Nov 16

SC EP:490 Silent Invasion With Stan Gordon

Stan Gordon has been researching UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and other mysterious events in Pennsylvania since 1959. Since then, he has been involved with the investigation of thousands of unusual incidents. He is the primary investigator of the 1965 UFO crash incident that occurred near Kecksburg, PA. Stan has been taking calls on UFO sightings and other strange reports from the public since 1969, and he continues to receive unusual reports on a regular basis.

Tonight Stan will be sharing some of the stranger reports with us. Check out his website at


Also check out Stan’s Books

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania’s Unknown Creatures Casebook Three



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69 Responses to “SC EP:490 Silent Invasion With Stan Gordon”

  1. Denise F

    I always know I made it through the week when I hear, “black thing goes from left to right…..”
    This is going to be a neat show. Thanks Mr. Gordon and to Wes….

    TGIF, TGFW & TGfSC !!!

    • Denise F

      Welp now I get it, my property sits in front of a high line, 3 miles from a power plant and 1/4 mile from a major natural gas line….if it’s energy related I’m screwed! Lol

      Excellent show guys ???

  2. Scott Perry

    Just a question. If these things are interdimentional beings & can hop between dimensions at will, cant be injured ny point blank gunfire & can leave trackways when they want then why are the only showing up in such ramdom, sparcly populated small towns? With this superpower they could show up in mid town Manhattan & never break a sweat.

  3. John M

    Yikes! Now I’m not going to sleep tonight! Thanks Wes!
    Guess there could be way more to this reality than meets the eye…
    I’m going to pray for the Lord’s protection and salvation!

  4. Tamsin D

    Thank you Stan. You have given us much to think about.
    I was so hoping for just unidentifed animals running around our planet, the more encounters, perhaps that hope is less likely. ?

  5. Morris W

    This guy has been in my hometown area for years and I never knew it. Great show! Nice to hear Butler county being mentioned. Armstrong and Clarion county have to have many sightings but everyone is afraid to speak out. I’m glad Wes treated me with respect. Now I talk talk talk about my encounter

  6. jade W

    I’m so thrilled to be listening! I just watched documentary called ancient aliens . So much of this correlation between aliens , humans.. and then the thought of us humans and sasquatch doing the things that the ETs cannot .. this stuff is so much more interesting to me than politics. Thanks stan an Thanks again Wes

  7. Cynthia S

    This is a great episode. Very interesting & more than a little disturbing. It’s one of those episodes that makes me want to stay indoors, that is until a mini-UFO flies in my window.

  8. Robert B

    Way to go Stan!!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one finding this weird EMF stuff around Bf!!! My first incident with the EMF… I had my iphone 6+ running video in my t-shirt pocket, and a Nikon P520 bridge camera, on a monopod running video. within about 6 minutes, I had rocks thrown from the left, rocks thrown from the right, and then suddenly insane drumming from above. As I began to turn the Nikon upward towards the drumming sound, I literally heard the iPhone sizzle. That sound of microelectronics frying. I thought “strange” it was a new phone only about 3 months old. I still had video running through the Nikon so I kept going trying to find out what was drumming. I saw nothing. But after the sizzle, the rock throwing stopped. I went home to download the SD cards, and discovered that to the second, both cameras malfunctioned at exactly the same moment. The iPhone needed a new camera module, and the SD card was fried after that point. It had to be replaced. After weeks of looking into it, what I found was the only way this could have happened was an EMF pulse that fried both instantly. I started carrying a EMF detector afterwards. There have been many many times where I got insane readings in the middle of the woods, without any visible power source anywhere. I even checked with the gov’t to insure there were no buried power lines. Nothing. And in one active area not too far away from the place where the cameras got fried, I got a 1680 mV electrical reading from an X structure near a Teepee structure. The detector was about 5 feet off the ground, meaning it wasn’t telluric currents, and the X structure was broken off at the ground, meaning no hidden power lines up through the roots. And it was wood for goodness sakes. The readings started to lessen, and I tried to pursue “whatever” it was, and was able to get the readings to increase again. Like it was something else besides the wood that was generating the EM readings. Eventually it was gone.
    Yesterday, in the same area, I was recording video on another iPhone 6+ and while I was near the teepee, the video and audio tracks were completely stripped apart and the interference was insane. I got growled at, actually it was more of a growling language response to me yelling in the woods. And then I got two voices from behind me. One male. One female. They were talking to me in some language that I couldn’t understand. It definitely was not German. The language was similar to Native American, which literally makes no damn sense at all, since this is Germany. We’ve never had any Native Americans here. Other than those that enlisted in the military and was stationed here. All of the Native tribes that lived here, are all Germanic tribes. The other people group here were the Romans 2000 years ago. It also did not sound like Latin. The geography of the area would make it impossible for someone to sneak in behind me. There are no trails, and Germans never go off trail, and the only other place they could come from is across and open meadow at least 250 yards wide. They would have to have snuck in directly behind me. There was no one behind me. I must have walked directly passed them. Were they up in the trees? maybe. It was extremely weird and all of it caught on video. I was using the iPhone to record the video, so some of the talking from the two by the edge of the tree line is audible, but to hear the growling response from deeper in the trees, you’ll need headphones. I wouldn’t say any of it was aggressive, but the two from the edge of the trees, sounded almost urgent several times when I was near the teepee. When I left the immediate area around the teepee, they stopped talking. But it was caught and is audible on the video. Bob in Germany

    • Denise F

      Your post made me wonder if there aren’t buried power lines affecting equipment, can any elements (natural earth) give off crazy readings? Maybe underground?

