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SC EP:497 Do not pull over

Jim writes “I was driving north on I65 in southern Indiana through endless farmland. I was contacted by my dispatch team and told to check my reefer unit on my trailer. They said it was giving them alerts that my cargo temp was too high. I pulled over next to a thick wooded area off of an exit ramp. As i was running diagnostics on my unit, I became aware of the sound of breathing and was overcome by a smell most foul. I reached into the sidebox of my cab and hit my worklights and what I saw standing over me was stuff of horror films. It was HUGE! I froze in place as this thing stared me down. Finally the engine on my reefer unit started up, scaring me and it. I left as fast as my rig could move. I cant explain the feelings of fear being that close to this creature.”

Spoke to Jim at length about his encounter and he said that he had encountered something strange a few years back when he was driving home with his young child. Jim said “I was driving down this back country road in Oklahoma and I thought I saw a coyote or a wolf walk out on all fours. This thing stood up like a man. I jerked the truck to miss it and this thing reached out and tried to grab my back bumper. I do not know what it was it was a wolf on a mans body. It was evil whatever it was, it looked evil. The road I was going down has a speed limit of 25 mph and I was doing 90 mph trying to get away. I am a long haul truck driver now but I was in law enforcement and I have seen some of the worst things you can imagine from mangled bodies in car accidents to just about anything you can think of and this scared me more then anything.”

I will also be speaking to Mike who is a current law enforcement officer. He shares an encounter he had while doing an investigation.

We wrap up with Shirley, Shirley writes “My story, at age 12, I am now 65. There was always an overnight camp out and I remember how excited all of us kids were as we climbed on the bus and it seems like forever to get to wherever we’re going to camp out but I remember they said it was on the edge of the Sierra forest and there was a river or a Creek If we dared to get in it. We didn’t know what that meant but all the more. it was suspenseful. The river was beautiful, but it was too wide for us kids to cross and the water was freezing cold.

On October 21st, at the overnight campout in 1966 the night before I turned 13, all of us kids along with the counselors sat around the fire. We learned how to make baked potatoes and hotdogs on a stick. We made s’mores and roasted marshmallows and told ghost stories.

One of the counselors disappeared we thought they had gone to the restroom, but in the middle of one of the other councilors telling a story they jumped out and scared the heck out of us and we all fell out laughing after we discovered it was the counselor. It was now time for bed. All the kids slept on the riverbank sandy beach. I knew it was going to be cold in the morning on that beach, so I slept near the camp table. Sometime later I woke up to go to the bathroom. Before I
got out of my sleeping bag. The first thing I grabbed was my flashlight as we were all required to bring one with this in the event we needed to go the bathroom in the dark.

I unzip my sleeping bag halfway down. I grab my flashlight and I turned it on. As I continued to unzip more, I rolled over to my right, flashlight in hand and I turned and saw a very An unbelievably tall and big silver/white hairy thing standing near the picnic table between me and the other kids that were on the beach. At first, I thought it was the counselors playing a prank, but I realized it was too big, too tall. And when I say this, I really mean it was way too tall and way too big. I remember looking at it and I looked all over and I saw it’s right side was facing me showing me that the arm with way way too long. I’m no biology expert but as I said I’m a voracious reader and I know how our bodies are supposed to look.

I looked directly in its eyes, I guess it looked in my direction minutes on my flashlight on and I was puzzled and afraid but not terrified. There was no specific look on its face it just looked and basically ignored me. It looked like a person in the face. Part way down on his forehead around the eyes to just below the chin was no hair and the ears were covered with hair, I mean, all I could see was the eyes, nose, upper lip and mouth was skin I don’t recall in my memory what color the skin was and the rest was hair. I say hair because it was not fuzzy like a bear, dog other kinds of animals it was like our hair. It was straight but I can’t recall how long it was I just remember it covered all of its body except the hand I could see or rather the palm. I remember on the right side that was no hair on the palm. I have no concept of how much time went by, I recall looking into its eyes then looking down at my friends sleeping on the beach and there was dead silence and I recall flashing my flashlight while I was looking at them on the beach and flashing it back at it and it was gone. I heard it walking away, or shall I say I felt it walking away, because I could feel the vibration in the ground, you know kind of like when a big rig truck passes by your house and you can kind of feel that vibration.

it was at that point I decided I didn’t really need to go to the bathroom and I slowly zipped up my sleeping bag to cover my head, you know as kids, we think if we can’t be seen we can’t be caught and I recall I was shaking. My flashlight was still in my hands but I don’t recall if it was on and I didn’t go back to sleep for the rest of the night.”





