Mar 11

SC EP:413 Grassman gone wild

I mentioned this guest in EP:411 River Monster Investigation. I first heard bits and pieces of this encounter from the Cryptid Brothers Investigation. I think Lance and the guys do a great job.

Two cousins who were fishing when the creature started throwing rocks. The witnesses thought it was a person throwing rocks until they ran into the creature. The Bigfoot attack them. This encounter has many bizarre twists and turns during the attack, but even more, the massive military and Federal Cover-up that followed, and that is still going-on.

Tonight I bring one of the witnesses of that encounter onto the show. I was surprised by how many details the witnesses could recount. We will walk through the encounter – including the attack, what happened with law enforcement, and hospital records that seem to vanish into thin air…



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114 Responses to “SC EP:413 Grassman gone wild”

  1. Al G

    I just poured me a healthy shot of Jack Daniels over ice and about to listen to this story. It’s cool enough to sit outside and light up a cigar and that’s the way you listen to an encounter here in South Texas

  2. Michael D

    I don’t buy this guy’s military background for one moment. At least, I honestly don’t believe he was a Ranger, if he did serve. That said, the story was interesting though and definitely a good listen. Not saying the guy didn’t have an encounter but it seems very embellished.

  3. STEVE S

    Let’s quit only scratching the surface of cover up’s, and stopping stories with ” that’s all I can say about that. Full disclosure…that’s what the listener’s want. Did we not already identify the to goons that show up to play good cop, bad cop, to see what information they have.
    No American citizen should never bow down to some rouge element that threatens citizens. Wes…you need to take point on this. The censorship of past show leads down this very road.

    • Kim S

      That’s right Steve…never bow down to “I want I want I @&?. Want…please people teach these asses a lesson…I will always give these “special people” special attention …worse will happen you’ll have to adjust for a little while…POWER TO THE PEOPLE….remember that…it’s worth it trust me..humour me and test the waters…its crap at the time but after a bit they leave you alone. Of course they’ll threaten you to take your salary..I’m sure you will improvise …what I’ve noticed is…has any body wondered what sort of info is on your passport??….just putting it out there…somethings on mine.

  4. Thomas W

    Sounded like the cousin was less motivated by race as opposed to the look of the person he had a beef with… careful with road rage, boat rage and challenging “things” that turn out to be big ass monsters. He made one mistake…. no such caliber as a .500 Casull…..there is a .454 and a .500 S&W. I have the 460v and it will shoot the 45lc, 454 Casull as well as the 460S&W….its my bear gun for Montana grizzlies. The .458 win mag is a pretty standard African “big 5” rifle though I like the .458Lott or 470NE (nitro express). The problem of course is your tormentor is not alone……just ask the folks in Honobia. Bad bad idea to hunt solo for a squatch. Get encounter and it weren’t no bear!

  5. Shirley S

    Great interview! It’s really nice to get a follow up on this gentleman. It’s awful he’s still having to deal with the harassment, but he sounds like he’s on the road to recovery from the trauma. At least he’s reached the “would love to go out to a habituation site and learn more about them sometime” mile post! And like Augustine said, it’s outrageous they were willing to risk his cousin’s life just to ask their questions. Surely he called for an ambulance. Let’s take a minute to let that sink in. They prevented an ambulance and EMT/paramedics from reaching a badly injured man. They valued asking their questions over someone’s life.

    • Pete M

      Shirley, calm down and let this sink in for a second…supposedly that’s what happened and how it happened. This is a good story, but it’s just that, a story. I believe the cover-ups are real and ongoing, I just don’t buy this guy’s story. I didn’t buy it when he was interviewed by Lance on Cryptid Brothers, but I was willing to hear him out with an open mind, just hoping to find him more credible. Didn’t work…

      • m99

        @Pete M, I read all of the comments after the encounters because I find them fascinating, and usually gratifying, but with your comment (s) I take exception.

        If you are skeptical, I understand, but to come on here and call Wes’ guest a liar, or at the very least implying it is, is just out of the park.

        What do you think about about Wes and Woody’s encounter? How about Bob Gimlin’s? Mr. Garrett?

        This site is about the interviewer who not only ‘allows guests’ to talk, but also “vets” the incidents beforehand. That’s the beauty of it all. I’m not so naive to think there aren’t a few nonsense speakers here, but, they have to get passed Wes first. You’re allowed to have your opinion, but allow others, such as Shirley, and myself, to speak without scrutiny about the encounters that we find real.

        The other side of this is, the host (Wes) is beginning to bring forward some of the harassment people have gone through. Like placing a toe to test the water before diving in. It’s got to start coming out. How else can it? Do we need to discourage witnesses, who IMHO have already been discouraged?