      I stumbled upon an old map of area of shnf where it shows high concentration of uranium but a note was made that it was too close to a hiking trail to mine….. thought it was interesting and had always wondered about it??!!

  9. Charles R

    Simply mind boggling with a subject that already is. Now we are entering a different dimension not of sight and sound but of mind and unknown energy. A journey into a wonderous ( or maybe not so wonderous ) land of imagination, shadow and substance. A journey of things and ideas that make no sense. We have officially crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

    I do not think I will ever see this subject the same again.
    Thanks Wes.

  10. m99

    That was the fastest hour I’ve ever experienced! Two creatures came to mind – “The Slender Man” (said to be a Real demonic entity, the one that caused those young girls to kill their good friend) , and “The Rake”, which of course you mentioned Wes. I was hoping for more information about the Dogman (of which I wouldn’t even entertain as a real possibility before Sasquatch Chronicles). I do hope Stan comes back, and perhaps he and you can discuss, without the urgency in his voice. Maybe the subject just excites him, but I’d love to hear more discussion, if you know what I mean. Good stuff though! Great interview Wes. Thanks Wes.

  11. Cherie M

    There was an interesting commentary by a recognised remote viewer who suggested thery originally come from another planet. The physical ones here were left here- the visiting ones are the ‘weirder more paranormal ’ ones with the lights, stranger characteristics are managed by that alien race. Interesting angle. Not sure what to think of that.

    • Charles R

      I wonder if that was Major Ed Dames who first came around to my knowledge during the Art Bell years. This theory would certainly explain the high strangeness of the Stan Gordon type. I have heard a couple of alien abduction encounters where the subject stated they had seen Bigfoot type creatures aboard the alien spacecraft.

  12. Robynn P

    Is it me or are your shows ramping up?? I thought the last one was pretty fascinating but wow, this one is mind-boggling on what is happening out there. There is a reason I just stay in my apartment!! It’s getting way to weird out there!! Old lady hermit!!

  13. Maynard w

    Great show! Thanks Stan and Wes. Encounters like these are what hooked me in the 70’s as a child in northeast Ohio. From what I remember-weird times. I see a book purchase in my future.

  14. Jarrod S

    This was an amazing show! Thank you both so much! Can’t wait to hear your return! I will purchase the book. I lived in PA for 4 years, and had encountered all sorts of “paranormal” (quantum/ Electro-magnetic) events. Great show again!

  15. Dovie D

    There must be other types because from what I have heard some have been killed.. i can’t help but wonder why some people have several or more then one encounter? These creatures forge for food, get into trash cans and kill for food. I am left with even more questions but I do believe these things are demonic due to the smell of sulfur with sewage and the fear one feels even before you see one. You can feel their presence. Very interesting thank you Wes and Stan.

  16. Lee

    Big thanks to Wes and Stan ! Cool show.
    I tweaked my opinion somewhat on a few points mainly the theory that squatch can literally disappear . If it’s just cloaking then maybe they’ve been weaponised .. In recent decades? As opposed to the run of the mill hairy men that were around and reported a lot earlier .

  17. Mauri G

    Great show!! I believe that some Bigfoot are true Giants and other ones that have more paranormal qualities are a hybrid alien of some kind.The world is getting stranger and stranger ?

  18. Glen M

    Theres things that we cant explain on this planet, I can tell you what I bilieve There are humans That are walking among us that are not humans. And I bieleive sasquatch is a real flesh and blood creature, But there might also be sasquatches that are not real sasquatchs. I bielieve this is controled by aliens Or something Inteliegent. (NON HUMAN). But just like the us goverment the aliens might want to keep things seceret from the human public, You might not know how inteligent these things are at keeping things a secret. Just maybe make everyone look crazy by reporting all kinds of crazy encounters when associated with sasquatch. Just maybe there trying to make people look crazy by all these crazy encounters. I believe sasquatch is real flesh and blood creature,

      • steven j

        When the Kecksburg, PA UFO case happened in 1965 was when he started his full out investigation, but like most of us he was a kid and a novice then (59) and was just mainly doing research I believe. Please stick around and just be open to other peoples reports and just store them for now. You never know what might be the whole Bigfoot phenomena and If things get mixed in that doesn’t make sense just imagine how the witnesses feel. POP! mind blown. Besides, a lot of people think we’re all nuts for believing in an American Bipedal Ape.

  19. ben D

    Way to go Wes … one of the best and most hands on informed guest you have had in a long time. Alot of what he says reminds me of the same stories that J.C. Johnson told before he passed away. His stories came from the 4 corners region of the US and in Michigan. Keep up the good work and God bless you brother and have a wonderful Turkey day

  20. Mike B

    I can’t do this. My bullshit detector was screaming. Oh by the way, a tracer round is a BULLET with a finely ground metal an oxidizer and a combustible material in the base. If squatchie was to “catch?” A tracer round your contact would have been fully aware it.

  21. Kris T

    There are subjects I try to keep an open mind about, and there are moments where my facepalm slams my open-mindedness shut.

    This was one of those moments.

    Sorry guys, my common sense is tingling.

  22. steven j

    Thanks Wes, Great show. I love that Stan just tells what happened from the witness and doesn’t judge or change the evidence to fit a narrow mind set. He’s open and willing to listen and help those who can’t understand what’s happened or don’t know what to do. Love his case study books to. Lots of first hand encounters. LOTS! Keep up the good work everyone!

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