Mar 11

Olympic Project Audio Analysis

A curious title, I must admit. A bit nebulous and open ended, but a journey none the less. My recording interest does relate to a specific target, capturing possible Sasquatch vocalizations. It seems that my never ending quest for information and refinement of recording methods has brought me to a topic of discussion I wish to expand. My goal is to nudge the ball down the road, in a direction of scientific scrutiny, for audiophiles doing field recording. I am not the first person doing outdoor field audio recording. In fact there are good number of researchers getting excellent field recordings and have been doing so for a very long time. They have been an inspiration, which in turn helped me to consistently up my game, so to speak.

A little background and personal history will help the process of understanding how I arrived at a desire to disseminate information, on my recordings. My innocent beginning, into outdoor audio recording, started when I received a gift from my Daughter and Son. They had heard my stories about possible interactions with Sasquatch. They thought a listening device, to amplify sound, would help me clarify what I thought I was hearing in the woods.

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  1. Martin Z

    Even having an arm of this thing wouldn’t be enough proof to categorize this as a real creature, you’re going to need the whole body. Everything else would only create more questions.

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