Mar 4

SC EP:411 River Monster Investigation

Brenda Harris is a Native American born in Shiprock, New Mexico and raised in Farmington New Mexico. She has lived on the reservation in Upper Fruitland, NM since 1986. Brenda is married with three grown kids and works on the farm.

She has been looking into Sasquatch activity since she was a teen going into the early 90’s. In 2012 they started their own team NM Shadow Seekers with the help of Jon Lee, William Woodall, Ryan Harris, Vincent Lujan, Hoyt Velarde. Brenda has been on several radio shows and TV shows Monster and Mysterious and Finding Bigfoot show.

Brenda’s goal is to inform the people of what’s out there and take extra precautions to avoid unwanted encounters.

Tonight Brenda will discuss a case her and her team investigated regarding a family’s horse being antagonized and injured by a possible Bigfoot.



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50 Responses to “SC EP:411 River Monster Investigation”

    • Martin Z

      Did anyone else hear a possible EVP when Wes was talking about the days of Noah? Some guy kept saying HEY!! about 4 times. It’s at 42:13, 42:24, 42:28 and especially at 42:41. Take a listen, some gut says hey!

  1. Scott D

    I love the show just became a member today. After I heard you don’t have a u tube channel. I thought it was yours. I would rather pay than help pirates!!

  2. Lewis S

    Sulphur is used to keep pests away as it is caustic, it bothers when it touches skin or gets in the nostrils. In Texas we used it to keep insects out of homes. Mouth balls keep vermin from under your house too. Would it bother bigfoot I don’t know. Orc is the Roman name for goblin or Hobgoblin smaller bigfoot like skunk ape or boogers.

  3. Mauri G

    From the video posted earlier about this incident it looks like these poor horses are being possibly sexually assaulted by Bigfoots according to what the Outlaws say the injurys look like on horses that are

    • John G

      Totally agree with You Barbra!! It’s amazing how the prayer of protection to St. Michal the archangel makes the bad feelings go and the feelings of power rush in. I wear a St. Michael necklace and have a St. Michael statue in each of my boys bedrooms to watch over them as they sleep. I have a 10 ga. Pump shotgun that watches over us as well. They equally out me at peace and bring me comfort in my home. For anyone interested the prayer goes like this:.

      St. Michael the Archangel,
      defend us in battle.
      Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
      May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
      and do thou,
      O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
      by the power of God,
      thrust into hell Satan,
      and all the evil spirits,
      who prowl about the world
      seeking the ruin of souls. Amen..

  4. Larry C

    Hey Wes, my Cajun Grandmother believed that you should keep Sulphur pots around the house for protection against the Rugarou. Maybe the idea transferred to Bigfoot somewhere down the line?

    • m99

      My brother said he’d like to move to the Atchafalaya Bayou region, and stay in the swamp. I’m like, there’s things in those woods you don’t want to run into, at night, or, at any time! He said, I’m not afraid, I love the swamp. I’m like, that old Rugarou loves you too, it’d ‘love’ to eat you for dinner. He didn’t move there, and has never talked about it again! LOL.

  5. Christen E

    I had ran across a giant snake, so big I don’t want to hear the back that will come from it,. I lived with the presence of a group of wild people. This is leaving me to believe I lived a sheltered life

  6. John G

    Half man half horse trolls… And Bigfoots cruising through the yard… Dog man, rakes and werewolves… I really enjoyed the “Bigfoot” shows. Idk… Call me closed minded but I think that ifwe keep accepting anything.. well get… EVERYTHING ,…

    • Christian L

      Dude can’t agree more. Sounds like a nice lady but….too much…BS meter alert. Ive had show-worthy experiences of my own but if you’re too open-minded and don’t critically listen to these reports then the hoaxsters and charlatans, fakers or straight up nut jobs that tell third person stories as their own, poison the well of a serious topic. Come on man….if i hear one more time a serious reference to the story of blowing away Bafomet (a should be immortal Demon) with a 12 gauge ( who according to the episode was asleep in a tree and DID NOT threaten the shooter) im gonna throw up. Dont open your mind to the point that your brains fall out on your shoes…..just sayin. On the other hand ill keep my SRM 12-16 handy for a demonic home invasion….just incase im wrong! ??

  7. Aaron R

    Love the shows but I turn off when the bible is mentioned, same as when bigfoot being interdimensional, every one is entitled to their opinion/belief but for me that makes me stop listening.

  8. Pete M

    We use sulphur to keep king snakes (rat snakes) out of our house and garage. Make sure there aren’t any inside though otherwise it keeps them in. Love your shows, even the ones with paranormal and biblical aspects.

  9. Sid N

    A great show with Brenda Harris. I have to agree with her and Wes about what is going on here in the last days as Jesus indicated would be like the days of Noah. This was not my thinking only a few years ago! It was bad enough to find out a creature like Sasquatch was running around, but these other options is the stuff of nightmares! Jesus also spoke to the severity of the last days in saying unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved!

  10. Kerry D

    It amazes me that these people hear animals being hurt and NOBODY goes the next day to see what happened, or ask neighbors if they heard it or if they were missing any animals! How about telling law enforcement that “ someone” is coming around and injuring animals and you want help! Anything! Relocate your horses to another barn for safety. Just having someone come out and document what’s happening is baloney.

  11. Mauri G

    Love the show!! I too feel all of this is connected somehow, people need to wake up and see before it’s to late as we are it seems heading to the end days like Noah. Wes becareful with the government coverup shows, thou I’m dying to hear them!!! Thanks Brenda for sharing

  12. Cindy W

    Wes, I grew up on a farm and my mom would put suffer along the fence line where the cows were. She would buy it at the feed and seed where she bought big burlap bags of cow feed. She said it would keep the coyotes out and I guess it did. Then she would put mothballs all around our fenced in yard and house to keep the snakes out. It worked – we never saw or heard a coyote and never saw a snake in or near our yard. So for us, it worked.

  13. chris m

    Yeah Im sorry but there’s a difference between someone casually mentioning their encounter and being a Christian vs. the entire story being turned into a Biblical fantasy … Bigfoots coming in the end of days … end of what days ? Sundays ? Saturdays ? All days ? How long is this prophetic nonsense going to go, the Bible is so vague it gets applied to everything. Lets just have Sasquatch encounters. Im all for any of the shows, as long as they arnt rambling religious nonsense.

  14. Zeston G

    Stop pushing this RAK this dog man bullshit.. I see what your doing Wes..once you go down the woo woo your gonna change your audience.. and not for the better .. better for your pockets but not this subject

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