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51 Responses to “SC EP:497 Do not pull over”

  1. Wolf

    I wonder how much the ‘evil look’ people describe with Dogman is due to mental programming… for milenia wolves have been feared… We make horror films about werewolves, etc. 🤔
    then add the shock factor of seeing a giant ‘wolf’ on two legs… 😳

    For some First Nations tribes they are benevolent, not malevolent.
    Judge not a book by its cover?

    Just a thought😎

    • Paul M


      • Wolf

        No doubt, but then such a talented killing machine would determine a lack of surviving witness reports if they actually were heartless killers, would it not? … yet the reports are many of witnesses acknowledging they were goners if the animal desired it so?

  2. Theresa H

    Great show. I’ve been a listener for awhile, but this is my first post. I help at a veterans facility and am listening today as I was taking a break from planning a statewide event this next year that will bring awareness and information to veterans and families dealing with PTSD and also to do whatever we can to prevent veteran suicide. Through programs here, the feeling of being alone and/or thinking you can’t talk to anyone about experiences is a very dangerous place to be. Your show is such a safe outlet for your guests to share, and I believe it also is helping those who are just listening, that you most likely have helped save some lives..or at least helped improve lives. Thank you for doing what you do. If I can also post this number for the Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 or text to 838255. Thank you

  3. Brian W

    Maybe dogman just want’s a little scratchy scratch under the chin like most puppies do… I bet he rolls right over to get that big belly rubbed… that’s a gooood dogman, good boy, now go get the stick! you want the stick, you want the stick, go get the stick!

  4. Jesse K

    Thank You, Wes. You do such a great job of interviewing making the people feel comfortable while they give their accounts. Keep up the good work and look forward to the next show. God Blesss

  5. pam

    Thanks as always to the guests for being brave and caring enough to come on and tell their experiences to further research, and knowledge of these creatures.
    Shirley, I waited 42 years to tell my story so don’t feel bad waiting 50 years! LOL! We did it, that’s the point…

  6. Pat T

    Thanks Wes, another awesome show!, Teresa, thank you so much for helping take care of our veterans! The work you are doing goes under appreciated so I along with others here on the show we say, Thank you!

  7. Juan Z

    My kids make fun of my Sasquatch obsession. It started as such. Now I listen not just for the love of the encounters but for the love of the show. Great job Wes. Looking forward to the big 500.

  8. Eva B

    Lord… I’m glad I heard two encounters that I haven’t already heard. I think there’s too many podcasters now that are discussing Bigfoot encounters. Shirley’s encounter was recently shared on another show. That’s twice in a row. I remember Wes, when you were the first. Things are once again changing in this community. Absolute, bummer.

  9. squatch

    I love this topic and love the show and keep hearing the debate on why the info is not finally “disclosed” or revealed to the public. Well here’s another theory as to why the powers that be don’t want the info on this beast released. In addition to the obvious: endangered species status, timber industry, vacations/rentals/real estate, national parks/campers/hikers/bikers/nature lovers/climbers/hunters/fisherman/outdoor industry, licensing revenues likely taking massive hits, plus (upon putting the puzzle together) parents everywhere in a total uproar over “missing people” reports, etc. etc. and the public safety/property issues, did anyone stop to consider the obvious current fake news/globalist media push (in alignment w/ globalist/elitist political goals/agenda) over the past several years of “mmmm… guns r bad” (remember David Hogg?) and their long term goal of disarming the public and altering/minimizing/eliminating our 2nd amendment rights? Well that agenda would now become exponentially more difficult to gain public support for if people really knew that monsters ARE real (bigfoot/dogman, etc) and that there truly was a “boogeyman” that stood up to 12 feet tall and weighed north of 1,000 pounds. Hello… (?) do you think people are going to turn in their firearms if that’s our reality? Think about it for a moment. You know what their (DS) agenda is and bigfoot doesn’t play well to that end. Something to consider here. God bless our Vets and God bless the USA. Our Constitution is a sacred document and we must protect it at all costs from the evil (globalist/corporations/nwo/corp owned politicians) that hate America.

  10. Kris T

    I too saw a white creature, in Pennsylvania back in the late 80’s.

    Episode 469.

    The face did not look human however. Prominent brow ridge and recessed eyes deeply set in shadowy sockets, along with large canine teeth, gave it a goblin like appearance. It was exceedingly ugly and undernourished yet moved with a frantic, meth-user unpredictability.

    I never want to see another one.

  11. Wolf

    I usually find myself agreeing with most things awes says but have to disagree strongly with one statement. Animals are FAR more predictable than humans.

  12. Dale M

    You’ve always got the best guest Wes…you do good in the in studio phone calls and Bigfoot Odyssey has the best on location…..Kerry and Linda Arnold are the best of what they do…..

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