May 16

SC EP:541 Houston Live Show Recap

Tony and I sit down and share our thoughts with the live event. Some funny moments to share with you gals and gals than we are back to work with encounters. Thank you again to everyone who came out. Hope you enjoy some behind the scenes.




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  1. Denise F

    I don’t think they checked to see if you had a ticket or belonged there (for me at the second show). I’d make sure they had a system for that if y’all do it again.

    Did the drunk guy REALLY belong there? ?

  2. Daniel E

    Hey Wes I remember when there was only forest and booger’s in the Woodlands and a very creepy place to be. It’s still a creepy place to be but for different reasons.

  3. Carol C

    I really enjoyed the show and it was a pleasure to get to meet you in person. I wanted to stick around to meet Bob Gimlin but my friend was ready to go. You can tell he is such a good hearted down to earth cowboy. Unfortunately, there is not many tough, hard working true cowboys like him still around. I hope Tony and you can do more live shows down in Texas or close by.

  4. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Although unrelated to this show, I saw where another young child went missing. This time from a rural area in Kentucky. He was playing in the yard with his dad, who turned around for a minute, and upon turning back saw that the child was missing. When I say child, the article refered to him as a toddler, as he was not yet 2 years old!! Remarkably he was found after 3 days in the rugged Kentucky hills, 1800 feet from his home. Although wet and cold, they said he was in remarkable shape. Sound familiar? Among other incidents, it reminded me of the recent case in North Carolina where a young boy went missing, only to be found days later in amazing shape. He told his rescuers and parents he had spent time with a gorilla. I remember at the time saying he and his parents would be Great guests on Sasquatch Chronicles. Oh well, maybe when the child gets older. It really frustrates me when such an amazing case, where the boy makes a pretty remarkable statement , is quickly forgotten.

  5. Penny S

    It was great meeting you 3 guys. Yeah we never had to show our tickets at the 2nd show.. The drunk man may have been weeded out. Was hoping to meet Denise F also since we live in the same town.

  6. Bob V

    How about Minneapolis?

    Minneapolis is a convention city. There are a lot of restaurants and hotels. If you schedule during the winter there is the skyway. The skyway is basically a tunnel connecting one building to another.

    One of the reasons I’m asking for Minneapolis is to bring attention to Sasquatch in the Midwest. There is a lot of paranormal area’s in the Midwest. We are NOT just fly over country.


    • James M

      Unfortunately I lost mine once……..due to some asshole sticking a gun in my chest. Money gone, cards gone, identity stolen, credit ruined. Not a good time.

  7. Michael C

    I fell once bowling too Wes. Nothing is more graceful than that . I was so graceful I was almost “unnatural” Gotta get to Huston sometime. I will see you in LA if you come here!

  8. LaVonne J

    I can hardly wait for the Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference in July. I’ve had my tickets for several months, and my daughter is coming with me for momma-daughter time. I hope I get to go out with a group to squatch, but even if not, Codie and I will check out a couple places together.

    To be honest, it’s 2:30 a.m. here and I can’t sleep. I took a 10 minute video and broke it down earlier of the area on this property that’s so weird. Kinda wish I’d waited til tomorrow morning to look at it now. My dog, a little shihtzu named Jade, kept peering intently into a space thru the branches so of course I got down, stuck my phone/camera and flashlight into the space to film. Jade had backed up at least 20+ feet and was standing stock still behind me. I shared and sent the still frames to our local BF guy (who’ll also be featured at the conference, follows several family groups of squatch and he put together a local BF festival here), I value his input and info greatly. He said “wow, keep me informed, I’m jealous lol this is great activity”. This is only about 30 feet from the backdoor. I’ve had very little sleep this week needless to say! Every noise perks my ears up. He also confirmed my bobcat track I sent him. Looks like I have a slew of wild creatures to keep a keen eye out when my pup and I are outside. Yesterday I filmed and caught a weird spooky noise. I also took pics and got a freaky big orb (as my brother calls it). I can do without that stuff frankly.