        • Pete M

          Since you asked, I believe Wes and Woody, I believe Mr. Gimlin and I believe Mr. Bob Garrett, furthermore I respect each of them tremendously. I also believe about 410 of the 413 guests that Wes has had on. I’m glad that I’m entitled to an opinion, it’s just that an opinion, it doesn’t carry an weight behind it like Wes says, I’m no expert. There are many reasons why I find this particular story suspect, I won’t waste anyone’s time more than I already have, you sir are entitled to your opinion as well. Like I said in my original post, I believe there is an ongoing government cover-up, I believe there are Bigfoot and Dogmen and I believe there are supernatural aspects afoot as well. So if I find two or three people out of over four hundred that I don’t believe, I should do what? The only reason I replied to Shirely directly is because she implored all of us to think about what these dirty rotten first responders were doing by letting a poor man bleed to death. C’mon everyone, get your pitch forks and torches ready. First of all, I’m not convinced that even happened based on several clues from the witness himself. I don’t think I trashed the guy either, I tried to be as respectful as I could. The only thing I can do different is not say anything at all. I’m not an internet troll, I mostly believe the vast majority of guests on this, my all-time favorite show. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that it really takes a lot for me not to believe someone, I usually give the benefit of the doubt.

          • m99

            Hi Pete. No offense to you. Have you listened to the Dogman Brothers? The link is below. Maybe it would / could change your opinion. And btw, that would be ma’am as in I am a female, not a ‘Sir’. ?

  6. pam

    Yep, this should answer those that deny the agencies try anything to keep this quite…. yep, Wes is as good as Johnny Carson at interviews,LOL. Thanks for coming here both cousins are brave souls!

  7. Maynard w

    I’ve been following this on Cryptid Brothers. It happened not far from my hometown. Its scary how close this happened to a metro area. Thank you for sharing this encounter. I hope some uncomfortable light gets shined on those threatening goons soon.

  8. Jay Carlsen

    THAT is why I do not Fear these things anymore. Their Response to the Name of GOD. ( for the Moment anyway ) Damn Straight you gotta have a Sense of Humor about this ! How can you Fit these Pre Humans into Our Reality TODAY ?
    ( And OH MAN ! The Hornets Nest Boot is starting to Tickle ! …………………….. That Guy ! Is it against the Modern Human Race to keep these things Suppressed ? )
    [ …… Sorry. I can not help it anymore. And Yes , I think I am Crazy. ]
    Isn’t it funny how these Creatures have a reputation of being Thieves in a Farm Yard setting ? And How they leave a Few to Repopulate the Food Supply ?
    And look at the Missing People in the National Forest. Are these Things doing the Same Thing THERE ?
    Oh Man ! The Brain Fluids are Flowing TONIGHT !
    Wes , My Man I give you Credit for Taking on Your Life Style as You have done. ……………. Who would have Thought ? Who would Have Thought the SHOCK of Seeing one of these things would Traumatize me to the Point of Ignoring that Night I walked down that Dirt Road , shadowed from the darkness of the Forest.
    I Believe the BANG of ANY GUN would be enough to scare one of these Things . They would Run like Deer. If I had a Gun , I Thought of almost Staggering the Rounds in the Magazine. Blank / Bullet / Blank / Bullet. After seeing one of these Things 200 feet away – in Broad Daylight – Standing Straight Up like a Man – Not moving a Muscle …………. WHEW ! I do not Know if I could have shot it ? It was not Threatening as it was the third Time I stopped in the Road ( when I thought it HAD to be Children playing some Game ? ) When it Projected it’s GRAVITY at me ? And even when that Happened I was Useless .
    I think Their Animal BRAINS & way of Thinking ? I think it would be Safer to use Blanks. The Same Flame would Jump from the Barrel shooting at Night Time. And Unless there is a Round out there that will Decapitate one of these Things ? I would not Feel Safe Shooting it. For what if some OFF Chance you Only Wound IT ? Then What ?
    You Have just Painted Yourself with the Blood of one of These Things. And do not Forget they Travel In Numbers. That 6 Foot Helicopter of Fire Wood can take your Head off from the Side – just as easy as it can from In Front of You.
    Great Show ! Thanx ALL …. And sorry – Can’t Help It. So lets be Rational Adults …. And just Endure it.

  9. Arlene K

    Wow, I think I finally get it!
    Was honestly considering a 2nd trip back to Harrison Hot Springs , B.C. Canada – Was John Greens’ territory, long history of Sasquatch sightings, Sasquatch National Park, etc. Anyway, just last tonight I started researching remote cabins for rent and getting back in touch with Bill Miller who runs a Sasquatch Adventure tour on logging trails in the back woods.
    What was I thinking!!?? After this episode, which is one of my favourites, Wes’s voice is ringing loud and clear.”Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it”.
    I’m changing my mind. Honestly, this episode scared the pants off me. I mean, I can’t imagine running into something that size . Seriously felt this mans fear. Yikes! Think I need a nightlight tonight. ?‍♀️
    Thanks for the wake up call guys, Wes!

