear and field testing. And also some telepathy and meditation work. After 10 years of field work, I’m expecting action. Bigfoot, ET or both. Bigfoots I’m willing to meet with depending on circumstances. Werewolves is a grey area. ETs will depend on circumstances.

    If nothing happens that’s ok to. It will allow me to concentrate on equipment upgrades.

  4. Todd W

    That last one where it sounds like its screamin yaaah isn’t a human an u will never convince me man unseen, I’ve never seen a so called bigfoot either,that is crazy! Wow!!!

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