Nov 17

Beasts of Britain Author Andy McGrath

An interview with noted author & Cryptozoology researcher Andy McGrath about his book “Beasts of Britain”, British Bigfoot & various Cryptids in the British isles. Taken at the 3rd annual International Cryptozoology Conference in Portland, Maine in September 2018.

4 Responses to “Beasts of Britain Author Andy McGrath”

  1. Maynard w

    Thanks Wes. I read alot.I appreciate the occasional author on the show and blog. Maybe you can have Scott Carpenter on again. Not sure what its called but his next book is a “definitive” look at the DNA Study by Dr Ketchum. Her work is legit science but she didnt know how to write a white paper apparently. Wish she would come on but she wants nothing to do with this field. Dont blame her.

  2. Asheim

    Very interested in this as Britain is our neighbors over here! Always looking for a good read on the subject. I also am an avid reader. Thanks Wes.

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