  10. John G

    I heard this Gent tell his story in another show. Great encounter story and loved every minute of it. My wife who is constantly annoyed by my fascination with this creature was sitting on the loveseat playing on her iPhone and I was laying on the couch and put the show on and she actually sat there and listened to the whole thing with me and she said “now that was worth the price of admission” in regard to the paid subscription. Thanks for another great show Wes and Company!!

    • m99

      @John ~ 🙂 A while back I decided to stop all the paid subscriptions to pinch pennies. On Friday night after that my husband said, what about SC? I told him I was pinching pennies. He said, what! you enjoy SC! So, I went and rejoined. But then I realized it, he enjoyed it too. Really, I think it’s changing the way he thinks about the woods. And that’s a good thing, and a bad thing. Good in that I no longer want to live remotely, and bad because I don’t want to have fear. I’m coming to terms though. There’s things to be afraid of in the world, and knowing that is wisdom, not fear. Ya’ll, you and she, be blessed! _m

        • m99

          No, just on the outskirts. But, according to the encounters we’ve been hearing, these creatures are not only in the wilderness, but right on the outskirts. There has been two sitings within the city limits here. A witness saw one just ‘standing there’ across the street. Creepy huh? Hi Jay. ?

  11. Dave T

    Great show Wes. You should hook me up with Darryl. This happened in my backyard. I know exactly where this happened. I have fished the exact spot this took place many many times. I’ll be driving past this lake this morning as I do several times a week. There is a history of encounters there. I’m gonna do my own little investigation there to see what I can find out. Darryl if you read this, get ahold of me. Wes has my info.

    • Dina C

      Dave Y: The man stated he lived in Akron and the nearby lake was owned by the State if Ohio, and the water supply of the county. I’m wondering if it is West Branch State Park, I live right next to it, and I’m hoping I’m wrong! Yikes!!! Love this show, but I hope I NEVER have an encounter, especially near my home! ?

        • Kelly E

          I was wondering if it was Mogadore too? I live in Cuyahoga Falls and have heard of activity around West Branch and also Mogadore. But I was surprised to hear Mogadore. Since he said he was close to Pittsburgh I’m guessing West Branch. We need to have an Akron area Bigfoot get together somewhere local. Loved to have a beer to hear more Daryl.

      • Dave T

        Dina C, hate to be the bearer of bad news but West Branch has boogers around it too. There’s been sightings near the lake as well as the surrounding area. Check the BFRO and look up portage county and you’ll see how many sightings that are reported. Remember there’s always more than what’s reported.

  12. Reid D

    Wes again from your friend in The Lone Star State, thank you. Great episode!! Yes Lance and the bro’s do an excellent job!! I heard this fella when he first was on the Cryptid Bros and he has come a long way. He would break up every other min telling Lance! Telling him thank you for believing me. His cousin still doesnt like talking about it!! You need to get Lance on he has some good episodes! Lady in FL put one on the ground and the men in black came in and loaded it up and hauled it off!! Thanks agian Wes!!

  13. Christian H

    Personally, I’d have shot at the sumbitch since you had a 44 handgun. But I must say, the last time I went bass fishing I didn’t bring a gun.
    If you’re gonna hunt these things, I’d suggest a m1A1 or Mauser k98.
    Great show Wes, more details on “the two guys” who came to talk to them and your theory of why a coverup.

  14. Anthony C

    What an excellent witness and courageous enough to come on the show and re-tell his encounter. My hats off to you sir. Wes, I said it once and I will say it again; you are the Bigfoot therapist, brother. Thank God for your show. The U.S. government is very knowable about these creaturesand I am convinced they know what these creatures are truly. . I believe if it ever gets out that the federal government has known for all this time and kept purposfully covering this up and was finally Forced to admit it, the USA would probrably turn into anarchy state. Anyways, love the 80’s background music brother, keep it up.

  15. Christine J S

    Darryl I sure hope you get in touch with Dave T. He’s a great person and has had lots of experience with real people who know the truth. Wes, this was another excellent interview; good show!

  16. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Now that was one for the books! I’ve listened to many SC episodes, and sometimes say to myself, “that was my favorite.” Well, This was an Absolute Classic! Maybe my Favorite.! It had so many themes that were consistent with prior episodes, and many that were new! Rock throwing, tree branch throwing, screams, bluff charge, government cover-up , Bigfoot moving at insane speed, etc. Also, someone getting arrested after an encounter and charged with bogus crimes, fired from his job, a Bigfoot with a boner! I’m sure I missed something. Anyway, Thank You Wes and Darryl!! One for the books! Very happy Daryl’s cousin wasn’t killed! Truly Remarkable Episode!!