    • Jon W

      We need to talk!
      I live about a hour and 15 min from Gatlinburg. There is a lady in Sevier Co. that I have been talking with about booger activity where she used to live near Greenbriar. You need to get to know her if you want someone with experience to help with your activity.
      My wife and I are going to the Gburg conference. Hope to meet
      you there.
      Time is getting short but, let’s see if we can get Wes or Tony to drop by the conference and maybe go hunting in The Smokies and toward Clinch Mountain.

      • LaVonne J

        Jon, I’m looking forward to meeting with you and folks that are squatchin’ in our mountain ranges. We have such a wonderfully vast area. All these years I’ve been mistaking sounds for entirely different creatures, but kinda glad I’m only finding out now, otherwise it might’ve frightened me in my younger days and kept me outta the woods.

  9. Maynard w

    Thanks Wes and Tony. I will definately make the road trip from PHX to LA for a show. Heading there tonight for a couple concerts this weekend. Let you know if I see yucca man on the way.

  10. Jan F


  11. Barry R

    Two guys who host podcasts that cover topics that certain ” powers that be” might not want revealed both get pick pocketed on the way to the event? That goes beyond syncranicity or coincidence!

  12. michael m


  13. Cristina J

    Totally enjoyed the behind the scenes!! I was dying laughing and sooooo jealous I wasn’t there but then…. THEN Wes said he wants to come to LA!!!! I’m four hours away but I would soooo be there! Love you guys. Thanks for the laughs

  14. NHSquatcher


    Disturbing that you and Tony were pick-pocketed at the airport! I guess it’s all too easy these days… you MUST be careful as it seems they did this to both of you right under your noses.

    I am wondering how Shannon Legro got herself a show on KGRA and a spot on C2CAM? I don’t particularly care for her style of interviewing, and the subject matter since I’m not into those other ‘paranormal’ subjects like ghosts, hat man, shadow people, etc… The Bigfoot issue is far more real to me. And far more interesting. Just my 2cents nothing against Shannon, but I was wondering.

  15. Zina C

    Quite the adventure! Thanks for the behind the scenes. Glad the pick pockets didn’t ruin the trip or the person who had too much to drink. Thanks!

  16. David K

    What a great description of the drive from Houston to Dallas. driving through nothing for 235 miles, lol. done it too many times and still hate every mile of it.

  17. Erin M

    I am to the left of liberal, and feminist should be an automatic for all women, but I would be stoked to be stuck next to you on a plane. I could give you my opinions on Bigfoot, wouldn’t you love that!

    • Erin M

      Us Democratic Socialists believe in Worker’s Solidarity, no more vertical heirarchy, no more pitting Americans against Americans to enable the wealthiest corporations to own our government. We believe all people have the right to bear arms to protect their families from Sasquatch attack!

  18. Stephen C

    Wished you’d come to Bama Wes and tony you think Texas has some southern hospitality come to the heart of Dixie yay wouldn’t want for nothing , might gain twenty pounds lol. Don’t have a lot but y’all be welcome to what I have any time

  19. Pete M

    It was nice to finally meet you and Tony, sorry all I had for you was a lame joke, my wife’s still giving me hell for it! I wasn’t gonna let that guy at the end of the second show get any closer to you or Bob than where he stopped, even though you look like you can take care of yourself, I considered y’all guests in my state. Thanks for coming to meet us, it will be a treasured memory for my family and I.

  20. Arlene K

    OMG Wes, I laughed my A off listening to your experiences at the airport and the show. Reminds me of my husband. If we’re going on vacation I jokingly tell him to leave a day earlier than me. The drama is never ending lol.
    You know how you said you believe in deeper meanings of dreams and the unconscious,? You really need to tap into your own sixth sense. The writing was on the wall when the restaurant didn’t have food or rum and coke. Lol. You just say thanks but no thanks. Get in touch with your intuition, kinda like when Sasquatch are in the area, and back out.
    Really enjoyed your and Tony’s stories.

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