  17. m99

    Hey Man, if you get to view this page, and become a member this other link is for your learning. It’s a Sasquatch Chronicles member’s site who has done great work.

    I’m listening to Lance at Cryptid Brothers, and really feel so badly for what ya’ll went through. It’s my opinion that this is part of the end time disclosure the word of God talks about in Daniel and elsewhere. I don’t know if these creatures are part of the plan that the bible speaks of where it says ‘Giants are Coming to fulfill His wrath’.

    At any rate, knowing this/these creatures exist are better than not knowing. Anywho, I don’t know your name, but the Lord knows you so I’m lifting both you and your cousin.

    Here’s David’s site:

  18. Dovie D

    I heard this account with crypto brothers. OMG they are lucky to be alive. I could hear his emotional state talking about the encounter. I’m praying for him and his cousin. I love cryptobrothers to they are great. That just irritates the crap out of me how people are being treated by our government and why the coverup? I do know we are living in the last days maybe it has something to do with that? I don’t know but weird.

  19. Dan M

    I know of three other Encounters in three different parts of the country and these people do not know one another, however the one commonality that they have is there is a high degree of violence associated with their encounter just like this man’s story in this episode, I’m wondering if the fellas that harassed the cousin we’re the same two gentlemen described in those other three cases, one really tall 6’5 hillbilly all dressed in camo and long beard, and the other one short and clean cut who likes to wear a suit.

  20. Debbie C

    I really enjoyed this show Wes:)
    I believe what the witness said about his cousins and his encounters.
    Bravo to them!:)

    If I vere see a Sasquatch, Dogman I’m never talling the cops!
    I’ll tell my husband and Wes Germer.

  21. Sherri M

    Just WOW. Hearing about the cover ups just pisses me off!!!! Especially the fact that this stuff goes on, & “they” don’t want to let other people know of the dangers. SMDH.

  22. Joanne V

    Terrifying encounter! He sounds much calmer here than he did in The Cryptid Brothers Investigation show. You could hear the terror and confusion in his voice. He spoke more about the bad biker and the guy in the suit on that show. After I heard that show a month or so ago I posted here on SC about it; Bad Biker and Nice Guy in a suit. I believe him 100%

  23. m99

    I wish someone would do an artist’s rendition of the monster these guys unfortunately encountered. Part of the shock factor has to be that these type of things aren’t supposed to exist. How in the world does a monster like that sustain itself? Or a whole family of these things? Bet it was providing boundaries for its family, like Wes said. And what’s up with the emergency people? Help the people already! And why does the govt go to such extents to cover this up? Do they want their friends and family hurt or killed by these things? I just don’t get it. The thing is, if this was a bad person it could have ended in a worse way. Avoiding trouble is the best thing to do. MaGilla Gorilla is what came to my mind when I heard Wes’ description of their encounter when the thing went down and walked on it’s fingers. Ew. Thanks for posting this again Wes. Hope this man and his cousin are doing better now.

  24. craig d

    Hellish treatment but to be expected from any government. Utterly corrupted.
    F8nd it funny though where folks have one encounter and they know exactly what these creatures are. Bold statement to say they are flesh and blood, nothing paranormal about them.
    His theory regarding disappearing tracks is laughable. Do you think people do look around to see if they have jumped? Please explain the tracks that abruptly end on an open snow covered field with no trees, no place to jump to.
    Totally respect this guys experience but it annoys me when folks make narrow minded statements like that and assume they have the answer that is baffling thousands of intelligent people. He could be right but what did it jump to?

  25. Marcus G

    He is not being racist. A lot of people first impression when they see a Sasquatch is that they think that they are looking at a black man. But why black man?? Because they look totally black, just like when you see a black man with a hoodie dressing in dark colors, crossing the street in the night; they look totally black, and it’s impossible to see his face. People’s brains associate this with a Sasquatch because the brain doesn’t have any other reference to compare it with.
    Nobody was trying to be racist; all colors are beautiful and God created all races .

  26. Blanche D

    Terrifying encounter, though I am very sorry those sassies were terminated. We fear what we don’t understand, if warnings were posted we would take appropriate action. This whole ep has left me with my usual vexation at the stupidity and corruption of humans. Many thanks to witness for sharing his encounter. I hope his cousin is doing well, though imagine his wounds have not heald completely. Shocking to think of him having to deal with bullshit when in need of medical assistance. Then to go through the corruption shannanigins. Lest this be a lesson to all who hear fear mongerers describing folk as sex traffickers and paedos without evidence to the contrary.

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